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Product life cycle dates

Program NumberVRM Announced Available Marketing Withdrawn Service Discontinued
5737-I5600.00.002018/09/252018/09/26 - -

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Program number

  • IBM Maximo Production Quality Insights SaaS (5737-I56)

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IBM Maximo Production Quality Insights SaaS, formerly known as IBM Production Quality Insights, identifies and manages product quality issues through visual data (image data), acoustic data, and structured data (process data) analytics, accelerating consistent, nondestructive diagnostics and improving automation.

Enhancements include:

  • Upgraded operating system now runs Java Liberty.
  • IBM Maximo Production Quality Insights SaaS Visual Insights and IBM Maximo Production Quality Insights SaaS Acoustic Insights charge metrics can now be tracked.
  • IBM Maximo Production Quality Insights Visual Insights is certified on Power9.
  • Multi-edge cluster functionality and support for IBM Maximo Production Quality Insights SaaS Visual Insights has been added.

IBM Maximo Production Quality Insights brings a 360-degree view to quality monitoring, inspection, and insights during a manufacturing, assembly, or maintenance process and provides the capability to analyze the cause of defects from inspection data. It provides quality insights solutions for different data types, such as structured data (process data), inspection data, visual data (image data), and acoustic data. Organizations gain the flexibility to use the best offerings for their quality insights and inspection needs based on the data availability in their operations.

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IBM Maximo Production Quality Insights is a cloud service that provides extensive insights into the quality of manufacturing and production operations by combining the following components in one solution:

  • IBM Prescriptive Quality provides earlier and more definitive identification of product quality problems in comparison to traditional statistical process control methods.
  • IBM Acoustic Insights enables organizations to use product operational cycle sounds to learn to automatically detect anomalies and defects and identify product quality issues.
  • IBM Visual Insights helps enable transformation for Industry 4.0 through cognitive visual inspection.

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IBM Maximo Production Quality Insights combines the robust quality monitoring and inspection capabilities of Prescriptive Quality, Acoustic Insights, and Visual Insights.

Prescriptive Quality helps:

  • Identify substandard materials before they enter the manufacturing process
  • Monitor inspections and tests on product assemblies and components during critical manufacturing steps
  • Monitor process variables that determine product quality

Acoustic Insights uses product operational cycle sounds to automatically detect anomalies and defects and identify product quality issues. It accelerates the highly skilled process of acoustic (sound) inspection for product quality tracking, helping to increase yield, reduce scrap, and reduce human inspection time.

Visual Insights helps to bring increased intelligence and precision manufacturing and assembly. Visual Insights uses cognitive capabilities to review and match incoming defects to detect patterns on which it has formerly trained, and classifies them accordingly. The solution accelerates the tedious and expertise-based visual inspection process to quickly identify and classify defects in the manufacturing process. This solution can also be applied for parts validation during assembly and location of defects on a finished product.

  • Classifies incoming images into defect classes, when they match, or nondefects
  • Provides model managers and data scientists with the capability to define and track manufacturing defects to create more accurate assessments and defect capture strategies
  • Can improve efficiency and reduce visual inspection times for visual inspectors and inspection supervisors
  • Can drive an increase in manufacturing yield and a reduction of scrap

Cognitive, efficient quality control and inspection in one solution

Production Quality Insights helps support quality control throughout the manufacturing process by providing early, more definitive alerts, to process and product quality problems. This proactive approach enables personnel to spend less time on problem detection and more time on problem resolution, thereby, helping increase production yield and lower overall operational costs. Quality control personnel benefit from the capability to identify and resolve process and product quality problems as early as possible in the production cycle.

Benefits extend to other lines of business:

  • Procurement can identify suppliers who deliver substandard parts, review contractual specifications to remedy problems, or find a new supplier.
  • Product design can be advised of component modifications, such as a minor change in dimensions to help simplify assembly.
  • Process engineering can fine tune adjustments or make modifications to production equipment, calibration, or an assembly process to eliminate process variation.
  • Operations can determine whether a problem is associated with a prescribed procedure or possibly a need to provide better operator training.
  • Maintenance can benefit through alerts of impending equipment degradation or failures that could result in reduced yield, scrap, or the need for rework.

Established data acquisition methods and newer IoT technologies can deliver operational data to the desktops and devices of personnel that are responsible for process and product quality. In a manufacturing environment, data value is a function of timely analysis that can transform it into meaningful action. The cost of poor quality in a company is high and can impact sales revenue. Detection of quality issues, early in the supply chain or manufacturing process, can deliver significant cost savings. The Quality Early Warning System algorithms that are built into Maximo Production Quality Insights provide a significant advantage over traditional Statistical Process Control (SPC) methods by detecting emerging quality problems sooner and with fewer false alarms. Maximo Production Quality Insights is designed to provide timely, accurate, and relevant alerts to detect, identify, and help proactively remedy quality problems to help improve production yield, reduce scrap and rework, and reduce warranty costs.

Accessibility by people with disabilities

A US Section 508 Accessibility Compliance Report containing details on accessibility compliance can be found on the Product accessibility information website.

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Operating environment

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Planning information

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