IBM PERSONAL SYSTEM/2 (R) MODEL 30 286 (8530-E21)

Announcement Letter Number 188-145 dated September 13, 1988
US - Last Revised on September 13, 1988

Brief Description of Announcement, Charges, and Availability

       The Personal System/2 Model 30 286 is a new entry level 80286
version of the Model 30.  This model combines existing Model 30
function with improved processor performance, 1.44Mb diskette drive
capacity, and Video Graphics Array (VGA) graphics.  The Model 30 286
uses the Intel (1) 80286 processor and operates at 10MHz with one
wait state to system memory.  In addition to accepting most IBM
Personal Computer and PC XT (TM) adapter cards, the Model 30 286 also
accepts most AT (R) adapter cards.
       Purchase Price:  $2,595
       Planned Availability:  September 1988
 (1) Registered trademark of the Intel Corporation.
 (TM) Trademark of the International Business Machines Corporation.
 (R) Registered trademarks of the International Business Machines

Customer Letter Section

o   Increased processor performance over PC XT, Personal Computer AT
    (R), and 8086-based versions of the Model 25, Model 30-002, and
    Model 30-021
o   Reliable 3.5-inch diskette drive with two times the capacity of
    the Model 25, Model 30-002, and Model 30-021
o   Memory expansion to 4Mb on the system board
o   VGA graphics
o   Enhanced price/performance ratio
o   Accepts most IBM Personal Computer, PC XT, or AT adapter cards
o   Increased reliability through high level of integration on the
    system board
o   Designed for ease of installation and configuration
 (R) Registered trademark of the International Business Machines
       The Personal System/2 Model 30 286 has the following standard
o   Intel 80286 microprocessor, 10MHz clock speed, with one wait
    state to system memory
o   Random Access Memory (RAM)
    -   512KB standard with parity
    -   Expandable on the system board to 1Mb using the 0.5Mb Memory
        Module Kit (30F5348) (#3397)
    -   Expandable to 2Mb or 4Mb by removing the 0.5Mb memory modules
        and installing one or two 2.0Mb Memory Module Kits (30F5360)
    -   Can address a maximum of 16Mb of memory {supports LIM EMS 4.0
        when combined with Above Disc (1) 2.0 (30F5448, 5871-AAA,
     (1) Registered trademark of Teleware West, Incorporated.
o   Personal Computer AT, XT/286 bus for adapters
o   Three full-sized option card slots
o   Video Graphics Array (VGA) port
o   Serial port (COM 1)
    -   EIA-232D compatible
    -   Equivalent to asynchronous communications adapter
    -   25-pin, D-shell connector
o   Parallel port (LPT 1, 2, or 3)
    -   Centronics Digital Input/Output (DIO) capability
    -   Equivalent to printer adapter
    -   25-pin, D-shell connector
o   Pointing device port (for attachment of the IBM Personal System/2
    Mouse or equivalent)
o   Keyboard port
o   IBM Enhanced Keyboard
o   Direct Access Storage Devices (DASD)
    -   One 3.5-inch (1.44Mb formatted) diskette drive
    -   One 20Mb fixed disk drive
        --  Formatted Capacity: 20Mb
        --  Disk Platters: 2
        --  Cylinders: 610
        --  Sectors/Track: 17
        --  Data Bytes/Sector: 512
        --  Data Transfer Rate: 5.0 million bits/sec.
        --  Average Seek Time: 80ms
o   Disk caching provided via IBMCACHE Starter Diskette
o   128KB Read-Only Memory (ROM)
    -   Automatic power-on self-test routines
    -   BASIC language interpreter
    -   IBM Personal Computer, IBM Personal Computer AT compatible
o   Sound
    -   Personal computer equivalent single sound controller
    -   Sound transducer
o   Time-of-day clock
o   Socket for 80287 Math Co-processor.
       The GUIDE TO OPERATIONS (SO1F-0233) (01F0233) is shipped with
the product.  Additional copies are available.
       The following publications are also available.  To order,
contact your IBM representative.
                                             ORDER          PART
TITLE                                        NUMBER         NUMBER
Hardware Maintenance
  Reference Supplement                       S01F-0234      01F0234
Hardware Maintenance
  Service Supplement                         S01F-0235      01F0235
8530 286 Service Summary
  (Reference Card)                           S01F-0236      01F0236
Technical Reference
  Manual                                     S01F-0237      01F0237
       SLSS is not available.
       Planned availability is September 1988.
o   Width -- 406mm (16.00 inches)
o   Depth -- 397mm (15.60 inches)
o   Height -- 102mm (4.00 inches)
o   Weight -- 8.6kg (19 lbs)
o   Temperature -- 15.6 to 32.2 (degs)C (60 to 90 (degs)F)
o   Heat Output -- 438 BTU/hour
o   Relative Humidity -- 8 to 80%
o   Acoustic
    -   Operating: 46dBA average sound pressure at the operator
        position, 0.6 meters (1.97 ft)
    -   Idling: 5.0 Bels average sound pressure
o   Fragility -- 36-inch drop in shipping container
o   FCC -- Class B
o   VDE, German RFA General Operating Permit (GOP)
o   Safety standards -- UL 478, CSA 154, IEC 380, and IEC 435
o   Universal Power Supply
    -   90 watts
    -   90-137 VAC or 180-265 VAC (controlled by switch on back)
    -   50HZ or 60HZ
    -   Detachable line cord
    -   On/Off switch at front of unit.
MACHINE REQUIREMENTS:  The Personal System/2 Model 30 286 (8530-E21)
requires an analog display (8503, 8512, 8513, 8514 or equivalent).
o   IBM Disk Operating System (DOS) Version 3.30 or 4.00
o   IBM Operating System/2 (TM) Standard Edition 1.1.
 (TM) Trademark of the International Business Machines Corporation.
COMPATIBILITY:  The IBM Personal System/2 Model 30 286 is compatible
with the IBM Personal Computer, Personal Computer XT, and Personal
Computer AT at the BIOS level and at most hardware interfaces.  The
Model 30 286 maintains compatibility with existing personal computer
software and non-timing dependent features.  Due to the high level of
integration, features such as IBM Personal Computer, Personal
Computer XT, and Personal Computer AT memory upgrades and graphic
adapters are not supported.  Specific hardware products, features,
and software products that have been tested and are supported in the
Model 30 286 environment are listed in ATTACHMENT A and ATTACHMENT B
included in this announcement.
LIMITATIONS:  Additional memory installed on the Personal System/2
Multifunction Adapter (30F5364) (#8635) can only be used in a
Personal System/2 Model 30 286 with 0.5MB of memory installed on the
system board.  (Refer to Product Announcement 188-147, dated
September 13, 1988.
       The ability to use a non-IBM memory expansion card in the
Personal System/2 Model 30 286 is dependent on the flexibility of the
card in establishing its starting memory address.  The amount of
planar memory (standard plus kits) and the corresponding starting
memory addresses is illustrated in the following table:
                 PLANAR                    EXPANSION CARD
                 MEMORY                   STARTING ADDRESS
                 512KB                         512KB
                  1Mb                       1Mb + 384KB
                  2Mb                       2Mb + 384KB
                  4Mb                       4Mb + 384KB
       Memory expansion cards must support the listed starting
address to properly operate in a system with a given amount of planar
       IBM Disk Operating System (DOS) 3.30 MODE will not support
19,200 baud on the Model 30 286.  DOS 4.00 will support 19,200 baud
on the Model 30 286.
       The following memory expansion adapters and memory module kits
are NOT SUPPORTED on the Model 30 286:
o   0.5 to 3Mb Memory Expansion Adapter (55X3560) (#3395)
o   1.0 to 6Mb Memory Expansion Adapter (55X3679) (#3400)
o   Enhanced Memory Adapter (74X8635) (#8635)
o   0.5Mb Memory Module Kit (55X3547) (#3397)
o   1.0Mb Memory Module Kit (55X3681) (#3402)
o   2.0Mb Memory Module Kit (74X7833) (#7833).
CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES:  The Personal System/2 Model 30 286 is
designated as customer setup (CSU).  Setup instructions are included
with the system and features.  CSU allowance is one day.
CABLE ORDERS:  No cabling is required, other than for system power
and to connect a display and keyboard.  Instructions are provided as
part of initial system setup.
INSTALLABILITY:  Using the setup instructions, the user attaches the
keyboard and peripherals and installs any special features.  Power is

then turned on and configuration is run as instructed on the screen.
To simplify setup, the Personal System/2 Model 30 286 has a universal
power supply with an external switch for use worldwide.  There are no
additional setup switches.
PROBLEM DETERMINATION:  At power on, if a failure is found with the
starter diskette installed, an instruction appears on the screen.  If
the test is successfully completed, the system attempts to load an
operating system first from the A drive, and then from the C drive.
If an operating system is not found, a final default is provided
through use of a ROM-loaded BASIC interpreter, as more fully
explained in the GUIDE TO OPERATIONS.
       The troubleshooting procedures consist of a power-on
self-test, diagnostic tests, and easy-to-follow troubleshooting
charts to assist the user in isolating a defective machine element.
The failing element can be replaced or repaired under existing
warranty provisions.
PACKAGING:  The Personal System/2 Model 30 286 is packaged in two
separate cartons.  The system unit carton (8530E21) contains:
o   8530-E21 System Unit
o   U.S. English Customer Information Assembly
    -   Guide to Operations with U.S./Canadian Warranty Statement and
        FCC Statement
    -   Starter Diskette
    -   Technical Directory
    -   Customer Response Form
o   U.S. Line Cord
o   Keyboard Cable.
       The Keyboard Carton (1393990) contains the IBM Enhanced
ACCESSORIES AND/OR SUPPLIES:  IBM Personal System/2 External
5.25-inch 360KB Diskette Adapter Kit (#4114) (27F4245):  This
accessory provides an internal diskette drive adapter cable that
attaches to the diskette drive adapter card (6450244) and allows the
attachment of the Personal System/2 5.25-inch External Diskette Drive
(4869-001).  An installation instruction is included in the kit.
Both the diskette drive adapter and the external diskette drive must
be ordered separately.
       Accessories can be purchased from IBM's authorized
distributors or from IBM Direct Response Operations (DRO).  Call IBM
DRO at 800 IBM-2468.  Mail orders should be sent to:
    IBM Corporation
    IBM Direct Response Operations
    One Culver Road
    Dayton, NJ  08810
       Security and auditability features of this product include
U-bolt holes and a desktop, bolt-down hole to help in securing the
system to a desk or table.  The keylock is a standard feature on the
Model 30 286 and provides physical security for the system
components.  An additional level of security is possible by a
user-invoked password function on the starter diskette.
       User management is responsible for evaluation, selection, and
implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and
appropriate controls in application systems and communications
VOLUME DISCOUNT:  Volume purchasing is available under the Volume
Procurement Amendment (VPA) to the Agreement for Purchase of IBM
Machines.  The 8530 is included in Category A, Discount Group 1, of
the Workstations and Related I/O VPA Exhibit (WKSN) and in Category A
of the IBM Personal Computers/System VPA for Qualified Educational
Institutions/Hospitals Exhibit (PCED).
       For further information regarding volume orders, contact your
IBM marketing representative.
       EPC/EOC:  The 8530-E21 is available for ordering through the
IBM Education Order Center.
IBM CREDIT CORPORATION FINANCING:  Term leases and installment
payment plans are available for commercial and state and local
government customers.
WARRANTY:  Customer Carry-In Repair (CCR).
       IBM Warranty Service, Maintenance Service, or IBM Hourly
Service may be obtained by calling the IBM Service/Exchange
Communications Center 800 428-2569.  IBM Hourly Service is available
at the applicable rate and terms, including element exchange price if
EXTENDED MAINTENANCE OPTION:  The Personal System/2 Model 30 286 is
an eligible machine for the Extended Maintenance Option Amendment to
IBM Maintenance Agreement.
       For additional information, refer to Marketing Announcement
388-092, dated June 21, 1988.
EXPANDED SERVICE SUPPORT:  The Personal System/2 Model 30 286 will be
added to the list of eligible IBM machines for which Expanded Support
of non-IBM products is available.
       For additional information, refer to Product
Announcement 188-006, dated January 26, 1988.
VOLUME MAINTENANCE AMENDMENT:  The 8530 is an eligible machine and a
qualifying machine under the Volume Maintenance Amendment to the IBM
Maintenance Agreement.
MID-RANGE SYSTEM AMENDMENT:  The 8530 is an eligible machine for the
Mid-Range System Amendment to the IBM Maintenance Agreement.
ELIGIBLE             ---------------DISCOUNT---------------
TYPE                     THREE YEAR          FIVE YEAR
8530-E21                    17%                 22%
CORPORATE SERVICE AMENDMENT:  The 8530 is an eligible machine for the
Corporate Service Amendment to the IBM Maintenance Agreement.
Network                15%            25%            30%
PRODUCT AVAILABILITY STATUS:  New product available.
conversions are not supported.
CUSTOMER SETUP:  Yes, CSU allowance is one day.  IBM setup is
available at the applicable IBM Hourly Service rate and terms.
EDUCATIONAL ALLOWANCE:  A 20% educational allowance is available to
qualifying institutions in accordance with the Educational Allowance
Amendment.  The educational allowance may not be added to any other
discount or allowance.
                              MACHINE        FEATURE        PURCHASE
DESCRIPTION                   TYPE           NUMBER         PRICE
IBM Personal
Model 30 286                  8530           E21            $2,595
IBM Personal
External 5.25-inch
360KB Diskette
Adapter Cable Kit                            4114               18
TITLE                                        NUMBER         CHARGE
Guide to Operations                          S01F-0251    $37.00
Hardware Maintenance
  Reference Supplement                       S01F-0234      5.80
Hardware Maintenance
  Service Supplement                         S01F-0235     23.50
8530 286 Service Summary                     S01F-0236      1.50
  (Reference Card)
Technical Reference Manual
                                             S01F-0237     25.50
                                   ANNUAL              MINIMUM
                                   MINIMUM             WARRANTY
                                   MAINTENANCE         OPTION
                                   CHARGES             CHARGES
PRODUCT                            IOR                 IOR
IBM Personal System/2
Model 30 286 (8530-E21)            $164                $25

                            ATTACHMENT A
3117           Scanner
3118           Scanner
3363-A01       3363 Optical Disk Reader
3363-B01       3363 Optical Disk Reader
3812-001       Pageprinter
3852-002       Color Inkjet Printer
4201-002       Proprinter (TM)
4216-020       Personal Pageprinter
4829           2400 BPS Internal Modem
4869-001       IBM Personal System/2 5.25-inch External
                 Diskette Drive
5152           Graphics Printer
5173-001       PC Network Baseband Extender
5178-001       PC Network Translator Unit
5182           Color Printer
5201-002       IBM Quietwriter (R)
5202           IBM Quietwriter III
5216           Wheelprinter (parallel interface)
5223           Wheelprinter E
5841           IBM PC 1200 Baud Modem (external)
5853           IBM PC 2400 Baud Modem (external)
6157-001       IBM Streaming Tape Drive (60Mb)
6157-002       IBM Streaming Tape Drive (150Mb)
6180           IBM 6180 Color Plotter
7372           IBM 7372 Color Plotter
8228-001       IBM Token-Ring Network Multi-Station Access Unit
8503           IBM Personal System/2 Monochrome Display
8512           IBM Personal System/2 14-inch Color Display
8513           IBM Personal System/2 Color Display
8514           IBM Personal System/2 16-inch Color Display
46900-RP244    ROLMphone (R) 244PC (available only from ROLM)
6450215    0215     Serial/Parallel Adapter
6450217    0217     Serial Adapter Cable
6450230    0230     PC Network Base Expander
6450231    0231     PC Network Short Distance Kit
6450232    0232     PC Network Medium Distance Kit
6450233    0233     PC Network Long Distance Kit
6450234    0234     PC Network 25-Foot Cabling Segment
6450235    0235     PC Network 50-Foot Cabling Segment
6450236    0236     PC Network 100-Foot Cabling Segment
6450237    0237     PC Network 200-Foot Cabling Segment
6450242    0242     Serial Adapter Connector
1501205    1205     SDLC Communications Adapter
1501220    1220     PC Network Adapter II
1501221    1221     PC Network Baseband Adapter
1501300    1300     Game Control Adapter
1502067    2067     Communications Adapter Cable
6403635    2877     Integrated 5250 Display Station Emulation
                      Cable Assembly
92X0813    2887     Display Station Emulation Adapter Kit
6851167    2891     T-Connector
6100218    2892     5520 Display Station Emulation Integrated
                      Cable Assembly
7362188    2893     IBM Terminator
30F5383    2911     Enhanced 5250 Display Station Emulation
                      Adapter Kit
6450356    3001     IBM Personal System/2 80287 Math
6193413    3200     System/370 Channel Emulator Card
6339098    3390     IBM Token-Ring Network PC Adapter Cable
30F5348    3397     0.5Mb Memory Module Kit
59X4156    4156     6157 Tape Drive Adapter
65X2016    4920     High Speed Adapter (HSA)
65X2017    4925     3117 Scanner Adapter
1501216    5002     Personal System/2 Speech Adapter (1)
1501224    5003     Personal System/2 Data Migration Facility
27F4245    4114     IBM Personal System/2 External 5.25-inch
                      360KB Diskette Adapter Kit
83X9670    5050     3278/3279 Emulation Adapter (1)
25F9858    9858     IBM Token-Ring Network PC Adapter II
81X8630    6011     IBM PC Music Feature
85X2710    6165     Realtime Interface Co-Processor (128KB)
85X2706    6166     Realtime Interface Co-Processor (512KB)
00F5527    6241     Realtime Interface Co-Processor Multiport
75X8248    7001     IBM Personal Pageprinter Adapter
30F5360    7833     2MB Memory Module Kit
30F5364    8635     IBM Personal System/2 MultiFunction Adapter
6450244    8750     IBM Personal System/2 5.25-Inch External
                      Diskette Drive Adapter
6450350    8770     IBM Personal System/2 Mouse
 (TM) Trademark of the International Business Machines Corporation.
 (R) Registered trademark of the International Business Machines
 (1) The Speech Adapter (#5002) (#1501216) and the 3278/3279
   Emulation Adapter (#5050) (#83X9670) cannot be installed in the
   same system unit.
                            ATTACHMENT B
The following IBM licensed programs are compatible with Model 30 286
and DOS 3.30 or DOS 4.00, and will operate substantially as described
in the program documentation.
       The part numbers referenced in the 3.5-inch and 5.25-inch
columns reflect the diskette media on which the product was tested.
The absence of a part number in a column does not imply necessarily
that the product is not available on that medium.
                                                  3.5-IN.    5.25-IN.
                                                  PART       PART
PRODUCT                                 VERSION   NUMBER     NUMBER
3278 Emulation via IBM                            5727-EP1
  PC (5360/5362) (1)                    5.1       (#6080)
3278 Emulation via IBM                            5727-EP6
  PC (5364) (1)                         5.1       (#6091)
Advanced Program-to-Program
  Communications for
  the Personal Computer (2)             1.11      75X1047    75X1047
Distributed Data
  Management/PC (DDM/PC)                1.00      59X3653    59X3653
Local Area Network
  Support Program (3)                   1.00      83X7873    83X7873
Mainframe Communications
  Assistant (4)                         1.05      6024452
PC 3270 Emulation Program (4)           3.04      59X9969    59X9969
PC 3270 Emulation Program
  Entry Level (4)  (5)                  1.21      75X1085    75X1085
PC/Host File Transfer
  and Terminal Emulator
  Program (FTTERM) (6)                  2.00      75X3286    75X3286
PC Local Area Network
  Program (7)                           1.30      84X0076    84X0061
PC Network Protocol Driver              1.00      6280061    6280061
Remote PrintManager                     1.0.1     75X3257
Local Area Network (LAN)/
  PrintManager                                    6317-042
AS/400 PC Support                                 5728-PC1
PC Support/36 (5360/5362) (1)           5.1       5727-WS1
PC Support/36 Expansion                           5727-WS1
  Feature (5360/5362) (1)               5.1       (#6143)
PC Support/36 (5364) (1)                5.1       5727-WS6
PC Support/36 Expansion                           5727-WS6
  Feature (5364) (1)                    5.1       (#6142)
IBM Personal System/2
  Screen Reader                                   6450602
PC Support/36 Workstation                         5727-WS1
  Feature (5360/5362) (8)               5.1       (#6248)
PC Support/36 Workstation                         5727-WS6
  Feature (5364) (8)                    5.1       (#6181)
PC Support/38 (9)                       8.0       5714-PC1
PC Support/38 Expansion                           5714-PC1
  Feature (9)                           8.0       (#6550)
IBM Personal Pageprinter
  Adapter Licensed Program (10)                   07F4349
IBM 5520 Personal Computer                        92X0814
  Attachment Program (11)               4.0       (#0869)
IBM 5520/Personal Computer                        92X0815
  Attachment Convenience Kit (11)       4.0       (#0870)
                                                  3.5-IN.    5.25-IN.
                                                  PART       PART
PRODUCT                                 VERSION   NUMBER     NUMBER

Enhanced 5250 Display Station Emulation           30F5382
  Convenience Kit                       2.12      (#2910)
Enhanced 5250 Display Station                     74X8402
  Emulation Program                     2.12      (#2912)
Remote 5250 Emulation Program           2.0       (92X0718)  (#3255)
IBM BASIC Compiler/2                    1.00      6280179
IBM C/2                                 1.00      6280187
IBM COBOL/2                             1.00      6280207
EZ-PREP (Cross System
  Generation)                           1.00      6317011
EX-RUN (Cross System
  Execution)                            1.00      6317010
IBM FORTRAN/2                           1.00      6280185
Graphics Development
  Toolkit (12)                          1.20      6280203
Image Support Facility 2                1.10      6457821
Interactive System
  Productivity Facility
  for the IBM Personal
  Computer (EZ-VU II
  Development Facility)                 2.00      6476163    6476163
Interactive System
  Productivity Facility
  for the IBM Personal
  Computer (EZ-VU II
  Runtime Facility)                     2.00      6476162    6476162
IBM Macro Assembler/2                   1.00      6280181
IBM Pascal Compiler/2                   1.00      6280183
DisplayWrite 4 (13)                     1.02      74X9913
Personal Editor II                      1.01      6276701
PROFS PC Support Feature
  of PROFS (5664-309) (14)              2.00
Storyboard Plus (12)                    1.01      6024401    6024401
Word Proof II                           1.01      6276700    6276564
DisplayWrite Assistant                  1.00      59X9958
Document Retrieval Assistant            1.00                 6024306
Filing Assistant                        2.00      6024457    6024457
Graphing Assistant (15)                 2.00      6024458    6024458
Mainframe Communications
  Assistant (16)                        1.05      6024452
Planning Assistant                      2.00      6024461    6024461
Project Assistant                       1.01      6024462    6024462
Reporting Assistant                     2.00      6024459    6024459
Data Edition                            2.02      6476085
English Access Edition                  1.03      6476079
Network+ Edition                        1.02      6474077
Plans+ Edition                          2.03      6476076
Reports+ Edition                        2.02      6476075
CADwrite (17)  (18)                     1.00      5472415
                                                  3.5-IN.    5.25-IN.
                                                  PART       PART
PRODUCT                                 VERSION   NUMBER     NUMBER
Doctor's Office Manager II              1.00                 6467035
Above Disc (19)                         2.0       30F5448
IBM DOS 4.00 and                                  6024869
  Windows Kit for PS/2                            (#1418)
Bouncy Bee Learns Letters               1.00/1.01 6024511    6024137
Bouncy Bee Learns Words                 1.00/1.01 6024510    6024139
Missing Letters                         1.00/1.01 6024507    6024104
Primary Editor                          1.00/1.01            6024294
Teacher's Quiz Designer                 1.00/1.01 6024509    6024075
Combining Sentences:
  Level II                              1.01      6024689    6024482
Combining Sentences:
  Level III                             1.01      6024690    6024483
Combining Sentences:
  Level IV                              1.01      6024691    6024484
Geometry One: Foundations               1.01      6024707    6024485
Geometry Two: Proofs and
  Extensions                            1.01      6024728    6024486
Math Concepts: Level P                  1.01      6024721    6024356
Math Concepts: Level I                  1.01      6024722    6024355
Math Concepts: Level II                 1.01      6024723    6024357
Math Concepts: Level III                1.01      6024724    6024427
Math Concepts: Level IV                 1.01      6024716    6024429
Math Practice: Level I                  1.01      6024663    6024353
Math Practice: Level II                 1.01      6024664    6024354
Math Practice: Level III                1.01      1024665    6024431
Math Practice: Level IV                 1.01      6024666    6024432
Parts of Speech: Level II               1.01      6024679    6024333
Parts of Speech: Level III              1.01      6024680    6024334
Punctuation: Level II                   1.01      6024695    6024487
Punctuation: Level III                  1.01      6024696    6024488
Punctuation: Level IV                   1.01      6024697    6024489
Reading for Information:
  Level II                              1.01      6024683    6024358
Reading for Information:
  Level III                             1.01      6024684    6024359
Reading for Information:
  Level IV                              1.01      6024685    6024360
Reading for Meaning:
  Level I                               1.01      6024671    6024330
Reading for Meaning:
  Level II                              1.01      6024672    6024336
Reading for Meaning:
  Level III                             1.01      6024673    6024337
Reading for Meaning:
  Level IV                              1.01      6024674    6024338
Spelling: Level I                       1.01      6024720    6024347
Spelling: Level II                      1.01      6024708    6024348
Spelling: Level III                     1.01      6024709    6024349
Touch Typing for Beginners              1.01      6024698    6024339
Vocabulary: Level II                    1.01      6024701    6024350
Vocabulary: Level III                   1.01      6024702    6024351
Vocabulary: Level IV                    1.01      6024703    6024352
Cell Functions: Growth and
  Mitosis                               1.00/1.01 6024635    6024316
Chemicals of Life I:
  The Structure of Matter               1.00/1.01 6024636    6024317
Chemicals of Life II:
  Water, Carbohydrates,
  and Lipids                            1.00/1.01 6024647    6024344
                                                  3.5-IN.    5.25-IN.
                                                  PART       PART
PRODUCT                                 VERSION   NUMBER     NUMBER
Chemical of Life III:
  Proteins and Nucleic Acids            1.00/1.01 6024614    6024409
Cytology & Histology:
  Tissues Cells                         1.00/1.01 6024612    6024407
Human Life Processes I:
  Cellular Physiology                   1.00/1.01 6024649    6024346
Human Life Processes II:
  Systems Level                         1.00/1.01 6024616    6024411
Human Life Processes III:
  Development and
  Differentiation                       1.00/1.01 6024657    6024414
Leaf:  Structure and
  Physiology                            1.00/1.01 6024637    6024318
Light, Plants and
  Energy in Conversion                  1.00/1.01 6024638    6024319
Mendelian Genetics:
  The Science
  of Inheritance                        1.00/1.01 6024613    6024408
Modern Genetics
  Chromosomes and Coding                1.00/1.01 6024648    6024345
Passive Transport:
  Diffusion and
  Osmosis                               1.00/1.01 6024639    6024320
  Diseases and Defenses                 1.00/1.01 6024646    6024343
Plants: Growth &
  Specialization                        1.00/1.01 6024645    6024321

Pollination and
  Fertilization: Seeds,
  Fruits, and Embryos                   1.00/1.01 6024633    6024415
Regulation & Homeostatis:
  Systems in Balance                    1.00/1.01 6024615    6024410
Taxonomy:  Classification
  and Organization                      1.00/1.01 6024655    6024416
The Environment I:
  Habitats and Ecosystems               1.00/1.01 6024658    6024412
The Environment II:
  Cycles and Interactions               1.00/1.01 6024656    6024413
Earthquakes                             1.00/1.01 6024517    6024322
Glacial Landforms                       1.00      6024514    6024117
Ground Water                            1.01      6024516    6024122
Hydrologic Cycle                        1.01      6024518    6024121
Landslides                              1.00/1.01 6024522    6024324
Moisture in the Atmosphere              1.01      6024520    6024124
Surface Water                           1.01      6024519    6024123
Volcanoes                               1.00/1.01 6024521    6024323
SERIES (1-8) (20)
Investigating Acceleration              1.00/1.01 6024624    6024403
  Atomic Models                         1.00      6024523    6024118
Investigating Conservation
  of Energy                             1.00/1.01 6024625    6024406
  Electric Fields                       1.00/1.01 6024627    6024464
  Gravitational Force                   1.00/1.01 6024622    6024404
  Models of Light                       1.00/1.01 6024626    6024465
  Thermal Energy                        1.00/1.01 6024623    6024405
  Wave Interference                     1.00/1.01 6024628    6024466
 (TM) Trademark of the International Business Machines Corporation.
 (1) Product is downloaded from the System/36.
 (2) Coexists with the Redirector configuration of PC Local Area
   Network Program Version 1.30.
 (3) Required for Token-Ring support.
 (4) Coexists with PC Local Area Network Program Version 1.30.
 (5) Hot-key to new video modes not supported.
 (6) Refer to Marketing Announcement 288-213, dated May 3, 1988, for
   additional details.
 (7) Coexists with PC 3270 Emulation Program Version 3.04.
 (8) Program runs from virtual disk on attached System/36 or can be
   downloaded from the System/36.
 (9) Program is downloaded from the System/38.
 (10) For use with the IBM Personal Pageprinter Adapter (75X8248)
 (11) Upon request, a maintenance update for current licensees of
   this program will be available by October 14, 1988.  Ordering
   information is available through HONE INFOSYSTEM using search
   words 5520 PC V4 PC AIX.
 (12) Supports the IBM Personal System/2 Mouse.
 (13) Voice Note function is not supported.
 (14) Product is downloaded from the host.
 (15) Pie charts may not appear round on the IBM Personal System/2
   Color Displays 8512 and 8513 and the IBM Personal System/2
   Monochrome Display 8503.
 (16) Coexists with PC Local Area Network Program Version 1.20.
 (17) Supports the new 640X480-16 mode.
 (18) Supports the IBM Personal System/2 Mouse.
 (19) Above Disc is a registered trademark of Teleware West, Inc.
 (20) Supports the IBM Personal System/2 Color Displays 8512 and 8513
CORRECTED ON OCTOBER 10, 1988:  Under the Accessories and/or
Supplies, Charges, and Attachment B sections, the feature number for
the IBM Personal System/2 External 5.25-inch 360KB Diskette Adapter
Kit has been corrected from #5004 to #4114.