IBM ServicePac offers committed service warranty and maintenance upgrades for IBM System x

IBM Europe, Middle East, and Africa Services Announcement ZS12-0094
September 4, 2012

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IBM® System x® ServicePac® portfolio is updated to include machine types 7382 and 7917 into existing part numbers.

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This range of IBM ServicePac products delivers hardware maintenance or maintenance upgrade coverage in an electronic format.

ServicePac offerings are available through the same IBM Business Partners who sell the related IBM hardware. With this ServicePac offer, you get an off-the-shelf upgrade solution at the same time that you purchase the IBM machine. The number of unique ServicePac offerings is kept to a minimum with each part number supporting a range of machine types.

To select the correct ServicePac for a particular machine type, you can use a selection guide that includes a complete list of machine types with cross-references. Alternatively, ServicePac details can be found at

You can order ServicePac offerings by part number through SAP in the same way you order IBM products. The simple registration process ensures that you receive fast and efficient coverage. To be eligible for service, you must purchase a ServicePac within 30 days of the purchase of the machine type to which it applies. You must also register a ServicePac offering within 15 days of purchase by completing the ServicePac online registration at

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September 4, 2012

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System x ServicePac Committed Service

ServicePac                                                 Eligible
part                   Base         ServicePac             machine
number       ID       warranty      description            type
91Y5727     PC1355   3YR IOL NBD    3YR 9x5 IOR 48HR CS    4365
91Y5729     PC1333   3YR IOL NBD    3YR 9x5 IOR 48HR CS    7906 7976
91Y5728     PC1334   3YR IOL NBD    3YR 9x5 IOR 48HR CS    2583
                                                           4194  4252
                                                           4363  4368
                                                           7328  7985
                                                           7995  8038
91Y5730     PC1335   3YR IOL NBD    3YR 9x5 IOR 48HR CS    4193  7160
                                                           7974  7978
91Y5731     PC1336   1YR IOL NBD    3YR 9x5 IOR 48HR CS    4347  4364
                     3YR IOL NBD                           7941  8028
91Y5732     PC1337   3YR IOL NBD    3YR 9x5 IOR 48HR CS    7158  7870
                                                           7871  7944
91Y5733     PC1338   3YR IOL NBD    3YR 9x5 IOR 48HR CS    2582
                                                           4253  7376
                                                           7377  7872
                                                           7901  7971
                                                           7977  7979
91Y5734     PC1339   3YR IOL NBD    3YR 9x5 IOR 48HR CS    7379  7837
                     3YR IOL NBD                           7875
91Y5735     PC1340   3YR IOL NBD    3YR 9x5 IOR 48HR CS    7945  7947
91Y5736     PC1341   1YR IOL NBD    3YR 9x5 IOR 48HR CS    4190  4251
                                                           4362  4367
                                                           7327  7973
91Y5737     PC1342   3YR IOL NBD    3YR 9x5 IOR 48HR CS    7382  8737
                     3YR IOL NBD                           8864  8866
91Y5738     PC1343   1YR IOL NBD    3YR 9x5 IOR 48HR CS    7975  7984
                     3YR IOL NBD                           8865
91Y5739     PC1344   1YR IOL NBD    3YR 9x5 IOR 48HR CS    4192  7917
                     3YR IOL NBD                           8863
91Y5740     PC1345   3YR IOL NBD    3YR 9x5 IOR 48HR CS    7380  7383
                     3YR IOL NBD                           7839
91Y5741     PC1346   3YR IOL NBD    3YR 9x5 IOR 48HR CS    8731  8877
91Y5742     PC1347   3YR IOL NBD    3YR 9x5 IOR 48HR CS    7902  8878
91Y5743     PC1348   1YR IOL NBD    3YR 9x5 IOR 48HR CS    7836  7914
                     3YR IOL NBD                           7915  7972
91Y5744     PC1349   1YR IOL NBD    3YR 9x5 IOR 48HR CS    7948
                     3YR IOL NBD                           8872
91Y5745     PC1350   3YR IOL NBD    3YR 9x5 IOR 48HR CS    8874
91Y5746     PC1351   1YR IOL NBD    3YR 9x5 IOR 48HR CS    7940  7147
                     3YR IOL NBD                           7148  7943
91Y5747     PC1352   3YR IOL NBD    3YR 9x5 IOR 48HR CS    8722  8852
91Y5748     PC1353   3YR IOL NBD    3YR 9x5 IOR 48HR CS    7163  7164
                                                           7233  8721
91Y5749     PC1354   3YR IOL NBD    3YR 9x5 IOR 48HR CS    7141
91Y5727     PC1355   3YR IOL NBD    3YR 9x5 IOR 48HR CS    4365

Note: All models are covered in the machine type list above unless stated otherwise.

Warranty service upgrade (WSU)

Warranty service upgrades enhance the level of service from the base warranty service associated with the machine type and model. A warranty service upgrade can include single elements or combinations of:

  1. Extended hours of coverage
  2. Upgraded service delivery method (SDM)
  3. Higher level of response time objective
Terms and eligibility requirements

Service delivery method

IBM On-site Repair (IOR): Repair is performed at customer site. If the machine cannot be fixed with the help of IBM remote support, the repair activity is performed by an IBM representative at the customer's site.

Screening refers to the initial remote problem determination (PD) or problem source identification (PSI) activity on a customer's service request that is performed by technical support personnel. Typically this is the first technical activity performed after the service request has been entered into the call management system and the customer has been entitled. Call screening results in the creation of the initial action plan to resolve the service request.

ServicePac response time: Committed service means that IBM will guarantee that the affected machine will be restored to good working order within an average of 48 office hours from the time the problem is initially reported to IBM . The restoration of system readiness does not include installation or configuration of system and application software.

These ServicePac offerings do not cover the repair of damage to the machine caused by failure to provide a suitable environment as prescribed by IBM , accident, disaster, misuse, abuse, non-IBM modifications of the machine, attachment of non-IBM features, or by unauthorized service on the machine. IBM does not warrant the loss or corruption of data or programs.

The customer is responsible for the reconstruction of lost or corrupted programs.

Items classified as consumable supplies or accessories are not covered under this service offering.

To be eligible for service you must follow the registration instructions included in the registration e-mail received upon purchase and must successfully register the ServicePac offering.

Hours of coverage

Limitations with respect to replacements or to parts for upgrades: Products classified as consumable supplies, such as peripheral devices and accessories, such as external displays, are not covered by this service.

Repair parts and replacement machines, which may be furnished on an exchange basis, may not be new but will be in good working order. All replaced parts and machines become the property of IBM . Some parts of IBM machines are designated as customer replaceable units (CRUs), enabling you to replace these parts.

CRU information and replacement instructions are shipped with the IBM machine. They are also available upon request. You may be given the option of installing a CRU yourself or may request IBM to install it as part of this service. You must return all defective CRUs to IBM in accordance with the return instructions issued with the replacement CRU. Certain machines require machine code or licensed internal code (LIC), such as microcode or system code, to correctly function. For such machines, you are responsible for downloading designated machine code and LIC updates from an IBM web site or from other electronic media, and following the instructions that IBM provides.

For a full definition of IBM maintenance services, visit

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For pricing information, contact your IBM representative or your IBM Business Partner.

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