Price Change(s):Price Changes: Power Systems 4Q Price Action for Capacity Reset Program RPQs

Announcement Number:316-200
Announcement Date:Nov 08 2016
Effective Date:Nov 08 2016


Today, IBM® announces decreases in purchase prices on Power Systems 4Q Price Action for Capacity Reset Program RPQs.

The new, lower purchase prices are effective November 8, 2016.

IBM Internal Section

Old New
Description MTM RPQ List Price
E870 4.02GHz 9119-MME 9R5400 $1,356 $0
E870 4.02GHz 9119-MME 9R6200 $1,941 $0
E870 4.02GHz 9119-MME 9R5900 $1,844 $0
E870 4.02GHz 9119-MME 9R6500 $2,640 $0

E870 4.19GHz 9119-MME 9R5500 $1,854 $0
E870 4.19GHz 9119-MME 9R6300 $1,941 $0
E870 4.19GHz 9119-MME 9R6000 $2,522 $0
E870 4.19GHz 9119-MME 9R6600 $2,640 $0

E880 4.02GHz 9119-MHE 9R7600 $2,664 $0
E880 4.02GHz 9119-MHE 9R7400 $2,794 $0
E880 4.02GHz 9119-MHE 9R7500 $3,623 $0
E880 4.02GHz 9119-MHE 9R6900 $3,800 $0

E880 4.35GHz 9119-MHE 9R5600 $2,664 $0
E880 4.35GHz 9119-MHE 9R6400 $2,794 $0
E880 4.35GHz 9119-MHE 9R6100 $3,623 $0
E880 4.35GHz 9119-MHE 9R6700 $3,800 $0

E850 3.7GHz 8408-E8E 9R8900 $554 $0
E850 3.35GHz 8408-E8E 9R9000 $394 $0
E850 3.02GHz 8408-E8E 9R9100 $583 $0

E850C 4.22GHz 8408-44E 9Q1400 $673 $0
E850C 3.95GHz 8408-44E 9Q1500 $446 $0
E850 C3.65GHz 8408-44E 9Q1600 $697 $0

E870C 4.02GHz 9080-MME 9Q0600 $1,400 $0
E870C 4.02GHz 9080-MME 9Q0700 $2,667 $0

E880C 4.19GHz 9080-MHE 9Q1000 $2,333 $0
E880C 4.19GHz 9080-MHE 9Q1100 $2,667 $0

E880C 4.35GHz 9080-MHE 9Q0800 $2,333 $0
E880C 4.35GHz 9080-MHE 9Q0900 $2,667 $0

E880C 4.02GHz 9080-MHE 9Q1200 $2,333 $0
E880C 4.02GHz 9080-MHE 9Q1300 $2,667 $0

Product Number(s)

9119-MME 9R5400
9119-MME 9R6200
9119-MME 9R5900
9119-MME 9R6500

9119-MME 9R5500
9119-MME 9R6300
9119-MME 9R6000
9119-MME 9R6600

9119-MHE 9R7600
9119-MHE 9R7400
9119-MHE 9R7500
9119-MHE 9R6900

9119-MHE 9R5600
9119-MHE 9R6400
9119-MHE 9R6100
9119-MHE 9R6700

8408-E8E 9R8900
8408-E8E 9R9000
8408-E8E 9R9100

8408-44E 9Q1400
8408-44E 9Q1500
8408-44E 9Q1600

9080-MME 9Q0600
9080-MME 9Q0700

9080-MHE 9Q1000
9080-MHE 9Q1100

9080-MHE 9Q0800
9080-MHE 9Q0900

9080-MHE 9Q1200
9080-MHE 9Q1300

Affected Countries:

These price changes are globally applicable.

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