Announcement Letter Number ZG87-0138 dated February 17, 1987
Europe Middle East Africa - Last Revised on August 18, 1987

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IBM  announces new  IBM 3174  Subsystem Control  Unit very  small
cluster Models 81R and 82R, microcode functional enhancements for
all 3174  Models, 3174 subsystem  host and  terminal connectivity
enhancements,  and   storage  expansion  optional   features  and
accessories  for selected  models.   Additionally,  new IBM  3174
Model  01R and  51R standard  models  that provide  a CCITT  V.35
communication cable are announced.
3174 Models 81R and 82R
o Two New 3174 Very Small Cluster Models
- For users  requiring attachment of  up to eight  non-DSL stream
Load) terminal  devices. DSL  devices are  devices requiring  the
3174 to provide downstream load of their microcode from the 3174.
Other 3174 Models with appropriate  features, provide support for
DSL devices (3179G Models, 3192G Models, 3193).
- Hardware characteristics of existing 3174 Models
- Use the same control microcode as other 3174 Models
- Reliability, Availability, and  Serviceability (RAS) equivalent
to existing 3174 Models.
o Enhancements to Functional Microcode for All 3174's
- Control unit customizing time reduced
- Additional keyboard  support with  Utility/Diagnostics diskette
- Reliability,    Availability,    and    Serviceability    (RAS)
o Connectivity Enhancements
- Connectivity to IBM S/1 and S/88 hosts
- Connectivity for new IBM 3192 terminals
- Data encryption on X.25 sessions
o Optional Storage Expansion Features Now Available on All 3174's
Except the New Models 81R and 82R.
o Accessory 12 Meter (40-foot) Communication  Cables for All 3174
Teleprocessing Models (1R, 2R, 51R, 52R, 81R, 82R).
o New Standard Models with CCITT v.35 Communication Cable
- 01R Standard Models S1X and T1X
- 51R Standard Model X51
o New  Models   for  Teleprocessing  Attachment  of   Very  Small
The two new  IBM 3174 Subsystem Control Unit  Models support very
small clusters of  IBM 3270 Information Display  System displays,
printers,  and workstations  for remote  attachment  to IBM  host
processors  via  telecommunications  links. Up  to  four  non-DSL
(downstream load) terminals can attach to each basic model, up to
eight non-DSL (downstream load) terminals  can attach when an IBM
3299  Terminal  Multipler  is  used,  and  up  to  seven  non-DSL
terminals can  attach when  an IBM  5209 3270-5250  Link Protocol
Converter is used.
- Model 81R
Provides EIA  RS-232C/CCITT V.24  and CCITT  V.35 interfaces  for
remote link  attachment. This  model supports  binary synchronous
(BSC) communication up to 9.6K  bps, SNA/X.25 communication up to
19.2K bps, and SNA/SDLC communication up to 64K bps.
- Model 82R
Provides a CCITT X.21 interface  for remote link attachment. This
model  supports  SNA/X.25  communication  up  to  19.2K  bps  and
SNA/SDLC communication up to 64K bps.
o Highlights of the New Models
- Hardware Characteristics
-- CMOS  technology, VLSI  circuitry,  and  surface mount  device
(SMD)   assembly  for   high  RAS   characteristics,  low   power
consumption, and a very small footprint.
-- 1.0  MB  control  storage   (IBM  million-bit  technology)  to
accommodate  the 3174  control  program and  microcode-selectable
-- 5.25", high-capacity (1.2 MB) diskette drive
-- Direct attachment  to IBM  Cabling System  types 1,  2, and  9
media for  terminal connections  (A balun  cable assembly  is not
-- Response time monitor
-- TP link speeds up to 64K bps
-- Mountable in an industry standard rack or on a table top.
-- No special feature options
Optional  special features  such as  the 1.2  MB Diskette  Drive,
additional Control  Storage, Asynchonous  Emulation Adapter,  and
others that  are offered for  selected larger cluster  models are
not available for the Models 81R and 82R.
-- Qualifies  for  German  PTT  General  Operating  Permit  (GOP)
- Microcode Function Base
3174 Configuration  Support-A, Release  2 microcode  supports the
new  81R  and  82R  Models. Release  2  microcode  functions  not
available on  the 81R  and 82R  are those  that require  optional
features available only on other 3174 Models.
Microcode functions not available on the 81R and 82R Models are:
-- Terminals requiring  Downstream Load  (DSL) of  microcode from
the 3174 to the attached device.  (3179G, 3192G, 3193)
o Merge Downstream Load utility procedure
o Full  Copy and  Modify  and Copy  routines  of  the Copy  Files
utility procedure.
o Central  Site Customization  utility  procedure (this  function
will be available in Second Half, 1987 as previously announced).
o RPQs that use more than 1.0 MB of control storage (Refer to RPQ
Description Price Transmittals for RPQ storage requirements).
-- Reliability,    Availability    and    Serviceability    (RAS)
Characteristics equivalent to the larger models.
-- Customization characteristics  the same as the  larger models,
that do not have the optional diskette drive installed.
-- Usability Characteristics
o Operator's panel  with four seven-segment light  emitting diode
(LED) readouts.
o User-friendly    problem   determination    tools,    including
self-configuring diagnostics,  extensive use of  program function
keys in the offline utility procedures, and formatted displays of
configuration and log data in the online RAS tests.
o Multi-purpose  teleprocessing  adapters that  provide  variable
operating  speeds,  host  attachment   interfaces,  and  protocol
-- Offline Procedures
These models  use the  same offline  utility procedures  that are
used  by the  larger  models,  from the  same  Utility/Diagnostic
diskette. Since  only one  diskette drive  is available  on these
models, some procedures that require  two diskette drives are not
supported. (See "Microcode Function Base".)
o Configuration Support-A Microcode Enhancements
3174 Configuration  Support-A, Release  2 microcode  contains new
functions  and enhancements  in  addition  to functions  provided
previously in  Release 1. Release  2 functions are  applicable to
all  3174  Models.  These  new and  enhanced  functions  are  not
available in  Configuration Support-S, Release  1, which  is used
only  by the  3174-1L with  the Token-Ring  Network 3270  Gateway
feature (#3025).  While Configuration  Support-A, Release  2 will
operate  on a  3174-1L with  Feature Code  #3025, the  facilities
provided in the  Gateway Feature (FC 3025) are  not operable when
Configuration Support-A is being used.
o Highlights of the Microcode Enhancements

- Support for 3174 Models 81R and 82R
Configuration  Support-A, Release  2 is  the  first release  that
supports 3174 Models 81R and 82R.
- Faster  Customization on  Control Units  With  1.2 MB  Diskette
Drive Optional Feature.
Modifications  to  the  3174  diskette   file  formats  and  file
accessing procedures  yield up to a  50 percent reduction  in the
machine  processing  time  for  the   Configure  routine  of  the
Customize Control Diskette  procedure on control units  that have
the 1.2  MB Diskette Drive  optional feature installed.  (A small
improvement may  also be  realized on control  units that  do not
have the optional 1.2 MB Diskette Drive).
- New Program Attention Key
A  third Program  Attention key  (PA3)  is now  supported on  IBM
Converged and IBM Enhanced keyboards  with the typewriter layout.
Attached  CUT displays  that use  these keyboards  can now  fully
communicate with host data entry  applications that require a PA3
key    attention    interrupt.   Additional    information    and
implementation  recommendations  are  provided in  the  IBM  3174
Functional  Description (GA23-0218)  and  3174 Customizing  Guide
- Additional  Keyboard  Support for  Utility/Diagnostic  Diskette
New  support  on  the  Utility/Diagnostic  Diskette  enables  all
utility procedures,  including customization and  diagnostics, to
be  invoked  and  operated  from a  CUT  display  with  either  a
Converged keyboard  operating in native  mode or an  IBM Enhanced
keyboard. Previously,  the IBM  Converged keyboard  was supported
only in  emulation mode,  and the IBM  Enhanced keyboard  was not
- Extension to Keyboard Definition Utility Procedure
Extended  support provided  in  the  Keyboard Definition  utility
procedure now allows users to modify  the layouts of IBM Enhanced
keyboards for  unique requirements.  All supported  keyboards can
now be modified in all supported languages.
- 3270 Datastream Processing Extension
3270 datastream processing support is extended to accept outbound
3270  datastreams that  contain  a Read  Partition  - Query  List
structured  field to  an  attached  terminal. Upon  receipt,  the
control  unit  generates an  inbound  Query  Reply -  Query  List
structured field as the response.  The reply provides information
on  the   functions  supported  by   the  display,   printer,  or
- Reliability,    Availability,    and    Serviceability    (RAS)
-- Online RAS tests  are modified to allow  the device attachment
cable ("coax") error counter to  be reset without resetting other
event log entries or affecting the  trace area. This provides for
non-disruptive  and  more  effective  device  attachment  problem
-- A go/no-go test  of attached printers is added  to the offline
diagnostic utility procedure.
- Usability Enhancement
Certain device attachment cable errors no longer require operator
intervention to reset and proceed.
- Additional National Language Support
Support for six national languages  - Cyrillic, Greek, Icelandic,
ROECE-Latin, Turkish, and Yugoslav, is added in this release. One
of  these  languages  can  be   selected  during  3174  microcode
customization for use by all CUT displays attached to the control
unit.  This new support is the  same that was provided previously
in the  following 3174  RPQs: Cyrillic -  8K1304 Greek  - 8K1303,
Icelandic -  8K1301, ROECE-Latin  (including Yugoslav)  - 8K1305,
and Turkish  - 8K1302.  Support for  these listed  RPQs will  end
April 1987.
Support for the Hebrew national language - Hebrew Hebrew Bulletin
(8K1307) and Hebrew  Migration Aid (8D0308) is  announced for the
3174.   Refer  to   the  corresponding   RPQ  Description   Price
Transmittal (DPT)  for schedule availability  and details  of the
support provided.
The following priced  language RPQ provides support  for Hebrew-A
(8D0311).   Refer  to   the   corresponding   DPT  for   schedule
availability and details of the support provided.
- Enhanced National Language Support
Support for three national languages - Belgian, Swiss/French, and
Swiss/German is enhanced in this  release. One of these languages
can be  selected during 3174  microcode customization for  use by
all CUT displays attached to the control unit.
This enhanced support is the same that was provided previously in
the following 3174 RPQs: New Belgian - 8K1346, New Swiss/French -
8K1345 and  New Swiss/German -  8K1345. Support for  these listed
RPQs will end April, 1987.
Support that  was in Configuration  Support-A, Release 1  for the
"older" versions  of Swiss/French and  Swiss/German is  no longer
provided.  The existing  data  entry  keyboard support  of  these
languages is unchanged.
- National Language Data Entry Keyboard Support
IBM Converged  typewriter keyboards  now support  the data  entry
layout in the following nine national languages: Austrian/German,
Danish, Finnish, French (AZERTY), Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese,
Swedish, and United Kingdom English.
In addition to  the new functions and  enhancements listed above,
Configuration  Support-A,  Release  2 provides  support  for  the
following previously announced functions:
- Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS)
- Serial OEM Interface (SOEMI) for the 3174 Model 1L
o Connectivity Enhancements
The  connectivity capabilities  of  the  3174 are  enhanced  with
support for attachment to additional  IBM host processors and new
IBM terminals, and support for encrypted X.25 sessions.
- Connectivity to IBM S/1 and S/88 Hosts
Host connectivity is  extended to include attachment  of all 3174
teleprocessing  models to  IBM S/1  and  S/88 processors.  Binary
synchronous  (BSC) communication  at  speeds up  to  9.6K bps  is
supported on 3174 Models 1R, 51R, and 81R; SNA/SDLC communication
at speeds up  to 64K bps is  support on 3174 Models  1R, 2R, 51R,
52R, 81R, and 82R.
- Connectivity to New IBM Terminals
Terminal connectivity  is extended to  include the  attachment of
two new  IBM terminals to  specified 3174 Subsystem  Control Unit
-- IBM 3192 Color Graphics Display  Station Models G10, G20, G30,
G40 (attach to all 3174 Models,  except Models 81R and 82R, which
do  not  support   downstream  load  of  microcode   to  attached
-- IBM 3192 Display  Station Models C10, C20, C30,  D10, D20, D30
(attach to all 3174 Models).
- Support for Data Encryption on X.25 Sessions
The 3174 Encrypt/Decrypt Adapter feature (#3680) is now supported
on  Models 1R  and  2R for  encrypted  host communications  using
SNA/X.25 protocols. This  support is provided in  all releases of
3174 Configuration Support-A microcode.
o Storage Expansion Optional Features for Selected Models
512 KB  (FC #1011)  storage expansion  optional features  for all
3174 models,  except 81R  and 82R, and  1.0 MB  (FC#1012) storage
expansion feature for all models except  52R, 81R and 82R are now
available. These  features increase the control  storage capacity
beyond the 1.0  MB base when needed to support  optional IBM 3174
Subsystem Control Unit  functions, such as enhanced  Central Site
Customization, certain control  unit RPQs functions, and  the IBM
Token-Ring Network 3270 Gateway feature (FC#3025).
o Accessory Communication Cables for Teleprocessing Models
12 meter  (40-foot) communications cables  are now  available for
all 3174  teleprocessing models. A  six meter (20-foot)  cable to
connect the  3174 to  a modem  or other  data circuit-terminating
equipment  (DCE) is  provided with  the base  machine. Users  who
require longer  EIA RS-232/CCITT V.24  or CCIITT V.35  cables for
Models 1R, 51R, or  81R or CCITT X.21 cables for  Models 2R, 52R,
or 82R can now order them separately as accessories.
o New Standard Models for CCITT V.35 Communications Cable
Three new standard models are defined for IBM 3174 Models 01R and
51R. The new models  are S1X and T1X for the  3174 Model 01R, and
X51 for the model 51R. They provide the same features as standard

Models  S1R, T1R,  and  S51, respectively,  except  a CCITT  V.35
communication  cable  is   included  instead  of  a   CCITT  V.24
communication cable.
The   following  publications   are  revised   to  reflect   this
o IBM 3270 Information Display System Introduction, (GA27-2739).
o IBM 3270 Information Display System Physical Planning Template,
o IBM  3270  Information  Display System  Library  User's  Guide,
o IBM 3270  Information Display  System Character  Set Reference,
o IBM  3174   Subsystem  Control  Unit   Functional  Description,
o IBM 3174 Subsystem Control Unit Site Planning, (GA23-0213).
o IBM 3174 Subsystem Control Unit Customizing Guide, (GA23-0214).
o IBM   3174  Subsystem   Control  Unit   Help  Desk   Reference,
o IBM 3174  Subsystem Control  Unit User's  Guide Location  Card,
The following new publications are available:
o IBM  3174 Subsystem  Control  Unit Models  81R  and 82R  User's
Guide, (GA23-0313).
o IBM 3174  Subsystem Control Unit Models  1l, 1R, 2R,  3R User's
Guide, (GA23-0337).
o IBM 3174  Subsystem Control  Unit Models  51R, 52R,  53R User's
Guide, (GA23-0333).
Plan First Customer Shipment is scheduled as follows:
     MACHINE               TYPE/MODEL         GENERAL
Subsystem Control Unit      3174/81R         April 1987
                            3174/82R          2Q87
512 KB Storage Expansion (#1011)              March 1987
        (All 3174 Models except 81R and 82R)
1.0 KB Storage Expansion (#1012)              March 1987
        (All 3174 Models except 81R and 82R)
EIA RS-232/CCITT V.24 Communication Cable -   March 1987
                     12 meters (P/N 6423154)
CCITT v.35 Communication Cable -              March 1987
                     12 meters (P/N 6423327)
X.21 Communication Cable -                    March 1987
                     12 meters (P/N 6168156)
Configuration Support A - Release 2.0         March   1987
The  3174  communicates  with  the  following   IBM systems   and
processors using SNA and non-SNA protocols:
                  MODEL 81R             MODEL 82
SYSTEM/             SNA/   SNA/       SNA/    SNA/
PROCESSOR     BSC   SDLC   X.25       SDLC    X.25
_________     ___   ____   ____       ____    ____
 S/1           X     X      -          X        -
 S/36          -     X      X          X        X
 S/38          -     X      X          X        X
 S/88          X     X      -          X        -
 308X          X     X      X          X        X
 3090          X     X      X          X        X
 4361          X     X      X          X        X
 4381          X     X      X          X        X
 8100/DPPX     -     X      X          X        X
 937X          X     X      X          X        X
Other SYSTEM/PROCESSOR  environment announcements may be  made in
the   HONE/INFO  RPQ   file,   as   appropriate.  Terminals   and
communications  controllers  not  specifically   listed  in  this
announcement may also be supported by  RPQ. Use a search argument
of '3174' to review any additional supported IBM products.
o Remote Link Attachment
3174 Models 81R and 82R can attach to a 308X, 3090, 4361/4381, or
937X  via  an   IBM  3720  or  3725   Communications  Controller.
Attachment to S/1, S/36, S/38, S/88, and 8100 (DPPX only), is via
communications features in those products; Communication with the
937X may also be via features in those processors.  Attachment to
the 4361 may  also be via its Communications Adapter.  A modem or
other  Data  Circuit-terminating  Equipment  (DCE)  is  required,
unless  the  host  processor  or  system  provides  a  method  of
direct-connection attachment,  without the  need for  a DCE.  The
Model 81R can also attach via the IBM 3710 Network Controller.
o Communications Facilities
3174   Models  81R   and   82R   operate  in   data   half-duplex
point-to-point  or  multipoint  modes on  duplex  or  half-duplex
non-switched facilities,  and in half-duplex  point-to-point mode
on  switched   facilities.  Switched,  X.21,  and   X.25  network
operations are supported only through SNA/SDLC.
1. A control unit terminal (CUT) or 3270-PC operating in CUT mode
attached to port  0 is required to  customize subsystem microcode
or to run offline diagnostics from a display.
2. A CUT or 3270-PC operating in CUT mode attached to any port is
required to perform subsystem RAS tests.
3. A CUT or 3270-PC operating in CUT mode attached to any port is
required to  establish X.21 switched  network and  X.25 sessions.
After session establishment, all terminals,  CUT and DFT, can use
the established session.
The host programming support for the  IBM 3174 Models 81R and 82R
is the same as for 3174 Models 1R, 2R, 51R, 52R.
Current  versions  of  IBM  access  methods,  operating  systems,
application subsystems, and 3270  applications that support those
models and conform to the  appropriate attachment and data stream
architectures  (e.g., SNA,  BSC, 3270DS,  SDLC,  X.25) will  work
unchanged with the new models.
These  new   control  units  are  functionally   equivalent  with
presently  available 3174  Models  1R, 2R,  51R,  52R, except  as
stated below.  They use  the same  terminal and  system processor
interfaces as the existing 3174 Subsystem control unit models.
3174  Configuration  Support -  A,  Release  2 is  the  microcode
function base  for these new models.  This is the  same microcode
that is used by all other  3174 models, except Model 1L operating
with the IBM Token-Ring Network 3270 Gateway feature (#3025). The
new  81R and  82R  very small  cluster  models  support the  same
microcode functions  as the larger  models, except  for functions
that require optional features not available on these models. The
following functions are not supported:
o Downstream  load of  microcode to  attached terminals  (3179-G,
3192-G, 3193).
o Merge Downstream Load utility procedure
o Full  copy and  Modify  and copy  routines  of  the Copy  Files
utility procedure.
o Central Site Customization utility procedure
o RPQs that require more than 1.0 MB control storage
The 3174 uses  the same device attachment  interface architecture
that is used by the  3274. Documentation describing the interface
between 3X74 Control Units and their  attached IBM devices may be
obtained by contacting your IBM Representative.
o Customer testing of attachments,  not specifically announced as
supported on the 3174, will be required.
o Adequate site, system, and other vendor preparation.
o Price  quotations,   installation,  and   costs  (initial   and
recurring) of common carrier equipment and service.
o Receipt  at  the  Customer's  receiving  dock,  unpacking,  and
placement of the unit.
o Physical   setup,  connection   of   cables  to   communication
lines/modems and  IBM CSU  devices, setting  switches, and  check
o Performing  customization   in  accordance   with  IBM-supplied
1. For initial setup.
2. When made necessary by changes in configuration.
3. For updating control unit diskettes (at Customer option).
4. When initializing and  updating the keyboard tables  using the
Keyboard Definition Utility procedure.
o Contacting Customer Engineering to  make 3174 cable connections
to non-CSU IBM units.
o Using the  problem determination  procedures provided  with the
unit prior to calling IBM for service.
o Following instructions provided by IBM regarding relocation.

See IBM 3174 Subsystem Control Unit Site Planning (GA23-0213) for
physical planning information.
The 3174  Subsystem Control Unit Model  81R and 82R  User's Guide
(GA23-0313)  and the  IBM 3174  Help  Desk Reference  (GA23-0217)
contain self-test and diagnostic procedures for fault isolation.
The 3174 utilizes  the security and auditability  features of the
host processor.
User  management is  responsible  for  evaluation, selection  and
implementation of these features,  for administrative procedures,
and for appropriate controls in application systems.
If sensitive data is sent over external communication facilities,
user  management   may  wish   to  pursue   the  application   of
Contact your IBM Marketing Representative.
Terms and Conditions for the IBM 3174  Models 81R and 82R are the
same as for the existing Models of the 3174.
*****   END OF DOCUMENT   *****