Announcement Letter Number 183-034 dated March 8, 1983
US - Last Revised on March 8, 1983

Brief Description of Announcement, Charges, and Availability

Customer Letter Section

       IBM announces the IBM 3178 Display Station, a new
low-price member of the 3270 Information Display System. The
3178 is a compact, light-weight display station with a
1,920-character 12-inch CRT, a low-profile keyboard,
significant human factors enhancements, and function
equivalent to the base function provided by the IBM 3278
Model 2.
.  Plug compatible with the IBM 3278 Model 2 for base
.  Audible alarm, keyboard numeric lock, and security
   keylock are included as standard (security keylock will
   be removable with "power on" starting with machines
   manufactured starting May 1983; units manufactured before
   May 1983 will have a security keylock that is not
   removable in the "on" position).
.  The 3178 consists of three separate machine elements:
   video, logic, and keyboard.  This offers the advantage of
   customer-replaceable work-station elements for ease of
   maintenance and high availability.
.  Low-profile, movable keyboard with adjustment for use at
   either of two angles of inclination, 6 degrees and 12
.  Video pedestal, provided as standard, provides 20 degrees
   of tilt and 180 degrees swivel.
.  Etched, enhanced-contrast CRT screen designed to reduce
   both light reflections and fingerprint smudges.
.  Two models are provided:
   Model C1: 75-key data entry keyboard
   Model C2: 87-key typewriter keyboard
.  Significantly smaller size and lighter weight than the
.  Less energy consumption than the 3278.
.  Broad and attractive volume procurement discounts up to
   40% at quantity of 3,000 or more.
.  A choice of service options:
   -   Element repair service at IBM repair centers or
       through the IBM service/exchange centers, with a low
       price five-year maintenance contract (Customer
   -   On-site element exchange service, for an annual
       charge, with IBM delivering the exchange element
       either by courier or UPS and the customer installing
       the new element (Customer On-Site Exchange)
   -   Element exchange at IBM service/exchange centers,
       with the customer responsible for carrying in the
       failing element and picking up the exchange element
       for an annual charge (Customer Carry-in Exchange)
   -   On-site element exchange service, for an annual
       charge, with IBM providing both delivery and
       installation of an exchange element (IBM On-Site
       Note: In addition, time and material maintenance is
available at repair centers or through service/exchange
       Optional accessories: Optional extension cables
provided as an accessory for the video and keyboard units
allow the customer to place the logic unit away from the
desk surface to create more working space.  The logic unit
can be mounted on a vertical surface, e.g., the side of a
desk or a wall using a mounting bracket provided as a
separate accessory.
       Description: The 3178 attaches to a 3274 Control
Unit, a 3276 Control Unit Display Station (via the terminal
adapter), a 4331 Processors, or a 4321 Processor (via the
display printer adapter).
       Entry assist capability for the 3274 is supported for
the 3178, which can provide improved operator convenience
and productivity for text-related tasks. See Product
Announcement 183-036.
       The 3178 does not support these 3278 optional
.  Magnetic reader control
.  Selector light pen
.  Extended character set adapter
.  Programmed symbols
.  APL/Text
.  Switch control unit
       By using error indicators, offline tests, and the
Customer Problem Analysis and Resolution (CPAR) Guide, the
customer can isolate a failing element for repair or
       Delivery: First customer shipment of the 3178 is
planned for April 1983.  Deliveries of the extension cables
and logic unit mounting bracket will begin July 1983.
Deliveries of spare 3178 elements (video, keyboard, or logic
unit) will begin May 1983.
       Programming support: The 3178 is supported by
DOS/VSE, OS/VS1, OS/VS2 (MVS), VM/370, and SSX/VSE for
System/370, 30XX systems, and 4300 systems. It is supported
by DPPX and DPCX for 8100 systems.  The 3178 can be added to
existing 3278 configurations with no changes required in
existing programs written for the 3278 Model 2 with
equivalent function.
       Planning information
       Data security: Data security features provided by the
3178 are non-display field control (specified in the
attribute byte) and the security keylock. (For more
information on data security controls, see "Data Security
Controls and Procedures," G320-5649).
       Customer responsibility: The 3178 is designated as a
customer set-up (CSU) machine except for the Logic Unit
Mounting Bracket.  The customer is responsible for arranging
for the attachment of the mounting bracket to the desk,
wall, or other surface.  A copy of the "Operator Reference
Guide" (GA18-2128), which contains detailed CSU
instructions, is shipped with each machine.
       Physical planning: See the "3178 Display Station
Description" (GA18-2127) for detailed physical planning
GA18-2127      "IBM 3178 Display Station Description"
                   available now
GA18-2128      "IBM 3178 Display Station Operator Reference
                   Guide" available at first customer
GA18-2153      "Supplement to IBM Display Station Operator
                   Reference Guide" available at first
                   customer shipment
       Note: Copies of GA18-2128 and GA18-2153 are shipped
with each machine.
       Customer Carry-in/Repair:  To use this service, a
customer will call a toll-free number. The customer then
transports the failing work station element to an IBM
service/exchange center (S/EC).  IBM ships the failing
element to an IBM repair center where it is repaired and
returned to the S/EC for customer pick-up. The customer has
the option of shipping the failing work-station element
directly to an IBM repair center.  Costs and arrangements
are the responsibility of the customer.  IBM will repair the
element and ship it back to the customer prepaid.  Customer
Carry-in/Repair is provided for a one-time, low price,
five-year maintenance charge.
       Customer On-Site Exchange: To use this service, a
customer will call a toll-free number.  IBM arranges for the
delivery of a replacement element to the customer site
(work-station location, reception area, dock, etc., as
specified by the customer) using various delivery method
within or outside designated service areas (DSA).
       The customer is responsible for installing and
testing the replacement element using the CSU procedures.
The customer sends back the defective element to IBM as
instructed by IBM.  The delivery transportation charge
to/from the customer site is paid by IBM.  Customer On-Site
Exchange service is provided for an annual maintenance
       Customer Carry-in Exchange: To use this service, a
customer calls a toll-free number. IBM will provide a
replacement element on an exchange basis. The customer is
responsible for delivering the failing element to/from an
service/exchange center.  If desired, IBM will arrange for
delivery of the replacement element back to the customer at
customer expense. Customer Carry-in Exchange is provided for
an annual maintenance charge.
       IBM On-Site Exchange: To use this service, a customer
calls a toll-free number.  An IBM representative brings a
replacement element to the customer site and installs and
tests the replacement element.  This service is provided for
an annual maintenance charge.

       Time and material: If desired, IBM repairs defective
3178 elements on a time and material basis at an IBM repair
center or through an service/exchange center.
       On-site assistance: If a customer desires on-site
assistance to perform customer problem analysis and
resolution (CPAR), the customer will call on a toll-free
number.  IBM will assist the customer on site in performing
CPAR procedures using the same documentation that is
available to the customer.  All on-site assistance is
provided on a per-call basis at the applicable hourly rates
and terms.
       Warranty: IBM warranty service is provided for the
3178 using the Customer On-site Exchange service for the
first three months after the date of installation without
additional charge.
       Volume procurement: The 3178 Display Station is
available at attractive rates for volume orders.  The
following volume procurement schedule applies:
Discount Percent   Quantity of Eligible Machines
    9%                 50 - 99
   15%                 100 - 249
   20%                 250 - 499
   25%                 500 - 999
   30%                 1000 - 1999
   35%                 2000 - 2999
   40%                 3000 or more
       For further information regarding volume orders,
contact your IBM marketing representative.