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Revised:  July 11, 2019.

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Product life cycle dates

Program NumberVRM Announced Available Marketing Withdrawn Service Discontinued
5724-S6806.00.002017/03/282017/03/31 2019/07/012019/07/01
5724-S6805.05.002015/12/152015/12/18 2019/07/012019/07/01
5724-S6805.00.002014/06/172014/06/26 2018/10/252019/09/30
5724-S6804.05.002013/03/122013/03/29 2019/07/012019/07/01
5724-S6804.00.002012/09/042012/09/07 2019/07/012019/07/01
5724-S6803.00.012011/04/052011/04/07 2019/07/012019/07/01
5724-S6803.00.002010/11/082010/11/24 2019/07/012019/07/01
5724-S6802.05.002009/08/132009/08/28 2019/07/012014/09/30
5724-S6802.00.002008/06/102008/06/13 2012/10/112013/09/30
5724-S6801.00.002007/05/152007/06/29 2008/06/132011/04/30

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Program number

  • IBM Connections V6.0.0 (5724-S68)

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IBM Connections V6.0.0

Connections V6.0 adds capabilities for creating and customizing engaging Communities, and offers users increased flexibility in syncing and managing their online and offline Files folders.


  • Community customization capabilities can help to make a Community more useful and engaging for the Community members. Doing so can lead to greater Community participation and provides a more effective collaboration experience for the Community members.
  • File folders can be taken offline to a PC for local work and then synchronized with the online folders.
  • Advanced analytics provide an optional personalized and prioritized Home page that will surface information that is most relevant for the individual.

IBM Connections V5.5.0

IBM Connections V5.5 includes capabilities that help with the customization of online communities, making them more engaging and useful for the members. Files can be organized more effectively, making it simpler to locate the information that you need for your projects. Notifications are easier to access and are designed to improve your ability to respond to important business needs as they emerge.

IBM Connections Content Manager is a separately purchased add-on for IBM Connections. This add-on provides a rich social networking and content management experience inside IBM Connections communities. IBM Connections Content Manager V5.5 supports IBM Connections V5.5.

IBM Connections Suite V5.5 has been updated with the above IBM Connections V5.5 and IBM Connections Content Manager V5.5 changes. The IBM Connections Suite is a separately purchased bundle that combines the capabilities of IBM Sametime Complete V9.0, IBM Connections V5.5, and IBM Connections Content Manager V5.5. This offering is a powerful combination designed to meet your social business needs. If you are an existing IBM Connections or IBM Sametime Complete customer, you can take advantage of all the capabilities that IBM Connections Suite offers. Trade-up part numbers are available that permit you to leverage your existing investments and purchase a full IBM Connections Suite entitlement at a prorated rate.

IBM Collaboration Accelerator and WebSphere Portal Server V8.5 IFR3 has been updated with the above IBM Connections V5.5 and IBM Connections Content Manager V5.5 changes. This is a separately purchased bundle that provides in one affordable offering the capabilities that are designed to give you an integrated digital experience. This bundle delivers instant messaging, web conferencing, shared content libraries, and access to social networks from within web applications, providing social and collaboration capabilities when and where teams need it.

IBM Connections V5.0.0

Additional capabilities in IBM Connections V5.0 make it easier for a company's employees to work with customers and business partners on projects. Enhancements throughout IBM Connections make relevant content more accessible, encourage brainstorming on new ideas, and organize the content that is shared in communities.

Enhancements IBM Connections 5.0 include:

  • Enhanced features for collaborating with external users.
  • Smarter content filtering leading to more relevant content.
  • Community folders for improved organization of content.
  • File grid view and preview to expedite locating needed documents.

IBM Connections Content Manager is a separately purchased add-on for IBM Connections, It provides content management capabilities for Communities in IBM Connections. IBM Connections Content Manager V5.0 includes an enhanced installation procedure for this add on.

IBM Connections V4.5.0

IBM Connections V4.5, social software for business, provides an exceptional social software solution that is designed to help enable users to access the right people and internal and external content in your professional networks and communities. IBM Connections is designed to help users engage with networks of expertise in the context of critical business processes in order to act with confidence and anticipate and respond to emerging opportunities.

IBM Connections V4.5 adds the following features:

  • Includes like of status updates and comments directly from the activity stream in your community
  • Uses the @mention feature to mention colleagues in private communities
  • Has faster way to follow conversations where a user has been @mentioned
  • Can harvest and execute new ideas faster with improvements in ideation blogs
  • Has ability to like discussion topics to increase the visibility of the content
  • Includes deeper integration into Microsoft Outlook to bring social into the inbox
  • Delivers automatic synchronization of files with the native IBM Connections application for iOS and Android

IBM Connections V4.5 adds platform support for IBM WebSphere Application Server V8 and DB2 V10. IBM Connections V4.5 adds support for the IBM i operating system.

IBM Connections Content Manager V4.5 is available as a separately priced add-on offering for IBM Connections V4.5. IBM Connections Content Manager V4.5 provides rich content libraries for Connections Communities, integrating content management and social capabilities:

  • Social content management
    • Members can interact with content in the community library in a social and dynamic way. For example, they can use tags to categorize content and improve document retrieval, and like documents to recommend them to fellow members. Members can also track document updates in the community activity stream, follow documents, comment on documents, and see who has downloaded them.
  • Robust content management
    • Use check-in and check-out
    • Build nested folder structure to organize content
    • Categorize content using rich metadata and document types
    • Manage content using version control and draft management
    • Create trusted content through approval routing
    • Control use of content through integrated access control

Community library search is integrated across all IBM Connections services.

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IBM Connections V6.0 adds the following features:

  • Communities can be customized more easily.
  • File folders can be taken offline to a PC for local work and then synchronized with the online folders.
  • Advanced analytics surface information that is most relevant to the individual.

Enhancements provided in IBM Connections V5.5 include:

  • New capabilities for customizing communities to create rich team sites
  • Added flexibility in organizing and viewing files
  • New features that can improve personal and project productivity
  • Enhancements to the rich text editor for improved content creation

IBM Connections Content Manager V4.5 adds content management capabilities to Communities in IBM Connections V4.5. Together, IBM Connections V4.5 and IBM Connections Content Manager V4.5 add document management capabilities to the foundational capabilities of IBM Connections, the enterprise social software solution. Integrated social content management features include:

  • Community Content Libraries with rich content management capabilities
  • Social capabilities such as likes, tags, comments, and download counts integrated with Community Content Libraries
  • Access to content management functions through an embedded experience in the Activity Stream

The mobile applications updated for IBM Connections 4.5 provide anytime, anywhere access to your social network.

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IBM Connections V6.0.0

Communities are more customizable

Advanced Community customization capabilities provide Community owners additional options for designing their custom Community. These changes allow a Community to be more useful and engaging, leading to increased community vitality. As Community owners build these vibrant communities, they can copy the existing layouts and designs from one Community into a new one.

Community owners can:

  • Create Community experiences with enhanced rich text content editing, so that Community members can enjoy an engaging experience.
  • Choose from new modern layouts with a horizontal navigation bar to better use space on Community pages and match the Community's purpose more effectively.
  • Create new Communities faster by choosing from existing layouts, which can help to save time and establish guidelines for Community design.
  • Reduce clutter on Community pages by hiding a widget while retaining its link in the navigation menu.

Files delivers added flexibility

Files users can select a top-level folder in their Files and mark it for sync. This permits the users to take the content of entire folders offline to their desktop and keep them synchronized with the files on the server.

Relevant updates are brought front and center

A new optional program, IBM Connections Orient Me, can be used with Connections V6.0 to provide new Home page capabilities that apply advanced analytics to surface information and people that are most relevant to an individual.

Individuals can take advantage of new capabilities provided by Connections Orient Me:

  • See, at a glance, the updates and information most relevant to users, displayed in a new visual layout and prioritized based on their interaction with content and people.
  • Apply new content and people filters to better control what users see.
  • More easily view updates grouped by a person, a Community, or content.
  • Receive suggestions about the people most likely to be important and relevant to their work.
  • See a snapshot of their day in the Action Center, accessible throughout Connections.

Connections Orient Me is planned for availability on the availability date of Connections V6.0. Connections Orient Me is planned to be made available for download from the Fix Central website by organizations with entitlement to Connections V6.0

IBM Connections Content Manager is an add-on for Connections that can be purchased separately. This add-on provides a rich social networking and content management experience inside Connections Communities.

Connections V6.0 planning documentation is available in IBM Knowledge Center and contains important details about using Connections V6.0 with Connections Content Manager V5.5.

IBM Connections V6.0 included IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, which provided the data analytics capability for the IBM Connections Metrics application.

IBM Connections V6.0 Interim Feature Release 1 incorporates the following changes:

  • Software updates permit the IBM Connections V6.0 Interim Feature Release 1 Metrics application to use the Elasticsearch software as its data analytics engine.
  • IBM Connections V6.0 Interim Feature Release 1 includes IBM Connections V6.0 Cumulative Refresh 1 (CR1), and does not require the separate download and installation of IBM Connections V6.0 CR1.
  • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence (which provided the data analytics capability for the IBM Connections Metrics application) has been removed from the IBM Connections V6.0 Interim Feature Release 1 license. Elasticsearch now provides the data analytics function for the Metrics application.

Customers must download and install Component Pack for IBM Connections V6.0.0.5 to obtain the Elasticsearch software that is used by IBM Connections V6.0 Interim Feature Release 1 Metrics application.

Component Pack for IBM Connections V6.0.0.5 is available for download from IBM Fix Central.

Benefits of these updates include:

  • Faster deployment
  • Simplified administration

IBM Connections Engagement Suite and IBM Connections Premier will be updated with IBM Connections v6.0 Interim Feature Release 1 when it is made available.

IBM Connections V5.5.0

IBM Connections V5.5 is a leading social network platform that streamlines your connections to collaborative networks, providing efficiencies to help you get more work done. IBM Connections V5.5 enables your organization to engage the right people, accelerate innovation, and deliver results.

Communities are more engaging and useful for the members

IBM Connections V5.5 enables community owners to create highly customized user experiences that are matched to the needs of their community. New features added to the community application:

  • Customize the community overview page: Select a compelling new layout for the overview page. For example, choose a three-column layout with a banner.
  • Customize location of applications: Change the location of applications to maximize their impact and accessibility. Simply drag applications to their new locations, using the full community width.
  • Make application titles more relevant: Change the title for an application to reflect that for which the application is being used. For example, change "Wiki" to "Knowledge Center".
  • Organize a community's structure to match topics and subtopics: Move a community to a subcommunity and vice versa.
  • Expand the types of content presented: As community owner, put rich content into community overview page, such as announcements, videos, and images using the new Rich Content app.
  • Organize files to improve their accessibility: Organize community files into a nested folder hierarchy, making them easier to find.
  • Enhanced rich text editor: Take advantage of new capabilities within the rich text editor, such as Permanent Pen, to more easily review and highlight changes in your content.

These added capabilities help community members focus on important content, and present it in an engaging experience.

Content is easier to locate

New features in the IBM Connections Files application can help individuals store, organize, and locate information more easily.

  • Organize files more effectively: Personal files can be organized into a nested folder hierarchy.
  • Upload files more easily: Upload files to IBM Connections Files by dropping them into any browser. To avoid editing conflicts, you can lock a file while you're editing it, and unlock it when the changes are ready to be shared.
  • Sync multiple files to your desktop: Select multiple files so that you always have the latest copies of files on your desktop from IBM Connections.
  • Drag-n-drop nested folders via the plug-ins: Use the new desktop plug-ins to batch upload content from your Microsoft Windows desktop to IBM Connections. The desktop plugins are made available for download on the IBM Collaboration Solutions Catalog, which can be found at

https://greenhouse.lotus.com/plugins/plugincatalog.nsf/home_full.x sp

  • View a file and its associated social data easily: With the new viewer, simplify access to file details, comments, sharing, and versions while viewing the file.
  • Edit files on the go: Use the new IBM Connections Editor stand-alone mobile application to securely edit IBM Connections files from your mobile device. The mobile application can be downloaded from the Apple App store and GooglePlay.

Personal and project productivity is increased

Additional new features help you improve your personal productivity and the productivity of the projects you manage.

  • Access your notifications easilySee all of your notifications from any location in Connections. When using an HTML5 browser, you can also see notifications show up in the desktop while browser is minimized.
  • Search for content from the page you are on: Search and find content from anywhere in Connections by taking advantage of the new type-ahead search powered by analytics.
  • Manage projects across multiple contributors: In an IBM Connections Activity, assign a To-do to multiple people. Select people from the Activity members list.
  • Store larger project files in an Activity: Upload files as large as 2 GB to an Activity when you use an HTML5 browser such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.

IBM Connections V5.0.0

IBM Connections is social software that can help your organization engage the right people, accelerate innovation, and deliver results. This integrated, security-rich platform helps people engage with networks of experts, and work together efficiently to meet business objectives.

IBM Connections V5.0 adds capabilities that make it easier for a company's employees to collaborate with customers and business partners on projects and share relevant information. With IBM Connections V5.0, external users, such as customers and business partners, can be invited to a shared file and an IBM Connections community. Communities that have been opened to external users are identified as such to the members of the community. Companies can control who is empowered to create communities and files that are accessible to external users. Visual indicators are provided so that community members are informed which community members are external users.

  • In an IBM Connections community, external users can:
    • Participate in communities that are shared with them.
    • Have files shared with them.
    • Share files with others.
    • Microblog inside of communities.
    • Fill out their own profile.
    • See business cards for people whose names they encounter.
    • See files that are shared with them.
    • Be found in the directory (along with their profile).

IBM Connections V5.0 also permits users to share Files from the Files application with external users.

These capabilities can be used to collaborate with external users to:

  • Seek feedback from customers on new products and services.
  • Gather ideas on new offerings from business partners.
  • Establish milestones for contractors and track progress on projects.

Enhancements throughout IBM Connections V5.0 can make relevant content more accessible, and accelerate your employees' ability to take action quickly.

  • Home page and user experience
    • @mentions on content throughout: Draw attention to information that matters
    • Smarter content filtering: Makes the Activity stream more relevant to your needs
    • View the number of new @mentions and notifications on your home page
    • Type-ahead search for people: Results are personalized to find users by partial name matches via your extended network relationships
    • Preview link content: Quickly decide whether to follow a link in a status update by viewing a thumbnail preview
    • Pasting images: Create content faster by pasting images directly into the editor
    • Feed links on all pages: Consistent access to search feeds and improved ability to subscribe
  • Activities
    • Notify and select all members: Easily notify all members working on an activity by selecting all members
  • Communities
    • Join sub-community and parent community in one click: Get access to the content you need quickly by joining sub-community and parent in one click
    • Create folders in communities: Organize the communities files and use them to create multiple galleries per community
    • Landing page organization: Create and define the community landing page so that it directs members to the content that you want to feature
    • Forum open questions: Identify and act on open questions in forums to foster community collaboration and engagement
    • Multiple Ideation Blogs per Community: Improve idea generation on multiple topics by bringing added focus to each of them
  • Files
    • File grid view: Quickly identify file content you need through thumbnail views organized in a grid view
    • Preview: Preview files without the need to open a new window to simplify reviewing and commenting

Note: IBM Connections Content Manager V5.0 does not support the new external user capability that is provided in IBM Connections V5.0.

Consult IBM Technote 1670307 for additional technical guidance about this topic. IBM Technote 1670307 is located at


IBM Connections V4.5.0

IBM Connections V4.5 provides features designed to enhance your social experience.

  • You can like status updates and comments about status updates directly from the activity stream in your community.
  • Use the @mention feature to mention your colleagues in status updates or status update comments and share your news directly with them. This feature can help encourage people to respond to the update thread and participate in the conversation, which can help drive the adoption of the platform and reduce time to value.
  • Ideation blog features let you export ideas from your community's ideation blog to a file. You can also mark an idea as a duplicate and combine votes with the corresponding idea.
  • Forums make it easier for users to share information and collaborate with others
    • Users can use the like feature to recommend a forum topic or reply.
    • Users can sort lists of forum topics by the number of likes, number of replies, or by date modified.
  • Mobile applications available for iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices

IBM Connections Content Manager V4.5 is a separately purchased offering. IBM Connections V4.5 is a required prerequisite for Connections Content Manager V4.5. IBM Connections V4.5, together with IBM Connections Content Manager V4.5, add features designed to help make communities easier for you to use to share information and to collaborate with team community members. IBM Connections Content Manager liberates key organizational content which can help drive improved decision-making and business results and help engage people to collaborate as part of the content creation process. All of this is done with confidence in an automated, security-rich and controlled content management process designed to help accelerate productivity and business efficiency. Additionally, IBM Connections Content Manager V4.5 can provide a seamless growth path to even more robust IBM Enterprise Content Management capabilities.

The following features are available for Connections Content Manager and IBM Connections V4.5.

  • Community owners can now create content libraries directly from a community.
  • Community libraries provide traditional content library capabilities, such as:
    • Check-in and check-out - Members can access and check out files, and lock them to prevent other users from making updates at the same time.
    • Version control - Members can see who has updated content at a glance and roll back to previous file versions if there is a need to recover older content.
    • Access control - Community owners can set file-level access to the library, giving them tighter control over the use of their content.
    • Approval routing - Members can collaborate on shared files and send them through an established review cycle to obtain the approval of selected members of the community.
  • Search across Connections and content libraries. Community content libraries are searchable from across IBM Connections, and results will be merged with other Connections content (for example, wikis, blogs, files) in Connections search results.
  • Community libraries provide rich social features including:
    • Tagging
    • Following
    • Liking
    • Commenting
    • Download history
  • Users can create multiple libraries in a community.
  • Community members stay current with content updates from the community activity stream.
  • Communities with existing linked libraries can take advantage of the social document management features provided in IBM Connections V4.5.

IBM Connections V4.5 benefits:

  • @mentions can help encourage users to respond to the update thread and participate in the conversation.
  • Enhanced ideation capabilities is designed to help encourage users to submit ideas and better manage the idea from concept to productization.
  • Microsoft Outlook users can benefit from the social capabilities directly from their inbox, bringing the social platform to users anywhere they work.
  • Files stored in the mobile device are encrypted and administrators can issue a remote wipe command, if needed, with no additional software required.

IBM Connections V4.5 offers increased data protection, scalability, and performance for all its database intensive operations which, based on IBM DB2 technology, is designed to help manage data more effectively and efficiently.

Adopting IBM Connections V4.5 and IBM Connections Content Manager as a key component of your social business strategy can help you realize the following benefits:

  • Key organizational content is liberated which can help drive improved decision-making and business results.
  • Enterprise content can become available and a more active part of the social business process, when made accessible via the activity stream.
  • Can help engage people to collaborate as part of the content creation process.
  • Confidently collaborate on enterprise content while working in your social environment.
  • Content can be located and accessed more quickly using the integrated capability for searching across all social and enterprise content.
  • Content quality can be improved through enhanced feedback and collaboration made possible via social features such as tagging, rating, and recommendations.
  • Confidence and trust in content can be elevated using the integrated features for review and approval
  • Can help detect and correct errors earlier using features such as check-in, check-out, and version rollback.
  • Can help provide a seamless growth path to even more robust IBM Enterprise Content Management capabilities.

Accessibility by people with disabilities

A US Section 508 Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) containing details on accessibility compliance can be requested at


IBM Connections offerings use the latest W3C Standard, WAI-ARIA 1.0, to ensure compliance to US Section 508 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. To take advantage of accessibility features, use the latest release of your screen reader in combination with the latest web browser that is supported by this product.

For more information, see

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Operating environment

Hardware requirements

For more information about Hardware requirements, see


Software requirements

Supported platforms:

  • AIX 6.1
  • AIX 7.1
  • Linux RHEL 5 Advanced platform update 10
  • Linux SLED Enterprise Desktop 11.0 SP3
  • Linux SLED Enterprise Server 11.0 SP3
  • Mac OS X Maverick 10.9
  • Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10
  • Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2012


  • Android 2.3 and higher
  • iOS 7.1 and higher

For more information, see the IBM Support website.

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Planning information

Customer responsibilities

The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communication facilities.

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Connections V6.0 planning documentation is available in IBM Knowledge Center and contains important details about using Connections V6.0 with Connections Content Manager V5.5.

No publications are shipped with this product.

The IBM Publications Center portal is located at


The Publications Center is a worldwide central repository for IBM product publications and marketing material with a catalog of 70,000 items. Extensive search facilities are provided. Payment options for orders are via credit card (in the US) or customer number for 20 countries. A large number of publications are available online in various file formats, and they can all be downloaded by all countries.

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