IBM z15 and IBM LinuxONE III deliver new feature numbers

IBM Japan Hardware Announcement JG22-0126
July 26, 2022

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The IBM® zSystems platform continues to expand its security capabilities that businesses require as they digitally transform their enterprises.

Important upgrade information: TKE 10.0 level of LIC

The main purpose of TKE 10.0 is to provide support for managing Crypto Express 8S (CEX8S), which is available only on the IBM z16™. Crypto Express 8S is not available on IBM z15™ or LinuxONE III.

Clients on an IBM zSystems server that does not support Crypto Express 8S may still want to take advantage of moving to TKE 10.0 to prepare for a future processor or pick up new TKE features that are not specific to the Crypto Express 8S.

You can upgrade from the Trusted Key Entry (TKE) 9.x level of the Licensed Internal Code (LIC) to TKE 10.0 with the purchase of a 4770 Crypto Adapter for the TKE. However, you must update your workstation BIOS prior to the upgrade. To do that, you must install TKE 9.2 with the latest patches prior to installing the TKE 10.0 firmware.

The TKE 10.0 level of LIC is required if you want to manage the CEX8S using the TKE. In addition, TKE 10.0 uses quantum-safe cryptography1 when the TKE authenticates CEX8S, derives Transport Keys between the TKE's HSM and the target CEX8S, and during the on-demand HSM dual validation check.

  • TKE 10.0 has a domain group limitation. All the HSMs in a TKE domain group must all contain quantum-safe cryptography support (that is, only include CEX8S), or all the HSMs must not contain quantum-safe cryptography support (that is, the HSMs can't include any CEX8S).
  • TKE 10.0 now supports one-time use MFA authentication on an open host.
  • TKE 10.0 contains Configuration Migration Tasks support to enable you to collect and apply data to and from CEX8S and collect data from a pre-CEX8S HSM and apply it to CEX8S HSMs.
  • TKE 10.0 supports a new default wrapping method for the CEX8S HSMs.
  • TKE 10.0 added support for a new AES DUKPT key attribute when using TKE to create AES DKYGENKY parts.

TKE 10.0 added support for the EP11 Outbound Authentication (OA) Signature Policy. The EP11 firmware on a CEX8S HSM enables users to configure what OA signatures are returned on responses from the HSM. The TKE OA Signature Policy controls what configuration options you may select when managing the settings from the TKE.

1 Quantum-safe cryptography refers to efforts to identify algorithms that are resistant to attacks by both classical and quantum computers, to keep information assets secure even after a large-scale quantum computer has been built. Source:

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Planned availability date

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July 26, 2022

Availability within a country is subject to local legal requirements.

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Product number

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Description Machine type Model Feature number
IBM z15 8561 T01  
IBM z15 Model T02 8562 T02  
4770 Crypto Adapter     0851

Description Machine type Model Feature number
IBM LinuxONE III 8561 LT1  
IBM LinuxONE III 8562 LT2  
4770 Crypto Adapter     0851
TKE Rack Mount     0057
TKE     0058
TKE Tower     0144
TKE Rack     0145
TKE Rack     0233
TKE Tower     0234
TKE 10.0 LIC     0882

Feature conversions

From   To   Description
Model type Feature number Model type Feature number  
8561 0085 8561 0233 TKE Rack
8561 0086 8561 0234 TKE Tower
8561 0087 8561 0145 TKE Rack
8561 0088 8561 0144 TKE Tower
8562 0085 8562 0233 TKE Rack
8562 0086 8562 0234 TKE Tower
8562 0087 8562 0145 TKE Rack
8562 0088 8562 0144 TKE Tower

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Security, auditability, and control

The client is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communications facilities.

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