IBM Storage Expert Care delivers a simplified method to select services and support for IBM Spectrum Fusion 9155

IBM Europe Services Announcement ZS21-0017
August 10, 2021

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(Corrected on October 8, 2021)

The Country availability section has been updated.

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IBM® Storage Expert Care is a simplified method to select services and support for storage systems at the time of purchase. Storage Expert Care is designed to simplify and standardize the support approach on IBM Spectrum® Fusion with simple straightforward pricing and selection of services.

When configuring an order for an IBM Spectrum Fusion system, you simply answer two questions regarding service and support:

  • The level of service and support desired
  • The number of years of support desired

Storage Expert Care Premium is designed to maximize product resiliency and reliability while minimizing the operational costs associated with managing and maintaining increasingly complex and integrated IT environments. Premium services allow faster and more consistent access to IBM specialists so you can expedite issue resolution and optimize IT staff efficiency.

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When it comes to maintaining your systems and devices, you want to procure critical services as easily as possible. Storage Expert Care provides easy access to IT services that can help you avoid longer procurement and contracting processes by enabling the procurement of service support during the product purchase transaction.

IBM Storage Expert Care services for IBM Spectrum Fusion are currently enabled for the first, second, and third years of support. Clients that require additional years for the same services provided by Expert Care can request a quote using the special bid process. Contact your IBM representative.

Storage Expert Care Basic

  • Hardware Maintenance (HWMA) support with next-business-day onsite response with enhanced response time to 9x5 next-business-day onsite repair
  • Software Support and Services Software Maintenance Agreement (SWMA)

Storage Expert Care Premium

  • Warranty Service Upgrade for the first year of Storage Expert Care with 24x7 same day onsite repair
  • Hardware Maintenance Support with 24x7 same day onsite repair for additional years of Storage Expert Care
  • Software Support and SWMA
  • Predictive Support with predictive alerts that are collected and analyzed by IBM representatives and if immediate action needs to be taken in order to avoid or prevent an incident, an action plan will be discussed with client
  • Enhanced response time for defect support:
    • Response time is defined as the elapsed time between technical support receipt of the client problem submission and the acknowledgement of the submission
    • Includes 30-minute targeted response time objectives for severity 1 and severity 2 problem reports
  • Remote Code Load upgrades are provided by IBM remote support representatives up to twice per year to keep your systems up to date
  • Technical Account Manager is a critical product-based support role that will serve as the key client interface for in-scope hardware and software, delivering partnership and consultancy, as well as direct engagement on high priority support cases

For information about IBM Spectrum Fusion 9155, see Hardware Announcement ZG21-0065, dated August 10, 2021.

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Planned availability date

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  • August 17, 2021: IBM Storage Expert Care Premium
    • 5771-ECP, 5772-ECP, 5773-ECP
  • September 17, 2021: IBM Spectrum Fusion Storage Expert Care Basic and Premium
    • 9255-B01, 9255-B02, 9255-B03
    • 9255-P01, 9255-P02, 9255-P03

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IBM Storage Expert Care Premium

Program number Feature Description
5771-ECP M2AFX4 Expert Care Premium 1 yr
5772-ECP P0CBC6 Expert Care Premium 2 yr
5773-ECP S1T0GD Expert Care Premium 3 yr

IBM Storage Expert Care Basic and Premium

Machine type/model Warranty ID Description
9255-B01 WTY0B01 1 year IBM Storage Expert Care Basic
9255-B02 WTY0B02 2 year IBM Storage Expert Care Basic
9255-B03 WTY0B03 3 year IBM Storage Expert Care Basic
9255-P01 WTY0P01 1 year IBM Storage Expert Care Premium
9255-P02 WTY0P02 2 year IBM Storage Expert Care Premium
9255-P03 WTY0P03 3 year IBM Storage Expert Care Premium

Note: Expert Care Premium not available in Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia

The following information is applicable only to Turkey:

Machine type/model Warranty ID Description
9255-B02 WTY0BT2 2 YR IBM Storage Expert Care Basic (Turkey)
9255-P02 WTY0PT2 2 YR IBM Storage Expert Care Premium (Turkey)

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For pricing information, contact your IBM representative.

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Country availability

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Multiple offerings with different availability dates are included in this announcement. For details, see the Planned availability date section.

Country Planned availability date
Aland Islands September 17, 2021
Austria September 17, 2021
Belgium September 17, 2021
Bulgaria September 17, 2021
Croatia September 17, 2021
Cyprus September 17, 2021
Czech Republic September 17, 2021
Denmark September 17, 2021
Estonia September 17, 2021
Finland September 17, 2021
France September 17, 2021
Germany September 17, 2021
Greece September 17, 2021
Holy See (Vatican City State) September 17, 2021
Hungary September 17, 2021
Ireland November 5, 2021
Israel September 17, 2021
Italy September 17, 2021
Latvia September 17, 2021
Liechtenstein September 17, 2021
Lithuania September 17, 2021
Luxembourg September 17, 2021
Malta September 17, 2021
Netherlands September 17, 2021
Norway September 17, 2021
Poland September 17, 2021
Portugal September 17, 2021
Romania September 17, 2021
Russia November 5, 2021
Saint Martin (French Part) September 17, 2021
Serbia September 17, 2021
Slovakia September 17, 2021
Slovenia September 17, 2021
Spain September 17, 2021
Sweden September 17, 2021
Switzerland September 17, 2021
Ukraine September 17, 2021
United Kingdom September 17, 2021
Middle East and Africa
Angola September 17, 2021
Egypt September 17, 2021
Ghana September 17, 2021
Kenya September 17, 2021
Nigeria September 17, 2021
Senegal September 17, 2021
South Africa December 17, 2021
State of Palestine September 17, 2021
Turkey September 17, 2021
United Arab Emirates September 17, 2021
United Republic of Tanzania September 17, 2021
Western Sahara September 17, 2021

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