Revised information: IBM Spectrum Control Select Edition licensing updates

IBM United States Software Announcement 220-245
May 19, 2020

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In previous IBM Spectrum® Control releases, updates have been introduced to support select devices using interfaces other than SMI-S to help clients understand their heterogeneous environments using any edition of IBM Spectrum Control, as well as IBM Spectrum Control contained in any bundles. The terms and conditions of using such non-IBM® devices have been updated for:

  • IBM Spectrum Control Standard Select Edition
  • IBM Spectrum Control Advanced Select Edition

Part of this update is the documentation for which non-IBM devices, IBM Spectrum Control Standard Select Edition, and IBM Spectrum Control Standard Advanced Edition can get used. At the same time, the limits of a single enclosure-based license are adjusted to 500 terabytes.

For complete information about IBM Spectrum Control, see Software Announcement 218-333, dated September 4, 2018.

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Effective date

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May 21, 2020

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Licensed product

Program name PID number Charge metric
IBM Spectrum Control Select Edition (for PPA) 5725-F93 Storage Device (enclosure)
IBM Spectrum Control Select Edition (for AAS) 5608-PC1 Storage Device (enclosure)
IBM Spectrum Control Advanced Select Edition (for PPA) 5725-Y23 Storage Device (enclosure)
IBM Spectrum Control Advanced Select Edition (for AAS) 5641-AEA Storage Device (enclosure)

Storage Device

A Storage Device is a unit of measure by which the Program can be licensed. A Storage Device is an independently powered, channel attached device that stores or controls the storage of data on magnetic disks or solid state drives, such as disk controllers and their respective expansion units, each constituting separate Storage Devices. Licensee must obtain entitlements for every Storage Device which runs, uses services provided by, or otherwise accesses the Program and for every Storage Device on which the Program is installed. A Storage Device, is sometimes also referred to as an enclosure, expansion or module, and is the physical housing of the media used to store customer data.

For each Storage Device entitlement of the Program obtained (as indicated in the quantity field on Licensee's Proof of Entitlement), Licensee is permitted to have the Program manage up to 25 Storage Slots or up to 500 Terabytes (decimal). One license is required for every 25 slots or 500 TB (decimal), whichever is reached first.

A Storage Slot is an attachment point to install Hard Disk Drives (HDDs), Solid-State Drives (SSDs), Flash Modules or Tape Cartridges on a storage enclosure, module, expansion or storage rich server which is available to store data. When determining the number of entitlements required, the number of available Storage Slots, rounded up to the nearest 25, must be counted on each storage enclosure, module, expansion, or storage-rich server separately, and then combined to calculate the total required entitlements for the Program.

The decimal Terabytes are the sum of the raw capacity of the media, before any of the following technologies are applied: RAID calculation, spare capacity, data reduction technology, etc.

This is a list of currently supported systems that can be licensed using the select editions:

  • IBM Cloud™ Object Storage
  • IBM FlashSystems
  • IBM Storwize®
  • IBM XIV® and IBM Spectrum Accelerate
  • IBM Elastic Storage® Server
  • IBM Spectrum Scale when deployed as storage rich server
  • Dell EMC Unity
  • NetApp FAS and AFF Series
  • Pure Storage FlashArray//M and FlashArray//X

Some systems that support external virtualization require the use of Storage Capacity Unit licensing for external capacity, unless the external device is included in the list above.

Contact your IBM representative for information about any other IBM or non-IBM storage system.

Pricing examples for Storage Devices

Example: IBM FlashSystem® FS7200 with high-density enclosure

An IBM FlashSystem FS7200 consists of one FlashSystem 7200 Model 824 Control Enclosure and one FlashSystem 7000 HD LFF Expansion Enclosure Model 92G. This configuration will require the following licenses:

  • Control enclosure: 1 license
    • 24 slots
    • 24 x 7.68 TB NVMe flash drive = 184.32 TB
  • Expansion enclosure: 4 licenses
    • 92 slots

A total of five licenses are required.

Example: IBM FlashSystem FS7200 with high-capacity drives

An IBM FlashSystem FS7200 consists of only one FlashSystem 7200 Model 824 Control Enclosure, with 15 of the 38.4 TB NVMe FlashCore Modules. This configuration will require the following licenses:

  • Control enclosure: 2 licenses
    • 24 slots
    • 15 x 38.4 TB NVMe FlashCore Modules = 576 TB

While the number of slots is lower than 25, the capacity of the drives is higher than the 500 decimal Terabytes, so this configuration requires a total of two licenses.

Example: Combination with IBM SAN Volume Controller

An IBM Flash System FS7200 is used as the backend storage for an IBM SAN Volume Controller. The FlashSystem FS7200 consists of the control enclosure and 3 expansion enclosures.

  • Control enclosure: 1 license
    • 24 slots
    • 24 x 7.68 TB NVMe flash drive = 184.32 TB
  • Expansion enclosures: 3 licenses
    • Each: 12 slots
    • Each: 12 x 14 TB high-capacity, archival-class, nearline 7,200 rpm drives

A total of four licenses is required to use this configuration.

Note: Since capacity does not need to be licensed multiple times, there is no additional license required to add the SAN Volume Controller to IBM Spectrum Control for management.

Example: IBM Spectrum Scale

Three servers with each 10 internal disks have IBM Spectrum Scale installed. Eight of the ten disks in each server are used as Network Shared Disks to store user data, and the other two are used by the operating system. This configuration will require the following licenses:

  • Server 1 using 8 disks for customer data = 1 license
  • Server 2 using 8 disks for customer data = 1 license
  • Server 3 using 8 disks for customer data = 1 license

A total of three licenses are required.

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Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act

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IBM Spectrum Control Select Edition is capable, when used in accordance with associated IBM documentation, of satisfying the applicable standards, including the Worldwide Consortium Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, European Standard EN 301 349, and US Section 508, provided that any assistive technology used with the product properly interoperates with it. An Accessibility Conformance Statement can be requested on the Product accessibility information website.

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Passport Advantage®

For Passport Advantage information and charges, contact your IBM representative, authorized IBM Business Partner, or authorized IBM Business Partner for Software ValueNet, if applicable. For additional information about the Passport Advantage Agreement, go to the Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express® website.

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