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Announcement Letter Number ZP81-0805 dated October 21, 1981
Europe Middle East Africa - Last Revised on November 2, 1981

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o    5664-173
IBM  announces the VM/SP High Performance Option program product,
an  extension to VM/System Product.  In conjunction with hardware
improvements and microcode assists, VM/SP High Performance Option
offers   a  wide  range  of  performance,  operational,  and  RAS
enhancements   in  the  large  system  environment.   Release  1,
available  February,  l982,  can  provide significant performance
enhancements  in  the  CMS-intensive  environment on the IBM 3081
Processor  Complex.   Release  2,  available July, l982, provides
major  enhancements  for  the  MVS/System Product virtual machine
environment,  as  well  as  support  for  new  and for previously
unsupported models of the IBM 3081 Processor Complex.  Release 3,
available  by  April,  l983,  provides support for new high-speed
paging devices and additional real storage.
Highlights of the VM/SP High Performance Option include:
o   Support  for  the  Segment Protection Extension to VMA on the
    IBM   3081   Processor   Complex   -   providing  performance
    enhancements for the CMS-intensive environment.
o   Support  for  the IBM 3081 Processor Complex Models D24, D32,
    K16, K24, and K32 in System/370 mode.
o   Support  for the Preferred Machine Assist on the IBM 3033 and
    3081  Processor  Complexes  -  providing  a major new mode of
    operation  for  the  MVS/SP V=R guest machine.  This new mode
    yields  a significant reduction in CP simulation overhead and
    allows  the preferred MVS/SP guest to utilize greater than l6
    MB of real storage.
o   Support  for  the 3033 Extension Feature Enhancement to VMA -
    allowing  an  MVS/SP  guest  to  utilize  the  3033 Extension
    Feature (#6850).
o   Additional  support for the IBM 3033 Processor Models U24 and
    A24 - offering greater system configurability.
o   Enhanced Availability in the MVS/SP V=R environment.
o   Operational enhancements to Single Processor Mode.
o   Support by the Control Program of up-to-32 MB of real storage
    -  meeting storage requirements of paging/storage constrained
    3033 and 3081 installations.
o   Support  for  the  new  IBM  3880  Storage Control Model 11 -
    offering new high-speed paging device support for VM/SP.
o   Support  for  the  Segment Protection Extension to VMA on the
    IBM 3081 Processor Complex.
    This enhancement utilizes the Segment Protection Extension to
    VMA  on  the  IBM  3081  Processor Complex to reduce overhead
    incurred in managing segments shared among users.
    Shared segments are defined as read-only sections of data and
    executable code.  In previous VM/SP systems and on processors
    without this VMA extension, segment protection is provided by
    a  software  scan  to  check if a segment was modified by the
    last  user  of  the  segment.  By utilizing the new microcode
    assist on the 3081, the VM Control Program scan for a changed
    page has been eliminated.  In addition, duplication of shared
    pages, page tables, and swap tables that would otherwise have
    been  required  for  a  dyadic processor has been eliminated,
    making  more  real storage available for user applications in
    the CMS environment.
    This reduction in overhead is expected to improve performance
    in  CMS  environments  when  protected shared segments are in
    use.  Information regarding the effect on performance will be
    available  prior  to  the  availability of Release 1 of VM/SP
    High Performance Option.
    Note:  VM/SP  High  Performance Option Release 1 runs only on
    Model  D16  of  the  IBM  3081  Processor Complex.  All other
    models  of  the  3081  are supported by Release 2 of the High
    Performance Option.
o   3081 Processor Complex Support.
    The  VM/System  Product  High Performance Option supports all
    models  of  the  3081  Processor Complex (D16, D24, D32, K16,
    K24, and K32) operating in System/370 mode.
    Support  for  the  3081  Models D24, D32, K16, K24 and K32 is
    accomplished  by  providing 4K Storage Protection Key support
    for   VM/SP  High  Performance  Option  and  guest  operating
    systems.  On these processors, only 4K storage protection can
    be  invoked.   The  appropriate  level of the guest SCP which
    supports  the  4K  storage  protection  key is required (eg.,
    MVS/SP  Version  1  Release  1  Enhancement, MVS/SP Version 1
    Release  3,  or  VM/SP  Release 2 as a guest under VM/SP High
    Performance Option).
    VM/SP   (with  or  without  VM/SP  High  Performance  Option)
    continues  to  provide  2K Storage Protection Key support for
    the  3081  Model  D16  (as  well as other 2K key processors),
    allowing  operation  of  guest  systems  that  use 2K storage
    protection (for example, DOS/VSE, VS1, MVS 3.8, etc.).
    Note:  It is IBM's direction to support VSE/AF and VS1/BPE as
    guests  under  VM/SP High Performance Option on machines with
    4K storage protection keys.
o   Preferred Machine Assist Support.
    In  conjunction  with  hardware  and microcode, the Preferred
    Machine  Assist support offers a new mode of operation on the
    3033  and  3081  complexes.   In  this  mode of operation the
    preferred  MVS/SP  guest  (MVS/SP  System  Product  Release 1
    Enhancement  and subsequent releases) is in direct control of
    the  processor,  dedicated channels, and I/O devices if VM/SP
    services are not required.
    The  preferred MVS/SP guest operates in supervisor state.  It
    can  start  and  retry I/O operations, process I/O interrupts
    and  initiate error recovery operations directly.  The direct
    control  of  hardware resources eliminates the VM/SP overhead
    associated  with  instruction  simulation  and  indirect  I/O
    The  Preferred  Machine Assist further permits the MVS/SP V=R
    preferred  guest  (MVS/System Product Version 1 Release 3 and
    subsequent releases) to use storage in excess of 16 MB on the
    3033  and  3081  Processor Complexes.  This allows additional
    performance   potential   for   storage   constrained  MVS/SP
    preferred guests.
    Since  Preferred  Machine Assist allows an MVS/SP V=R virtual
    machine  to  operate in supervisor state and utilize the 3033
    Extension  Feature,  previous  restrictions  to  using Single
    Processor  Mode  (SPM)  or  Non-Disruptive  Transition  (NDT)
    functions  while  running  MVS/SP  Version  1  Release  3 are
o   Support for the 3033 Extension Feature Enhancement to VMA.
    VM/SP  High Performance Option allows those 3033 users having

    the 3033 Extension Feature (#6850) to increase performance of
    an MVS/SP guest machine (MVS/System Product Version 1 Release
    3  and  subsequent  releases).   This  also  removes existing
    restrictions  to  use  of  Single  Processor  Mode  (SPM)  or
    Non-Disruptive  Transition  (NDT)  for  customers  installing
    MVS/SP  Version 1 Release 3 on a 3033 with the 3033 Extension
    Feature.   3033  Extension  Feature  Enhancement  to  VMA  is
    required for this capability.
o   Additional Support for the 3033 Models U24 and A24.
    The   4K   Storage  Protection  Key  support  in  VM/SP  High
    Performance  Option  allows  all  24  MB of storage on a 3033
    Models  U24  or  A24  to  be configured online.  This support
    allows  the  VM/SP  installation  to  dynamically reconfigure
    storage to meet workload and maintenance requirements.
    Previously  VM/SP  would  not  IPL  if  any  of  the  storage
    physically  beyond  the  first  16 MB were configured online.
    This  restriction held even if the storage above the physical
    16  MB  line  were assigned  to logical addresses under 16 MB
    via  a  configuration  panel  (for  example,  to  temporarily
    replace damaged storage).
    VM/SP  High  Performance  Option removes this restriction and
    also  allows a Model 2 Attached Processor Complex (a 3033 A24
    and  a 3042 Model 2) to be split into two uni-processors with
    VM/SP on either or both sides and utilize all of storage.
    As  with  the  3081,  this support is provided only for guest
    operating   systems   using  4K  storage  protection.   Guest
    operating  systems using 2K storage protection continue to be
    supported  on  the 3033 models U24 and A24 by configuring the
    storage above 16 MB offline.
o   Enhanced Availability in the MVS/SP V=R Environment.
    This   addition   to  VM/SP  increases  the  availability  of
    MVS/System  Product  (MVS/SP)  by  preserving the V=R virtual
    machine  environment  in  the event of a Control Program (CP)
    failure.   If CP terminates with an abend, an attempt is made
    to   save   the   MVS/SP   V=R  virtual  machine  status,  to
    automatically  re-IPL  VM/SP,  and to resume execution of the
    MVS/SP V=R guest.
    When the VMS/SP V=R virtual machine is operating in Preferred
    Machine   Assist  mode,  additional  recovery  capability  is
    available.   In  most  cases  when  CP enters a disabled wait
    state,  an  attempt  is made to pass control to the preferred
    guest.  The preferred guest can then continue in native state
    until the operator re-IPL's VM/SP.
    Information   about   operational   considerations   will  be
    available  in Operating Systems in a Virtual Machine with the
    availability of VM/SP High Performance Option Release 2.
o   Operational Enhancements to Single Processor Mode.
    These  operational  enhancements facilitate transition to and
    from  Single  Processor  Mode.  They allow an installation to
    vary  the use of the second processor in an AP, MP, or dyadic
    complex  between  the Control Program (CP) and the MVS/SP V=R
    virtual machine without a re-IPL of MVS/SP.
o   Support for up to 32 MB by CP.
    VM/SP  High  Performance  Option allows use of up to 32 MB of
    real  storage by the Control Program (CP).  This will give CP
    additional  storage  to  augment  the dynamic paging area for
    guest  machines  and  will  provide  relief for installations
    which  are  currently  constrained  by storage capacity.  The
    Extended Addressing Enhancement to VMA RPQ is required on the
    3033 processor complex for this capability.
o   Support for the 3880 Model 11.
    VM/SP  High  Performance  Option will provide support for the
    new IBM 3880 Storage Control Model 11.
Machine  Requirements:   The  VM/System  Product High Performance
Option  is  designed  to  run on the IBM System/370 Models 155II,
158, 158-3, 158AP, 158MP, 165II, 168, 168-3, 168AP, and 168MP; on
the  IBM  4341,  3031, 3031AP, 3032, 3033U, 3033N, 3033S, 3033AP,
3033AP-2  and  3033MP  Processors;  and  the  IBM  3081 Processor
Complex in S/370 mode.
Real  Storage  Requirements:   For a VM/SP system that is running
VM/SP  High Performance Option, a minimum of 1 MB real storage is
Programming  Requirements:  VM/System  Product  Release  1.1 is a
prerequisite  for  VM/SP High Performance Option Release 1 and 2.
VM/SP Release 2 is a prequisite for VM/SP High Performance Option
Release  3.   (Note:   VM/SP  High  Performance  Option  does not
support the Small CP option for VM/System Product).
Application  programs  that currently execute under the VM/System
Product  and  are  not  dependent on internal CP or CMS structure
and/or  control  blocks,  should continue to run on the VM/System
Product with VM/SP High Performance Option.
The  VM/SP  educational  offerings will be updated to reflect the
new facilities offered by VM/SP High Performance Option.
           RELEASE 1: February 1982
           RELEASE 2: July, 1982
           RELEASE 3: April, 1983
Central  Service,  including  the  IBM  Support  Center,  will be
available  until  discontinued  by  IBM  upon twelve (12) months'
written notice.
Local   Licensed   Program   Support   will  be  available  until
discontinued  by  IBM  upon  twelve  (12) months' written notice.
This  support  will be provided under the terms and conditions of
the Agreement for Local Licensed Program Support for IBM Licensed
Programs  at the Monthly Licensed Program Support Charge, Monthly
Additional  Licensed  Program Support Charge, or will be provided
at  the  applicable  programming  service  rate.   Local Licensed
Program Support will be provided by IBM Customer  Engineering.
WARRANTED:   Yes,  in  accordance  with  the  Agreement  for  IBM
Licensed Programs.
INSTALLATION   LICENSE  APPLIES:   No.   A  separate  license  is
required for each machine on which the licensed program materials
will be used.
CURRENCY  STATEMENT:   For  the  purpose of IBM providing program
services,  the  following  products  will remain current at least
until the noted dates:
      VM/System Product Release 1                    1Q84
      VM/SP High Performance Option Release 1        6/83
      VM/SP High Performance Option Release 2        1Q84
Initial License Charges .................... ) Consult
Monthly Charges ............................ ) your
Monthly Licensed Program Support Charges ... ) IBM
Monthly Additional Licensed Program          ) Sales
  Support Charges .......................... ) Representative