External V.34 Data/Fax Modem Offers High Performance, High Function

September 3, 1996
Announcement Number: 196-174

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At a Glance

The External V.34 Data/Fax Modem is designed for commercial and server applications.

  • Designed and tested for use as an AS/400 ECS modem and with IBM Facsimile Support for OS/400(R) as a fax modem

  • Full V.25bis Synchronous Support

  • Two-wire Leased Line Support with Switched Network Backup
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The External V.34 Data/Fax Modem is a high-performance, high-function modem designed for commercial and server applications. It features data transmission speeds up to 33.6 Kbps, fax speeds up to 14.4 Kbps, full synchronous command support, 2-wire leased line support with Switched Network Backup, hardware password protection, and remote configuration.

The External V.34 Data/Fax Modem qualifies for AS/400(R) Electronic Customer Support (ECS). Refer to Software Announcement 296-306, dated September 3, 1996, for additional information on the availability of IBM fax support.

Intended Customers

AS/400 customers subscribing to ECS from IBM and other commercial applications requiring host or server-based or server-pool-based support.

Key Prerequisites

AS/400 system or systems that comply with RS-232 C/D serial interface.

Planned Availability Date

September 13, 1996


The modem is recommended for use as the AS/400 ECS modem. The modem is an optional fax modem for use with Facsimile Support for OS/400.


Refer to Software Announcement 296-306, dated September 3, 1996.



Note: An Options by IBM Hardware Maintenance Manual Supplement (S78H-6424, 78H6424) is available.

System Library Subscription Service (SLSS) is not available.


Specified Operating Environment

Physical Specifications

  • Approximate height: 36 mm (1.4 in)
  • Approximate width: 158 mm (6.2 in)
  • Approximate depth: 229 mm (9.0 in)
Operating Environment
  • Temperature: 0(degs) to 50(degs)C (32(degs) to 120(degs)F)
  • Relative humidity: 20% to 90%
Hardware Requirements -- IBM Systems: The External V.34 Data/Fax Modem is supported on the AS/400 platform.

For AS/400 applications, an AS/400 Communications Adapter is required. The adapter includes an Enhanced EIA 232/V.24 Communications Cable.

Hardware Requirements -- Non-IBM Systems: The External V.34 Data/Fax Modem is supported on systems that comply to the RS-232 C/D serial interface.

Performance Specifications

  • Modem Modulation
    • ITU-T: V.34, V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, V.22, V.23, V.21
    • Bell: 212A, 103
    • Speeds: 28.8K, 26.4K, 24.0K, 21.0K, 19.2K, 16.8K 14.4K, 12.0K, 9.6K, 7.2K, 4.8K, 2.4K, 0-300 bps
    • Speeds for 7852-400 only; 33.6K and 31.2K
    • Error Control: V.42
    • Data Compression: V.42bis or MNP 5
    • Commands: AT(R) (Asynchronous) and V.25bis (Asynchronous and Synchronous)
  • Fax Modulation
    • ITU-T: V.17, V.29
    • Speeds: 14.4K, 9.6K, 4.8K
    • Format: T.4 compressed bitmap
    • Handshake: T.30
    • Commands: EIA TR.29 Class 2
  • Interface
    • RS-232 C/D DB-25F connector
    • Two RJ11Fs for dial-up and phone connection
    • One RJ45 for two-wire leased line connection
  • Leds
    • Send Data (SD)
    • Receive Data (RD)
    • Carrier Detect (CD)
    • Off-Hook (OH)
    • Terminal Ready (TR)
    • Error Control (EC)
    • Fax (FX)
    • Error (ERR)
    • Various speed indicators
  • Usage

    Full- or half-duplex over dial-up or two-wire leased lines

  • Advanced
    • Software switching between asynchronous and synchronous modes (supported on newer version of AS/400s, refer to AS/400 specifications)

    • Switched Network Backup, establishes connection over dial-up (switched) line if lease line fails

    • Two-level password protection regulates access to the modem remote configuration utility through a datacomm link

    • Thirty-number storage for callback security

    • Flash Memory for firmware updates

    • Automatic dial (N0-N9), answer, rate detection, and fallback, plus AT, DTR, or V.25bis dialing

    • Sixty-character buffer

    • Toggle switch for voice/data with originate or answer, power and modem operations, speaker volume control

    • On-screen help menus

    • Caller ID support
  • Transmit Level: -10 dBm for dial-up line, 0dBm for leased line

  • Receive Level: -43 dBm (worst case conditions)

  • Power: 0.1 A, 12 watts
Software Requirements: No applications are shipped with this product. This product is compatible with applications issuing standard modem AT commands, V.25bis commands, or Class 2 fax commands.

Compatibility: This modem is compatible with serial ports that support the RS232 C/D interface.

Note: Some configurations may not be compatible.

Planning Information

Cable Orders Required: No

Installation Time: Approximately 30 minutes

Packaging: One box

Shipment Group

  • Modem unit
  • AC power adapter
  • RJ11 telephone cable
  • Telephone outlet adapter (if required)
  • Installation manual
  • Technical reference manual

Security, Auditability, and Control

User management is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communications facilities.


This product is available for purchase under the terms of the IBM Customer Agreement (ICA).

Volume Orders: For information regarding volume orders, contact your IBM representative.

IBM Credit Corporation Financing: Term leases and installment payment plans are available for commercial and state and local government customers.

Warranty Period: One year

Warranty Service: IBM On-Site Exchange (IOE)

Alternative Service: None available

Maintenance Service: IOE

Attachment for Rental of IBM Machines: IOE

IBM Hourly Service Rate Classification: One

IBM Warranty Service, Maintenance Service, or IBM Hourly Service can be obtained by calling 800-IBM-SERV (426-7378). IBM Hourly Service is available at the applicable rate and terms, including element exchange price if applicable.

Mid-Range System Option: The announced product is an eligible machine for the Mid-Range System Option* of the ICA.

Eligible                          Discount
Type                     Three-Year      Five-Year

7852 5% 5%

Corporate Service Option: The announced product is an eligible machine for the Corporate Service Option* of the ICA.

Option                   Three-Year      Five-Year

Network 7% 7% System 5% 5%

Extended Maintenance Option: The announced product is an eligible machine under the Extended Maintenance Option of the ICA.

Central Facility Maintenance Service (CFMS) Option: The announced product is an eligible machine for CFMS Option* of the ICA.

A minimum number of six machines is required to be at the central facility before requesting maintenance service. The Additional Maintenance Charge Factor is currently 0.5 hours. The terms and conditions are stated in the Attachment for CFMS Option.

When a type of service involves the exchange of a machine or part, the replacement may not be new, but will be in good working order.

*     A revised exhibit will be available at a later date.

Product Availability Status: New product available

Field Installable Features: No

Model Conversions: No

Customer Setup: Yes

Licensed Internal Code: No

Educational Allowance: A reduced charge is available to qualified education customers. The educational allowance cannot be added to any other discount or allowance.


                            Machine       Feature      Purchase
Description                 Type-Model    Number       Price

External V.34 Data/Fax Modem 7852-400 8185 $525

Annual Minimum Maintenance Charges

                9Hr X 5D      24Hr X 7D
                Standard       Premium
               Second-Day      Same-Day
                Response       Response
Product           IOE            IOE              CFMS

7852-400 $34 $46 $32


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Note: Shipments will begin after the planned availability date.

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