IBM Db2 12 for z/OS and Db2 Tools for z/OS help optimize your investments with improved efficiency, scalability, and business readiness

IBM United States Software Announcement 221-003
March 9, 2021

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IBM® Db2® 12 for z/OS® (Db2 12) and IBM Db2 Tools for z/OS (Db2 Tools) offer service updates to existing programs, providing a streamlined method for clients making new installations, or for Db2 clients planning to migrate to Db2 12. Clients receive preconditioning and enabling PTFs bundled with new orders from Shop zSeries. The service updates are designed to enable clients to accelerate their adoption of new features delivered through continuous delivery.

New features delivered at regular intervals for Db2 12 and Db2 Tools have focused on enhancing support for mission-critical transactional processing on IBM Z® while also extending into analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) as clients develop their hybrid cloud strategies.

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Db2 12 delivers greater analytic and hybrid cloud capabilities and extended support for mobile and AI development while optimizing resources for changing, diverse, and growing workloads. In Db2 12, IBM introduced continuous innovation through continuous delivery via function levels. These are designed to enable you to benefit from new Db2 features released to market more rapidly and to respond to changing market and competitive conditions faster, all with less risk and effort.

Through continuous delivery, Db2 12 delivers new capabilities and enhancements as they are completed. The function levels are controlled and activated by you. Some of the highlights include:

  • Infused AI and machine learning capabilities that can transform the way you harness the power of your data to gain new insights, greater personalization, and deeper consumer intelligence that can help you gain greater speed to market and increase your return on investment.
  • Huffman compression that can help reduce the size of your database with faster speed of access as read operations become much faster as smaller amounts of data fit into a page. This can minimize your I/O costs and significantly reduce backup and restore times.
  • A stream of application performance, availability, and modernization enhancements designed to shrink or in some cases eliminate maintenance outages and reduce the time for new application development, and increase the agility of your development teams and the reliability and security of your applications, aimed at enabling you to build and release better products faster.

Db2 12 has delivered more than 450 enhancements based on client requests (RFEs and Ideas), with more than 1900 collective votes cast, including the following:

  • Next-generation application support that enables modern applications to access and consume Db2 for z/OS data. This feature promotes rapid, agile development of new and existing applications, enabling you to reuse existing assets and further your Db2 return on investment. New Db2 commands have been delivered for greater control and support for versioning of REST services. This gives you more flexibility to create and deploy new application requirements without affecting existing applications. Another update supports the promotion of services from a development to production environment. This is designed to enable you to copy existing REST services more easily, which can save time and resources.
  • The fast index traversal feature of Db2 12 (often called "FTB" for "fast traverse blocks") delivered Db2 transaction performance improvements without the need for application changes. FTBs use a cache-friendly optimized in-memory structure to accelerate index-tree traversals, which can significantly reduce get page operations and CPU consumption. Added in response to client enhancement requests was improved serviceability, improved test coverage, and resolution of reported FTB-related software issues.

To simplify the adoption of these enhancements, the Db2 12 System Modification Program Extended (SMP/E) product image has been refreshed (superseded, or SUP'd) into an SMP/installable product image. This image was created at PDO 2043 (October 2020) and contains more than 1800 PTFs, including all function-level activation PTFs, up to and including function level 508. Additionally, the Db2 for z/OS installation verification testing and the new install of the product image using z/OSMF dialogs has demonstrated a greatly simplified product installation, largely due to the reduced number of PTFs to apply and the reduced number of applicable HOLD actions to evaluate. This image can be beneficial to clients who have not yet installed Db2 12 and is available in Shop zSeries using the order information in the general availability announcements in the Reference information section.

Now more than ever it is crucial to ensure that you have tooling that provides the required Db2 12 feature support to meet your business needs on your timeline. Db2 Tools deliver on a continuous release schedule, committed to Db2 for z/OS support, delivering timely value for critical Db2 applications and systems.

Some of the Db2 12 function-level support highlights delivered in the tools include:

  • Db2 Administration Tool, which is designed to make it faster and easier to move simple or segmented table spaces to Universal Table Spaces provided in Db2 function level 508. Db2 Administration Tool can make it easy to find and identify the list of tables that fit the criteria. Db2 Administration Tool generates a job that creates the new PBG table spaces and runs the ALTER TABLESPACE statements with the MOVE TABLE clause, the materializing REORG utility operations, and any requested rebinds. This can enable you to take advantage of the new table space format more safely and easily.
  • Function level 505 delivered REBIND phase-in capabilities for application packages that Db2 Object Comparison Tool uses to issue the REBINDs for packages that are invalidated during a change. You can experience fewer REBIND failures as a result of timeouts and less manual intervention. Db2 Administration Tool ISPF displays the new COPYID column for packages. SQL Performance Analyzer for z/OS REBIND phase-in and plan management provides the capability to find candidate packages that can benefit from REBINDs. Db2 Query Monitor and OMEGAMON XE for Db2 PE can perform CPU and elapsed-time comparisons before and after the REBINDs to verify the improvements.
  • Db2 Administration Tool, Object Comparison Tool, and Recovery Expert collectively can make it easier to manage deprecated objects in function level 504.

For more details about Db2 Tools and Db2 12 function level support, see the Db2 12 function level compatibility tables.

Significant Db2 Tools enhancements have also been added through continuous delivery that improve operational efficiency, optimize actionable insights and automation, and provide greater business readiness and protection.

To simplify the adoption of these enhancements, the following Db2 Tools SMP/E product images have been refreshed (superseded, or SUP'd), integrating more than 1630 PTFs collectively, and are available in Shop zSeries by using the order information in the general availability announcements in the Reference information section.

Product Name Total PTFs in SUP See Note
Db2 Administration Tool for z/OS 493 1, 2, 3
Db2 Analytics Accelerator Loader for z/OS 131
Db2 Automation Tool for z/OS 225 3, 5
Db2 Cloning Tool for z/OS 95 1, 3
Db2 Log Analysis Tool for z/OS 207  
Db2 Object Comparison Tool for z/OS 39 6
OMEGAMON XE for Db2 Performance Expert on z/OS 287 3, 4
Db2 Recovery Expert for z/OS 101 3, 5
Db2 Table Editor for z/OS 54 6
  1. Available standalone and as a Db2 Administration Solution Pack for z/OS component
  2. Available standalone and as a Db2 Change Management Solution Pack for z/OS component
  3. Available standalone and as a Db2 Management Solution Pack for z/OS component
  4. Available standalone and as a Db2 Performance Solution Pack for z/OS component
  5. Available standalone and as a Db2 Utilities Solution Pack for z/OS component
  6. Not available standalone; only included as a component of the Db2 Administration Solution Pack for z/OS, the Db2 Change Management Solution Pack for z/OS, and the Db2 Management Solution Pack for z/OS

These and more Db2 Tools offerings collectively delivered a variety of more than 300 enhancements based on submitted enhancement requests. For more details on some of these enhancement requests, see the User Group requirements section.

The above offerings are generally available as of the date specified in their original product announcement letters. This announcement is announcing enhancements provided through continuous delivery and the repackaging through the SUP process in software manufacturing. For information about these offerings, see the product announcements and other websites in the Reference information section.

Also available as a no-charge integrated development environment is the IBM Db2 for z/OS Developer Extension, offered as an add-on that extends functions of Microsoft™ Visual Studio Code to support development for IBM Db2 for z/OS. The Db2 for z/OS Developer Extension provides Db2 for z/OS SQL language support by implementing a feature-rich language server, bringing editor enhancements that enable Db2 SQL and routine developers to employ features such as syntax highlighting and checking, code template snippets, code completion, SQL execution and query result browsing and exporting, SQL execution integration with other extensions, native SQL procedure deployment, and debug and execution.

For more information about Db2 for z/OS Developer Extension, see the Visual Studio Marketplace website in the Reference information section.

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Key requirements

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For information about Key requirements, see the product announcement letters referenced in the Reference information section.

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Planned availability date

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March 9, 2021

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Following are more details about enhancements delivered in Db2 12 through the function levels:

  • Function level 509 provides enhancements such as support for tamper-proof audit policies, which prevents users with high-level Db2 privileges from unnecessarily modifying or stopping the audit policy, minimizing the possibility of loss of audit information. This function level also introduces high availability for accelerator-only tables as well as object-level Huffman Compression support and Catalog indicator to identify compressed data.
  • Function level 508 provides the capability to move data from multi-table simple or multi-table segmented (non-universal table spaces [non-UTS]), which have long been deprecated, to UTS to improve quality, stability, function, and availability. UTS permit the consolidation of data and table to Db2 ’s strategic table space type. This feature enables clients to automate the conversion of thousands of existing deprecated tables to the modern UTS format, where they can take advantage of availability features that help improve application and database operations and performance without an outage. Also delivered in function level 508 is a redirected recovery feature that enables clients to test and validate recovery procedures and performance without impacting the availability of production systems or applications. This feature also can eliminate the need to set up test subsystems for recovery testing. Additionally, function level 508 includes temporal referential integrity support, which can deliver centralized business rules, reduce complexity of Db2 applications, eliminate many programming errors, minimize maintenance overhead on the client side, and help improve performance.
  • Function level 507 provides application granularity for locking limits, deletion of old statistics when using profiles, CREATE OR REPLACE for procedures. Extending accelerator passthrough-only support from function level 504, function level 507 adds more supported built-in functions with the IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator.
  • Function level 506 enables the automatic drop of an explicitly defined table space when a DROP TABLE occurs. Another application feature provides alternative spellings for existing SQL built-in function that can improve compatibility and make it easier to port applications to Db2.
  • Function level 505 provides a new REBIND phase-in capability for application packages, which enables database administrators to issue REBIND PACKAGE commands successfully when target packages are being concurrently executed. This enables database administrators to deploy new features in Db2 12 function levels, which often require packages to be rebound at a higher APPLCOMPAT level, without having to wait for a suitable window when applications are not running or take disruptive application outages to complete the rebinds. Other features include automatic default page sampling for RUNSTATS, improved DECFLOAT data type support, built-in functions for encryption using key labels, and temporal and archive transparency for WHEN clauses on triggers.
  • Function level 504 provides support for Db2 tables to take advantage of the z14 Huffman encoded data compression. Compressing the data in a table space can significantly reduce the amount of disk space that is needed to store data and can help improve buffer pool performance. SQL syntax alternatives simplify the porting of database applications from other platforms. Passthrough-only expressions are expressions that cannot run on IBM Z and are passed from Db2 for z/OS to the Db2 Analytics Accelerator. Working in synergy, Db2 verifies that the data types of the parameters are valid for these functions. The Db2 Analytics Accelerator performs all the other function resolution processing and validation. With these additional SQL expressions, you can perform more complex analytical queries on data for more elaborate statistical analysis and pattern identification.
  • Function level 503 provides support for IBM Db2 AI for z/OS, which leverages machine learning technology to empower the Db2 for z/OS optimizer to help determine the best-performing query access paths based on your workload characteristics. Temporal tables were enhanced, which are useful in scenarios that require tracking history of data changes.
  • Function level 502 provides more granular control over security to the database administration with support for transparent data encryption. You also can cast numeric data to GRAPHIC and VARCGRAPHIC data types.
  • Function level 501 lays the structural foundation for subsequent function levels and provides the new LISTAGG function.

IBM is committed to meeting client requirements in the Db2 Tools for z/OS portfolio that are critical to your Db2 for z/OS investment, sustainability, and business success. Features and benefits delivered in Db2 Tools include the following:

  • Db2 Accelerator Loader for z/OS:
    • Increases the operational efficiency of the tool with an added progress monitor that enables you to check the status of the load process
    • Provides significant changes in product architecture to help ensure more robust back-and-forth status reporting between the loader and IDAA, which can result in fewer load failures and more graceful error recovery
  • Db2 Administration Tool for z/OS:
    • Adds API support that enables clients to take advantage of their investment in Db2 and Db2 Tools. This can enable clients to easily include existing capabilities in their Db2 applications, which can speed time to market for Db2 applications by reducing time in development, testing, and maintenance.
    • Provides new capability to detect timeout conditions and automate restarts, which can reduce manual interventions to make changes more reliably to Db2 applications.
    • Provides enhanced recovery support with the capability to automatically retry failed timeouts by specifying the number of retries and the amount of time between retries. This feature enables you to better implement Db2 object changes on your time schedule, removing wait time, manual restart, and optimizing resources.
  • Db2 Automation Tool for z/OS provides advanced SQL for index selection, giving users more control over index criteria to invoke intelligent automated actions. This feature provides a simplified way to target automated maintenance to only the indexes that require it.
  • Db2 Cloning Tool for z/OS offers a new user interface designed for ease of use, with a more intuitive, task-driven interface for creating application cloning jobs that can be customized by the user.
  • Db2 High Performance Unload for z/OS (HPU):
    • Provides a new optimized architecture that can help reduce CPU usage.
    • Includes added support for zIIP processors that can help reduce CPU usage. The unload jobs execute in native mode, and the unload jobs involving complex formatting, in whatever processing mode, can offload a significant part of their processing load to zIIP processors.
  • Db2 Log Analysis Tool for z/OS:
    • Provides automated table versioning support. With a growing and complex Db2 environment, the Db2 log files increase in size. Table versioning and dropped columns alter a table's mapping based on a point in time can cause a mismatch, requiring manual intervention, affecting availability. Db2 Log Analysis Tool detects these object changes and enables automated table versioning to improve availability and productivity.
    • JCL simplification was delivered and can increase operational efficiency by enabling you to configure Db2 Log Analysis Tool without going through numerous ISPF panels, selecting and changing various parameters to generate the JCL that is executed to produce the desired result. Now you can simply submit a JSON file.
  • Db2 Query Management Facility for z/OS (QMF):
    • The QMF Z Client delivers additional usability and productivity additions with new API support for Cobol, C, and C++, as well as support for global variables from QMF for Time Sharing Option/Extensions (TSO). This extends CPU savings as work submitted from the QMF Z Client interface is zIIP eligible and applies to batch workloads, procedures, and ad hoc queries.
    • Enhancements to QMF for Workstation and QMF for WebSphere:
      • Commands used to generate the QMF application tables are now sensitive to the Db2 for z/OS version level. For example, QMF can ensure that the appropriate commands are used to generate universal table spaces and simple table spaces based on the Db2 version level detected.
      • The Query Build interface has an option to display indexes on a table. This saves users from having to separately search for and identify the indexes needed to speed up queries and reduce the impact to Db2 for z/OS workload.
      • QMF's ability to enable combinations of sort ordering in a result set is expanded to enable such combinations across all columns of result sets. This enables more sophisticated querying of business data.
      • Analytical Query supports functions equivalent to the SQL UNION, INTERSECT, and EXCEPT functions, along with COLLATE option. When merging query outputs from different data sources, users can isolate the distinct data, the common data, or the data that is only present in one of the tables while considering the appropriate COLLATE criteria. This enhancement enables more dynamic analysis with faster results to meet business demands.
  • The above Db2 Query Management Facility for z/OS (QMF) enhancements also are applicable for the Db2 12 for z/OS QMF Enterprise Edition Advanced feature.
  • Db2 Query Monitor for z/OS:
    • Delivers AI-infused performance monitoring that learns and adapts as your application changes. Adaptive thresholds learn what is "normal" for CPU, GETPAGES, and elapsed time in your environment and notify you of occurrences that are outside the bounds of user-defined thresholds.
  • Db2 Recovery Expert for z/OS:
    • Adds operational efficiencies to recover in parallel across multiple LPARs. The recovery uses intelligent processing to recognize available computing resources across LPARS as well as the priority of objects and application groups that can reduce overall recovery time and improve availability.
    • Adds the capability to generate recovery plans and JCL by two different components of the product: by the agent and by the batch utility. The agent processes requests formed by the Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF) or web client based on the user's selections on ISPF panels or web pages. Batch utility runs as a separate job, and a JCL running it should be edited manually. With this enhancement, JCL for the batch utility can be generated by the ISPF client. This can make the process easier, require less time, and reduce the possibility of error.
    • Adds recovery progress monitoring by validating assets before execution to optimize the recovery in the quickest, most efficient process to ensure that recovery time objectives (RTOs) can be met. Recovery simulation can be performed using redirected recovery with the IBM Db2 for z/OS RECOVER utility. The recovery monitoring feature provides vital information on the status of the recovery, including time and objectives recovered.
  • Db2 Sort for z/OS:
    • Exploits the z15™ Integrated Accelerator Sort. If installed, Db2 Sort will apply to all IBM Db2 Utilities and Tools that invoke Db2 Sort. There are improvements in CPU for LOAD, REBUILD INDEX, and REORG processes.
  • Db2 Utilities Suite for z/OS:
    • Provides TEMPLATE support for Large Block Interface via the new BLKZSLIM option
    • Provides various LOAD improvements, including the capability to presort data, control updates for MAXASSIGNEDVAL, override row change timestamps, and specify extended DEFAULTIF conditions
    • Can improve efficiency and quality of statistics gathering by avoiding external sorts for single-column column groups at the utility job level and introducing default page sampling for RUNSTATS
    • Can improve availability across the utilities with LOAD REPLACE SHRLEVEL REFERENCE, REORG, and LOAD FORCE, the capability to load read-only objects, and improved concurrency between utilities
    • Provides the capability to delete only FlashCopy® image copies and improve performance for consistency processing to help you manage your backup recovery strategy when using FlashCopy
  • OMEGAMON XE for DB2® Performance Expert on z/OS:
    • Provides actionable insights via integration with Db2 AI for z/OS, applying machine learning principles to performance data for root cause acceleration. This can simplify troubleshooting by reducing the time and skills needed to detect and analyze potential performance issues.
    • Offers improved operational efficiency, automation, and business readiness with the introduction of Configuration Manager. This feature provides an alternative to using the PARMGEN ISPF panels. It can reduce the manual effort required for reviewing and setting hundreds of parameters. It provides most common settings as ready-to-use features for an up-and-running experience, which can save time and CPU resources. This feature enhances value for new and upgrade installations.

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Reference information

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The lifecycle, terms and conditions, license, and so on, for the products, as previously announced in the following Software Announcements, are unchanged by this announcement. Please reference the following Software Announcements or the IBM Software Lifecycle website for any additional information about the offerings in this announcement.

  • 5650-DB2, Db2 12 for z/OS general availability, 216-378, dated October 4, 2016
  • 5650-DB2, Db2 12 for z/OS enriched with QMF 12.2 features, 218-261, dated May 15, 2018
  • 5770-AF3, Db2 12 for z/OS Value Unit Edition general availability, 216-077, dated October 4, 2016
  • 5655-DT2, Db2 Administration Tool for z/OS V12.1, 216-326, dated October 4, 2016
  • 5639-OLE, Db2 Analytics Accelerator Loader for z/OS V2.1, 216-015, dated January 25, 2016
  • 5655-E37, Db2 Automation Tool for z/OS V4.3, 216-326, dated October 4, 2016
  • 5655-N15, Db2 Cloning Tool for z/OS V3.2, 215-263, dated August 4, 2015
  • 5655-HP5, Db2 High Performance Unload for z/OS V5.1, 217-159, dated May 9, 2017
  • 5655-T56, Db2 Log Analysis Tool for z/OS V3.5, 215-086, dated May 5, 2015
  • 5697-QM2, Db2 Query Management Facility for z/OS V12.2, 218-442, dated August 14, 2018
  • 5655-V42, Db2 Query Monitor for z/OS V3.3, 216-326, dated October 4, 2016
  • 5655-W78, Db2 Recovery Expert for z/OS V3.2, 215-263, dated August 4, 2015
  • 5655-AA9, Db2 Sort for z/OS V2.1, 214-371, dated October 7, 2014
  • 5697-G65, Db2 Table Editor for z/OS V4.5, 216-164, dated May 10, 2016
  • 5770-AF4, Db2 Utilities Suite for z/OS V12.1, 216-326, dated October 4, 2016
  • Solution Packs:
    • 5697-ASP, Db2 Administration Solution Pack V3.1, 216-326, dated October 4, 2016
    • 5655-CH1, Db2 Change Management Solution Pack V1.1, 216-326, dated October 4, 2016
    • 5655-MS2, Db2 Data Management Solution Pack V2.2, 217-159, dated May 9, 2017
    • 5655-E74, Db2 Performance Solution Pack V1.5, 216-326, dated October 4, 2016
    • 5697-US4, Db2 Utilities Solution Pack V4.2, 217-159, dated May 9, 2017

For information about IBM Db2 for z/OS Developer Extension, see the Visual Studio Marketplace website.

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Business Partner information

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If you are a Direct Reseller - System Reseller acquiring products from IBM, you may link directly to Business Partner information for this announcement. A PartnerWorld ID and password are required (use IBMid).

BP Attachment for Announcement Letter 221-003

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Program number

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Product Number VRM Product Name
5650-DB2 12.1.0 Db2 12 for z/OS
5770-AF3 12.1.0 Db2 12 for z/OS Value Unit Edition
5655-DT2 12.1.0 Db2 Administration Tool for z/OS
5639-OLE 2.1.0 Db2 Analytics Accelerator Loader
5655-E37 4.3.0 Db2 Automation Tool for z/OS
5655-N15 3.2.0 Db2 Cloning Tool for z/OS
5655-HP5 5.1.0 Db2 High Performance Unload for z/OS
5655-T56 3.5.0 Db2 Log Analysis Tool for z/OS
5697-QM2 12.2.0 Db2 Query Management Facility for z/OS
5655-V42 3.3.0 Db2 Query Monitor for z/OS
5655-W78 3.2.0 Db2 Recovery Expert for z/OS
5655-AA9 2.1.0 Db2 Sort for z/OS
5697-G65 4.5.0 Db2 Table Editor for z/OS
5770-AF4 12.1.0 Db2 Utilities Suite for z/OS
5655-W37 5.4.0 OMEGAMON XE for Db2 Performance Expert on z/OS
Solution Packs:
5697-ASP 3.1.0 Db2 Administration Solution Pack
5655-CH1 1.1.0 Db2 Change Management Solution Pack
5655-MS2 2.2.0 Db2 Management Solution Pack
5655-E74 1.5.0 Db2 Performance Solution Pack
5697-US4 4.2.0 Db2 Utilities Solution Pack

Generally available as of the date specified in the original product announcement letters referenced in the Reference information section, this announcement letter is announcing new enhancements provided through continuous delivery and the refreshed packaging of several offerings.

5650-DB2 12.1.0 Db2 12 for z/OS
5770-AF3 12.1.0 Db2 12 for z/OS Value Unit Edition
5655-DT2 12.1.0 Db2 Administration Tool for z/OS
5639-OLE 2.1.0 Db2 Analytics Accelerator Loader
5655-E37 4.3.0 Db2 Automation Tool for z/OS
5655-N15 3.2.0 Db2 Cloning Tool for z/OS
5655-HP5 5.1.0 Db2 High Performance Unload for z/OS
5655-T56 3.5.0 Db2 Log Analysis Tool for z/OS
5697-QM2 12.2.0 Db2 Query Management Facility for z/OS
5655-V42 3.3.0 Db2 Query Monitor for z/OS
5655-W78 3.2.0 Db2 Recovery Expert for z/OS
5655-AA9 2.1.0 Db2 Sort for z/OS
5697-G65 4.5.0 Db2 Table Editor for z/OS
5770-AF4 12.1.0 Db2 Utilities Suite for z/OS
5655-W37 5.4.0 OMEGAMON XE for Db2 Performance Expert on z/OS
Solution Packs:
5697-ASP 3.1.0 Db2 Administration Solution Pack
5655-CH1 1.1.0 Db2 Change Management Solution Pack
5655-MS2 2.2.0 Db2 Management Solution Pack
5655-E74 1.5.0 Db2 Performance Solution Pack
5697-US4 4.2.0 Db2 Utilities Solution Pack

Generally available as of the date specified in the original product announcement letters referenced in the Reference information section, this announcement letter is announcing new enhancements provided through continuous delivery and the refreshed packaging of several offerings.

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Documentation for the products in this announcement can be found in IBM Knowledge Center .

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Software Services

IBM Software Services has the breadth, depth, and reach to manage your services needs. You can leverage the deep technical skills of the lab-based software services team and the business consulting, project management, and infrastructure expertise of the IBM Global Services team. Also, IBM extends the reach of IBM Software Services through IBM Business Partners to provide an extensive portfolio of capabilities. IBM provides the global reach, intellectual capital, industry insight, and technology leadership to support a wide range of critical business needs.

To learn more about IBM Software Services, contact your Lab Services Sales or Delivery Leader.

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Technical information

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Specified operating environment

Hardware requirements

See the product announcements in the Reference information section.

Software requirements

See the product announcements in the Reference information section.


For details about Db2 Tools and Db2 12 functional level support, see the Db2 12 function level compatibility tables in the Db2 Tools for z/OS Product Documentation website.

IBM Support

IBM Support is your gateway to technical support tools and resources that are designed to help you save time and simplify support. IBM Support can help you find answers to questions, download fixes, troubleshoot, submit and track problem cases, and build skills. Learn and stay informed about the transformation of IBM Support, including new tools, new processes, and new capabilities, by going to the IBM Support Insider.

User Group requirements

This announcement satisfies or partially satisfies the following requirements submitted from various user groups and clients. The requirements satisfied include the following, listed by product.

Db2 12 for z/OS

Db2 for z/OS has delivered the following requirements. For additional lists of Db2 12 for z/OS requirements delivered and previously announced, see the Db2 for z/OS announcements in the Reference information section.

Type Submitted Number Description
Idea DB24LUW-I-790 New metrics for REST services
Idea DB24ZOS-I-1181 Make the TCPIP address available for security purposes
Idea DB24ZOS-I-1121 Choose statement concentration in JDBC on a per-statement level
Idea DB24ZOS-I-1147 Support a profile to control maximum number of active distributed threads from all unaccounted IP addresses
Idea DB24ZOS-I-1096 Db2 identify needs to recognize ASXBUSR8 instead of ASXBUSER
Idea DB24ZOS-I-1089 Reduce REBIND phase-in wait time
Idea DB24ZOS-I-1080 Enable application to decide whether lock escalation should occur
Idea DB24ZOS-I-1078 Support for python ibm_db driver on z/OS using z ODBC driver
Idea DB24ZOS-I-1041 Utility Flashcopy templates verification in UTILINIT phase
Idea DB24ZOS-I-1040 Profile Table Remove Implicit Queueing
Idea DB24ZOS-I-1039 Enable client information to be propagated from a Db2 REST call
Idea DB24ZOS-I-1036 Ensure data consistency in even the biggest LOBs without compromising availability
Idea DB24ZOS-I-1035 Improve DDF location statistics (enable more application connections via self-service inactive thread management)
Idea DB24ZOS-I-1029 Enhance IFCID 389 for number of FTB traversals
Idea DB24ZOS-I-1027 z15: Micro Trend
Idea DB24ZOS-I-1025 Estimate Db2z space savings for Huffman Compression - DSN1COMP support
Idea DB24ZOS-I-1024 z15: Dump security by encrypting buffer pool information
Idea DB24ZOS-I-1013 Enable improved Db2 z performance dashboard in DSM with prerequisite IFI stored procedure
Idea DB24ZOS-I-1011 Enhance Db2 z connector for IBM Cloud Pak® to latest certification
Idea DB24ZOS-I-1010 Enable developers to self-service deploy db2 z application objects in OpenShift® using DevOps Experience
Idea DB24ZOS-I-1009 Increase SQL compatibility with other DBMSs
Idea DB24ZOS-I-994 Future V12 customers use Db2 12 SUP tape for a faster and easier V12 migration or installation
Idea DB24ZOS-I-992 Shorten Db2 V12 PTF prerequisite chaining
Idea DB24ZOS-I-989 Change IRLM hashing algorithm to offer a better and more efficient distribution of P-locks across LTEs
Idea DB24ZOS-I-980 Simplification: Enhanced Db2 log integration for advanced analytics
Idea DB24ZOS-I-975 DISPLAY BLOCKERS feature should help to identify the impact of threads holding locks and claims
Idea DB24ZOS-I-973 Db2 trace data should provide metrics related to usage of Sysplex WLB (workload balancing) option
Idea DB24ZOS-I-972 Db2 trace data should provide metrics related to secured connections (SSL, AT-TLS)
Idea DB24ZOS-I-949 Add new column in Db2 catalog table
Idea DB24ZOS-I-913 Support ARCHIVE tables by V7 accelerator
Idea DB24ZOS-I-911 USS CLP without supplying user id and password
Idea DB24ZOS-I-900 Capture Connection Security Type in SMF accounting data
Idea DB24ZOS-I-858 Migration of multi-table tablespaces to UTS PBG
Idea DB24ZOS-I-808 Console message for inoperative packages
Idea DB24ZOS-I-792 CATALOG parameter in DSNTINST generates VSAM defines
Idea DB24ZOS-I-789 Allow DELETE statement to commit deletes every X records
Idea DB24ZOS-I-716 Additional DB2 MQListener Enhancements
Idea DB24ZOS-I-666 Implementation of DATATYPE DECFLOAT in the creation of an index in DB2 for z/OS
Idea DB24ZOS-I-663 Accurately report Db2 Real Storage Usage in IFCID 225 when KEEPREAL=YES is used
Idea DB24ZOS-I-653 REXX WLM SPAS ddname ZPMDFLTS should not point to SDSNSAMP
Idea DB24ZOS-I-637 Performance optimization for Java™ IMS
Idea DB24ZOS-I-596 Db2 MQ Listener: Reconnect and resume processing after DB2/WLM outage
Idea DB24ZOS-I-595 In Db2, avoid creation of segmented tablespace
Idea DB24ZOS-I-593 Read all SQL statements from dynamic statement cache
Idea DB24ZOS-I-590 Complete alter trigger statement
Idea DB24ZOS-I-581 Visibility dynamic statement cache users of tables involved in resource unavailable on an EXCHANGE DATA
Idea DB24ZOS-I-565 Db2 profile table: Remove Implicit Queueing
Idea DB24ZOS-I-559 Profile table usage request: DSN_PROFILE_ATTRIBUTES
Idea DB24ZOS-I-535 Db2 command enhancement: TERMINATE utility
Idea DB24ZOS-I-525 RLF refresh by using 'Start .....' command
Idea DB24ZOS-I-524 Enable usability for Native DDF Rest Services (eAPPLCOMPAT, Version,..)
Idea DB24ZOS-I-514 Provide a ZPARM to prevent creating new non-UTS table spaces
Idea DB24ZOS-I-509 Managing status of Db2 REST services
Idea DB24ZOS-I-508 Support for secret passwords when using z/OS batch command-line processor
Idea DB24ZOS-I-504 Improve Db2 DBD pool processing to prevent full and provide better diagnostics
Idea DB24ZOS-I-503 Db2 Migration z/OSMF workflow usability and flexibility
Idea DB24ZOS-I-493 Remove 32768 limit to DSMAX
Idea DB24ZOS-I-492 Avoid new workload during Db2 restart light
Idea DB24ZOS-I-491 Db2/ZOS Use APREUSE(WARN) for all automatic rebinds
Idea DB24ZOS-I-477 Db2 restart light invalidly accepts new connections
Idea DB24ZOS-I-444 Control Connections via profiles using client properties
Idea DB24ZOS-I-435 Db2 automatic client reroute with pass tickets
Idea DB24ZOS-I-427 Help us deprecate synonyms
Idea DB24ZOS-I-425 Enable REBIND of in-use Dynamic SQL packages
Idea DB24ZOS-I-407 Avoid synchronous preformat in SQL INSERT transactions
Idea DB24ZOS-I-394 Remove IBM internal use only to LIMITKEY field in catalog table SYSIBM.SYSTABLEPART because the field is useful in ROTATE
Idea DB24ZOS-I-389 In Db2, use secure port only
Idea DB24ZOS-I-377 TRIGGERS referencing system temporal tables
Idea DB24ZOS-I-359 Idle connection timeout
Idea DB24ZOS-I-343 Enhancement for IRLM global deadlock detection process
Idea DB24ZOS-I-338 Basic IVP tests delivered with Db2 code to do performance tests/compares adjusted to code changes
Idea DB24ZOS-I-336 Testing coverage improvement request for Db2 on z/OS
Idea DB24ZOS-I-330 Db2 provided z/OSMF templates to support Db2 subsystem in DSG
Idea DB24ZOS-I-326 Provide a smarter refresh mechanism for RLF
Idea DB24ZOS-I-324 More efficient way of freeing or deleting a bind copy for trigger packages
Idea DB24ZOS-I-323 Enhancements for idle thread timeout
Idea DB24ZOS-I-319 Show encryption on data-set level
Idea DB24ZOS-I-311 Conversion from variable-length char. fields to fixed-length char. fields without indexes in rebuild-pending
Idea DB24ZOS-I-294 ISO(UR) query should see a record for which overflow record is generated by concurrent UPDATE statement
Idea DB24ZOS-I-293 RENAME TABLE with views
Idea DB24ZOS-I-251 DROP TABLE should automatically drop underlying partitioned tablespace
Idea DB24ZOS-I-250 Better data compression to benefit more from large memory
Idea DB24ZOS-I-239 Db2 SERVER_ENCRYPT enhancement
Idea DB24ZOS-I-221 POLICYs should proactively place a connection limit on ANY UP address
Idea DB24ZOS-I-219 DDF: Connectivity factor is not being taken into consideration to calculate the weight of every Db2 member
Idea DB24ZOS-I-200 Add identifiers to DSNT772I and IFCID 402 for profile monitor connections and threads
Idea DB24ZOS-I-181 Db2 for z/OS: Consistent result set when FLOAT column used in GROUP BY (like DECFLOAT)
Idea DB24ZOS-I-157 Serialize uncommitted reads in data-sharing environment
Idea DB24ZOS-I-146 Remove restriction that FRRECOV to PPRC primary parameter must be set before BACKUP SYSTEM
Idea DB24ZOS-I-120 DSN8ED7
Idea DB24ZOS-I-118 Add support for scalar function CHECKSUM of BLOB and CLOB fields
Idea DB24ZOS-I-111 Db2 for ZOS DSNLEUSR proc should not require crypto card
Idea DB24ZOS-I-109 Give a message for loss of lock avoidance
Idea DB24ZOS-I-99 Db2 COPY / LISTDEF DSNU1001I message doc update
Idea DB24ZOS-I-62 Show the message DSNI014I - 00C90101 in STC DB2 MSTR
Idea DB24ZOS-I-56 Change RTS to externalize the statistics when the object is in UTRW
Idea DB24ZOS-I-48 Profile-Table: Enable collection-ID setting for remote applications
RFE 126474 Client needs the MQListener in Db2 for z/OS controlling the log file
RFE 122710 Db2 Upgrade and fallback information in Db2 catalog tables
RFE 118649 Re-Support SHRLEVEL REFERENCE for LOAD-Utility in V12
RFE 114484 New MONITOR IDLE CONNECTIONS Db2 profile keyword
RFE 110407 Select with for SYSTEM_TIME clause, previous existing rows in history table not returned if operational field is null
RFE 108987 Amend REORG_DROP_PBG_PARTS behavior to not cancel claimers when removing empty partitions
RFE 108527 Force ABIND(COEXIST) under the covers for all data sharing
RFE 104152 Managing the lifecycle of Db2 REST services
RFE 102218 Enhance Db2 SERVAUTH SAF calls to always pass the IP on the log string
RFE 101257 Add message to Db2 syslog on all data sharing members after a successful activation of a new function level
RFE 77373 Maximum number of parameter markers in an SQL statement
RFE 75698 Alter view add column (with keeping authorizations and dependent access paths)
RFE 61644 Enable online ALTER TABLE without impacting DML statements that access the table
RFE 57790 Better partition management
RFE 55128 Add AUTHID information to DSNT772I or equivalent message for Db2 Profile violations
RFE 55127 Full wildcard capability within Db2 profile tables
RFE 53032 Improve the functionality of MQListener
RFE 52672 DMHE storage creep can force Db2 outage
RFE 46814 Support casting from integer to GRAPHIC
RFE 46812 Tracing of UDFs
RFE 44998 AP selection LIST PREFETCH (MXI)
RFE 44425 Db2 MQListener: Enable multiple versions of native SQL procedures
RFE 44323 Capability to temporarily disable a trigger
RFE 41815 Storage issues when working with LOBs (and specifically with function XMLPARSE)
RFE 37339 Provide method for clearing Db2 dynamic statement cache without subsystem recycle
RFE 36170 Merge statement enhancement
RFE 28838 Synchronize behavior of Db2 on z/OS with distributed platforms on SQLCODE= +100 situation
RFE 28483 Parallel execution of REFRESH TABLE
RFE 28470 Long-term page fix on all i/o buffer outside the BP (new zparm-switch)
RFE 28433 Partly unique index
RFE 27461 Db2 should provide a customizable module to contain user-relevant information on the overall service level of the Db2 subsystem
RFE 27449 Provide name of subsystem owning dynamic statement when 00E70081 is issued
RFE 26134 Db2 temporal bitemporal "logical transactions" and multiple history rows for the same active row in a single technical transact
RFE 25954 Extend the REBALANCE option to online-REORG
RFE 25887 Remove some overhead associated with dynamic SQL and specifically reduce overhead of the RLST
RFE 25592 Add audit logging column to system temporal table to identify user that performed the update/delete
RFE 24293 Db2 restart performance after unplanned outage
RFE 24292 Statement-level option for committed read independent of EVALUNC
RFE 24140 Reduce of the STOP DATABASE timeout value without reducing of the IRLMRWT value
RFE 23842 RACF® control of Db2 MQ service class
RFE 23162 Better Java SQLJ integration in SYSIBM.SYSPACKAGE.HOSTLANG: Use different character for Java
RFE 22748 ODBC 3.0: new feature SQL_ATTR_INFO_ACCTSTR
RFE 22224 Revoke DATAACCESS privileges from SYSADM and INSTALL-SYSADM
RFE 22192 Register the CURRENT SQLID in the Db2 catalog when objects are created
RFE 21884 Provide PTF level of stored procedures
RFE 20125 Drop Column
RFE 20122 Increase DSMAX to 200,000
RFE 20026 Predicate transitive closure with left outer join
RFE 19297 Update history only temporal table with automated comment on update / delete

Db2 Administration Tool for z/OS has delivered the following requirements:

Type Submitted Number Description
Idea DB2ZOSTLS-I-120 Support of FL506
Idea DB2ZOSTLS-I-92 Enable registering changes to column masks and row permissions
Idea DB2ZOSTLS-I-78 Timeout retry logic
Idea DB2ZOSTLS-I-20 Support for native REST APIs
Idea DB2ZADMTL-I-17 CM refresh button
Idea DB2ZADMTL-I-1 Add scroll on panel for more information
Idea, RFE DB2ZOSTLS-I-62, DB2ZADMTL-I-13, 122294 Insert partitions (Db2 v12 support)
RFE 121495 MIG option to pull in parent objects into scope
RFE 113737 Support for partition level image copies for COPY statements generated by CMBATCH (AOC 12.1 version only)
RFE 113209 Batch support for DET command for both tables and packages
RFE 111450 Extend the schema concept on panel ADB21 and ADB21H and GEN to include TB, IX, AL, VW
RFE 108433 Generate readable WSL in batch
RFE 107923 Recognize and tolerate revoke, truncate, and DML
RFE 105522 Enable long object names in the compare summary report
RFE 104856 Generate ALTER TABLE statements instead of DROP/CREATE in compare
RFE 102969 CM BATCH to show originator of status change
RFE 101880, 38905 DDL reader will recognize correct SQL and throw a meaningful message for incorrect SQL
RFE 98116 Planname in header for package list
RFE 86368 Save/Restore user options on GOC5 panel
RFE 86365, 113084 CM batch should work with CAF and not mandate RRS attach
RFE 83291 Generate STEPLIB for Db2 Sort for HPU jobs
RFE 74528 Original recover should unload/reload all objects at the same point - Phase #1
RFE 70744 Externalize AUTOREBIND in ADBTEP2
RFE 55547 Option to choose between alter drop column versus drop/create table
RFE 50938 Add "Invocation Exit" option support that can automatically be executed before invocation of AOC
RFE 36178 GEN catalog stats and commit
RFE 34868 Line-command table for all panels

Db2 Analytics Accelerator Loader for z/OS has delivered the following requirements:

Type Submitted Number Description
Idea DB2AAL-I-3 Allow HALOAD on the same table to multiple accelerators / accelerator groups
RFE 109615 Provide option to pass DB2 SSID into the Loader ISPF interface RFE 109615
RFE 85395 Active Load Progress Status

Db2 Automation Tool for z/OS has delivered the following requirements:

Type Submitted Number Description
Idea DB2ZOSTLS-I-123 Support viewing the advanced SQL in object profile
Idea DB2ZOSTLS-I-110 Automomics director: Delete actions
RFE 120416 Enhance generated install jobs
RFE 120331 SYSSTATFEEDBACK use in Db2 Autonomics
RFE 113746 Advanced SQL support for index selection in the object profile
RFE 113411 Esoteric table lookup for SORTDEVT
RFE 110474, 110550 Autonomics director ending message needed
RFE 109477 Support comments for advanced SQL object profiles
RFE 107877 New BUILD primary command
RFE 107872 Provide message when user-specified priority used
RFE 104499 Specify the processing of XML or LOB on the LISTDEF utility statement for image copies
RFE 104405 Add Mergecopy utility into supported utilities

Db2 Cloning Tool for z/OS has delivered the following requirements:

Type Submitted Number Description
Idea DB2ZOSTLS-I-130 Parameter to suppress the generation of GRANT statements during Db2 Application Cloning
Idea DB2ZCLOTL-I-6 Add the support of cascading FlashCopy in volume pairing algorithm during Db2 subsystem cloning
Idea DB2ZCLOTL-I-4 Versioning of packages
RFE 117277 Skip cloning of indexes that need to be rebuilt
RFE 90502 Enhance Cloning Tool to support indexes in target log apply processing
RFE 83425, 37052 Enhance subsystem cloning to enable target ICF catalogs to be on the target volumes (PH01928)
RFE 74602 Complete DDL generation and execution (CREATE, ALTER)
RFE 45860 Detection and support for DEFINE NO TS
RFE 36346 Using Db2 subsystem information entered in Tools Customizer as master

Db2 High Performance Unload for z/OS has delivered the following requirements:

Type Submitted Number Description
Idea ZHPUL-I-16 Support spanned unload of XML columns
Idea ZHPUL-I-14 Providing a new HPU parameter so that we can chose the number of BSAM buffers for SORTIN
Idea ZHPUL-I-11 HPU should have issued LOCK TABLE statement in SQL mode
Idea DB2ZOSTLS-I-91 LISTDEF support for Db2 Views in HPU RFE 101390
Idea DB2ZOSTLS-I-90 HPU: Support for common templates for multiple selects RFE 90963
RFE 123194 Db2 Tools HPU Local Time Template
RFE 117230 Option to enable inline copies to be ignored in HPU
RFE 116453 HPU 4.3 and support pervasive encryption
RFE 90963 HPU: Support for common templates for multiple selects
RFE 64364 Use of parameter SIZE in HPU

Db2 Log Analysis Tool for z/OS has delivered the following requirements:

Type Submitted Number Description
Idea DB2ZOSTLS-I-148 Improve performance for auditing reports when using Exclude Object Filters
Idea DB2ZLOANTL-I-3 Time delimiters expansion to support '.'
Idea DB2SOSTLS-147 Enable all parameters to be changed in the JCL without having to regenerate the syntax using the ISPF interface
RFE 106089 Provide the capability to control the DSN when splitting LOADFILES
RFE 94825 Usage of DSNHDECP with a different name from DSNHDECP itself
RFE 91830 ALA's implementation of TCz
RFE 88816 Enable the possibility of changing the order of header columns; this option is available in the LOAD format but not in the CSV format
RFE 88814 Suppress leading zeros when creating a delimited LOADFILE
RFE 86675 Automate table versioning
RFE 69036 New ISPF panel for translating Timestamp to LRSN and LRSN to Timestamp

Db2 Query Management Facility for z/OS has delivered the following requirements:

Type Submitted Number Description
Idea QMFEE-I-18 QMF WebSphere: Provide Content Assist functionality in other browsers
Idea QMFEE-I-16 Simplify the Scheduled Task to a right click menu
Idea QMFEE-I-15 Insert function for Table Editor
Idea QMFEE-I-13 QMF for WebSphere: Enable creator of web links to delete their own web links
Idea, RFE QMFEE-I-12, 55601 Superfluous DB2 GRANTs for customers using Db2/RACF security exit
Idea, RFE QMFEE-I-10, 78202 QMF - Add support for Db2 systems using RACF security
Idea, RFE QMFEE-I-9, 106132 Implement an option for "CONCENTRATE STATEMENTS WITH LITERALS" in QMF/TSO
Idea, RFE QMFEE-I-8, 34073 Enable secondary ids to be used with the QMF Governor
Idea, RFE QMFEE-I-7, 34102 A new functionality to build a query in prompted mode
Idea, RFE QMFEE-I-6, 36055 Support sorting results by more than three columns
Idea, RFE QMFEE-I-5, 120243 QMF EE WebSphere weblinks to work without logging on
Idea, RFE QMFEE-I-4, 120690 QMF for Workstation or QMF for WebSphere to have inline edit rows/column values and delete row values
Idea, RFE QMFEE-I-3, 122333 Display Indexes and their columns within QMF for Workstation, for each table
Idea, RFE QMFEE-I-2, 128190 QMF Analytical query to support EXCEPT and INTERSECT

Db2 Query Monitor for z/OS has delivered the following requirements:

Type Submitted Number Description
Idea DB2ZQUEMON-I-7 Provide both the long name of a threshold and the corresponding QM table column name in threshold pop-up window
Idea DB2ZOSTLS-I-9 Performance options: Profile change for CQM Web
Idea DB2ZOSTLS-I-35 Add parameters to filter the selected data to a specific Db2
Idea DB2ZOSTLS-I-26 Enable processing of QM performance data to be deferred
Idea DB2ZOSTLS-I-133 Adaptive threshold
RFE 120991 Enable collection of positive SQLCODEs in Query Monitor
RFE 119871 CQM: Add OWNER keyword to PLAN binds
RFE 111629 Better granularity for negative sqlcodes before reaching collection limit
RFE 36407 Priqty and secqty be changed to -1

Db2 Recovery Expert for z/OS has delivered the following requirements:

Type Submitted Number Description
Idea DB2ZRECEX-I-14 Make options "Ignore alters" and "Use Db2 catalog only" available separately
Idea DB2ZRECEX-I-8 Distribute recovered objects across jobs/steps according to best practices
Idea DB2ZRECEX-I-7 Use Db2 templates for COPY utility
Idea DB2ZRECEX-I-4 Implement copy accumulation functionality to provide a replacement for the Change Accumulation Tool
Idea DB2ZRECEX-I-3 Optionally allocate VSAMs for Db2 defined objects during disaster recovery
Idea DB2ZRECEX-I-2 Display HSM information in the SLB output
Idea DB2ZRECEX-I-1 Optionally issue archive log mode (quiesce) for disaster recovery
Idea DB2ZOSTLS-I-113 Enhance the server to filter all incoming requests
Idea, RFE DB2ZOSTLS-I-16, 124061, Redesign the Redirected Recovery backend for better reliability
Idea, RFE DB2ZRECEX-I-5, 107652 Recovery monitoring
RFE 122768, 122769 Disaster recovery: Be able to specify SMS parameters
RFE 107655, 111491 Parallel recovery streams across LPARs
RFE 124060 Panel driven batch generation of recovery plans for massive recovery
RFE 121543 Redirected recovery of dropped objects
RFE 120602 Option to specify the secondary SQLIDs for which to issue all the GRANTs
RFE 116269 Provide information when SLB and offload failed
RFE 116268 Support system-level backups as a recovery asset in IBM RECOVER utility plan generation
RFE 115200 Monitor work data sets and archive data sets separately
RFE 110849 Reload IDAA tables after recovery
RFE 110151 Recovery RTS data for dropped objects
RFE 109370 Errors caused by the addition of Fast Recover plan
RFE 109330 Enable multifactor authentication support
RFE 107654 Recovery simulation: Use IBM RECOVER for redirected recovery
RFE 105298 New option to recreate unrecoverable objects or make it empty

Db2 Utilities Suite for z/OS has delivered the following requirements:

Type Submitted Number Description
Idea DB2ZOSTLS-I-121 REORG FORCE cancels idle threads
Idea DB2ZOSTLS-I-20 RUNSTATS default page sampling
Idea DB2UTILSTZ-I-29 Enable UNLOAD shrlevel change to run concurrently with REORG shrlevel change
Idea DB2UTILSTZ-I-23 Db2 load utility FORCE readers
Idea DB2UTILSTZ-I-21 TEMPLATE utility support for LBI
Idea DB2UTILSTZ-I-17 Control of whether LOAD updates MAXASSIGNEDVAL
Idea DB2UTILSTZ-I-14 LOAD FORCE cancellation of read and write claimers
Idea DB2UTILSTZ-I-13 Improve DSNACCOX display command
Idea DB2UTILSTZ-I-11 Enable repair catalog on indexes to reset version numbers
Idea DB2UTILSTZ-I-10 LOAD override GENERATED ALWAYS row change timestamp
Idea DB2UTILSTZ-I-1 LOAD 3-byte packed decimal format
Idea DB24ZOS-I-917 Statistics profile options included in utility output

OMEGAMON XE for Db2 Performance Expert on z/OS has delivered the following requirements:

Type Submitted Number Description
Idea DB2ZOMEGA-I-4 Enhanced 3270 user interface help should be product sensitive
Idea Db2ZOMEGA-I-1 OM/PM support to add the new field QXRFMIAP
RFE 125929 Add buffer pool data to enhanced 3270 UI thread detail
RFE 117967 Integrate launch of SQLPA explain from e3270
RFE 116347 Provide historic view of lockout events in e3270 and TEP
RFE 18719 Support latch counters in Performance Expert Client

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