Hardware withdrawal: Select IBM TS7700 models and features - Some replacements available

IBM United States Withdrawal Announcement 922-094
August 23, 2022

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Effective December 31, 2022, IBM® will withdraw from marketing the following products. On or after the effective date of withdrawal, you can no longer order these products directly from IBM.

You can obtain the products on an as-available basis through IBM Business Partners.

If you have a continuing need for this machine/model type, go to the IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment website to check on availability or utilize the request a quote to communicate your specific requirements. IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment has the largest inventory of used IBM systems that are refurbished, tested, and warranted for a minimum of 90 days.

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Withdrawn products

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Effective December 31, 2022, IBM is withdrawing the following features and models:

Description Machine Type Model number Feature number
TAA Compliance 3952 F07 0983
US RoHS Indicator 3952 F07 1776
Switching PDU 3952 F07 1904
Rackmount TS3000 System Console 3952 F07 2725
Optical Drive 3952 F07 2748
KVM 3952 F07 5512
Install 3957 VED 3952 F07 5631
Plant Install 3956 CFC 3952 F07 5667
Plant Install 3956 XFC 3952 F07 5668
Integrated Control Path 3952 F07 5756
Encryption Capable Base Frame 3952 F07 7337
Encryption Capable Base Frame F07 3952 F07 7339
Replaces existing TS7700 3952 F07 9339
New order install 3952 F07 9906
SSD Cache Controller Drawer 3956 CFC  
TAA Compliance 3956 CFC 0983
Rack Mount Kit CFC 3956 CFC 4650
92.16 TB SSD Storage 3956 CFC 7122
Encryption CFC (USB Flash Drives (Four Pack) 3956 CFC 7405
Plant Install CFC 3956 CFC 9352
Shipping and Handling - No charge 3956 CFC AG00
Shipping and Handling - CFC 3956 CFC AGGU
BP Post-Sale Services 3956 CSB SVBP
IBM Systems Lab Services Post-Sale Services 3956 CSB SVCS
Other IBM Post-Sale Services 3956 CSB SVNN
Plant Install XFC 3956 XFC 9354
BP Post-Sale Services 3956 XSB SVBP
IBM Systems Lab Services Post-Sale Services 3956 XSB SVCS
Other IBM Post-Sale Services 3956 XSB SVNN
Ship with R5.1 Machine Code 3957 VEC AGKU
TAA Compliance 3957 VED 0983
US RoHS Indicator 3957 VED 1776
Switching PDU 3957 VED 1904
Single Phase PDU 3957 VED 1912
Single Phase PDU 3957 VED 1913
Rack Mount TS3000 System Console 3957 VED 2725
Optical Drive 3957 VED 2748
Rack Mount Kit VED 3957 VED 4643
Rack Mount Kit VED with CFC 3957 VED 4649
Initial Order XSB Customer 3957 VED 4694
Initial Order XFC Customer Rack 3957 VED 4698
Disk Enabled Encryption 3957 VED 5272
Disk Encrypt-External Key Mgr 3957 VED 5276
KVM 3957 VED 5512
Integrated Control Path 3957 VED 5756
600 GB HDDs in VED 3957 VED 8080
775 GB SSDs in VED 3957 VED 8081
Mainframe Attachment 3957 VED 9000
100 MB/s Throughput Plant 3957 VED 9268
PKCS #12 File - Plant 3957 VED 9277
Replaces existing TS7700 3957 VED 9339
Plant Install 3957 VED 9350
No Factory Cables 3957 VED 9700
Shipping and Handling 3957 VED AG00
Shipping and Handling VED 3957 VED AGGT

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Replacement product information

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Withdrawn product Machine type model Replacement product Machine type model
SSD Cache Controller Drawer 3956-CFC IBM TS7700 SSD Cache Controller Model CFC 3948-CFC

The following models announced in Hardware Announcement 122-088, dated August 23, 2022, are also available replacements for the TS7700 family of products:

Product description Machine type model
IBM TS7700 Cache Controller 3948-CSB
IBM TS7700 Tape Frame Model F07 3948-F07
IBM TS7770 Model VED 3948-VED
IBM TS7700 SSD Cache Expansion Drawer 3948-XFC
BM TS7700 Cache Module 3948-XSB

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