IBM migration offering for Power Blade customers

Announcement Letter: ZA3I5191A
Announcement Date: February 10, 2015
Date of Last Update:

Marketing Summary

IBM End User Customers will receive a discount of 70% on the list price of the IBM i license transfer fee when they will purchase a new eligible IBM Power model from an authorized IBM Power Systems Solution Provider as a replacement of an eligible Power Blade model.  

Offer Overview

End user customers who will migrate from a Power Blade JS12 (7998-60X) or PS700 (8406-70Y) model to a Power Systems S814 6/8 core model (8286-41A) will be entitled to purchase the IBM i license transfer (P05 to P10) with a special discount of 70% on the product list price.

Offer Details

Qualification Criteria

The end user location must be in Italy only  

Qualifying/Eligible Products

The eligible IBM Power System server that must be purchased is:

The new IBM Power System S814 must replace one of the following Power Blade models:

The eligible software product that will get the discount is:

Offer Terms & Conditions

This offer can be combined with other programs or promotions unless specifically indicated.

All current IBM Global Financing offerings apply. Please contact your local IGF representative for details or visit

This offer cannot be combined with special bids.




Sales to Public Sector and Government Owned Entity (GOE) End Users do not qualify.

This promotion is not applicable to IBM Business Partners which are part of a Government Owned Entity (GOE).

Start and/or End Dates

This offer is valid for orders received by IBM on or after February 10, 2015 and no later than June 30, 2015.

Where is it Available?

This offer is available only in Italy.

Who is Eligible?

The following IBM Business Partners are eligible to ask for this offer:

Ordering, Claim & Payment information 

Ordering Information

Follow normal ordering procedures.

Business Partner Distributors must place the order to IBM including the following information:

General Terms & Conditions

A Business Partner's participation in this offer is subject to the terms and conditions of any applicable agreements, such as the IBM PartnerWorld Agreement and, if applicable, the IBM Business Partner Agreement.

IBM reserves the right to modify or withdraw this offer at any time.

This offer is void wherever prohibited or restricted by law.

All decisions by IBM are final.

IBM reserves the right to review a Business Partner’s compliance with this offer and the Business Partner may be required to provide IBM with relevant records on request. In the case of noncompliance with the offer, IBM reserves the right to terminate a Business Partner’s participation with the offer and recover from the Business Partner any amounts due to IBM.

IBM reserves the right to withhold or adjust, and the Business Partner will refund to IBM any payments, rebates, incentives and bonuses paid or granted under the offer in case of any breach of the Business Partner Agreement, including but not limited to its Attachments, Exhibits, Transaction Documents and Special Bid Addendum.

IBM reserves the right to recover from the Business Partner any amounts due to IBM because of overpayment.

IBM and Business Partners agree to comply with all withholding tax obligations, as applicable.

The charges / consideration payable under this offering are inclusive of all indirect taxes, not limited to service tax, value added tax, etc.

Financing may be available.  Refer to the IBM Global Financing Web site at:

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