Announcement Letter Number ZG82-0306 dated November 18, 1982
Europe Middle East Africa - Last Revised on November 18, 1982

Brief Description of Announcement, Charges, and Availability

Customer Letter Section

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*  IBM PRODUCT INFORMATION                      NOVEMBER 1982   *
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*  IBM PRODUCT INFORMATION                                      *
*                                 for Europe, the Middle East   *
*  IBM PRODUCT INFORMATION                   and Africa.        *
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* This document is provided as general customer information     *
* only. IBM products and services which are announced and       *
* available in your country can be ordered under the applicable *
* standard agreements, terms, conditions and prices in effect   *
* at the time. For further information please contact your      *
* local IBM representative.                                     *
*                                                               *
This   release   provides the capability to capture, transmit and
store  noncoded  information  (images) in appropriately supported
IBM  systems  for  later  retrieval, routing and printing.
The   IBM   Scanmaster   I   is  a document transceiver for image
documents.    Charts,   drawings,   forms,  typed  or handwritten
correspondence   with   signatures  and other image documents may
be  scanned, transmitted to system storage for later for- warding
or  retrieval and printed on another appropriately supported  IBM
Scanmaster   I.   Direct   transmission   to, or reception  from,
another   IBM   Scanmaster   I  over a public switched network or
leased line is also provided.
The   IBM   Scanmaster   I   is  available in three models. Model
differences   are   primarily  in  communication  line attachment
features.    A   Character   Print  capability  enables  the  IBM
Scanmaster  I  to  serve  as an output printer for text-documents
(coded  information),  in  addition  to  its noncoded information
image   capabilities.   All  models  have  a terminal-to-terminal
operational  capability.   Model availability varies according to
the country.
The   IBM  Scanmaster I is a compact, floor-standing terminal for
placement   alongside  an  office  desk,  in a central docu- ment
distribution  area  (e.g.  mailroom), in a teleprocessing control
area  or  almost  anywhere a communication line is available.
The  IBM Scanmaster I adds image input/output capabilities to IBM
systems,  to   meet  growing  information  handling requirements.
With  the  ability to scan and digitize images on a page, such as
a  mortgage  application  in a bank, a health insurance form,  an
order for custom steel manufacturing, an ordinary handwritten  or
typed   memo,  charts  and  graphs,  signatures,  etc.,   the IBM
Scanmaster  I  brings  a  new dimension to infor- mation handling
The     scanning,    digitizing,    compression,    transmission,
storage,   routing   and   printing   of  image  documents is now
available   to   add   to   the   coded (e.g. EBCDIC) information
capabilities basic to a system.
When   used   as   a   noncoded  information (image) I/O terminal
(Note:  Appropriate  programming  support  is  required), the IBM
Scanmaster   I   will  be  applied  to a wide variety of applica-
tions. Examples from three broad application categories are:
The   IBM Scanmaster I is supported as an input/output termi- nal
for   noncoded   information  in  association  with  office  key-
board/display   terminals.    In  cluster  environments,  the IBM
Scanmaster   I  can  be multidropped with cluster controllers and
serve  as  an  image  document  input/output facility to and from
host   system  storage, where the clustered office work- stations
can    manage   image  documents.   The  normal  keyboard/display
interface  to  office systems is maintained with the introduction
of new noncoded information handling capabilities.
The   IBM   Scanmaster   I  with  DISOSS/370 V3 or the Image Dis-
tribution System PRPQ can be used in the following way:
o To handle system input of charts accompanying the text (for
  example,  a  budget plan or financial report).  The entire
  document,  text  and charts, is then available for later
  retrieval   from  storage  or  for  routing  to  another
  location  for  output on another appropriately supported
  IBM Scanmaster I (DISOSS/370 V3).
o For printing of text from an associated keyboard/display
  using the Character Print capability (DISOSS/370 V3).
o For scanning and distributing of the wide range
  of image documents to be handled with text documents in
  office  "Electronic Document Distribution" applications
  (DISOSS/370 V3 or Image Distribution System PRPQ).
Examples   of   operational   uses   appear   frequently in trade
journals    and    communication-systems   oriented   periodicals
although  constricted  by  terminal-to-terminal limitations.  New
operational  applications  will  continue to be introduced.  With
the  announcement  of a systems tie-in through the IBM Scanmaster
I, an expansion and acceleration of image appli- cations  in  the
operational area can be expected.  With the IBM   Scanmaster   I,
customers   can   now   integrate  these applications under CICS.
Being   a   SNA/SDLC  terminal,  the  IBM  Scanmaster  I  can  be
multidropped  with  SDLC  versions  of the IBM 3270, IBM 8100 and
other SDLC devices with consistent modem interfaces.
o At the branch or agent's office, original policy applications
  are scanned for transmission to insurance company
  headquarters for underwriting and approvals.  A fast
  turnaround  with  authorization signatures expedites the
  branch response to the applicant.
o The entry of orders and the return of order confirmations
  in original form via the IBM Scanmaster I allows
  explanatory   diagrams   and   handwritten   notes  with
  authenticating approval signatures.
o Maintenance-instruction  text  and  drawing  updates for
  airlines  are  dispersed  from  a  central  file  to the
  expected  next  maintenance site for particular aircraft
  schedules when  the  IBM Scanmaster I is attached to a
  system with appropriate programming support.
Customers   can   easily   address  these  opportunities by using
DISOSS/370   Version  3  or  Image  Distribution System PRPQ user
exits with appropriate user written code.
Many        large       enterprises      have      administrative
message-distribution   systems  installed.   The IBM Scanmaster I
with   DISOSS/370  V3  or  the Image Distribution System PRPQ can
add a noncoded information I/O capability to these systems.
o Messages  distributed through enterprise networks can be
  scanned  and printed.  Coded messages originating within
  or introduced from outside the system can be printed at the
  IBM Scanmaster I nearest the intended recipient through the
  character print capability.
o The  production  of  procedure  manuals  or  development
  guides is enhanced through central system storage of the
  diagrams,  charts  and  other  material  for subsequent
  remote access and printing on the IBM Scanmaster I.
o Broadcasting, or selective distribution of priority
  documents,  can be handled as a supplement to internal mail
o Noncoded  information  (image)  added  to  IBM 4300, IBM
  System/370,  IBM  303X, and IBM 308X document-handling systems
  as  normal, easily-assimilated adjunct to coded information
  (e.g. EBCDIC) applications.
o IBM Scanmaster I with DISOSS/370 V3 introduces the mailbox
  concept to image document transmission (i.e.  Document
  may  be deposited in the user's file in the system
  for access at the user's convenience.)

o A  single  scan  can input a  document to the system for
  broadcasting  or  selective  distribution throughout the
  network according to pre-stored directories.
o SNA/SDLC  communication  protocol  is  used  to  provide
  transmission  accuracy  and  a  resulting  high  quality
  image, even under conditions of degraded line quality.
o The  distribution  of  documents  can  be  scheduled for
  transmissions over networks when line costs are low.
o Scanmaster I can be attached to existing SNA/SDLC networks.
o Efficient Scanmaster I to Scanmaster I (in addition to systems
  attachment)  operation using SNA/SDLC communication protocol
  is provided.
o Automatic  Document  Feed  capability minimizes operator
  time when sending multiple documents.
o A  highly efficient compression algorithm maximizes line
  utilization and minimizes storage requirements.
o Extensive   RAS   functions   automatically   check  IBM
  Scanmaster I circuitry at power-on time and when faults
  are detected.
o Supported by DISOSS 3.1, the character print capability allows
  the printing of text documents.
The IBM Scanmaster I is available in three models.
The   model   structure  offers  maximum  flexibility for feature
attachments   while   retaining  a  simple  way to order standard
models for standard functions.
The   following   table   shows  which features are standard, not
available, or optional for each model.
   IBM Scanmaster I (IBM 8815) Model Structure (1)
                   |  MDL 01 |  MDL 03 |  MDL 04 |
|CCA  W/O CLOCK    |   STD   |   STD   |   STD   |
|4800 bps IM-SW*   |    -    |   STD   |    -    |
|4800 bps IM-NSW*  |    -    |    -    |   STD   |
|EIA/CCITT ** (2)  |   OPT   |    -    |    -    |
|X.21 LEASED **    |   OPT   |    -    |    -    |
|MARK SENSE CONTROL|   STD   |   STD   |   STD   |
|CHARACTER PRINT   |   STD   |   STD   |   STD   |
|KEYPAD ***        |   OPT   |   OPT   |   OPT   |
|PEDESTAL ***      |   OPT   |   OPT   |   OPT   |
*   IM = Integrated Modem; SW = Switched; NSW =  nonswitched
**  One of these two must be ordered for Model 1.
*** Field Installation: No.
(1) Model 01 announced in all the EMEA countries; Model 03
    and Model 04 available only in some countries.
(2) In France, EIA/CCITT interface will allow communication on
    leased lines only.
o Electrostatic  paper  roll  with  dry toner and pressure
  bonding  (no  heat)  is  used  to  produce  clean  crisp
  printouts, whether image printing or text printing.
o Automatic  Document Feed device accepts approximately 30
  pages for unattended transmission.
Support will be available on the following schedules.
                        |   FCS  |
| DISOSS/370 V3 (1)     |        |
|    - OS/MVS           | 11/83  |
|    -DOS/VSE (2)       | 11/83  |
| DISOSS/8100 (3)       | 12/83  |
| CICS/OS/VS V1 R6      |  1/83  |
| ACF/VTAM 2.1          |        |
|    - OS/MVS           |Shipped |
|    - DOS/VSE          |  1/83  |
| Image Distribution    |        |
| System PRPQ - CICS    |        |
|    - OS/MVS           |  6/83  |
|    - DOS/VS (2)       |  7/83  |
   FCS: First Customer Shipment.
(1) Planned  availability for filing of image documents - 12/83.
(2) DISOSS/370 and Image Distribution System PRPQ for
    CICS will operate with the "then most current release of
(3) Support for IBM Scanmaster I search and print capability
    will be provided by the "then most current version of
The  IBM  Scanmaster I is a TP attached device in a DISOSS/370 V3
system.     DISOSS/370   V3  support  extends  library  and  dis-
tribution  functions  to image documents.  DISOSS/370 V3 services
including document filing and Document Distribution functions can
be employed by an IBM Scanmaster I user.
DISOSS/370  V3  support  of  the  IBM Scanmaster I is in two main
areas:   document  distribution  and  document  input/output  for
subsequent  handling  through use of an office keyboard display.
Document   distribution   from   an   IBM   Scanmaster  I through
DISOSS/370   V3  is done using a cover sheet or keypad.  There is
no need for an associated keyboard display.
A  distribution  cover sheet may be marked to address a recipient
(by  department  number, telephone number, location number, etc.)
or  a  distribution  list.   DISOSS/370  V3  refers  to the  user
profile  data  set  to  route the document to the appropriate IBM
Scanmaster I.
When   an  IBM Scanmaster I is associated with an office keyboard
display,  the  cover  sheet  or  keypad  is  used to identify the
document  and operator ID numbers.  The operator may subsequently
use a keyboard display to manage the document disposition.
For   general   document   input,   a   simple cover sheet or the
keypad  is  used to input a document ID number and the operator's
ID   number ahead of the document to be scanned by the Scanmaster
I.    An  office  keyboard  display  attached  to DISOSS/370 ( an
IBM  Displaywriter   or   an   IBM  5520  or IBM 8100/DOSF  )  is
then   used  to  enable  general  DISOSS/370 V3 functions  to  be
applied  to image documents.  DISOSS/8100 users  are  allowed  to
search   for,  add search parameters to the filed image-document,
redistribute,  receive  notification  of  and request printing of
image  documents previously filed in the Host Document Library on
Scanmaster  I.   DISOSS/5520  users  are  allowed  to  search for
and   request   printing  on  Scanmaster  I  of  image  documents
previously     filed    in    the    Host    Document    Library.
DISOSS/Displaywriter  users  can  search  for and redistribute an
image-document  previously  filed  in the Library.  (See IBM 5520
and   IBM   Displaywriter   announcement   letter   for   planned
availability of library services).
DISOSS/370 Version 3 Key Functions for IBM Scanmaster I:
o Sending  from  an  IBM  Scanmaster  I  to  one  or  more
  DISOSS/370  users  using  either  an  IBM defined cover
  sheet or keypad.
o Confirmation of Acceptance (COA) - identifies sender (or
  filer), recipient(s), date and time.
o Confirmation of Delivery (COD) - available when distributed
  using text work station.
o Distribution  List  for  group  broadcasting and routine
o Output  separator  page - precedes each output document
  and identifies recipients.
o Filing  image  documents in the library for later access
  using an office keyboard display.  User interface is
  consistent with what's provided for text documents.
o Automatic document delivery to the IBM Scanmaster I
o Obtain image and text documents using keypad.
o Print from a DISOSS 8100 and a 5520 keyboard display.
o Support of Scanmaster I as a text printer (character print
See  DISOSS/370  Version  3  program announcement letter for more
A PRPQ is available under CICS to allow users to send and receive
image documents via switched and nonswitched facilities under IBM
systems control.
The   PRPQ   uses   a  simple  cover  sheet to control routing of
image    documents.     The    cover   sheet   has  pre-formatted
positions   for   marks   indicating   recipient's addresses.   A
cover   sheet   is   placed   in   front  of  the document(s)  to
which it applies  and is placed in the automatic document feed of
the  IBM  Scanmaster I.  Documents for different locations may be
stacked  together  in  the automatic document feed since each has
its own addressing cover sheet.
Image Distribution System PRPQ Key Functions:
o Image  document  distribution  using  IBM  defined cover
  sheet  and/or  customized cover sheet to control routing
  and disposition of documents.
o Confirmation of Acceptance (COA) - notification from the
  system  of  successful  receipt  of  the document.  This
  option is selected with a mark on the cover sheet.
o Confirmation of Delivery (COD) - confirmation of document
  delivery to the receiving mail point.  This option is
  selected with a mark on the cover sheet.
o Stored Distribution List for group broadcasting and routine
o Timed  Delivery - deferred delivery time may be selected
  on a cover sheet.  Otherwise, delivery is done as soon as
o Output  separator page - inputted cover sheet is printed
  at  receiving unit to separate documents and to identify
o Program user interfaces for customization.
See  Image  Distribution System PRPQ announcement letter for more
o Models 1, 3, and 4 - 6/83
o Keypad - 7/83
o Pedestal - 6/83
The following publications will be available as indicated below.
|IBM Scanmaster I                  | GA18-2095 |  3/83 |
|Planning and Site Preparation     |           |       |
|Guide                             |           |       |
|IBM Scanmaster I                  | GA18-2094 |  3/83 |
|Description                       |           |       |
|IBM Scanmaster I                  | GA18-2096 |  6/83 |
|Setup Instructions                |           |       |
|IBM Scanmaster I                  | GA18-2097 |  6/83 |
|Operator's Reference              |           |       |
|IBM Scanmaster I                  | GA18-2098 |  6/83 |
|Instructions                      |           |       |
|IBM Scanmaster I                  | GX18-2055 |  6/83 |
|Problem Report Form               |           |       |
|IBM Scanmaster I                  | SY18-2052 |  6/83 |
|Maintenance Information Manual    |           |       |
|IBM Image Distribution System     | SH18-0058 |  4/83 |
| - CICS PDOM OS/MVS(DOS/VS)       |           | (7/83)|
|IBM Image Distribution System     | LY18-1139 | 4/83  |
| - CICS SLM OS/MVS(DOS/VS)        |           | (7/83)|
IBM Scanmaster I Minimum Configurations
o Terminal-to-Terminal Operation:
  - IBM Scanmaster I to IBM Scanmaster I over leased or switched
    communication facility requires compatible modems on each
    IBM Scanmaster I.
o System-Attached Operation (IBM 4300, IBM S/370, IBM 303X, IBM
  308X system):
  - Communication Controller - IBM 4331 Communication Adapter
    or IBM 3705 with ACF/NCP V1-R3 or V2-R1.
  - Tele-communication Access Method - ACF/VTAM V2
  - Operating System - DOS/VSE, OS/VS2 MVS Release 3.8 with
    SE2, MVS/SP 1.3 or MVS/SP 2.
  - CICS/OS/VS V1 R6
  - The IBM Scanmaster I will be supported by the "then
    most current release of CICS/DOS/VS" for DISOSS/370
    and Image Distribution System PRPQ on their respective
    FCS dates.
  - Compatible modems on the IBM Scanmaster I and on the
    attached system are required.
The  IBM  Scanmaster I includes features to quickly and logically
step   an   operator   through  fault  isolation  and  correction
procedures.   If  a  fault  eludes  diagnosis, clear instructions
direct  the  operator to call a "key operator" for the next level
of  tests.   If  still  unresolved  after  that  level,  the  key
operator   will  determine  if  the failure is related to the IBM
Scanmaster  I  hardware  (contact  IBM Customer Engineer) or is a
network  problem (contact phone company or  host  system  support
as   appropriate).   There  are four hardware  functions/features
supporting  the IBM Scanmaster I's superior RAS characteristics.
o Power On Test:
  Each time the IBM Scanmaster I is powered on, a diagnostic
  routine is exercised automatically to test internal
o Accurate Transmission:
  All  information  sent  over  any  communication line is
  checked,  frame  by  frame  to  insure  accuracy.  Using
  SNA/SDLC communication protocol, if a frame of data can-
  not  be transmitted in its entirety, it is retransmitted
  up to twenty times.
o Operator Panel Feedback:
  Visual  and  audible indicators, and switches, have been
  designed with close attention to human factors consider-
  ations to assure easy communication between the operator
  and the IBM Scanmaster I.
o Maintenance Information Manual:
  Includes  a  new concept for failure isolation - Failure
  Isolation Procedure - which assists Customer Engineering
  (CE)  personnel in quickly isolating failing units.
SERVICE   INFORMATION:   Customer  Engineering  service  will  be
IBM  Scanmaster  I  material  will  be  included in the education
offerings of the system to which it attaches.
o Customer Responsibilities:
  - CSU  - The IBM Scanmaster I is a customer setup unit and
    is  shipped   with a bottle of toner and a paper-roll to
    facilitate   setup.   See   IBM   Scanmaster   I   Setup
    Instructions (GA18-2096).
  - Physical Planning - The customer is responsible for site
    preparation  and  for  ordering  cables  to  ensure  IBM
    Scanmaster I installation within the CSU allowance.  See
    IBM  Scanmaster  I  Planning  and Site Preparation Guide
    (GA18-2095) for details.
  - Supplies:
    . Toner  -  Special  toner  of  the  dry  magnetic low
      conductivity  type is required and is available
      as P/N 7038486.  The part number applies to one
      carton of six bottles.
    . Paper  Roll  -  Special  electrostatic  (dielectric)
      paper  roll is required and is available in six roll
      cartons as P/N 7038482 (216mm) and P/N 7038483
      (210mm).  Paper width of 216 mm or 210 mm must be
      specified and must be consistent with the document
      chute and paper-roll flange width.
    . Felt wiper - Special felt wiper is used for cleaning
      the  pressure roller in the printer. It is necessary
      to  replace  the  felt wiper after each usage of six
      paper  rolls.   To  order  felt  wipers  , order P/N
      7034366.  Each part number applies to one carton of
      20 felt wipers.
      Note:   While  other  combinations  of  commercially
      available  papers and toners may work, machine reli-
      ability  and  image  quality  will  vary widely as a
      function  of the paper and toner used.  It is recom-
      mended  that  IBM's  systems matched supplies
      referenced above be used for optimum performance.
    . Cover  sheets  for system-attached operations may be
      custom-designed  by the user.  Standard layout cover
      sheets  are  also  available for use with DISOSS/370
      V3, and the CICS Image Distribution System PRPQ.
  - Accessories:
    A  document  chute of either 216mm or 210mm width, and a
    pair of paper-roll flanges of matching width are shipped
    with  each IBM Scanmaster I.  Additional document chutes
    and/or  paper-roll flanges are available as accessories.
  - Training:
    The   customer   is  responsible  for  training  of  IBM
    Scanmaster I system analysts and operators.
  - Prerequisites:
    The customer is responsible for checking that all the
    hardware and software prerequisites are in place for the
    installation of the IBM Scanmaster I.
o Customer Education
  IBM Scanmaster I material will be included in the education
  offerings of the system to which it attaches.
CSU Allowance: 1 day
Machine Group: A
Warranty: 3 months
Per Call: 1
Purchase and Monthly Rental Charge
Purchase Option Percent: 50 percent
Maximum Accrual Percent: 15 percent
Volume Purchase
Volume Purchase is available under the Amendment to Agreement for
Purchase  of  IBM  Machines  -  Volume Purchase of Designated IBM
Machines.    The   Supplement  to  the  Agreement  entitled  "IBM
Scanmaster I - IBM 8815" will include the following parameters:
Category: I
Description: IBM Scanmaster I IBM 8815, all models
Quantity              Discount
________              ________
  1-9                 None
 10-39                6 percent
 40-74                9 percent
 75+                 12 percent
Contract Period: 18 months from shipment commencement date
Notice Period: 3 months
Alteration Option: 10 percent
Settlement Charges: 5 percent---
Upper Limit Percent: - percent   Contact your IBM Marketing
Adjustment Uplift: - percent     Contact your IBM Marketing
PRICES: For all local prices, consult your IBM Marketing