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IBM International Program License Agreement Software Support Lifecycle policy -- Coordinated, Simplified

IBM Europe Middle East Africa - Last revised on November 11, 2003

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IBM Announcement Letter No. ZA03-0200 dated August 12, 2003.

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  • IBM Announcement Letter No. ZA03-0200 dated August 12, 2003.

    Last revised on November 11, 2003.

    See final section for details of availability and limitations, if applicable.


    IBM International Program License Agreement Software Support Lifecycle policy -- Coordinated, Simplified


    As a customer of IBM continuing to rely on our software solutions to run your business, you have asked for a coordinated, common technical support lifecycle across our software portfolio.

    In response to your requests, effective for International Program License Agreement (IPLA) software announced after January 1, 2003, IBM will:

    • Provide at least 3 years of product technical support, starting at the general availability date of a product (version/release). This technical support applies only to the IBM licensed product. If this product is running on an operating system, (or with a co-requisite, pre-requisite product) that is no longer supported, IBM technical support may be limited to defects that can be replicated on supported environments (i.e. supported versions of the operating systems).

    • Provide this product technical support to all customers who have active Software Maintenance, Subscription and Support, or SupportLine agreements.

    • Ensure support is available for all components of a product until the product is withdrawn from support.

    • Align product withdrawals from support to occur on common dates either in the months of April or September.

    • Publish a notice of withdrawal of support for a product at least 12 months prior to the effective date. The support periods for products affected by this announcement can be found listed on the Web at www.ibm.com/software/supportlifecycle.
    • Make product support extensions available, where possible, that are designed to allow migration to the current release to be completed. For additional information on product technical support extensions beyond the 3-year minimum period, contact your IBM representative.

      Programs announced prior to January 2003, which have a stated Program Services end date, will continue to have Program Services available until that date. In addition, for customers who have purchased a support contract (e.g. Software Maintenance, Subscription and Support, or SupportLine), full support for these programs will be available during the minimum 3 year support period, with notice of withdrawal of support provided at least 12 months prior to the effective date. Exceptions are noted below:

      • products already scheduled to be withdrawn from support in 2003 will not be changed, unless otherwise announced
      • the following products will retain their originally announced support period:
          Product Name           Version   PID     General      Original
                                 Release  Number  Availability  withdrawal
                                                   Date         from
                                                                * Program
                                                                services end
    DB2 Warehouse Mngr Connector   7.2  5724-A90   6/08/01      3/31/04
    DB2 Warehouse Mngr Connector   8.1  5765-F42   11/21/02     4/30/04
    WebSphere Portal Development
     Community Builder             4.1  5724-B66   9/2002       10/2004
    Message Driven processor PRPQ                  <1999        12/31/04
    Tivoli SecureWay Policy
     Director for Application Srvr 3.6  5698-PDA   4/28/00      7/11/04
    Lotus Discovery Server         1.1             11/01/01     1/01/04
    Lotus Discovery Server         2.0             6/01/02      1/01/04
    Domino Everyplace Enterprise   2.5             10/02/01     9/30/04
    Domino Everyplace Enterprise   2.6             11/06/01     9/30/04
    Domino Everyplace Enterprise   2.7             11/01/02     9/30/04
    WebSphere Business Integration
     Adapters                      2.0 5724-D17    7/26/02      6/30/04
    WebSphere Business Integration
     Adapters                      2.1 5724-D17    11/01/02     6/30/04
    IBM AFP PrintSuite for AS/400  3.07.1 5798-AF3 5/21/1999    9/30/04
    IBM AFP Font Collector
     for AIX,OS/400 and OS/2       2.01.1 5648-B45 6/30/00      9/30/04
    IBM Director                   3.1    5697-NFD 1/15/02      1/15/04
    Tivoli                         3.6 5697-EAS    9/18/1996    3/31/04
    Enterprise Console
    Tivoli                         3.6 5697-D10    9/25/1996    3/31/04
    Management Framework               5697-FRA
    Tivoli Distributed             3.6 5697-EMN    9/18/1996    3/31/04
    Tivoli Distributed             3.6 5697-F05    7/30/1999    3/31/04
    Monitoring for OS/390
    Tivoli Inventory               3.6 5697-F04    7/30/1999    3/31/04
    for OS/390
    Tivoli Software                3.6 5697-F03    7/30/1999    3/31/04
    TME 10 Inventory               3.6 5697-INV    9/13/1996    3/31/04
    TME 10 Userlink                3.6 5697-ULK    9/05/1997    3/31/04
    TME 10 Software                3.6 5697-SWD    6/28/1996    3/31/04

    Under the Support Lifecycle policy, some products will have a support withdrawal date of April 30, 2004. This announcement will serve as notice of the withdrawal of support for the following products effective April 30, 2004:

    Product name                Version/     PID     General    Orig w/d from
                                Release     number Availability support date*
                                                     Date       * Program
                                                                services end
    IBM Content Manager
     VideoCharger for
     Multiplatforms               7.1      5697-D73  1/30/01    4/14/04
    DB2 Automation Tool           1.1      5697-G63  4/27/01    3/31/04
    DB2 Object Comparison Tool    1.1      5697-G64  4/27/01    3/31/04
    DataJoiner                    2.1      5765-C36  7/31/98    3/31/04
    DataJoiner Spatial Extender   2.1      5765-D65  7/31/98    3/31/04
    DataJoiner Classic Connect    2.1      5655-B73  4/16/99    3/31/04
    DB2 Intelligent Miner Scoring 7.1      5724-A60  3/30/01    3/31/04
    IBM Red Brick Warehouse       6.1x     5724-C18  10/20/00   n/a
    IBM Informix ESQL/COBOL MF    7.24     5724-C68  6/30/96    n/a
    IBM Informix C-ISAM
     DataBlade Module             1.0x     5724-C57  3/23/00    n/a
    IBM Informix Server
     Administrator                1.2x     5724-C27  3/31/00    n/a
    IBM Informix Server
     Administrator                1.3x     5724-C27  11/27/00   n/a
    DB2 Warehouse Manager
     Connector                    7.2      5724-A90  6/08/01    3/31/04
    DB2 Warehouse Manager
     Connector                    8.1      5765-F42  11/21/02   4/30/04
    Tivoli Point-of-Sale
     Manager                      2.0      5698-TRE  7/01/00    1/01/04
    Lotus Domino X.400
     Message Transfer Agent       2.1                1/01/01    n/a
    Domino Instant Teamroom       1.0                10/10/01   n/a
    IBM Message Center for
     DirectTalk                   6.4      5697-F64  4/27/01    1/31/04
    Enterprise Information
     Portal                       7.1      5697-G29  8/15/00    4/14/04
    Enterprise Information
     Portal Client Kit for
     Content Manager              7.1      5697-G31  8/15/00    4/14/04
    IBM General Parallel File
     System (GPFS) for Linux
     on xSeries                   1.3      5685-E78  10/25/02   12/31/03

    The software support lifecycle policy will be phased in over time for the WebSphere Business Integration products. Our intent is to transition our WebSphere Business Integration application products to a minimum of three years of support, based on the agreement we can obtain with our application Business Partners for which we provide connectivity.

    IBM may modify this policy at any time, and will communicate the modification and any exceptions via a product announcement letter, or in a general policy announcement.

    Planned Availability Date: August 12, 2003

    Announcement Countries

    All European, Middle Eastern and African Countries.

    The data in this letter is subject to the disclaimer in Letter ZS90-0112, which is available from the same IBM announcement letters database.

    This announcement is provided for your information only. For additional information, please contact your IBM Representative or IBM Business Partner as appropriate.

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