IBM San Francisco Business Process Components Initiative Accelerates Cross-Platform Application Development

Software Announcement
July 23, 1997
Announcement Letter Number: 297-276

Table of Contents:

At a Glance

San Francisco -- Extendable Frameworks of Reusable Business Process Components

  • Simplifies application development, saves time and cost
  • Improves time to market for new applications
  • Uses the latest application technologies
San Francisco Business Process Components are:
  • Internet and intranet enabled
  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • Multiplatform
Primary Marketing Channel: ISV

Your IBM representative can assist you by putting you in touch with the San Francisco Technology Centers and Solution Partnership Centers.


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San Francisco (TM) is a collection of business process components and services using the latest object-oriented programming, frameworks, browser, and Java (TM) language technologies. It reduces the time and cost to build multiplatform business management systems. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can produce robust applications and components built on top of San Francisco reusable business process components and scalable services to execute in most environments. Applications can be:

  • Internet enabled
  • Operated on a wide variety of platforms
  • Supported:
    • Client/server application model
    • Network- and host-centric application models
Visit the San Francisco Web site at for detailed information about:
  • Support locations and how to contact them
  • Ordering information
  • Specified operating environments
  • License agreements
  • Promotional material
  • Product overview
  • Technical descriptions
  • Education information
  • Questions and Answers
Contents of Evaluation and Developers Kit
  • The Evaluation Kit:
    • Can be downloaded or ordered from the San Francisco Web site
    • Includes documentation and binary code for all layers
    • Has a built-in, 180-day evaluation limit
  • The Developer Kit:
    • Is available through San Francisco Technology Centers and Solution Partnership Centers
    • Includes documentation and binary code for all layers
    • Contains source code for the Common Business Objects and Core Business Process layers

Intended Customers

Small- to medium-sized ISVs who develop applications for customers with fewer than 1,000 employees. The primary application segment recommended for the initial release is back office, secondary is front office.

Customers who develop their own applications.

Key Prerequisites

San Francisco applications run on platforms that support the Java development language and have Java Virtual Machine (JVM) capability. The initial application platforms are Microsoft (R) Windows 95 and NT and AIX (R). The AS/400 (R) intends to provide a beta offering fourth quarter with planned availability targeted for third quarter 1998.

Planned Availability Date:

  • San Francisco -- Developer Kit: Third Quarter 1997
  • San Francisco -- Base: Third Quarter 1997
  • San Francisco -- General Ledger: Third Quarter 1997
  • San Francisco -- Evaluation Kit: Fourth Quarter 1997


This announcement is provided for your information only. For additional information, contact your IBM representative, call 800-IBM-4YOU, or visit the IBM home page at:


The San Francisco Environment

San Francisco (TM) is not a complete solution. It provides context for applications or solutions built with the latest technologies and portable across IBM and non-IBM platforms. All of the code is tested and ready to use. From a functional point of view the initial San Francisco offering provides:

  • Object management
  • Object communications
  • Business process management
  • Basic accounting support
  • Development environment
San Francisco Dependencies: To ensure broad appeal among ISVs, IBM has selected Java as the application implementation language. The use of Java and JVM ensures portability across multiple platforms.

Target Application Platforms: The initial application platforms of San Francisco are Microsoft NT and IBM AIX with future plans for AS/400 and other popular IBM and non-IBM platforms.

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Opportunity: Most ISVs target one or maybe two application segments. The initial San Francisco offering focuses on the back office. Other application segments will follow. An Evaluation CD Kit is available for ISVs to determine applicability of San Francisco.

The San Francisco Architecture: San Francisco is an application framework. A framework is an architecture that provides a structure for multiple class libraries (related objects) to coexist to form an application. Included in San Francisco are business objects and business logic. Not all objects of all class libraries will be used by any one application. When used within a framework, the functions of different objects can be used together to provide complex operations. The framework allows for easy update, modification, and the addition of new objects.

The Foundation Layer: The base packaging includes the foundation layer, the common business objects (CBO), and utilities. The foundation layer provides functions and services common to all the application segments. The foundation may be the only layer used by application providers. The foundation layer allows San Francisco to hide platform differences from the application. Using the San Francisco foundation layer ensures application portability to other platforms.

CBO Layer: Packaged with the base, CBO contains the essential functions and services from which a quality back-office or front-office application can be created. Using this layer promotes compliance with internationalization and with accepted accounting practices and principles. The functions allow for the creation of cross-industry (horizontal), multinational back-office applications, and development of industry-specific (vertical) or country specific applications as well.

The Core Business Process (CBP) Layer: Core business processes are targeted specifically at the back-office application segment. This layer along with the functions of the CBO and foundation layers may result in up to 40% of the required application functions, saving time and expense over the entire lifecycle of an application. The functions and services provided in this layer support all industries; however, they can be customized in an industry-specific vertical application. General ledger is the initial core business process.

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The Application Model: San Francisco allows the final application provider to define the application model. The application model dictates the customer equipment requirements and the configuration of the equipment. The application model selected affects the degree of portability. The application models can be:

  • Host-centric (green screen or graphics)
  • Network-centric (distributed presentation)
  • Client/server
  • Distributed processing

Year 2000

This product is Year 2000 Ready. When used in accordance with its associated documentation, it is capable of correctly processing, providing, and/or receiving date data within and between the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, provided all other products (for example: software, hardware, and firmware) used with the product properly exchange date data with it.

Availability of National Languages

The San Francisco development environment will be U.S. English only.

End-user information will be NLS enabled via internationalization support included in Java 1.1. Java translation procedures, a translation file and the rules for including customer messages in software are available.

IBM translation tools and services can be purchased by ISVs to assist them in translation of their customer's information.


ISVs and customers who develop applications and are investing in object and network technologies could benefit from San Francisco business objects.

San Francisco can complement any Java-based tool set. Components offered by a tool vendor tend to be proprietary or use a proprietary interface.


  • Performance improvements

  • Enhanced data interoperability

  • 100% Java certification

  • AS/400 platform support
    • Beta fourth quarter 1997
    • Planned availability target third quarter 1998
  • Tool enhancements


  • Additional business process components
    • Warehouse management, order management, AR, and AP

    • Cross-industry and industry verticals from ISVs, like HR, manufacturing, retail, and health
  • Additional Platforms

  • Integration with Complementary Technologies
    • Network computing framework
    • Lotus (R) server
    • JavaBeans
    • Component broker


San Francisco education plan provides a range of courses from executive overview to implementation. The following courses are planned. Class schedules and course material information will be available on the San Francisco Web site and the San Francisco Technology Centers or Solution Provider Centers.

  • Technology Overview -- One-day introductory course that generates interest in San Francisco

  • Concepts and Facilities -- Information necessary for ISVs to begin planning their implementations

  • Fundamentals -- Teaches the skills application developers need to begin prototyping their applications

  • Application Development with Frameworks -- Build applications using Frameworks and object technology

  • Building Frameworks -- Design and build frameworks that compile with San Francisco architecture
      AIX and AS/400 are registered trademarks of International
      Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other
      countries or both.
      Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
      Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.
      Lotus is a registered trademark of Lotus Development
      Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or
      service marks of others.



San Francisco (TM) documentation is provided only in softcopy using HTML format. An HTML print tool creates a file from a selected set of HTML pages or all of the HTML pages for a certain topic. Documentation is provided on the software distribution media and via the San Francisco Web site.

The information provided falls into the following categories:

  • Getting San Francisco Up and Running
  • What You Should Know About San Francisco
  • Recovering from Problems
  • Guides and Conceptual Information
  • Business Reference
  • Class Reference (JavaDoc)
  • Class Reference (Rational Rose)
Related Publications: Supporting publications from JVM as defined by JVM Consortium are also available.


Specified Operating Environment

Hardware Requirements

NT Hardware               Minimum                Recommended
Component                 Requirements           Value

Workstation IBM-compatible IBM-compatible Processor PC Pentium (R), PC Pentium, 100MHz 166MHz Main memory 32MB 64MB Available disk Approximately 250MB space 200MB Display resolution 640x480 pixels, 1024x768 pixels, and number of 256 colors 256 colors colors

Hardware Requirements (Run-Time)

  • Microsoft (R) NT run-time hardware requirements are the same as development requirements

  • AIX (R) run-time hardware requirements will be provided at the San Francisco Web site

  • Additional hardware run-time requirements may be determined by the ISV
Software Requirements: Although only Java (TM) JDK 1.1.2 is necessary to develop and execute San Francisco applications, the San Francisco development tool environment is targeted to Microsoft Windows (R) 95 and NT.
Component          Version                    Comments

Operating Microsoft Workstation Systems Windows 95 or or server Windows NT (TM) 4.0

Network TCP/IP For communication of client/server applications

Java Java JDK Java environment 1.1.2

Browser Netscape To view the Navigator 3.0 documentation (recommended) delivered as HTML-pages

Relational IBM DB2 (R) version Optional Database 2.1.1 or Windows NT 4.0 and AIX 4.2, Oracle 7.3 for Windows NT 4.0

Development VisualAge (R) for Integrated Tools Java 1.0, Development Borland J Environment (IDE) Builder 1.1, Symantec Cafe' 1.8 or Visual Cafe' 1.0

OOA/OOD Rational Rose Optional 3.02, or later

Software Requirements (Run-Time)

  • Java Virtual Machine JDK 1.1.2
    • Microsoft Windows 95
    • Windows NT 4.0 (workstation or server)
    • AIX 4.2.
  • Additional software run-time requirements may be determined by the ISV


Additional tool information and downloading is available from the San Francisco Web site.

The San Francisco tools support the application lifecycle from requirements analysis through maintenance. Included is a roadmap to assist ISVs in designing and developing applications. A combination of IBM and non-IBM tools comprise the development environment.

San Francisco includes Rose diagrams and HTML documentation. Business analysts can use this information and the San Francisco Roadmap to understand what San Francisco is and how to use it as a foundation for building applications.

Rational Rose provides Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOA/OOD) facilities. Rose diagrams can be used to design applications, building naturally on San Francisco as a base. The resulting Rose model can be fed into the Rose to Java generator to create methods and partial method bodies.

Integrated Development Environments (IDE) which support San Francisco must be at JDK 1.1.2 level. Current IDEs include IBM's VisualAge for Java, Borland's JBuilder, and Symantec's Visual Cafe'. These IDEs provide a set of integrated facilities to browse, edit, compile, debug and build Java applications. They also include visual application development from components and GUI builders to add customized user interfaces to your application.

There are a number of additional tools available to extend these core tools. They include business requirements specifications, change management/version control and test products, and a HTML tool to print San Francisco documentation.

Planning Information

Customer Responsibilities: Development environment is customer (ISV) installed. Runtime environment installation is determined by the ISV.

Installability: Development environment installation is an automatic prompted install. No special skills or tools are required.

Packaging: The Developer Kit CD includes the source code for the CBP and CBO layers and binary code for all layers and a complete set of documentation.

The Evaluation Kit CD includes only the binary code for all layers, sample programs, and selected documentation.

Security, Auditability, and Control

San Francisco uses the security and audit features of the operating system under which it runs. Object security is provided by San Francisco.

User Management is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of the operating system security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communications facilities.

The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communication facilities.


Obtaining the Evaluation Kit

The Evaluation Kit can be ordered or downloaded from the San Francisco Web site. The Evaluation Kit automatically times out in 180 days. Included in the Evaluation Kit is an Evaluation License Agreement. No PTF support is provided.

Obtaining the Developer Kit

Only San Francisco Technology Centers and Solution Partnership Centers are authorized to order 5648-SF2 for ISVs that have signed the Technology License Agreement (TLA) or Special Bid end-user customers who have signed a Letter of Agreement (LOA).

To ensure proper administration and revenue tracking, San Francisco Technology Centers and Solution Partnership Centers should order 5648-SF1 and/or 5648-GL1 (with no media and no documentation) for special bid customers who have signed an LOA.

New Licenses

Orders for new licenses will be accepted now. Shipment will begin on the planned availability date.

New users should specify:

Description                                  Type         Model

San Francisco Developer Kit 5648 SF2 Base 5648 SF1 General Ledger 5648 GL1

Select the charge and media feature as follows:

                            5648-SF1       5648-SF2       5648-GL1

Charge 4001 4001 4001

CD-ROM Workstation 5809 Media

Serial Number Only 3444 3444 3444 (No media, No documentation)

IBM Expedite 3445

Customer Expedite 3446 Charge


Licensing: IBM Letter of Agreement (LOA) for special bid end-user customers.

Limited Warranty: Yes

Program Services: ISVs are responsible for support services for their end-user customers. Special bid end-user customers are responsible for their own support services.

Service and support is available through IBM Solution Developer Marketing (SDM) for ISVs and customers who have signed a LOA. Refer to the San Francisco Web site for registration information.

Fixpacks for previous releases are available for 180 days after public availability of the current version or release.

San Francisco SDM Support Offerings: All registered San Francisco developers will be provided the following Web-based support at no additional charge: The duration of this support is 18 months for the TLA and 180 days for the LOA.

  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • Hints and techniques (HAT)
  • Technical roadmaps and papers
  • Download Fixpacks
  • Public forum (no commitment by IBM to answer)
Additional support offerings will be available for a fee:
  • Web-based forum support
  • Internet e-mail
  • Telephone support
    • Programming Q&A support
    • Defect analysis
    • Install, configure, and tune Q&A support
The SDM hours of operation are:
  • Worldwide call routing support 24 x 7
  • Voice/Web support provided Monday to Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., central time
Guarantee: No

Copy and Use on Home/Portable Computer: No

Usage Restriction: Yes

ISV Licenses: There are two license agreements available for ISVs, Evaluation License Agreement (ELA) and Technology License Agreement (TLA).

Evaluation License Agreement (unsigned): The ELA is for ISVs who are interested in San Francisco, but would like to know more about it before signing a TLA. An Evaluation Kit CD containing binary code only, samples and selected documentation is available to ISVs who accept the terms and conditions of the ELA. The ELA and how to order the Evaluation Kit CD are available from the San Francisco Web site. The ELA is also on the Evaluation Kit CD. Support for the Evaluation Kit is only available on the Web site. PTF support is not available. Production and remarketing are not permitted. The TLA is included in the Evaluation Kit.

Technology License Agreement (signed): The TLA allows ISVs to remarket derivative works built on San Francisco. ISVs must sign the TLA prior to receiving the Developer Kit CD, which includes all San Francisco products as binary and source code and a complete set of documentation. ISVs will pay IBM a royalty when they remarket their derivative works built on San Francisco. The TLA is available from the SFTC/SPCs or from the San Francisco Web site. The TLA is also on the Evaluation and Developer Kit CDs.

Support Line: Not available. Refer to section on program services.

Complimentary Introductory Support

  • Length of time: 180 days

  • Applies to: ELA
Upgrades: None in initial offering

Volume Orders: No

Software Advantage Applies: No

Upgrade Protection Applies: No

Entitled Upgrade for Current Upgrade Protection Licensees: No

Variable Charges Apply: No


The charges provided in this announcement are suggested retail prices for the U.S. only and are provided for your information only. Dealer prices may vary, and prices may also vary by country. Prices are subject to change without notice. For additional information and current prices, contact your local IBM representative.

ISVs and customers who develop applications using the San Francisco Business Process Components are subject to the following rates:

Program Name:  San Francisco

Type/ Model Feature Description Number Number Charge

Base (customer) 5648-SF1 4001 $590/user 12% per year after 6 months

General Ledger 5648-GL1 4001 470/user (customer) 12% per year after 6 months

Developer Kit 5648-SF2 4001 % of revenue (ISV) royalty

Customer Expedite 3446 30 Charge


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      International Business Machines Corporation in the United
      States or other countries or both.
      Pentium is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation.
      Windows NT is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
      Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft
      Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.
      Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or
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