Announcement Letter Number 291-069 dated February 19, 1991
US - Last Revised on February 19, 1991

Brief Description of Announcement, Charges, and Availability

       Design Concept 2D (1) and Design Concept 3D (1) are published
and licensed by Computer Design, Inc.  IBM markets this software
through the IBM Cooperative Software Program.  All information about
programs in this announcement has been provided by Computer Design,
       Design Concept 2D and Design Concept 3D offer manufacturers in
the automotive, packaging, apparel and other consumer product lines
both computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing
industrial design software.
       Design Concept 3D, written in 'C" language and runs under AIX
       Design Concept 3D, written in 'C" language and runs under AIX
(R), using Non-Uniform Rational B Splines (NURBS) and double
precision mathematics.  The 3D package provides capability to convert
3D images back to 2D flat pattern pieces using fabric/metal,
draping/bending routines.
       Design Concept 2D has unique characteristics that provide for
realistic images that appear to be 3D with high resolution output for
catalogues and other printed materials.
       Both Design Concept 2D and Design Concept 3D run on the RISC
System/6000 (TM) family of products.
       Planned Availability Date:  March 15, 1991.
 (1) Trademark of Computer Design, Inc.
 (R) Registered trademark of International Business Machines
 (TM) Trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.

Customer Letter Section

o   Contains a patented texture mapping routine using segments and
    grids to make a 2D image appear as a 3D image
o   Provides for silk screen separations using color by color
    separation routines directly to acetate output for four color
    separations which are cyan, magenta, yellow or black for the
    publishing industry
o   Uses high resolution 1280 x 1024 monitors with the ability to
    display and map in less than four seconds
o   Provides a comprehensive 3D industrial design modeler with output
    to CATIA and to a rendering package
o   Provides conversion from 2D to 3D and from 3D to 2D routines with
    finite element analysis software to show stress and 'bunching" of
    finite element analysis software to show stress and 'bunching" of
    fabrics and/or metal reaction to stress
o   Has the ability to bounce light off a 3D class A surface such as
    an automobile fender
o   Scans fabrics for flaws and pattern repeats
o   Checks for manufacturing defects such as airbag flange, holes
    drilled in the flange and stitches around the flange
Design Concept 2D provides a full complement of two dimensional
painting, scanning and image manipulation tools for initial
conceptual design work.  This modular product was developed for use
by designers in the artwork phase of the product development process.
Scanned sketches and photographs can be manipulated relative to color
and texture using the unique hue modification and 2D texture mapping
modules.  Design Concept 2D also provides a 2D link for Design
Concept 3D.  Scanned sketches or photos can be used as templates in
the modeling process, and textures created or scanned into the system
can be mapped to 3D for photo realistic results in minutes.
       ENTRY SYSTEM includes Paintbox, Enhancer and Color Utilities.
Paintbox provides up to 16.7 million colors and a full range of tools
for creating artwork.  Enhancer includes options for additive color
and manipulating images.
       The WEAVE module can be used to develop realistic woven fabric
samples.  Starting at a level of a fiber, users can create yarns
which can then be applied to any basic weave design or customer peg
       Using the PRINTS module, print designs can either be created
in Paintbox or digitized using a scanner.  Single print design
elements can be used to create full or half drop repeats.
       FANCYLOAD provides a full set of tools for image manipulation
by scaling and reshaping images.  This can be used to merge images
and apply accessories and labels. It can also be used for interior
design applications.
       SEGMENT is used to divide images into defined areas to alter
color and apply textures.  SEGMENT creates boundaries around various
portions of a design.
       TEXTURE MAPPING allows users to add patterns and textures to
images.  Patterns and textures will actually wrap around the folds
and wrinkles of an original while still maintaining shading and
       RECOLOR allows color scanned images to be recolored quickly
and accurately.  The user samples existing colors by pointing to them
on the screen.  After a new color is chosen, it is substituted for
the original color.  RECOLOR maintains tonality and keeps the
original characteristics of the image.
       SEPARATE produces silkscreen color separations quickly by
separating images into component colors.  Half tone and spread and
choke capabilities provide perfect color registration.  Color
separations can be output to a large format high resolution output
       WORDBENDER provides powerful text manipulation allowing the
user to select a typeface from those provided in the system and
create a path for the text to follow.  Each line of text is
anti-aliased for smooth, high quality output.
       SLIDE SHOW creates a stored sequence of images which can be
used as a presentation tool.  Images can be retrieved automatically
in sequence.
       Design Concept 3D is a modular product used for 3D modeling
and visualization during the industrial product design process.
Using NURBS as base mathematics offers great flexibility and
efficiency to the designer.
       The NURBS MODELER is well suited to the creation of any type
of complex surface model, but the addition of the proprietary 3D to
2D pattern FLATTENING, and advanced 3D TEXTURE MAPPING modules create
a system uniquely capable of modeling soft surfaces such as those
encountered in seating and other textile based interior applications.
       The NURBS MODELER forms the core system for creation and
modification of NURBS curves and surfaces and includes the basic UV
texture mapping capability.  The NURBS MODELER is required in order
to execute any of the other modules in Design Concept 3D.
       The RENDERER module allows the creation of photo-realistic,
anti-aliased images of objects created in the 3D system and supports
texture mapping, reflectance mapping and basic soft edged shadows.
       The FLATTENING module provides flattening and darting of
pattern pieces from surfaces generated on the NURBS MODELER provides
strain analysis and basic pattern engineering capabilities and
FLATTENING is required for both the TEXTURE MAPPING and DRAPING
       The flat TEXTURE MAPPING module correctly maps fabric to 3D
surfaces for soft goods; apparel, car seats, furniture, (others), and
supports the manipulation of pattern pieces on a bolt of fabric to
accurately position patterns with regard to designs such as plaids or
       DRAPING allows the positioning of a 3D pattern piece upon a
digitized mannequin and will compute the 3D static drape appearance
and shape of that piece.  DRAPING supports various fabric mechanical
properties allowing different draping results for different fabrics.
       The DRAWING & DIGITIZED DATA CONVERSION module supports
storage and retrieval of files in the computer design scaffold
format.  It allows for image to wireframe (Raster to Vector)
conversion of blueprints into wireframe data.  NURBS curves then may
be fitted manually and by the least square method.
       The Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (IGES) SITE
LICENSE module supports storage and retrieval of IGES files that
contain entities that may be supported and manipulated by the
software.  This module is priced as a site license, requiring its
purchase only once regardless of the number of systems sold at a
customer location.

PRIMARY INDUSTRY:  Manufacturing
                  Design Concept 2D          Design Concept 3D
Type/Model:       RISC System/6000           RISC System/6000
Processor:        POWERstation/              POWERstation/
                  POWERserver                POWERserver
                  320, 520, 530              320, 520, 530
Memory:           16MB                       24MB
Storage           Fixed Disk                 Fixed Disk
Devices:          1.2 gigabytes  .1.2 gigabytes
Printer:          N/A                        N/A
Other             24-bit                     24-bit
Hardware:         Graphics Adapter           Graphics Adapter
                  24-bit Z buffer            24-bit Z buffer
                  IBM 6091-019               IBM 6091-019
                  19-inch color              19-inch color
                  monitor                    monitor
System:           AIX Version 3.1            AIX Version 3.1
Software:         AIX Windows                AIX Windows
PROGRAM SUPPORT:  Computer Design, Inc.  provides a 90 day warranty
period and training at no additional fee.  Training at a customer
site is provided for a separate fee.  A monthly maintenance charge
includes telephone support from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EDT, bug
fixes, and quarterly software enhancement updates.  Installation is a
one-time charge of $1,500 plus expenses.
PACKAGING:  A 1/4-inch cartridge tape with the appropriate software
modules, operation manuals, installation instructions and a
       Orders for new licenses will be accepted now.  Unless a later
date is specified, orders entered prior to March 15, 1991, will be
assigned an AAS schedule date of March 15, 1991.
       Orders entered after March 15, 1991, will be scheduled for
shipment in AAS on the Friday following the week of order entry.
       To order a basic license, specify the program number,
quantity, and feature number 9080 for asset registration.
5758-Z52            Design Concept 2D (Full Product)
5758-Z53            Design Concept 2D -- ENTRY SYSTEM
5758-Z54            Design Concept 2D -- WEAVE
5758-Z55            Design Concept 2D -- PRINTS
5758-Z56            Design Concept 2D -- FANCYLOAD
5758-Z57            Design Concept 2D -- SEGMENT
5758-Z58            Design Concept 2D -- TEXTURE MAPPING
5758-Z59            Design Concept 2D -- RECOLOR
5758-Z60            Design Concept 2D -- SEPARATE
5758-Z61            Design Concept 2D -- WORDBENDER
5758-Z62            Design Concept 2D -- SLIDE SHOW
5758-Z63            Design Concept 3D (Full Product)
5758-Z64            Design Concept 3D -- NURBS MODELER
5758-Z65            Design Concept 3D -- RENDERER
5758-Z66            Design Concept 3D -- FLATTENING
5758-Z67            Design Concept 3D -- TEXTURE MAPPING
5758-Z68            Design Concept 3D -- DRAPING
5758-Z69            Design Concept 3D -- DRAWING &
                      DIGITIZED DATA
5758-Z70            Design Concept 3D -- IGES SITE LICENSE
GENERAL INFORMATION:  The employees of IBM and the program supplier
can only act on behalf of their employers, and are not to be
considered the agents or employees of the other party.  IBM has been
authorized by the program supplier only to present marketing material
and to receive orders for the Cooperative Software Program.
PRICES:  The prices listed for the Cooperative Software Program are
for reference only and are as provided from the program supplier's
current price list.  Current prices and quantity discounts, if any,
can only be obtained from the program supplier.  Program charges are
subject to change without notice.
PROGRAM VALIDATION:  The features and functions of the Cooperative
Software Program have only been validated through a random telephone
survey of the program supplier's installed customers.
TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE:  Technical assistance, installation and usage
support, if any, are as provided by the program supplier.
LICENSING:  The Cooperative Software Programs are available from IBM
as distributed by the program supplier.  The terms and conditions are
provided by the program supplier.
WARRANTY:  Not warranted by IBM.  Warranty, if any, is as provided by
the program supplier.  IBM makes no warranties, express or implied,
including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of
merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.  Address any
questions pertaining to warranty coverage to the program supplier.
VOLUME DISCOUNT:  IBM Volume Discount Agreements are not applicable
to the Cooperative Software Program.  Volume discounts, if any, are
as provided by the program supplier.
EDUCATIONAL ALLOWANCE:  IBM Educational Allowances are not applicable
to the Cooperative Software Program.  Allowances, if any, are as
provided by the program supplier.
TESTING PERIOD:  The testing period, if any, is as provided by the
program supplier.  No testing periods should be entered into IBM
administrative system.
PROGRAM                                                      ONE-TIME
NUMBER       PROGRAM NAME                                    CHARGE
5758-Z52     Design Concept 2D (Full Product)              $ 60,000
5758-Z53     Design Concept 2D -- ENTRY
               SYSTEM                                        15,000
5758-Z54     Design Concept 2D -- WEAVE                       9,000
5758-Z55     Design Concept 2D -- PRINTS                      9,000
5758-Z56     Design Concept 2D -- FANCYLOAD                   3,000
5758-Z57     Design Concept 2D -- SEGMENT                     3,000
5758-Z58     Design Concept 2D -- TEXTURE
               MAPPING                                       16,000
5758-Z59     Design Concept 2D -- RECOLOR                     3,000
5758-Z60     Design Concept 2D -- SEPARATE                    3,000
5758-Z61     Design Concept 2D -- WORDBENDER                  1,500
5758-Z62     Design Concept 2D -- SLIDE SHOW                    500
5758-Z63     Design Concept 3D (Full Product)                80,000
5758-Z64     Design Concept 3D -- NURBS
               MODELER                                       35,000
5758-Z65     Design Concept 3D -- RENDERER                   10,000
5758-Z66     Design Concept 3D -- FLATTENING                 25,000
5758-Z67     Design Concept 3D -- TEXTURE
               MAPPING                                       15,000
5758-Z68     Design Concept 3D -- DRAPING                    10,000
5758-Z69     Design Concept 3D -- DRAWING &
               DIGITIZED DATA CONVERSION                     20,000
5758-Z70     Design Concept 3D -- IGES SITE
              LICENSE                                        10,000