Price Change(s):Power Processor Price Correction

Announcement Number:317-074
Announcement Date:Mar 07 2017
Effective Date:Mar 07 2017


Today, IBM® announces decreases in purchase prices on Power Processor Features.
The new, lower purchase prices are effective March 7, 2017.

IBM Internal Section

MT Model Feature Description OLD PRICE NEW PRICE

8284 21A EPXQ 4-core 3.026 GHz P8 Proc 1,100 235
8284 21A EPYQ One Proc Activ for #EPXQ 360 140

Product Number(s)

MT Model Feature Description

8284 21A EPXQ 4-core 3.026 GHz P8 Proc
8284 21A EPYQ One Proc Activ for #EPXQ

Affected Countries:

These price changes are globally applicable.

Customer Letter Section



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