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Announcement Letter No. ZG06-0440 dated May 16, 2006.

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  • Announcement Letter No. ZG06-0440 dated May 16, 2006.

    Last revised on September 26, 2006.

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    Enhanced IBM SurePOS 500 models


    These new models of the SurePOS 500 family of POS products continue to deliver the function found in the SurePOS 563 and 543. They are being released to track inventory manufactured using updated manufacturing process methods and/or materials required for sale in certain jurisdictions, such as the European Union. These new models continue to allow to choose the latest IBM-Partner software for your specific environment and use many system unit options and a wide array of peripheral devices. The only functional change is these models use an improved video driver.


    The sleek leadership model of this family displays excellent visibility in bright light via a 12 inch or 15 inch dual-bulb IR touch screen that provides a wide viewing angle for training many people at once, wireless capability through a PC Card type-II slot, and a headphone jack for private, quiet training in active environments. A presence sensor automatically switches the display on and off based on the operator's proximity, which provides greater efficiency. Where stringing cable is not practical, a PC Card expansion slot enables the use of wireless capability.


    If you need full-function POS or combined POS/back-office terminal at an entry price point, the 544 is the right choice for you. It offers a dual-bulb active color LCD with IR touch without the presence sensor, PC Card, and multimedia function of the model 564 with the same processing power as the model 564, all at a compelling price.


    The Model E64 has the function of the 564 and includes WEPOS OS preload and 256MB memory


    The Model E44 has the function of the 544 and includes WEPOS OS preload and 256MB memory


    The Model P64 has the function of the 564 and includes a choice of printer, 4610-TF6 or TG3.


    The Model P44 has the function of the 544 and includes a choice of printer, 4610-TF6 or TG3.

    Key Prerequisites

    Windows 2000 Professional Edition, Windows XP Professional Edition, Windows XP Embedded or PC DOS 2000.

    The SurePOS 500 Series provides industry-leading solutions for food service, hospitality, petroleum, and specialty retailers who require touch. The SurePOS 500 has a new integrated, sleek and attractive system that is designed for the rigors of these industries.

    The latest SurePOS 500 new models available are:

    • Model 564 (Premium Leadership)
    • Model 544 (Entry, Dual Bulb)
    • Model E64 (Premium Leadership, WEPOS OS preload)
    • Model E44 (Entry, Dual Bulb, WEPOS OS preload)
    • Model P64 (Premium Leadership, with Printer)
    • Model P44 (Entry, Dual Bulb, with Printer)

    Some of the new design points for these models include the following:

    • Sleek and compact, the innovative design requires 20% less countertop space.
    • Infrared touch which requires no calibration and minimizes glare. Infrared touch technology works with a gloved or ungloved hand, a stylus such as a credit card, fingernail, or fingerpad.
    • Multiple configurations are possible including on a wall, on top of counters, on top of cash drawers (without a tray). With the new integration trays, you can create one integrated look by combining any of the following: keyboard, printers, and second customer displays.
    • Quick Attach Displays which permit easy service by quickly attaching or unattaching the LCD from the system unit.
    • Both 12 inch and 15 inch LCD options are available.
    • Cooling Tunnel technology that uses a long-lasting dual-ball bearing fan and a wind tunnel which together keep the processor cool and the circuit board clean. Revolutionary POS packaging differentiates this product through its usability design. For example, the shorter height allows the cashier to view and interact with customers more easily.
    • Management tools supported with these models are Remote Deployment Manager (RDM) 3.1 and IBM Director 3.1 which enable Systems Management definition and updates from a remote central site. Wired for Management (WfM) 2.0, SMBIOS 2.3/Desktop Management Interface DMI), Preboot Execution Environment (PXE), and Wake on LAN (WOL) are also supported.

    • Enhanced Cable management simplifies the installation process and provides more "hand space" makes peripheral cabling upgrades easier. Additionally, the tailgate plugs directly to the mother board which eliminates many cables.
    • Designed for easy expandability by providing serial and USB connectivity. Powered USB ports are provided including a 12 V USB port for scanners or other low power usage peripherals, and a 24 V USB port for printers (both USB or Serial printer via the printer cable feature).
    • Improved programmable MSR that includes support for foil and resort cards. A wide range of peripheral options are available including IBM SureMark printers, IBM Compact ANPOS keyboard, and the SurePoint Solution.


    Planned General Availability Date is June 16, 2006.


    The new SurePOS 500 Series models offer:

    • A 2.0 Ghz or faster Intel Celeron processor, standard.
    • 256 MB of memory standard on all models with upgrades to 512 MB, 1 GB, and 2GB.
    • 8 to 64 MB UMA video memory
    • A 40 GB, 7200 RPM hard disk drive (HDD) or greater, standard
    • 12.1 inch and optional 15 inch Infrared Touch Active LCD
    • Wall-mount capability for drive through or kiosk applications
    • Ports include powered 12V and 24V USB ports, standard.
      • A wide range of optional features including receipt printers,second display, and trays to keep the counter neat.

    Accessibility by People with Disabilities

    For hardware offerings:

    The following features support use by people with disabilities:

    • Controls and latches operable with one hand and minimal dexterity
    • Keys are discernible by touch without activating them
    • Ports and connectors support connection of industry-standard devices

    For software offerings:

    The following features support use by people with disabilities:

    • Operation by keyboard alone
    • Optional font enlargement and high-contrast display settings
    • Screen readers and screen magnifiers tested for use by people with visual impairment
    • Speech recognition products tested for use by people with mobility impairment
    • Optional display of audio alerts for people with hearing impairment

    Product Number

    Description                                 Machine   Model    Feature
                                                 Type     Number   Number
    --------------------------------------      -------   ------   -------
    IBM SurePOS 500,                             4840      544
    12.1" Dual Bulb, Active Color LCD
    with Infra Red Touch, 256MB Memory
    IBM SurePOS 500,                             4840      E44
    12.1" Dual Bulb, Active Color LCD
    with Infra Red Touch, w/Windows
    Embedded for POS Preload,
    256MB Memory
    IBM SurePOS 500,                             4840      564
    Leadership Multimedia,
    12.1" Dual Bulb, Active Ultra Bright
    Color LCD w/Infra Red Touch,
    Multimedia, and Presence Sensor,
    256MB Memory
    IBM SurePOS 500,                             4840      E64
    Leadership Multimedia,
    12.1" Dual Bulb, Active Ultra Bright
    Color LCD w/Infra Red Touch,
    Multimedia, and Presence Sensor,
    w/Windows Embedded for POS Preload,
    256MB Memory
    IBM SurePOS 500,                             4840      P44
    12.1" Dual Bulb, Active Color LCD
    with Infra Red Touch, 256MB Memory,
    choice of printer,
    4610-TF6 or TG3
    IBM SurePOS 500,                             4840      P64
    Leadership Multimedia,
    12.1" Dual Bulb, Active Ultra Bright
    Color LCD w/Infra Red Touch,
    Multimedia, and Presence Sensor,
    choice of printer, 4610-TF6 or TG3

    Note: The following features are orderable on the indicated Machine Type and Models: WEPOS Recovery CD (See Note 1) 4840 E44,E64 7606 PC Card Slot Cover 4840 564,P64, 8005 E64 Select 4610 Model TF6 Printer 4840 P44,P64 2400 Printer attach via USB 4840 P44,P64 2402 Printer attach via RS-232 4840 P44,P64 2403 Select 4610 Model TG3 Printer 4840 P44,P64 2401

    Note: The following Features and Specify Codes are orderable on Machine Type 4840 Models 544, E44, 564, E64, P44 and P64: Memory Features 256MB Additional DDR Memory (1 DIMM), PC2100 7790 512MB Additional DDR Memory (1 DIMM), PC2100 7792 Total 512MB DDR Memory as single DIMM, PC2100 7793 1GB Additional DDR Memory (1 DIMM), PC2100 7794 Total 1GB DDR Memory as single DIMM, PC2100 7795 Total 2GB DDR Memory as two 1GB DIMMS, PC2100 7796 Miscellaneous Optional Features System Unit Wall Mounting Hanging Kit 2010 Short RS232 9-pin to RJ45 cable, 0.7m 2405 Long RS232 9-pin to RJ45 cable, 2.0m 2406 4610 Power Cable 0.7m, 27.5" 3913 4610 Power Cable 2.0m, 78.7" 3912

    Storage Devices
    Extra Hard Disk Drive                              7801
    External 1.44MB USB Diskette Drive                 7804
    Trays, Panels and Covers
    Cash Drawer Integration Tray w/Printer filler      7102
    Countertop Integration Tray w/Printer filler       7112
    Retail Countertop and Full Size Drawer             7122
     Integration Tray
    Filler Panel for CANPOS Keyboard on                7126
     Full Size Cash Drawer Retail Integration Tray
    Compact ANPOS Keyboard - US English                3057
    Compact ANPOS Keyboard - UK English                3058
    Compact ANPOS Keyboard - French                    3059
    Compact ANPOS Keyboard - Spanish                   3061
    Compact ANPOS Keyboard - Brazilian Portuguese      3062
    Compact ANPOS Keyboard - German                    3063
    Compact ANPOS Straight Connector,                  3066
     Keyboard Cable, Distributed 3.8m
    Compact ANPOS Straight Connector,                  3067
     Keyboard Cable, Distributed 0.7m
    Compact ANPOS Straight Connector,                  3068
     Keyboard/Scanner Cables, Distributed, 3.8m
    Compact ANPOS Straight Connector,                  3069
     Keyboard/Scanner Cables, Integrated, 0.7m
    Compact ANPOS Keyboard Keycap 1x2 kit              3140
     (qty 10 of 1x2 keycaps)
    Compact ANPOS Keyboard Keycap 1x1 kit              3141
     (qty 10 of 1x1 keycaps)
    Mouse and Keyboard 'Y' Cable                       3915
    Cash Drawers, Tills and Cash Drawer Locks
    European till wide                                 4866
    Mounting Foot for IBM Cash Drawers                 7124
    Compact Cash Drawer                                4781
    Full Size Cash Drawer                              4881
    Integrated Cash Drawer Cable                       4580
    Distributed Cash Drawer Cable                      4575
    Cash drawer Undercounter Mounting Brackets         4570
    OEM Cash Drawer Special Attachment Cable           4585
    Locking Till Cover for Compact Cash Drawer         4765
    Locking Till Cover for Full Size Cash Drawer       4875
    Vertical Till Insert for Compact Cash Drawer       4775
    Horizontal Till Insert for Compact Cash Drawer     4770
    Adjustable Till Insert for Full Sizw Cash Drawer   4870
    Fixed Till insert for Full Size Cash Drawer        4865
    Cash Drawer Plug - Non-operational Lock            9200
    Cash Drawer Lock                                   9202
    Cash Drawer Lock                                   9203
    Cash Drawer Lock                                   9204
    Cash Drawer Lock                                   9205
    Cash Drawer Lock                                   9206
    Cash Drawer Lock                                   9207
    Cash Drawer Lock                                   9208
    Cash Drawer Lock                                   9209
    Cash Drawer Lock                                   9210
    Cash Drawer Lock                                   9211
    Cash Drawer Hardware Kit                           9521
    Cash Drawer Prem Lock (1)                          4380
    Cash Drawer Prem Lock (2)                          4375
    Cash Drawer Prem Lock (3)                          4370
    Cash Drawer Prem Lock (4)                          4365
    Cash Drawer Prem Lock (5)                          4360
    Cash Drawer Prem Lock (6)                          4355
    Cash Drawer Prem Lock (7)                          4350
    Cash Drawer Prem Lock (8)                          4345
    Cash Drawer Prem Lock (9)                          4340
    Cash Drawer Prem Lock (10)                         4335
    Random Key Lock                                    9218
    Coin Roll Opener                                   4332
    Displays and MSR
    15" Dual Bulb LCD                                  7820
    Integrated Customer Display                        5901
    Distributed Customer Display                       5902
    All Points Addressable Customer                    5903
     Graphics Display
    Long Customer Display Cable (3.8m)                 5930
    Short Customer Display Cable (1m)                  5940
    3-Track Magnetic Stripe Reader                     3905
    Dual Sided single track MSR                        3906
    Power Cord Specifies
    Power Cord 4.3M,                                   9865
    Power Cord 4.3M,                                   9860
     South Africa
    Power Cord 4.3M,                                   9898
    Power Cord 4.3M,                                   9850
    Power Cord 4.3M,                                   9840
    Power Cord 4.3M,                                   9835
    Power Cord 4.3M,                                   9870
    Power Supplies
    Low Voltage Power Supply                           2900
    High Voltage Power Supply                          2901
    Warranty for Legacy I/O Features
    Service during warranty period for                 8903
     Legacy 2x20 displays
    Service during warranty period for                 8904
     Legacy cash drawers
    Service during warranty period for                 8905
     Legacy keyboards

    Note 1

    The recovery CD and Remote Deployment Manager both include Microsoft Windows Preinstallation Environment software. The Microsoft Windows Preinstallation environment software included with this computer or software may be used for boot, diagnostic, setup, restoration, installation, configuration, test or disaster recovery purposes only. NOTE: THIS SOFTWARE CONTAINS A SECURITY FEATURE THAT WILL CAUSE END USER CUSTOMER'S SYSTEM TO REBOOT WITHOUT PRIOR NOTIFICATION TO THE END USER CUSTOMER AFTER 24 HOURS OF CONTINUOUS USE.

    Education Support

    Contact your Country IBM Representative for all applicable course information.

    Technical Information

    Specified Operating Environment

    Physical Specifications

    Free-standing Configuration for 12 inch w/o MSR

    Maximum width measurement:   321 mm (12.6 inch)
    Maximum depth measurement:   325 mm (12.8 inch)
    Maximum height measurement:  384 mm (15 inch)

    Operating Environment

    Temperature (with HDD): 5 to 40 degrees C (40 to 104 degrees F)
    Temperature (no HDD): 0 to 40 degrees C (32 to 104 degrees F)
    Relative humidity:  8 to 80%
    Wet bulb (caloric value): 27 degrees C
    Heat dissipation: 115 watts, 392 BTU/Hr
    Electrical power: 0.14 kVA
    Capacity of exhaust: cubic meter/min
    Noise level: 5.1 Bels
    Leakage and starting current: 0.0035/50 Ampere

    Hardware Requirements

    Hardware Driver and Operating System Requirements

    The following driver and diagnostic programs for the SurePOS 500 Series are available on the IBM Retail Store Solutions Web site at:


    At this site, select SUPPORT, then under Software, select Download Software Maintenance, and select SUREPOS 500 Series.

    Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Edition, Service Pack 2:

    • Direct access, without drivers, via RS-232 device attachments

    For Microsoft Windows XP Professional

    • UPOS V1.9 or Higher
    • Direct access, without drivers, via RS-232 device attachments

    For additional driver information please refer to the driver support Web site:



    The operating system must be ordered separately.

    Note: Models E44 and E64 come preloaded with WePOS operating system so no OS selection is required.

    • PC DOS 2000 (no USB support)
    • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Edition
    • Microsoft Windows XP

    Customer Responsibilities

    The customer is responsible for unpacking and setting up the components in accordance with the customer setup instructions provided.

    As a customer setup machine, its installation is similar to that of an IBM PC. A screwdriver will be required to install or remove feature cards as well as to remove the field replaceable units (FRUs).

    You have the ability to hard-mount the 4851 to a countertop or as a wall-mount unit. Therefore, consideration should be given to the type of warranty service you choose. For Depot Repair models, it is your responsibility to remove and reinstall the unit, which will require skills and/or tools. You have the option of the removal and replacement being provided by a service provider by choosing an on-site repair model.

    You are responsible for placing legends in the key tops and for keyboard customization as applicable.

    You are responsible for keeping the system BIOS current by downloading the latest level from the following Web Site


    Cable Orders

    A power cord is automatically shipped with the SurePOS 500. Plug type is determined by country code except for those countries that utilize both high and low voltage. The power cord for those countries is determined by the country code and voltage specified for the base machine.

    All input/output (I/O) device attachment cables are optional and are shipped per the customer order.


    This is a customer setup (CSU) product.

    For planning purposes, installation time will range from less than half an hour to two hours. Actual time will depend on the number of features to be installed and the experience of the installer.

    Security, Auditability and Control

    This product uses the security and auditability features of the SurePOS 500 Series.

    Terms and Conditions

    Volume orders: Contact your IBM representative.

    Maintenance offering

    Warranty period  One year

    Warranty service  IBM On-site Repair (IOR), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, next day response.

    Warranty service coverage may vary according to local country conditions and practices.

    Usage plan machine  No

    IBM hourly service rate classification  Two

    Maintenance service offerings  These machines are eligible under terms and conditions of the IBM ServiceSuite, the IBM Enterprise Service Agreement (ESA) or under the IBM Maintenance Agreement. Consult your IBM Representative for details.

    When a type of service involves the exchange of a machine part, the replacement may not be new, but will be in good working order.

    Field installable features  Yes

    Model conversions  No

    Machine installation  Customer setup: customers are responsible for installation according to the instructions IBM provides with the Machine.

    Graduated program license charges apply  No. This product does not contain Licensed Internal Code or Licensed Machine Code.

    Global Financing

    IBM Global Financing offers competitive financing to credit-qualified Customers to assist them in acquiring I/T solutions. Our offerings include financing for I/T acquisition, including hardware, software and services, both from IBM and other manufacturers or vendors. Offerings (for all customer segments: Small, Medium & Large Enterprise), rates, terms, and availability can vary by country. Contact your local IBM Global Financing organization or visit the web at:


    Announcement Countries

    All European, Middle Eastern and African Countries except Italy.

    Note: Turkey will be available starting from 29, September 2006

    The data in this letter is subject to the disclaimer in Letter ZS90-0112, which is available from the same IBM announcement letters database.

    This announcement is provided for your information only. For additional information, please contact your IBM Representative or IBM Business Partner as appropriate.

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