IBM Network Integration Services for data center networks - private optical networking

IBM Europe Services Announcement ZS08-0129
May 06, 2008

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IBM® Network Integration Services for data center networks - private optical networking is designed to provide you with the following services to support your private optical network connectivity between data centers:

  • Architecture and design
  • Integration and deployment

For a detailed description of this service, refer to the Description section of this announcement.

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May 6, 2008

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Architecture and design

  • Data collection and analysis
    • Collect data using a combination of documented reviews, interviews, empirical data-gathering tools, and workshops
    • Analyze the collected data to establish your data center networking requirements
    • Develop guiding principles
    • Determine architectural building blocks and a conceptual design
    • Determine the generic components required, such as routers and switches
    • Evaluate and select vendors and products
    • Finalize design

Integration and deployment

  • Network design validation
    • Understand and review your business objectives, security, and networking requirements
  • Ordering support and procurement
    • Manage the ordering and procurement of network hardware, software, services, and supplies
    • Manage inventory, receiving, tracking, warehousing, and shipping logistics
  • Power on and testing
    • Test all components for out-of-the-box failures
    • Replace failed components prior to their scheduled installation and configuration dates
  • Site readiness assessment
    • Verify the installation site or sites are ready for your networking design deployment
  • Non-production functional testing
    • Verify the operational functionality of critical design elements
    • Identify networking operational issues that could affect the deployment of the network
    • Build the non-production test environment
    • Prepare networking for testing
    • Conduct networking tests
  • Deployment preparation
    • Complete the development of network deployment procedures and processes for limited and full production deployments
    • Complete configuration procedures
    • Prepare IT management environment
    • Finalize acceptance and completion criteria
  • Limited production pilot test
    • Validate the design in a limited deployment of the network in a production environment
  • Full-production deployment
    • Set up and install equipment and components
    • Install and connect cabling components
    • Test and verify correct network communication
    • Test functionality and failure recovery
    • Test performance and capacity
    • Test systems management

Accessibility by people with disabilities

A U.S. Section 508 Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) containing details on accessibility compliance can be requested at

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For pricing information, contact your IBM representative.

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Europe NE countries  Availability date
Austria              May 6, 2008
Bulgaria             May 6, 2008
Croatia              May 6,  008
Czech Republic       May 6, 2008
Denmark              May 6, 2008
Finland              May 6, 2008
Germany              May 6, 2008
Hungary              May 6, 2008
Ireland              May 6, 2008
Norway               May 6, 2008
Poland               May 6, 2008
Romania              May 6, 2008
Russia               May 6, 2008
Slovakia             May 6, 2008
Slovenia             May 6, 2008
South Africa         May 6, 2008
Switzerland          May 6, 2008
Sweden               May 6, 2008
United Kingdom**     May 6, 2008
** UK Mainland Only
Europe SW countries  Availability date
Belgium              May 6, 2008
France*              May 6, 2008
Greece               May 6, 2008
Israel               May 6, 2008
Italy                May 6, 2008
Luxembourg           May 6, 2008
Netherlands          May 6, 2008
Portugal             May 6, 2008
Spain                May 6, 2008
Turkey               May 6, 2008
* Except overseas territories

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