Services withdrawal: Declaration of plan to discontinue support for select TS1140 tape drives - Replacements available

IBM United States Withdrawal Announcement 921-136
October 26, 2021

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End of Service

Periodically, IBM® provides notice to customers of plans to terminate services for IBM and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) machines under an IBM Agreement. At this time, we are providing notice that selected machine types and models will be discontinued from maintenance services. IBM will send no further correspondence of this nature for these machine types, models, features, or RPQs.

After the effective date, IBM will no longer offer full hardware maintenance service for the listed machine types. If available, clients will continue to receive limited hardware maintenance service as described in the "Withdrawal" section of your terms with IBM, without lapse in coverage, for select machine types. For a list of affected products and effective dates, see the Description section.

Replacement solutions available

Distributed Systems/Open Systems

  • For smaller environments with less than 1,000 slots or less than 21 drives, migrate to Linear Tape-Open® (LTO®), either a LTO-8 or LTO-9 tape drive with an IBM TS4300 automated tape library.
  • For larger environments with more than 1,000 slots or more than 21 drives, migrate to an IBM TS4500 automated Tape library. You could leverage either an LTO-8 or an LTO-9 drive technology or IBM TS1150 or IBM TS1160 tape drives. If you are using JC media using TS1150 tape drives, no migration is required as the TS1150 can read and write JC media. If you are currently using JA/JB media, a future migration is required to either LTO or 3592 technology.


  • For smaller environments with less than 15 TB daily, C06/C07, migrate to the Rack Mount IBM TS7770 with TS4300 with LTO drives. This requires an RPQ.
  • For larger environments with more than 15 TB daily, C06/C07, migrate to the TS7700 and use the Copy Export functionality.
  • For TS7700 virtual environments, migrate TS1140 tape drives to TS1150s tape drives. All drives need to be migrated as the TS7700 must have the same type and model of backend drives.

For guidance and assistance with these options, contact your IBM Sales Specialist or IBM Business Partner.

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End of Service

IBM will withdraw from its maintenance agreements the IBM machine types and models for the products listed below, effective on the listed End of Service (EoS) dates:

IBM Products

Storage Products

Machine type Model Product name EoS effective date
3592 E07 TS1140 tape drive February 28, 2022
3592 EH7 TS1140 tape drive (HD2) February 28, 2022

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Country availability

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Country Planned availability date
American Samoa October 26, 2021
Federated States of Micronesia October 26, 2021
Guam October 26, 2021
Marshall Islands October 26, 2021
Northern Mariana Islands October 26, 2021
Palau October 26, 2021
Puerto Rico October 26, 2021
US Virgin Islands October 26, 2021
United States October 26, 2021

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