Announcement Letter Number 190-124 dated September 5, 1990
US - Last Revised on September 5, 1990

Brief Description of Announcement, Charges, and Availability

       IBM announces the IBM System/390 (TM) (S/390 (TM)) processors
called the Enterprise System/9000 (TM) (ES/9000 (TM)) -- a single
family of air- and water-cooled processors.  Upward compatible from
the System/370 (TM) and ESA/370 (TM) series of processors, the 18 new
ES/9000 processors provide the additional function of Enterprise
Systems Architecture/390 (TM) (ESA/390 (TM)).  ESA/390 extends the
capabilities and performance of the ES/9000 processors to meet the
customer requirements of the 1990s.
       The ES/9000 family provides customers unprecedented growth of
up to 100 times from the smallest office system to the most powerful
processor IBM has ever announced.
       In combination with the new ESA/390, the new ES/9000 family of
processors provides customers with:
o   New levels of enterprise-wide configuration flexibility
o   System connectivity (both central and distributed)
o   Improved price/performance
o   New levels of investment protection
o   New application opportunities
o   Enhanced enterprise systems management
o   Integrated system security
o   New standards of availability.
       The ES/9000 evolution provides investment protection through
application compatibility with the existing IBM processors (ES/3090
(TM), ES/9370 (TM), ES/4381 (TM), 4300, 308X) and through selective
hardware upgrades to the new ES/9000 processors.
       Systems Application Architecture (TM) (SAA (TM)) and ESA/390
create an enterprise-wide system of processor and software
architecture.  Applications may be delivered to the point of need,
matching the size, geography, and/or structure of the customer
       Planned Availability Dates:
New ES/9000 Models
Models 120, 130, and 150           December 1990
  System/370 Base Option
Models 120, 130, and 150           July 1991
  ESA Option
Model 170                          Fourth Quarter 1991
Model 190                          March 1991
Model 210                          January 1991
Model 260                          September 1990
Model 320                          September 1990
Model 440                          March 1991
Model 480                          March 1991
Models 340, 500, 580,              September 1990
  620, and 720
Model 820                          Third Quarter 1991
Model 900                          Third Quarter 1991
       Model Conversions
       Refer to Product Announcements 190-125, 190-130, and 190-131
for upgrade offerings.
 (TM) Trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.

Customer Letter Section

o   IBM announces the ES/9000 family of processors in conjunction
    with the introduction of ESA/390.
o   The ES/9000 family's range offers up to 100-fold growth from the
    entry-level processor to the ES/9000 Model 900.
o   The ES/9000 family of processors supports ESA/390 from the
    smallest distributed system to the largest IBM system complex.
    For specific product and feature descriptions refer to the
    individual announcements.
o   The concept of ESA/390 provides a cohesive and embracing
    structure to meet the needs of a customer enterprise (large or
    small) in the competitive environment of the 1990s.  ESA/390 is a
    response to customer requirements, delivered to the customer in
    the new ES/9000 family of processors.
For the first time, an entire family of compatible processors,
spanning up to 100-fold growth from the smallest to the most
powerful, is being announced simultaneously.  The ES/9000 family
consists of 18 processors, encompassing both air-cooled and
water-cooled processors, with a standard 50/60 Hz power input for the
entire family.  The span of performance and upgrade options offered
by ES/9000 allows customers to configure systems to meet their
individual processing requirements at all levels within the
enterprise, from the distributed office environment to the largest
       New announcements of Enterprise Systems Connection (ESCON
(TM)) Architecture and associated fiber optic products allow new
levels of intersystem performance and system coupling characterized
by ease of installation, flexibility, and availability.  These
announcements, together with their associated software, significantly
enhance the customers' ability to configure ES/9000 processor
'networks" to meet the application needs of the 1990s within the
'networks" to meet the application needs of the 1990s within the
framework of a single architecture.
       Many optional and application enabling features are being
provided, for example:
o   High-speed Integrated Cryptographic Feature (ICRF) (water-cooled
o   High-speed integrated Vector Processing (water-cooled and
    selected air-cooled processors)
o   Management of multiple systems with time-of-day clock
    synchronization (water-cooled and selected air-cooled
       All models of the ES/9000 family of processors are supported
by MVS/ESA (TM), VM/ESA (TM), and VSE/ESA (TM).  Additionally,
selected processors support AIX (R)/370, DPPX/370, and TPF.
       In addition, hardware design enhancements coupled with
appropriate software releases provide enhanced throughput for DB2
(TM) 2.3 complex query environments.  VM/ESA Release 1.1 shared file
subsystems and SQL/DS environments also achieve improved throughput
when operating on an ES/9000 processor.
       In today's environment it is vital that every opportunity be
taken to achieve a competitive edge.  The richness and scope of the
full ES/9000 family provide the base upon which to build
applications, whether distributed, centralized, or both.  Customers
can be confident the applications they build reside on a base that is
flexible, in terms of growth and structure, to meet changing business
 (TM) Trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.
 (R) Registered trademark of International Business Machines
ES/9000 WITH ESA/390
In conjunction with the announcement of the ES/9000, IBM announces
ESA/390, an enhanced system architecture for the 1990s.  Based on
customer requirements, this enhanced system architecture introduces
new levels of:
o   Client-server computing
o   System availability
o   Technical computing
o   System connectivity
o   System security
o   Systems management
o   Networking
o   Enterprise data
o   Transaction processing.
       ESA/390 covers the full spectrum of IBM general-purpose
operating systems (MVS/VM/VSE).  In embracing the full ES/9000
family, ESA/390 provides the platform from which the ES/9000 can
reach its full potential.
       New optional architectural facilities are announced in
conjunction with the ES/9000, selected ES/3090 models, and ESA/390.
These include:
o   Enterprise Systems Connection Architecture (TM) Facility
o   IBM Cryptographic Architecture Facility
o   Multi-Systems Facility.
ESCON FACILITY:  The ESCON Architecture Facility is a revolutionary
new facility built on three complementary elements:
o   New protocols for high-speed, long-distance information exchange
o   High-speed switched point-to-point
o   Fiber optic links operating at up to 10MB/second.
       Implementation of the architecture is transparent to customer
application programs and provides evolutionary growth.
       Among the advantages that ESCON will provide for the customer
o   Less disruptive installation and reconfiguration
o   Less cable bulk and weight
o   Processor-to-processor or input/output (I/O) device connection up
    to a distance of 9 km
o   Improved security
o   Shared data resources
o   Centralized configuration management
o   New operational tools and automation possibilities
o   Improved system availability.
       ESCON architecture provides the foundation upon which new
levels of system coupling can be implemented forming the new concept
of a sysplex consisting of multiple ES/9000 processors.
       The ESCON channels are supported on all ES/9000 processors.
IBM SYSTEM SECURITY:  In response to the increasing dependence on
information systems and the need to ensure the security of both
electronically maintained and transmitted data, IBM is announcing the
Cryptographic Architecture Facility of ESA/390.
       With the availability of the Integrated Cryptographic Feature
(ICRF) on the ES/9000 water-cooled models, IBM introduces a total
Cryptographic Architecture Facility.
       Customers can now store, transmit, and manipulate data with
the knowledge that the content of the data is secure from external
access in any form other than encrypted.
       Customer benefits from the Cryptographic Facility include:
o   High-speed cryptographic processing on the water-cooled
o   New licensed program product software support throughout the
    ES/9000 family
o   End-to-end security throughout the ES/9000 family
o   International cryptographic standards compliance
o   Full security integration with other IBM security products, such
    as RACF.
       Cryptographic Architecture is an important step forward in
protecting data 'in house" and during transmission.
protecting data 'in house" and during transmission.
MULTI-SYSTEMS FACILITY:  The combination of products associated with
the ESCON Architecture Facility and the new products related to
intersystems coupling enhanced by ESA/390 forms the basis of the new
Multi-Systems architectural facility.
       Included among the advantages that the Multi-Systems Facility
will provide the customer are:
o   Improved availability
o   Increased automated operations
o   Reduced operating complexity
o   Centralized operational control
o   Easier change control
o   Effective resource sharing.
       Other announcements associated with the Multi-Systems Facility
will simplify the task of remote operations with the attendant
advantages in overall productivity and control.  A new product, the
Sysplex Timer, establishes a foundation for managing multiple systems
by providing the capability to synchronize the time-of-day clocks of
attached processors.
The upgrades and compatible growth options available with the ES/9000
ensure that our customer's investments in applications are protected.
       To enhance and protect our customers' recent investments, IBM
offers upgrade options from selected ES/3090 J models and selected
models of the ES/9370 to appropriate ES/9000 processors.
       ES/9000 processors can be said to be a 'revolution," delivered
       ES/9000 processors can be said to be a 'revolution," delivered

in an evolutionary process, that allows protection of previous
customer investment --  both in terms of System/370 to ESA/390
portability and now in terms of family-to-family upgrades.  A new era
in IBM commitment to customers' requirements for the 1990s has begun.
The ES/9000 is a single family of compatible processors offering
customers unprecedented flexibility in terms of  processor
performance, processor connectivity, processor co-operation,
processor upgradeability, systems management, and data security.
       The combination of ESA/390 and the new integrated
architectures, together with the new ES/9000 family, opens a new
frontier in information systems, providing new application areas to
meet the customers' business opportunities and challenges in the
       Refer to Product Announcements 190-125, 190-130, and 190-131.
       Refer to Product Announcements 190-125, 190-130, and 190-131.
                        PROCESSOR                 VECTOR
 120                    256MB**     4       12
 130                    256MB**     4       12
 150                    256MB**     6       12
 170                    256MB       6       24
 190                    512MB               32       1
 210                    1GB                 48       1
 260                    1GB                 48       1
 320                    1GB                 48       1
 440                    1GB                 48       2
 480                    1GB                 48       2
 330                    640MB               64       1         1
 340                    1.13GB              64       1         1
 500                    2.25GB              64       2         1
 580                    2.25GB              64       3         1
 620                    4.5GB               128      4         2
 720                    4.5GB               128      6         2
 820                    9GB                 256      4         2
 900                    9GB                 256      6         2
*  Combined channels (ESCON and parallel).
** 16MB in System/370 only.
1.  All numbers are maximums.
2.  Specific details are defined in Product Announcements 190-125,
    190-130, and 190-131.