IBM delivers IBM PowerSC 2.1 enhancements and new IBM PowerSC 2.1 subscription option

IBM Europe Software Announcement ZP22-0099
May 3, 2022

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IBM® PowerSC 2.1

IBM PowerSC 2.1, the security and compliance solution optimized for virtualized environments on IBM Power® servers running IBM AIX®, IBM i, or Linux®, contains the following enhancements:

  • Blocklisting antivirusfeature to allow selective, on-demand hash searches across endpoints managed through PowerSC
  • Linux on Intel™ support for PowerSC endpoints, including Multi-Factor Authentication on Power (MFA)
  • Single sign-on (SSO) support
    • Users can log in to PowerSC through SSO with their OpenID Connect (OIDC) Enterprise identity provider and MFA, enabling integration with any application user interface (UI).
  • MFA support for RSA web API
    • User MFA now includes RSA through the web API and no longer employs the outdated access control entry (ACE) protocol.
  • User-defined alt-disk for technology level (TL) and service pack (SP) updates
    • Users can specify alt-disk through Trusted Network Connect (TNC) for TL and SP updates on AIX endpoints.

IBM PowerSC Subscription 2.1

An increasing number of enterprises run within a mixed hybrid environment of on-premises and off-premises. Now, PowerSC 2.1 is available with a new subscription pricing option that can help you take advantage of hybrid cloud use cases while providing more flexibility for license mobility at a lower cost. This subscription option provides all the same technical capabilities as the existing one-time license charge version.

The PowerSC subscription is available in one-year, two-year, three-year, four-year, and five-year terms. PowerSC subscriptions can be ordered from IBM Advanced Administration System (AAS) ordering systems. Perpetual one-time charge license options remain unchanged through AAS.

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Key requirements

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An IBM Power10, IBM Power9, IBM Power8, or higher, technology-based server

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Planned availability date

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May 20, 2022

Availability within a country is subject to local legal requirements.

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Program number

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Program number VRM Program name
5765-SC2 2.1.0 IBM PowerSC

Note: 5765-SC2 new release is being announced.

Program number VRM Program name
5765-S2S 2.1.0 IBM PowerSC Subscription

Note: 5765-S2S new program number is being announced.

Program number Maintenance 1-year Program number Maintenance 2-year Program number Maintenance 3-year Program number Maintenance 4-year Program number Maintenance 5-year Program number
5765-SC2 5660-PSE 5666-PSE 5662-PSE 5669-PSE 5665-PSE

Program number Maintenance 1-year Program number Maintenance 2-year Program number Maintenance 3-year Program number Maintenance 4-year Program number Maintenance 5-year Program number
5765-S2S 5771-S2S 5772-S2S 5773-S2S 5774-S2S 5775-S2S

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Offering Information

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Product information is available on the IBM Offering Information website.

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IBM Systems Lab Services

Systems Lab Services offers infrastructure services to help build hybrid cloud and enterprise IT solutions. From servers to storage systems and software, Systems Lab Services can help deploy the building blocks of a next-generation IT infrastructure to empower a client's business. Systems Lab Services consultants can perform infrastructure services for clients online or onsite, offering deep technical expertise, valuable tools, and successful methodologies. Systems Lab Services is designed to help clients solve business challenges, gain new skills, and apply best practices.

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IBM Consulting™

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IBM Technology Support Services (TSS)

Get preventive maintenance, onsite and remote support, and gain actionable insights into critical business applications and IT systems. Speed developer innovation with support for over 240 open-source packages. Leverage powerful IBM analytics and AI-enabled tools to enable client teams to manage IT problems before they become emergencies.

TSS offers extensive IT maintenance and support services that cover more than one niche of a client's environment. TSS covers products from IBM and OEMs, including servers, storage, network, appliances, and software, to help clients ensure high availability across their data center and hybrid cloud environment.

For details on available services, see the Technology support for hybrid cloud environments website.

IBM Expert Labs

Expert Labs can help clients accelerate their projects and optimize value by leveraging their deep technical skills and knowledge. With more than 20 years of industry experience, these specialists know how to overcome the biggest challenges to deliver business results that can have an immediate impact.

Expert Labs' deep alignment with IBM product development allows for a strategic advantage as they are often the first in line to get access to new products, features, and early visibility into roadmaps. This connection with the development enables them to deliver First of a Kind implementations to address unique needs or expand a client's business with a flexible approach that works best for their organization.

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For more information, contact Security Expert Labs at

For additional information, see the IBM Security Expert Labs website.

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Technical information

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Specified operating environment

Hardware requirements

A Power10, Power9, Power8, or later, technology-based server

Software requirements

Not applicable

IBM Support

IBM Support is your gateway to technical support tools and resources that are designed to help you save time and simplify support. IBM Support can help you find answers to questions, download fixes, troubleshoot, submit and track problem cases, and build skills. Learn and stay informed about the transformation of IBM Support, including new tools, new processes, and new capabilities, by going to the IBM Support Insider.

Additional IBM support

IBM Client Engineering for Systems

Client Engineering for Systems is a framework for accelerating digital transformation. It helps you generate innovative ideas and equips you with the practices, technologies, and expertise to turn those ideas into business value in weeks. When you work with Client Engineering for Systems, you bring pain points into focus. You empower your team to take manageable risks, adopt leading technologies, speed up solution development, and measure the value of everything you do. Client Engineering for Systems has experts and services to address a broad array of use cases, including capabilities for business transformation, hybrid cloud, analytics and AI, infrastructure systems, security, and more. Contact Client Engineering for Systems at

Planning information


Packaging information

This program, when downloaded from a website, contains the applicable IBM license agreement and License Information, if appropriate, which will be presented for acceptance at the time of installation of the program. For future reference, the license and License Information will be stored in a directory such as LICENSE.TXT.

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Ordering information

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Consult your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner.

IBM Configurator for e-business (e-config)

New feature numbers

IBM PowerSC 2.1 Subscription (5765-S2S)

Program number Feature description OTC Feature number
5765-S2S Per Proc Core on Med Ser 1y V8RJBG
5765-S2S Upg Sm to Med Per Proc 1y XIUCBG
5765-S2S Per Proc Core on Sm Ser 1y V8RHBG
5765-S2S Per Proc Core on Med Ser 2y V8RLBG
5765-S2S Upg Sm to Med Per Proc 2y XIUDBG
5765-S2S Per Proc Core on Sm Ser 2y V8RKBG
5765-S2S Per Proc Core on Med Ser 3y V8RNBG
5765-S2S Upg Sm to Med Per Proc 3y XIUEBG
5765-S2S Per Proc Core on Sm Ser 3y V8RMBG
5765-S2S Per Proc Core on Med Ser 4y V8RRBG
5765-S2S Upg Sm to Med Per Proc 4y XIUFBG
5765-S2S Per Proc Core on Sm Ser 4y V8RPBG
5765-S2S Per Proc Core on Med Ser 5y V8RTBG
5765-S2S Upg Sm to Med Per Proc 5y XIUGBG
5765-S2S Per Proc Core on Sm Ser 5y V8RSBG

This software license includes Software Maintenance, previously referred to as Software Subscription and Technical Support.

Extending coverage for a total of five years from the date of acquisition may be elected. Order the program number, feature number, and quantity to extend coverage for your software licenses. If maintenance has expired, specify the after license feature number.

Maintenance program number description

Maintenance program number Description
5771-S2S IBM PowerSC 2.1 Subscription 1Y
5772-S2S IBM PowerSC 2.1 Subscription 2Y
5773-S2S IBM PowerSC 2.1 Subscription 3Y
5774-S2S IBM PowerSC 2.1 Subscription 4Y
5775-S2S IBM PowerSC 2.1 Subscription 5Y

Maintenance program number Feature description OTC Feature number
5771-S2S 1y Reg Per Proc Core on Med Z2A2JA
5771-S2S 1y Reg Per Proc Core on Sm Z2A1JA

Maintenance program number Feature description OTC Feature number
5772-S2S 2y Reg Per Proc Core on Med M0DKTA
5772-S2S 2y Reg Per Proc Core on Sm M0DJTA

Maintenance program number Feature description OTC Feature number
5773-S2S 3y Reg Per Proc Core on Med U1UJC5
5773-S2S 3y Reg Per Proc Core on Sm U1UHC5

Maintenance program number Feature description OTC Feature number
5774-S2S 4y Reg Per Proc Core on Med M3X8TB
5774-S2S 4y Reg Per Proc Core on Sm M3X7TB

Maintenance program number Feature description OTC Feature number
5775-S2S 5y Reg Per Proc Core on Med MAEFTC
5775-S2S 5y Reg Per Proc Core on Sm MAEETC

Charge metric

The charge metrics for these licensed products can be found in the following License Information documents:

Program number License Information document title License Information document number
5765-SC2 IBM PowerSC 2.1 L-LOPA-C9QPHK
5765-S2S IBM PowerSC 2.1 Subscription L-LOPA-C9QPHK

Select your language of choice and scroll down to the Charge Metrics section. Follow-on releases, if any, may have updated terms. See the License Information documents website for more information.

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Terms and conditions

Top rule

The information provided in this announcement letter is for reference and convenience purposes only. The terms and conditions that govern any transaction with IBM are contained in the applicable contract documents such as the IBM International Program License Agreement, IBM International Passport Advantage® Agreement, and the IBM Agreement for Acquisition of Software Maintenance.


IBM International Program License Agreement including the License Information document and Proof of Entitlement (PoE) govern your use of the program. PoEs are required for all authorized use.

This software license includes Software Subscription and Support (also referred to as Software Maintenance).

Software Maintenance

The IBM Agreement for Acquisition of Software Maintenance (Z125-6011) applies for Subscription and Support and does not require client signatures.

Licenses under the IBM International Program License Agreement (IPLA) provide for support with ongoing access to releases and versions of the program. IBM includes one year of Software Subscription and Support with the initial license acquisition of each program acquired. The initial period of Software Subscription and Support can be extended by the purchase of a renewal option, if available. Two charges apply: a one-time license charge for use of the program and an annual renewable charge for the enhanced support that includes telephone assistance (voice support for defects during normal business hours), as well as access to updates, releases, and versions of the program as long as support is in effect.

License Information number

The following License Information documents apply to the offerings in this announcement:

Program identifier License Information document title License Information document number
5765-SC2 IBM PowerSC 2.1 L-LOPA-C9QPHK
5765-S2S IBM PowerSC 2.1 Subscription L-LOPA-C9QPHK

Follow-on releases, if any, may have updated terms. See the License Information documents website for more information.

Limited warranty applies


Limited warranty

IBM warrants that when the program is used in the specified operating environment, it will conform to its specifications. The warranty applies only to the unmodified portion of the program. IBM does not warrant uninterrupted or error-free operation of the program or that IBM will correct all program defects. You are responsible for the results obtained from the use of the program.

IBM provides you with access to IBM databases containing information on known program defects, defect corrections, restrictions, and bypasses at no additional charge. For further information, see the IBM Support Guide.

IBM will maintain this information for at least one year after the original licensee acquires the program (warranty period).

Money-back guarantee

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the program and you are the original licensee, you may obtain a refund of the amount you paid for it, if within 30 days of your invoice date you return the program and its PoE to the party from whom you obtained it. If you downloaded the program, you may contact the party from whom you acquired it for instructions on how to obtain the refund.

For clarification, note that for programs acquired under any of IBM's On/Off Capacity on Demand (On/Off CoD) software offerings, this term does not apply since these offerings apply to programs already acquired and in use by you.

Volume orders (IVO)

Yes. Contact your IBM representative.

Passport Advantage applies


Usage restrictions


For usage restrictions, see the License Information documents listed in this Terms and conditions section.

Software Subscription and Support applies

Yes. All distributed software licenses include Software Subscription and Support for a period of 12 months from the date of acquisition, providing a streamlined way to acquire IBM software and assure technical support coverage for all licenses. Extending coverage for a total of three years from date of acquisition may be elected.

While your Software Subscription and Support is in effect, IBM provides you assistance for your routine, short duration installation and usage (how-to) questions, and code-related questions. IBM provides assistance by telephone and, if available, electronic access, only to your information systems (IS) technical support personnel during the normal business hours (published prime shift hours) of your IBM support center. (This assistance is not available to your end users.) IBM provides Severity 1 assistance 24 hours a day, every day of the year. For additional details, go to the IBM Support Handbooks page.

Software Subscription and Support does not include assistance for the design and development of applications, your use of programs in other than their specified operating environment, or failures caused by products for which IBM is not responsible under this agreement.

System i Software Maintenance applies


Variable charges apply


Educational allowance available

Yes. When ordering through the program number process, a 15% education allowance applies to qualified education institution clients.

Education Software Allowance Program applies when ordering through the program number process.

ESAP available

Yes, to qualified clients.

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Statement of good security practices

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IT system security involves protecting systems and information through intrusion prevention, detection, and response to improper access from within and outside your enterprise. Improper access can result in information being altered, destroyed, or misappropriated or can result in misuse of your systems to attack others. Without a comprehensive approach to security, no IT system or product should be considered completely secure and no single product or security measure can be completely effective in preventing improper access. IBM systems and products are designed to be part of a regulatory compliant, comprehensive security approach, which will necessarily involve additional operational procedures, and may require other systems, products, or services to be most effective.

Important: IBM does not warrant that any systems, products, or services are immune from, or will make your enterprise immune from, the malicious or illegal conduct of any party.

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For all local charges, contact your IBM representative.

IBM Global Financing

IBM Global Financing offers competitive financing to credit-qualified clients to assist them in acquiring IT solutions. Offerings include financing for IT acquisition, including hardware, software, and services, from both IBM and other manufacturers or vendors. Offerings (for all client segments: small, medium, and large enterprise), rates, terms, and availability can vary by country. Contact your local IBM Global Financing organization or go to the IBM Global Financing website for more information.

IBM Global Financing offerings are provided through IBM Credit LLC in the United States, and other IBM subsidiaries and divisions worldwide to qualified commercial and government clients. Rates are based on a client's credit rating, financing terms, offering type, equipment type, and options, and may vary by country. Other restrictions may apply. Rates and offerings are subject to change, extension, or withdrawal without notice.

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Regional availability

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Europe: Aland Islands, Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bouvet Island, British Indian Ocean Territory, Bulgaria, Comoros, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Falkland Islands (Malvinas), Faroe Islands, Finland, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, French Southern Territories, Georgia, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Guadeloupe, Guernsey, Holy See (Vatican City State), Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Israel, Italy, Jersey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Republic of North Macedonia, Malta, Martinique, Mayotte, Republic of Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, New Caledonia, Norway, Pitcairn, Poland, Portugal, Reunion, Romania, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Helena Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, Saint Martin (French Part), Saint Pierre and Miquelon, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, Spain, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Sweden, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, and Wallis and Futuna

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IBM Consulting is a trademark of IBM Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both.

IBM, Power, AIX, IBM Z, Passport Advantage, IBM Research, IBM Watson, IBM Security, IBM Cloud Pak, QRadar, Resilient, i2, Guardium and MaaS360 are registered trademarks of IBM Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both.

The registered trademark Linux® is used pursuant to a sublicense from the Linux Foundation, the exclusive licensee of Linus Torvalds, owner of the mark on a world­wide basis.

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