5770-ST1 IBM DB2 Query Manager and SQL Development Kit for IBM i 7.5

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Revised: September 27, 2022

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Product life cycle dates

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Program Number VRM Announced Available Marketing Withdrawn Service Discontinued
5770-ST1 07.05.00 2022-05-03 2022-05-10 - -
5770-ST1 07.04.00 2019-04-23 2019-06-21 - -
5770-ST1 07.03.00 2016-04-12 2016-04-15 2023-04-28 2023-09-30
5770-ST1 07.01.00 2010-04-13 2010-04-23 2017-09-30 2018-04-30

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Program number

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  • IBM DB2 Query Manager and SQL Development Kit for IBM i 7.5.0 (5770-ST1)

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IBM i now supports new models of IBM Power 710, 720, 730, 740, 770, and 780 servers with IBM i 7.1 and IBM i 6.1 with 6.1.1 machine code. These new models can be particularly beneficial to customers running applications driving very high I/O or memory requirements.

The POWER7 processor-based servers are in the following IBM i processor groups:

  • Power 710 and Power 720 4-core processors = P05
  • Power 710 and Power 720 6-core and 8-core processors = P10
  • Power 730 and Power 740 = P20
  • Power 770 = P30
  • Power 780 = P50

IBM i enhancements:

  • IBM i 7.1 is optimized for Independent Software Vendor (ISV) support and provides better solutions when using IBM i and Power Systems Software
  • DB2 for i is enhanced and can improve performance, simplify administration of secure database connections, provide additional tooling and feedback options to aid in application development and performance tuning, and can support the latest JDBC specifications.
  • Ethernet link aggregation binds up to eight Ethernet links together in a single line description for improved throughput and reliability.
  • Ethernet layer-2 bridging provides the ability for an IBM i partition to share a physical Ethernet connection with other partitions in the same system.
  • Thin Provisioning for DS8700 and DS8800 storage servers, and for VIOS Shared Storage Pools allows configurations set up with a smaller amount of real disk storage. This can be increased later without changing the partition's view of the storage LUN.
  • IBM i mirroring algorithms are enhanced to take into consideration any N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) attached disks.
  • Bus level statistics for 12x loops provide a view of the traffic and utilization for your 12x loops and the PCI busses.
  • Virtual Partition Manager is enhanced to create IBM i partitions.
  • IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i supports V7000 and SVC replication via PRPQ.
  • Native archive and un-archive API supports creating and restoring archive files, specifically .zip files.
  • The integrated web services client for ILE is enhanced to enable users to generate RPG code that can be used directly from an RPG application to invoke a web service.
  • Zend Server Community Edition (CE) for IBM i is a fully tested and enhanced version of open source PHP Hypertext Pre-processor (PHP).
  • The IBM Toolbox for Java and JTOpen Java libraries are enhanced with features from the latest definition of JDBC 4.1.

IBM Application Runtime Expert for i (5733-ARE) enhancements provide a new way for you to automate the servicing of both applications and the environments application run in by allowing a user to run and verify scripts, CL commands, and SQL queries.

IBM Rational Developer for Power Systems Software 8.0.3 enhancements for IBM i development include:

  • Secure connections to IBM i development platforms
  • Usability improvements to the Screen Designer, Report Designer, and Remote Systems LPEX Editor
  • New fixed-term and token licensing options

IBM DB2 Web Query for i now includes a Standard Edition bundle. You get a complete query reporting solution in a single, simplified ordering package. The product also includes a new interface that allows users to generate web addresses to query reports for report integration.

IBM i for Business Intelligence is a new solution which provides:

  • Low-cost value built solution (IBM i with Power System)
  • A design build on popular DB2 Web Query
  • Two-stage implementation: Start with operational reporting and optionally grow into data warehousing

For timely updates, reference the IBM i Technology Updates website at


The DB2(TM) Query Manager and SQL Development Kit for i 7.1(TM) provides an interactive query and report writing interface, as well as precompilers and tools to assist in writing Structured Query Language (SQL) application programs in high-level programming languages.

The DB2 Query Manager and SQL Development Kit for i 7.1 provides an SQL Development Kit for relational database access using programming languages such as C, C++, RPG, COBOL, and PL/I. The interactive query interfaces, Query Manager and Interactive SQL, are provided for users to generate queries and reports, and for programmers to test complex SQL statements.

The DB2 Query Manager and SQL Development Kit for i 7.1 provides precompilers and tools to assist in developing SQL applications and queries. Once created, the applications and queries can be restored and run on other systems which do not have this product installed.

A member of the DB2 family of products, DB2 Query Manager and SQL Development Kit for i 7.1 provides maturity, stability, and compatibility available with previous releases of DB2 for i, combined with the open systems, standards-based technology required for today's heterogeneous computing environments. The DB2 database manager function is integrated into IBM i software and includes all the support necessary for applications and queries that use SQL to run on the IBM i.

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Product positioning

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Today's computing environments are becoming increasingly complex as these environments evolve. The days when distributed computing meant sharing a printer or a file have been replaced with complex mission critical applications spread across heterogeneous platforms. With this change, the role of the database management system has become increasingly focused on providing access to and protection for a business' data.

In addition, the role of SQL has become increasingly important as an industry wide standardized database access language. To remain competitive in this rapidly changing industry, application vendors and customers must be able to deliver database solutions with increasing flexibility and portability. As database vendors move toward standards conforming SQL implementations, database applications using SQL offer rich possibilities for multivendor and multiplatform installations.

The DB2 Query Manager and SQL Development Kit for i 7.1 can greatly assist in providing portable standards-conforming database applications by offering an ANSI X3.135.2003, ISO 9075:2003 conforming SQL implementation, allowing portable database applications to be written in popular programming languages.

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DB2 Query Manager and SQL Development Kit for i 7.1 contains the following functions that assist users and application developers to write SQL queries and application programs for the DB2 for i database manager:

  • Query Manager, an interactive query and report generator, allows users to define and run queries accessing DB2 for i databases. Data edit and report capabilities are also provided.
  • The SQL Development Kit provides precompilers and tools for processing SQL statements embedded in the C, C++, RPG, COBOL, and PL/I programming languages. Runtime support for the programming languages is provided directly by the DB2 for i database manager.
  • Interactive SQL is a query environment that allows users and programmers to enter and execute SQL interactively.

This product is only required for Query Manager and SQL application development. Once created, these applications can be run on other servers running IBM i which do not have this product installed, using the DB2 for i database manager support.

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DB2 Query Manager and SQL Development Kit for i 7.1 can tailor reports with a prompt-driven interactive interface.

  • SQL Development Kit contains SQL precompilers for developing database applications in several programming languages. A green screen interface tests and runs SQL statements. interface tests and runs SQL statements.
  • Conforming to industry-standard SQL. DB2 for i allows you to define, manipulate, query, and control access to your data, working equally well with IBM i files and SQL tables.

Query Manager

The Query Manager program is an interactive query and report generator that allows users to easily take advantage of new and existing DB2 for i database manager functions. Query Manager allows users two methods of query generation:

  • SQL Mode provides experienced users with the ability to define database queries directly, using SQL.
  • Prompted mode provides novice users the ability to define database queries without knowledge of SQL. Prompted mode queries can then be converted directly into SQL queries, if desired.

The result of queries in either mode can be generated in report forms with a high degree of report layout flexibility. For example, the user can specify page headings and footings, the order, width, and indenting for any column, page breaks, and column summary information.

Data edit capabilities are also provided. They allow users to update and add data to local and remote DB2 for i tables without additional application programs. Additional user profile support is also provided, allowing administrators to tailor defaults, limits, and privileges for each user.

SQL Development Kit

The SQL Development Kit provides facilities for processing embedded SQL statements in high level programming languages. Support is provided for:

  • Languages:
    • RPG III and ILE RPG IV
    • ILE C and ILE C++
    • PL/I
  • Program source can be in a member in the traditional file system or a source stream file in IFS
  • Embedded static and dynamic SQL
  • Flagging to warn programmers when static SQL statement do not conform to the Core level of ISO 9075:2003 are encountered

Interactive SQL

The Interactive SQL program allows programmers and other users to enter SQL statements and queries interactively. Syntax prompting is available to assist in defining SQL statements. This feature is especially useful for quick ad hoc database queries, as well as for testing complex SQL statements prior to embedding them in an application program.

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Technical description

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DB2 Query Manager and SQL Development Kit for i 7.1 conforms to the SQL defined in ANSI X3.135.2003 and ISO 9075:2003.

DB2 Query Manager and SQL Development Kit supports many data types including, numeric, character, binary, graphic, unicode, date, time, timestamp, XML, and large objects.

DB/2 Query Manager and SQL Development Kit may be used to access the IBM i relational database. It allows the data to be viewed in a variety of formats without affecting the underlying data structure. This allows users and applications to share and access data for specific purposes.

Programmer's Functions

Most SQL functions may be performed either interactively or in application programs written in one of the following high-level programming languages: RPG, COBOL, C, C++, and PL/I.

The support of embedded SQL allows program developers to write applications that can be easily transported to different IBM system architectures that also support SQL.

All SQL statements can be embedded in the high-level programming languages. These statements have the ability to use host variables to provide and retrieve data when the SQL statement is run.

Simple, powerful, single SQl statement can perform the same functions as many lines of conventional code.

SQL enables complex operations and simplifies typical tasks. SQL provides built-in functions and arithmetic operations, so programmers can perform immediate mathematical operations on data, often writing traditional programs.

Programmers may use the non-programmer functions described below for a productive method of building custom queries and reports into application programs.

Nonprogrammer's Functions

Query Manager furnishes a report customization interface, enabling nonprogrammers to tailor reports separately from the method of extracting the data, thus improving productivity by permitting the users to change report design without re-accessing the original database.

A table facility provides end users with a prompted, intuitive interface for defining databases, populating it with rows, and for manipulating the databases. Once a query has been created, it can be used to insert, update, and delete relational data. A table editor provides the ability to retrieve, insert, update, or delete rows in existing tables or views.

The results of executing a query can be displayed in a variety of report formats including tabular, matrix, free format.

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Operating environment

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Hardware requirements

Any POWER model of the IBM i

Software requirements

Version 7.1 of IBM i (5770-SS1)

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Planning information

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Customer responsibilities

The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communication facilities.

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No publications are shipped with this program.

Documentation can be found in the IBM i 7.1 Information Center at


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Security, auditability, and control

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This program uses the security and auditability features of the IBM i.

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