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IBM i5/OS V5R4 improves system availability and price performance

January 31, 2006
Announcement Letter Number: A06-0115

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The new release of i5/OS® , the integrated and reliable operating system for the IBM System i5 offerings, delivers many enhancements to a broad user community with significant improvements in the following areas:

  • Integrated middleware
  • Simplified IT infrastructure
  • Security and compliance
  • Business resiliency

i5/OS operating system is designed, built and tested as an integrated offering, which enables you to manage your business rather than your servers. The integrated nature of i5/OS operating system helps simplify the deployment, management, and serviceability of hardware and software solutions running on the system. Key technologies integrated within i5/OS operating system include:

  • DB2 relational database
  • Robust security and compliance capabilities
  • Advanced networking technology
  • WebSphere application server
  • Straightforward system management of functions and interfaces

Combined with System i5 hardware, the resulting integrated hardware and software offering simplifies application deployment and helps reduce your business operational costs. This offering delivers solutions that are simpler and more cost effective to deploy in businesses of all sizes, especially small and mid-sized businesses.

i5/OS operating system also includes mainframe-class work management and virtualization capabilities designed for the requirements of large enterprises. The robust and consistent base for ISV innovation and unparalleled binary compatibility leverage the long-term investments of both the business customer and application solution providers.

Planned availability date: February 14, 2006

Program number

5722-SS1    i5/OS

5733-SPP    IBM Software Maintenance for i5/OS, one year

5733-SP3    IBM Software Maintenance for i5/OS, three year

5733-SPE    Software Maintenance for i5/OS, three year
            Extended Registration

5733-MAL    Maintenance After License

5722-SSA    IBM i5/OS Additional Processor License, Per-Processor Maint

(TM) Trade-mark owned by International Business Machines Corporation and is used under license by IBM Canada Ltd.

® Registered trade-mark of International Business Machines Corporation and is used under license by IBM Canada Ltd.

(**) Company, product or service name may be a trade-mark or service mark of others.

At a glance

Highlights of i5/OS V5R4 include:

  • Improved application portability with new Java(TM) Virtual Machine
  • Improved security and compliance with integrity protection, network intrusion detection and auditing enhancements
  • Improved integration with Web applications
  • Simplified application development with free-format SQL in RPG applications
  • Improved workload management with enhancements to i5/OS subsystems
  • Support for SNA applications over IP networks with Enterprise Extenders
  • Simplified Web administration and performance management
  • Simplified database performance management and index maintenance
  • Enhanced capabilities and simplified management of business continuity solutions
  • Improved management and retention of printed information
  • Enhanced cluster resource services for high availability
  • Networking enhancements including establishment of VPNs through network address translation (NAT) firewalls and additional IPv6 support

Key prerequisities

  • iSeries models 270, 800, 810, 820, 825, 830, 840, 870, 890, SB2 and SB3
  • eServer i5 models 520, 550, 570 and 595
  • System i5 models 520, 550, 570 and 595
  • IBM eServer p5 model 9117-570 or 9119-590 servers configured with 1.65 GHz POWER5 processor or p5 model 9119-595 server configured with 1.65GHz or 1.9GHz POWER5 processors



DB2 Universal Database for iSeries continues its position as a leader in ease of use and integration by extending the tools used to more easily manage and use the database. DB2 On Demand Performance Centre, included with iSeries Navigator, allows you to easily analyze and improve the indexing strategy on your system by reviewing the indexes advised systemwide by the optimizer, looking at indexes that are not being used, and managing index rebuilds.

The "always on" diagnostic information in the SQL plan cache enables you to do query performance analysis and comparisons from one point in time to another without the overhead of a database monitor. With the DB2 Health Centre, also part of iSeries Navigator, you can track your environment against system limits, including archiving of that information to do trend analysis.

V5R4 delivers one of the first major databases to satisfy all of the core components of the 2003 SQL Standard, demonstrating the i5/OS commitment to open standards.

DB2 UDB for iSeries expands its support of data warehouse workloads in V5R4, building on the unique attributes of the integrated database established in previous releases (encoded vector indexing, parallel I/O, automated real time statistics). V5R4 delivers additional SQL Syntax to support OLAP functions, improved Materialized Query Table support and recursive common table expressions.

Performance and scalability are boosted by the SQL Query Engine (SQE) handling more DB2 requests. SQL procedures, functions and triggers should receive a significant performance boost from advancements in the DB2 code generation engine. Additionally, enhancements in the operating system and in the XML Extenders code have shown between 50% and 90% improvements on some XML-based workloads. Limits such as the number of tables in a query, the size of an SQL statement, length of a column name and others give programmers more flexibility in their database design and implementation.

The availability of the database is enhanced with System Managed Access Path Protection (SMAPP) support for Encoded Vector Index (EVI) and resiliency improvements to the database cross reference file. Journaling is also easier in V5R4 with automatic journaling of sequence objects and automatic journal restart after database copies and restore processing.

Application portability and modernization

With support for free format in the RPG precompiler, RPG applications more easily integrate SQL with their current native database access. Additional SQL support such as Scalar Fullselect, Recursive CTE, ROW_NUMBER() allow for better portability across the DB2 family as well as from other databases. Extending XA support to DRDA enables ISVs to take advantage of distributed transactions through DRDA-based drivers such as the DB2 Universal JDBC driver within DB2 Connect Unlimited Edition for iSeries. Alter Procedure has been added to ease the versioning and maintenance of code delivered through stored procedures. There are plans to integrate more closely with the development and debug environments provided by the Development Centre suite of tools.

V5R4 includes new DB2 features that are not enabled for use with National Language Sort Sequence (NLSS). These SQL features are:

  • Intersect and Except predicates
  • RowNumber
  • Rank and DenseRank OLAP functions
  • Scalar Fullselect
  • Recursive common table expressions

Systems management

For V5R4, IBM continues to extend the capability of cross-system management through the Virtualization Engine and IBM Director. The latest version of IBM Director (5.10) enables broader functional support for System i5 platform as well as deeper support through additional event management and inventory.

The Virtualization Engine console is also enhanced with new platform support and additional iSeries Navigator function is enabled on the Web. In addition to the V5R3 capability of accessing iSeries Navigator components by typing URLs into your browser, iSeries Navigator components are integrated into the Virtualization Engine Console. These iSeries Navigator functions are enabled as portlets within the Virtualization Engine Console to allow deeper drill-down for problem determination from the Virtualization Engine Health Console.

System i5 platform continues to expand the IBM systems management strategy in the following areas:

  • IBM standard management using IBM Director enables you on System i5 family to monitor, send commands, collect inventory and perform other functions across multiple heterogeneous operating environments.
  • Industry standard manageability using the DMTF standard Common Information Model (CIM) resource instrumentation allows common manageability across operating system environments and enables iSeries to be managed by many of the industry management solutions.
  • Using a converged Web-based management console you can manage IBM software, storage and servers from a single place.

iSeries Access and Operations Console

iSeries Access for Windows, which includes the iSeries Navigator and Operations Console functions, now also runs on AMD 64-bit and Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology (EMT64T) processors. For Operations Console, IOPLess LAN support means that the system console can now plug into an integrated port on the System i5 product. Additional IOAs and in some cases additional IOPs, are no longer required, saving slots for other purposes. Enhancements are also made to the ODBC, OLE DB and .NET providers. For information on other enhancements for the iSeries Access Family products, Refer to Software Announcement A06-0116, dated January 31, 2006.

Performance tools

i5/OS V5R4 includes enhancements to Collection Services and PM System i5 that enable the collection of additional performance instrumentation that is essential for an emerging On Demand Environment. Performance Explorer (PEX) offers additional collection capabilities and improved performance. The System i5 Workload Estimator is enhanced with support for the new 5xx processor enhancements, new upgrade paths, sizing support for WebSphere, IBM workplace, OLTP and other workloads on i5/OS V5R4. Several enhancements have been made to the Workload Estimator for sizing disk solutions including support for RAID-6 and new I/O controllers.

System i5 print/output management

Native save/restore spool file gives you a better, faster method of saving and restoring spool files to and from backup media. It saves and restores all attribute information and spool file identity information. Auto deletion of spool files includes a tool that enables you to more easily clean up unnecessary spool files, reducing the number of spool files on an output queue. You can use standard 2D barcodes in documents when printing them on ASCII printers. You can also place constant text data anywhere on a page in a document.

System i5 security

The new i5/OS intrusion detection system notifies you of attempts to hack into, disrupt or deny service. The function consists of a shared policy file parser with the Quality of Service (QoS or *QOS) TCP server that organizes and acts upon the conditions and actions from the parsed IDS policy file. Type of intrusions that are caught, discarded and audited include:

  • Attacks: Malformed packets, IP fragments, SYN floods, restricted IP protocols, restricted IP options, perpetual echos and ICMP redirect attempts
  • Scans: Scan events that are either classified as single isolated events or as part of a global scan
  • Traffic regulation: Events that are statistically analyzed to determine that either a TCP or UDP interface might be the subject of a denial of service attack

Intrusion Monitor (entry type: IM) records are cut in the system audit journal (QSYS/QAUDJRN) for all of the listed intrusions based on an existing IDS policy file and threshold values.

New line of defense added to protect data:

All supported systems have enhanced hardware storage protection (HSP) capabilities. This stronger HSP "force field" is applied to most machine interface (MI) objects, even those that were created on previous releases.

  • Hardware checks every attempted access against the protection attributes assigned to that particular storage.
  • Only directly addressable spaces retain previous protection attributes that are appropriate to the direct nature of their intended uses. The encapsulated part of spaces are newly protected.
  • All other objects, including database record and file system containers, are given stronger protection and are accessible only to Licensed Internal Code (LIC).

Nothing changes for valid programs because LIC already accesses MI objects on their behalf. In contrast, now even altered programs are denied back-door access.

Digital certificate management:

Digital certificate management changes for V5R4 include:

  • Self-signed certificates with private keys can be assigned to application identifiers.
  • Reverse order PKCS12 files cab be imported. This may be extended to "orderless" PKCS12 files.
  • Target release for exporting certificates and creating certificates for another system are eliminated.
  • Optional, overriding labels on server/client certificates are enabled when importing a PKCS12 file.

Cryptographic enhancements:

  • Supports common crypto APIs for you to build your own hierarchical key management system. It also provides PKCS5 support, which derives a key from a passphrase.
  • Brings the GUI for hardware crypto up to the latest CCA level.
  • Supports two new modes of AES encryption, CTR and CCM.
  • Supports HMAC for SHA256, 384 and 512 for systems designed with a security level of 128-bit or higher.
  • Supports two new RSA signature formats, OEAP and ISO979602, that replace older formats.
  • Adds crypto enabler support to the base.


With V5R4, i5/OS offers the second stage of a multistage delivery of IPv6 function. This release has an IPv6-capable TCP/IP stack that removes many of the restrictions that existed in the V5R2 and V5R3 IPv6 application development platform. Restrictions on the number of adapters that can support IPv6 are removed and all Ethernet adapters including 10/100 MB, Gigabit, 10 Gigabit and Virtual Ethernet can be used for IPv6 traffic. In addition, adapters can be shared between IPv4, IPv6 and PPPoE. Previously, separate Ethernet adapters were required to run IPv4, IPv6 and PPPoE concurrently. Along with the ability to share IPv4 and IPv6 over the same adapters, the i5/OS TCP/IP stack also includes the dual stack transition mechanism, which enables a server application to be developed on i5/OS that can seamlessly support both IPv4 and IPv6 clients simultaneously.

The need for other solutions is driven by forces such as networking equipment providers' discontinuance of adapters capable of carrying SNA traffic natively.

  • Enterprise Extender, using a widely supported industry standard, allows most SNA-based applications to communicate over an IP network. Enterprise Extender is a strategic replacement for AnyNet on i5/OS for those who have adopted TCP/IP as their networking infrastructure but need to protect their investment in SNA-based applications. Enterprise Extender offers more capabilities than AnyNet with complete APPN function, the ability to transport alerts and the ability to support Dependent LU sessions to host systems, when used in conjunction with the Dependent LU Requester support on i5/OS.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) support on i5/OS is enhanced to establish VPNs that traverse one or more network address translation (NAT) firewalls. Previously, i5/OS VPN provided this ability when the i5/OS is the client/initiator of the VPN connection. Now, VPN support enables VPN NAT traversal when i5/OS takes the role of the server/responder of the VPN connection. With this enhancement, i5/OS VPN support provides a complete solution for allowing VPNs through NAT firewalls.
  • Improvements to checksum processing include support for TCP/IP checksum offload when running over Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet adapters that support this feature. Enhancements are also made in the TCP/IP stack for optimizing TCP/IP checksum processing.
  • Ability to define virtual IP addresses and assign the adapters allowed to perform Proxy ARP functions on behalf of virtual IP addresses. You can assign an alias name to a local IP interface. This function, along with CL command capabilities, enables you to change IP address assignments without having to change associated CL commands (for example, those defining network configurations or for starting and ending local IP interfaces).

Business continuity

With a new virtualization capability for backup/restore operations you can create virtual tape devices that enable reliable, high-speed backups directly to disk using your normal save/restore functions. This function can reduce the scheduled save windows, enabling increased scheduled production hours of operation. Virtual tape files can then be moved from disk to physical tape cartridges while end-user applications are in production. Other save/restore enhancements include:

  • Ability to directly back up and recover spool files
  • Use of parallel save and restore for files in the integrated file system
  • Avoiding downtime associated with a periodic SAVSYS

Dual parity support within a disk array (RAID6) ensures a new level of data protection for continued operation even if two units fail in a RAID protected set of disks with appropriate hardware. System i5 SAN support is simplified, enabling additional options for IBM TotalStorage copy services. Other enhancements to availability include improved IPL recovery and journal performance and recovery.

Enhancements to cluster services include additional ease of use in managing critical resources in a highly available environment. With the new cluster administrative domain you can easily maintain the operational environment for business applications across a system cluster to ensure consistent application results. You can designate that certain configuration objects, environmental attributes and system values be maintained so that they have the same values across the administrative domain. If a change is made to one of these values on any node in the administrative domain, that change is propagated to all other administrative domain nodes.

A new type of cluster resource group supports additional application and management models such as stateless Web serving. The Peer CRG supports an environment where multiple nodes are involved in the recovery domain for a resource without the use of a primary or backup. All nodes in the recovery domain are equal in role and can provide access for the associated resources.

Data resilience technologies are enhanced. To help ensure that all critical objects are covered by the logical replication process, you can designate that new objects added to a library be automatically journaled. If you use cross-site mirroring, changes made on the source are tracked when geographic mirroring is suspended. This ability helps eliminate situations where complete resynchronization between source and target needs to be done. Several new commands enable additional mechanisms to monitor and manage IASPs. For example, you can observe the IASP vary on progress details.

Application development and Java

A new Java Virtual Machine (JVM) technology is included in i5/OS V5R4. This new JVM technology is common on all IBM platforms and has improved its capability to be modular, flexible, and reliable. For i5/OS operating system, this 32-bit JVM provides a much smaller memory footprint that especially benefits small to medium business (SMB) applications on smaller servers. This new JVM supports JDK 1.5 and does not require any code change for the vast majority of pure Java applications. The existing JVM remains in i5/OS as a highly scalable JVM for JDK 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5.

Java Toolbox

Incremental enhancements have been made to the most popular components of the Java Toolbox and several new components have been added.

New components include:

  • SaveFile component enables Java applications to work with "save files" located on the server. The Subsystem component similarly enables applications to query and manipulate subsystems.
  • SignonHandler feature enables applications to plug in their own customized signon GUIs for use when the Toolbox needs to prompt for missing or changed signon information.

Enhanced JDBC functions:

Numerous enhancements to JDBC exploit recently introduced DB2 enhancements, including:

  • 2 MB statement size
  • 128-byte column name support
  • Database host server trace support
  • eWLM Correlator support

The JarMaker utility, which produces stripped-down versions of the Toolbox JAR file, is enhanced for improved effectiveness and usability.

Additional operating system enhancements

i5/OS V5R4 continues to deliver enhancements to the CL application development language.

  • Support for subroutines within a CL procedure
  • New pointer (*PTR) data type for CL variables
  • Ability to declare based (*BASED) variables whose storage depends on the address of the basing pointer
  • Ability to declare defined (*DEFINED) variables whose storage depends on the CL variable being defined over.

i5/OS operating system includes new capabilities for managing the spooling of job logs. New work management options allow the spooling of job logs to be moved to a background job or indefinitely postponed. These options can significantly improve the performance of job termination.

The work management interfaces for displaying the call stack of a thread are updated to better support the variety of programs that can run on i5/OS operating system. Call stack entries for i5/OS PASE, Java(TM) and Licensed Internal Code are now available.

i5/OS subsystems are enhanced to use multiple threads when performing I/O operations for workstation devices. Subsystems (shutdown/recovery) that handle interactive workstations are significantly improved in performance and reliability.

Web Services

i5/OS operating system includes a Web Services client for use by all ILE programs: RPG, COBOL, C and C++. The Web Services client consists of APIs based on the Apache Software Foundation's Axis C++ 1.2, an implementation of Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). The Web Services client can be used by ILE programs, such as RPG programs, that need to access Web Services. Web Services client for Java programs is included with WebSphere application server products such as WebSphere Application Server - Express.

Software serviceability and electronic customer support

i5/OS operating system continues to enhance service and electronic customer support capabilities. These enhancements include:

  • A user-specified program can be called when specific messages are sent to the system operator, the history log, a message queue or the joblog of a specific job, generic jobs or any job. Support personnel can be notified immediately of an application problem and capture sufficient information, at the time of the initial failure, to aid in problem determination and recovery.
  • Autonomic enhancements within i5/OS operating system include the optional use of the monitoring capability to collect i5/OS problem determination data and to forward this information to IBM electronic customer support centres. This information can be used to identify (and retrieve) a PTF to correct the problem or to provide additional information to the support centre to aid in resolving the problem.
  • Support for larger electronic PTF downloads, minimizing the need for physical media.
  • Support for electronic delivery of PTFs as save files or optical image files.
  • Support for acronyms when ordering PTF groups such as cumulative PTF packages (*CUMPKG), DB2 Universal Database (*DB2GRP), Java (*JVAGRP) to simplify PTF ordering.
  • Support when ordering groups or cumulative packages to receive only those PTFs in the package not previously loaded on the system, minimizing the number of PTFs delivered electronically.
  • Support for HTTP, HTTPs, and HTTP proxy in addition to the previous VPN support to enable more networking flexibility when communicating with IBM electronic customer support centres.

Infrastructure simplification

The i5/OS Integrated Server Support option 29 for i5/OS replaces the IBM iSeries Integration for Windows Server product. This new option delivers virtual storage, communications and operations management integration between i5/OS and integrated xSeries solutions and Linux and AIX 5L partitions for the System i5 family.

The Integrated Server Support option includes enhancements provided with i5/OS V5R4 to deliver:

  • Virtual Ethernet support for Linux on xSeries systems attached by an Integrated xSeries Adapter
  • Support for extending the size of a network server storage space
  • Support for Windows Server 2003 Volume Shadow Copy Service, which can be used by Windows backup applications
  • iSeries Navigator enhancements to deliver a consistent management interface for integrated xSeries systems and Linux and AIX 5L partitions

Apache Web Server

The enhancements to Apache Web Server include the following:

  • New and existing directives allow CGI jobs to run in more than one language from a single Apache server.
  • CGI job handling is enhanced by avoiding unnecessary conversions until the CGI CCSIDs and conversion mode are determined specific to the configuration.
  • Log files are tagged with CCSID 1208 (UTF-8).
  • Porting open source modules to i5 is easier.

NetWare Enhanced Integration (Option 25)

NetWare Enhanced Integration is available in V5R4 as a separately ordered feature that you can select from the configurator. This option has a nonwarranted license with no committed support for V5R4.

i5/OS upgrade charges

The per processor charges for optional license entitlements for the i5/OS operating system are based on the specific i5 or p5 hardware model on which the i5/OS operating system is installed. Hardware upgrades from one model to another (for example, an eServer i5 or System i5 model 570 to 595) will result in a per processor software upgrade charge for i5/OS V5R3 and V5R4.

Software Maintenance (SWMA) update

Software Maintenance is a key element of a complete System i5 solution. By offering software upgrade entitlement along with voice and, where available, electronic access to IBM's remote technical support resources, SWMA contributes to a successful System i5 server solution.

All new System i5 model purchases continue to include a minimum of one-year of SWMA coverage for the base quantity of i5/OS license entitlements included with the machine. New System i5 models include one year of SWMA coverage at no additional charge. Previously announced eServer i5 servers continue to include a priced minimum one year of SWMA coverage.

New System i5 models that include SWMA for the base quantity of i5/OS licenses at no additional charge are:

        Machine Type        Model       Feature     Base i5/OS Quantity
           9405              520         8325             1
                                         8327             1
           9406              520         8325             1
                                         8327             1
                                         8330             1
           9406              550         8312             1
           9406              570         8338             1
           9406              595         8966             4

Customers purchasing a new System i5 model may elect to enhance the provided SWMA converge by extending the SWMA coverage period to three years for an additional fee.

To help ensure uninterrupted SWMA entitlements and to avoid Maintenance After License charges, SWMA coverage must not be allowed to lapse.

The first year of SWMA coverage, included with the System i5 model purchase, may not be transferred to another machine.

Customers who upgrade to a new System i5 model do not receive SWMA coverage as part of the upgrade. They will continue with the months remaining on their existing SWMA coverage, if applicable.

Customers may extend their SWMA coverage through an IBM ITS service contract.

If their SWMA coverage has lapsed, they can purchase new SWMA coverage as well as any Maintenance After License charge.

These are available through an IBM ITS service contract.

Customers who upgrade to a machine in a higher software tier are subject to higher SWMA charges for the number of months left in their SWMA coverage. These higher charges apply to months remaining on SWMA coverage on the first year as well as any additional coverage that was acquired.

Credits or refunds for upgrades to a machine in a lower software tier or for discontinuance of a machine are not available for the following SWMA products (1):

5733-SU1/SX1(2) Software Maintenance for IBM eServer iSeries,
                 one year coverage
5733-SU3/SX3(2) Software Maintenance for IBM eServer iSeries,
                   three year coverage
5733-UX1        Software Maintenance for OS/400, i5/OS and selected
                   products, one year coverage
5733-UX3        Software Maintenance for OS/400, i5/OS and selected
                   products, three year coverage
5733-SPP        Software Maintenance for OS/400, i5/OS and selected
                   products, one year per processor license coverage
5733-SPE        Software Maintenance for OS/400, i5/OS and selected
                  products, three year per processor license extension
5733-SP3        Software Maintenance for OS/400, i5/OS and selected
                   products, three year per processor license coverage


           (1) Terms and conditions for credits of SWMA fulfilled through
               an IBM ITS service contract are specified within the
           (2) These SWMA offerings were withdrawn effective October 1,

Refer to Software Announcement A04-0905, dated July 13, 2004.

All other SWMA terms and conditions remain unchanged. Refer to Software Announcement A05-0890, i5/OS per processor Software Maintenance dated July 12, 2005, for further details regarding terms and conditions for SWMA.

Technical information

Hardware Requirements

  • iSeries models 270, 800, 810, 820, 825, 830, 840, 870, 890, SB2 and SB3
  • eServer i5 models 520, 550, 570 and 595
  • System i5 models 520, 550, 570 and 595
  • IBM eServer p5 model 9117-570 or 9119-590 servers configured with 1.65 GHz POWER5 processor or the p5 model 9119-595 server configured with 1.65GHz or 1.9GHz POWER5 processors.

Ordering information

Orders may be placed by calling IBM Call Americas at 1-800-IBM-CALL (1-800-426-2255).

Upgrades From V5R3 to V5R4

An upgrade from a program on V5R3 to the V5R4 release is ordered with the applicable program number (for example, 5722-xxx) and the appropriate media and language feature numbers. No billing feature number is required on the order. This upgrade is no-charge, but it is only available if you have Software Subscription or Software Maintenance.

IBM WebSphere Application Server - Express

IBM WebSphere Application Server - Express for i5/OS is included with i5/OS V5R4 at no additional charge, and you may deploy it to all i5/OS processors on the target System i5 model. A copy of "IBM WebSphere Application Server - Express" should already be included in the package when you order i5/OS V5R4. If the product is not included, you can obtain a copy of IBM WebSphere Application Server - Express by ordering "IBM Web Enablement for i5/OS" (5722-WE2).

Software Product Preload Specify Codes (5372-IS5)

Each Software Product Preload Specify Code represents a:

  • 5722-xxx product
  • 5769-xxx product
  • 5733-xxx product
  • Options for one of these products

Each order for the 5372-IS5 Software Preload Order must include specify code #1000 indicating 5722-SS1 (i5/OS).

Additional specify codes contained in the list below can be included on the 5372-IS5 Preload Software Order. Each specify code is allowed once on the order with a quantity of one. When ordering an optional part of a product, the product base must also be included on the order.

Software Product Preload Specify Codes (5372-IS5)


 Feature  Description
-------- --------------------------------
0520     Model 520 Routing Code
0550     Model 550 Routing Code
0570     Model 570 Routing Code
0595     Model 595 Routing Code


1001 5722-AF1 Advanced Function Print Utilities for iSeries
1014 5722-AP1 Advanced DBCS Printer Support
1514 5722-AP1 AP1 Option 1 Advanced DBCS Printer Support
1002 5722-BR1 BRMS
1506 5722-BR1 BRMS Option 1
1507 5722-BR1 BRMS Option 2
1003 5722-CM1 Communications Utilities for i5/OS
1020 5722-CR1 Cryptographic Support
1021 5722-DB1 AS/400 System 38 Utilities
1004 5722-DE1 DB2 Universal Database Extenders
1025 5722-DFH CICS
1035 5722-DP4 Data Propagator Relational 7.0 for iSeries
1027 5722-DS1 AS/400 Business Graphics
6003 5722-ID1 InfoPrint Designer for iSeries
1006 5722-IP1 InfoPrint Server for iSeries
1546 5722-IP1 IP1 Option 1
1007 5722-JS1 IBM Job Scheduler for i5/OS
1030 5722-MG1 System View and Managed System Services for i5/OS
1008 5722-PT1 Performance Tools
1508 5722-PT1 PT1 Option 1 Performance Tools Manager
1509 5722-PT1 PT1 Option 2 Performance Tools Agent
1009 5722-QU1 Query
1032 5722-SM1 System Manager for i5/OS
1000 5722-SS1 i5/OS
1500 5722-SS1 Option 18 Media & Storage Extensions
1501 5722-SS1 Option 36 Print Services Facility 1-45 LPM
1502 5722-SS1 Option 37 Print Services Facility 1-100 LPM
1503 5722-SS1 Option 38 Print Services Facility Any Speed
1505 5722-SS1 Option 41 HA Switchable Resources
1545 5722-SS1 Option 42 HA Journal Performance
1515 5722-SS1 Option 23 OptiConnect
1517 5722-SS1 Option 26 DB2 Symmetric Multiprocessing
1518 5722-SS1 Option 27 DB2 MultiSystem
1011 5722-ST1 DB2 Query Manager & SQL Development Kit for iSeries
1015 5722-WDS WebSphere Development Studio for iSeries
6009 5722-WE2 Web Enablement for i5/OS 5.1
6010 5722-WE2 Web Enablement for i5/OS 6.0
1012 5722-XW1 iSeries Access processor-based
1013 5722-XW1 iSeries Access user-based
1520 5769-FNT Sonoran Serif Option
1521 5769-FNT SS Headliner Option
1522 5769-FNT Son San Serif Option
1523 5769-FNT SSS Headliner Option
1524 5769-FNT SSS Condensed option
1525 5769-FNT SSS Expanded option
1526 5769-FNT Mono Garamond Option
1527 5769-FNT Cntr Schoolbook Option
1528 5769-FNT PI and SPEC Option
1529 5769-FNT ITC Souvenir
1530 5769-FNT ITC Avtgrdgot Option
1531 5769-FNT Math and Science Option
1532 5769-FNT Data1 Option
1533 5769-FNT APL2 Option
1534 5769-FNT Opt Character Recogn Option
1535 5769-FN1 Japanese Option
1536 5769-FN1 Korean Option
1537 5769-FN1 Traditional Chinese Option
1538 5769-FN1 Simplified Chinese Option
1539 5769-FN1 Thai Option

Secondary Languages

5595 - Albanian Secondary Language
5554 - Arabic Secondary Language
5509 - Belgian English Secondary Language
5563 - Belgian Dutch Secondary Language
5566 - Belgian French Secondary Language
5580 - Brazilian Portuguese Secondary Language
5574 - Bulgarian Secondary Language
5581 - Canadian French Secondary Language
5512 - Croation Secondary Language
5575 - Czech Secondary Language
5526 - Danish Secondary Language
5523 - Dutch Secondary Language
5524 - English U/L SBCS
5538 - English U/C DBCS
5584 - English U/L DBCS
5502 - Estonian Secondary Language
5598 - Farsi Secondary Language
5525 - Finnish Secondary Language
5528 - French Secondary Language
5540 - French MNCS Secondary Language
5529 - German Secondary Language
5539 - German MNCS Secondary Language
5557 - Greek Secondary Language
5561 - Hebrew Secondary Language
5576 - Hungarian Secondary Language
5558 - Icelandic Secondary Language
5532 - Italian Secondary Language
5542 - Italian MNCS Secondary Language
5562 - Japanese Secondary Language
5530 -Japanese Universal Secondary Language (New for V5R4)
5586 - Korean Secondary Language
5506 - Loa Secondary Language
5504 - Latian Secondary Language
5503 - Lithuanian Secondary Language
5513 - Macedonian Secondary Language
5533 - Norwegian Secondary Language
5578 - Polish Secondary Language
5522 - Portuguese Secondary Language
5596 - Portuguese MNCS Secondary Language
5592 - Romanian Secondary Language
5579 - Russian Secondary Language
5514 - Serbian Secondary Language
5589 - Simplified Chinese Secondary Language
5511 - Slovenian Secondary Language
5594 - Slovakian Secondary Language
5531 - Spanish Secondary Language
5537 - Swedish Secondary Language
5572 - Thai Secondary Language
5587 - Traditional Chinese Secondary Language
5556 - Turkish Secondary Language
5505 - Vietnamese Secondary Language
Manufacturing Specify Codes

Feature  Description
-------- --------------------------------
3530     V5R3M0 i5/OS
3535     V5R3M5 Machine Code
3540     V5R4M0 i5/OS
5000     Pre-Load
5050     Number of Startup/Standby processors

Each new System i5 order includes the following software.

  5722  SS1 V5R4M0 i5/OS
      Opiton  0  i5/OS - Per Processor Pricing Key
      Option  1  i5/OS - Extended Base Support
      Option  2  i5/OS - Online Information
      Option  3  i5/OS - Extended Base Directory Support
      Option  5  i5/OS - System/36 Environment
      Option  6  i5/OS - System/38 Environment
      Option  7  i5/OS - Example Tools Library
      Option  8  i5/OS - AFP Compatibility Fonts
      Option  9  i5/OS - *PRV CL Compiler Support
      Option 12  i5/OS - Host Servers
      Option 13  i5/OS - System Openness Includes
      Option 14  i5/OS - GDDM
     #Option 18  i5/OS - Media and Storage Extensions
      Option 21  i5/OS - Extended NLS Support
      Option 22  i5/OS - ObjectConnect
     #Option 23  i5/OS - OptiConnect
     #Option 25  i5/OS - NetWare Enhanced Integration
     #Option 26  i5/OS - DB2 Symmetric Multiprocessing
     #Option 27  i5/OS - DB2 Multisystem
      Option 29  i5/OS - Integrated Server Support
      Option 30  i5/OS - Qshell
      Option 31  i5/OS - Domain Name System
      Option 33  i5/OS - Portable Application Solutions Environment
      Option 34  i5/OS - Digital Certificate Manager
      Option 35  i5/OS - CCA Crypto Service Provider
     #Option 36  i5/OS - PSF/400 1-45 IPM Printer Support
     #Option 37  i5/OS - PSF/400 1-100 IPM Printer Support
     #Option 38  i5/OS - PSF/400 Any Speed Printer Support
      Option 39  i5/OS - International Components for Unicode
     #Option 41  i5/OS - HA Switchable Resources
     #Option 42  i5/OS - HA Journal Performance
      Option 43  i5/OS - Additional Fonts

# This software is only included if it is ordered.
Additional software

The following are included with all i5/OS shipments.

   Business Solutions
   HTTP Server
      Option 1 Triggered Cache Manager
   Toolbox for Java
   Developer Kit for Java
       Option 5   Java Developer Kit 1.3
       Option 6   Java Developer Kit 1.4
       Option 7  Java Developer Kit 5.0
       Option 8 J2SE 5.0 32 bit
Tivoli Management Agent
  TCP/IP Connectivity Utilities for i5/OS
  i5/OS Integration for Linux on xSeries
  Network Authentication Enablement for i5/OS
  iSeries Access for Windows
  iSeries Access for Wireless

All of the above listed Software will be included in the Software order. LPAR systems are not preloaded.

IBM i5/OS (5722-SS1)

Other Charge Features

Publication Features
  V5R4 Install, Bckup/Rec                         8006

No-Charge Features

Publication Features
  V5R4 Setup & Oper CD                             7030
Supply Features
  V5R4 i5/OS Supply                                5839
  V5R4 Machine Code (V5R4M0)                       5840
  V5R4 HA Journal                                  5930
  V5R4 M&S Extensions                              5931
  V5R4 Opticonnect                                 5932
  V5R4 DB2 Symm Multi                              5933
  V5R4 DB2 Multisystem                             5934
  V5R4 Netware Enh Int                             5935
  V5R4 PSF 1-45                                    5936
  V5R4 PSF 1-100                                   5937
  V5R4 PSF Anyspeed                                5938
  V5R4 HA Switch                                   5939


Prices are subject to change without notice. GST, QST and Sales Taxes, where applicable, are extra.

IBM i5/OS (5722-SS1)

Other Charge Features

                                                 Number       Charge
                                                 -------      -------
Publication Features
  V5R4 Install, Bckup/Rec                         8006         $80

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