Announcement Letter Number 186-052 dated April 2, 1986
US - Last Revised on April 2, 1986

Brief Description of Announcement, Charges, and Availability

       The IBM Personal Computer family has been enhanced with the
addition of two new models of the IBM Personal Computer AT.  The new
models maintain compatibility with most existing hardware and
software products for the IBM Personal Computer AT family.
       The new Model 339, with the following enhancements,
corresponds to the current AT (TM) Model 239:
o   Increased processor speed from 6 MHz to 8 MHz
o   A new keyboard with separate numeric and cursor keys, indicator
    lights, and 12 function keys.
       The new Model 319 is identical to Model 339, with the
exception of the keyboard, which is the current AT keyboard.
       In addition, IBM announces two new memory expansion cards and
a memory module kit for all models of the AT family.

Customer Letter Section

o   Faster processor speed
o   Hardware and software compatibility with most IBM Personal
    Computer AT family products
o   Same expansion slot capabilities as the current models
o   Enhanced Personal Computer Keyboard
    -   New 101-key keyboard designed to enhance user productivity
        (Model 339)
    -   International Standards Organization (ISO)
    -   101-key U.S. Version
    -   Recappable
o   Selectric (R) typing section
o   Dedicated numeric pad
o   Dedicated cursor and screen controls
o   Twelve Function Keys
o   Indicator lights
o   9 foot cable
       The newly announced models of the Personal Computer AT provide
exceptional performance for professional applications, office
environments, IBM network server functions and personal productivity.
       The system unit in Models 319 and 339 includes 512K bytes of
planar memory, a single 1.2Mb High Capacity Diskette Drive, a
combination Fixed Disk and Diskette Drive Adapter, a Serial/Parallel
Adapter and a 30Mb Fixed Disk Drive.
       The new models are based on the high-performance 16 bit Intel
80286 Microprocessor.  These models also include the BASIC language
and clock/calendar with battery backup.
The Enhanced Personal Computer Keyboard represents an advance in
keyboard design for the IBM Personal Computer family.  The keyboard
is designed to meet the needs of the personal computer user, the
office system user, and the user who communicates and interacts with
larger computer systems.
       Keycaps are removable.  Clear keycaps with paper inserts
permit customizing of the Enhanced Personal Computer Keyboard.
Keyboard templates are available to provide specific operator
instructions.  A nine-foot cable is provided to attach the keyboard
to the system unit.  For ordering information, refer to the
Accessories portion of the Charges section.
       The Enhanced Personal Computer Keyboard can be divided into
five sections:
o   Typing section
o   Numeric pad
o   Cursor/screen controls
o   Function keys
o   Indicator lights.
       The keyboard arrangement is similar to the Selectric (R)
keyboard layout, but with 47 graphic character keys.  The tab,
capslock, shift, enter and backspace keys have a larger striking area
and are located in the familiar Selectric locations.  Control (Ctrl)
and alternate (Alt) keys are placed on each side of the space bar.
The typing section and numeric pad have home row identifiers for the
touch typist.
       The typing section has 48 graphic character keys and a
vertical enter key.  An alternate graphic (AltGr) key on the right
side of the space bar provides the ability to assign additional
graphic characters to the keys.
       The cursor and screen control keys have been separated from
the numeric pad, dedicating the numeric pad to numeric input.  A
division sign key and an additional enter key have been added to the
numeric pad.  As with the current IBM Personal Computer keyboards,
the numeric pad may also be used for cursor and screen control when
not in numlock mode.
       The cursor control keys are arranged in the inverted T
arrangement.  Insert, delete, home, end, page up and page down keys
are separated from the numeric pad and located above the dedicated
cursor control keys.
       The function keys are located across the top of the keyboard
in groups of four.  The escape key (ESC) is isolated at the upper
left of the keyboard.  Two additional function keys are provided (F11
and F12).  Dedicated print screen/sysrq, scroll lock and pause/break
keys are provided for commonly used functions.
       Three indicator lights are located at the upper right of the
keyboard.  These lights indicate the numlock, capslock and scroll
lock status of the keyboard.
       A microprocessor in the keyboard handles the system unit
interface protocol, scan code generation, and command processing.
       Also being announced today for the Personal Computer AT family
(Models 068, 099, 239, 319 and 339):
This Memory Expansion Option provides 128K bytes of base memory,
allowing users who require the support of 640K bytes base memory to
satisfy their requirements.
       With the addition of the 512K bytes Memory Module Kit, this
option has a maximum memory of 640K bytes.
       When the Memory Expansion Option is installed fully populated
(640K bytes), the user will have available 640K bytes of memory in
the real address space and 512K bytes of memory in the protected
address space.
This Memory Expansion Option comes with 512K bytes of memory.  With
additional 512K bytes Memory Module Kits, this option can be expanded
up to 2Mb of system unit memory (the base option plus three Memory
Module Kits).
       A maximum of five 512K bytes/2Mb Memory Expansion Options can
be installed in the system unit.  A total of 10.5Mb of user memory is
possible, with 512K bytes of planar memory plus 10Mb of memory
options (five cards times 2Mb/card).
The Memory Expansion Module Kit option provides an additional 512K
bytes memory on either the 128/640K bytes or the 512K bytes/2Mb
Memory Expansion Option.
       The following publication will be included with each system
unit shipped:
o   IBM Personal Computer AT Guide to Operations.
       Additional publications available for purchase are:
o   Technical Reference Manual - The Technical Reference manual is
    for programmers, engineers and others who want to understand the
    IBM Personal Computer AT in greater detail.  This reference
    manual includes functional specifications, BIOS listings,
    hardware specifications, and printouts for peripheral connectors.
    -   Technical Reference Manual (TRM)
    -   TRM Update
o   Technical Reference Options and Adapters - The Technical
    Reference Options and Adapters manual includes functional
    specifications for programmers, engineers and others who want to
    understand IBM Personal Computer options and adapters in greater
    -   Technical Reference Options/Adapters (TRO/A)
    -   TRO/A 128/640K bytes Memory Expansion Update
    -   TRO/A 512K bytes/2Mb Memory Expansion Update
    -   Hardware Maintenance Service and Hardware Maintenance
               These publications for service personnel detail many
        aspects of maintaining the machine.  They include
        instructions for identifying the failure of a replaceable
        unit, a parts catalog, and the Advanced Diagnostic Diskette.
    -   Hardware Maintenance Service (HMS)
    -   HMS Update
    -   Hardware Maintenance Reference (HMR)
    -   HMR Update
o   BASIC Reference Manual Version 3.0.
       Orders for the newly announced models of the Personal Computer
AT will be accepted immediately.
       The new models, the 128/640K bytes Memory Expansion Option and
the 512K bytes Memory Module Kit are available now.
       The 512K bytes/2Mb Memory Expansion Option will be available
April 15, 1986.
The 5170 System Unit contains the following major functional
o   Advanced high-performance Intel 80286 microprocessor at 8 MHZ
    clock speed
o   ROM based automatic power-on self test of system components
o   BASIC language interpreter in 64K bytes ROM
    -   Access Time - 150 ns
    -   Cycle Time - 355 ns
o   8086 compatible real address mode
o   Limited protected virtual address mode functions
o   512K bytes of dynamic RAM on the system board
    -   Access time - 150 ns
    -   Cycle time - 275 ns
o   Fixed disk and diskette drive adapter
o   System clock/calendar/configuration w/CMOS RAM and battery backup

o   Directionally-mounted speaker
o   Security keylock/indicator assembly
o   Bi-directional keyboard interface
o   Enhanced Personal Computer Keyboard or existing AT Keyboard
o   Power-on indicator (green)
o   Eight expansion slots
o   24-bit address
o   16-bit data path
o   Seven Channel Direct Memory Access (DMA)
o   16 level interrupt
o   Three programmable timers
o   192 watt switchable worldwide power supply
o   80287 math co-processor socket
o   Dimensions:
    -   Width 540 mm (21.25 Inches)
    -   Depth 439 mm (17.28 Inches)
    -   Height 162 mm (6.38 Inches)
o   Weight:  19.5 Kg (43.0 lbs.)
o   Electrical:
    -   90-137V, 50-60 Hz
    -   180-259V, 50-60 Hz
o   Ambient Air Temperature:
    -   System on 15.6 (degs)-32.2 (degs)C (60 (degs)-90 (degs)F)
    -   System off 10 (degs)-43 (degs)C (50 (degs)-110 (degs)F)
o   Humidity
    -   System on 8-80 (degs) RH
    -   System off 20-80 (degs) RH
o   BTU Output:  1229 BTU/HR
o   Noise Level:  Class 3 (Office Environment).
FEATURES: The new Models 319 and 339 support most features and
peripheral devices of the current IBM Personal Computer AT models.
These features and peripheral devices include:
SPECIAL FEATURE                                    CODE
Binary Synchronous Communications
   Adapter                                         1204
Cluster Adapter                                    1206
Cluster Cable Kit                                  1207
Color/Graphics Monitor Adapter                     4910
Communications Adapter Cable                       2067
Data Acquisition and Control Adapter               1502
Data Acquisition and Control Adapter
   Distribution Panel                              1504
Double Sided Diskette Drive                        0207
Enhanced Graphics Adapter                          1200
Floor Standing Enclosure                           0218
Game Control Adapter                               1300
General Purpose Interface Bus Adapter              1503
General Purpose Interface Bus Adapter
   Cable                                           5040
Graphics Memory Expansion Card                     1201
Graphics Memory Module Kit                         1203
High Capacity Diskette Drive                       0206
Math Co-Processor Option                           0211
Monochrome Display and Printer
   Adapter                                         4900
PC Network Adapter                                 0213
PC Network Base Expander
   (installs in 5178)                              0230
Professional Graphics Controller                   1501
Prototype Adapter                                  0220
Serial Adapter Cable                               0217
Serial Adapter Connector                           0242
Serial/Parallel Adapter                            0215
Synchronous Data Link Control
   (SDLC) Communications Adapter                   1205
20Mb Fixed Disk Drive                              0205
3278/79 Emulation Adapter                          2507
3278/79 Emulation Adapter
   Enhanced                                        5050
IBM Personal Computer
   AT/370 Option Kit                               6115
30Mb Fixed Disk Drive                              0210
Enhanced 5250 Emulation Version 2.1
   Installation Convenience Kit                    2870
Enhanced Display Station
   Emulation Adapter Kit                           2871
IBM Personal Telephone Manager
   Adapter                                         8982
IBM Token-Ring Network
   PC Adapter                                      3391
PC Voice Communications Option                     4771
IBM PC 1200 BPS Modem                              4805
       Additional features and peripheral devices of the current
Personal Computer AT models are:
o   IBM Series/1 - PC Channel Attachment Feature and Cable (S/1
    Feature #4000 and 4001)
o   5364 Model 001 (Note)
o   5364 Model 002 (Note)
o   5364 Model 021 (Note)
o   5364 Model 022 (Note)
o   5201 Model 001 Quietwriter
o   5201 Model 002 Quietwriter
o   5216 Model 002 Wheelprinter
o   5223 Model 001 Wheelprinter E
o   3812 Model 001 Page Printer
o   4201 Model 001 Proprinter
o   3852 Model 002 Color Jetprinter
o   5152 Personal Computer Graphics Printer (no longer available)
o   5151 Monochrome Display
o   5153 Color/Graphics Display
o   5154 Enhanced Color/Graphics Display
o   5175 Professional Color Display
o   4865 3.5 inch External Diskette Drive
o   5841 Model 001 1200 BPS Standalone Modem
o   5178 Model 001 PC Network Translator Unit
o   ROLM Juniper II Personal Communications Adapter Model 46614.
NOTE: Model 339 is not supported as the system console.  Also, for
SDLC communications, a patch will be available from HONE or EQUAL
databases.  Requires S/36 SSP Version 4.0.
COMPATIBILITY:  AT Models 319 and 339 may be used in situations where
the AT Models 068 and 239 are currently utilized.  Most software and
hardware currently supported by Models 068 and 239 will continue to
be supported on Models 319 and 339.:  See Attachment A for detailed
list of compatible software products.
PREREQUISITES:  AT Models 319 and 339 require a video display adapter
and device for display output.  Personal Computer DOS users require
DOS 3.1 or higher.  IBM Personal Computer XENIX (TM) Operating System
users require XENIX Version 2.0.
XENIX is a trademark of Microsoft, Inc.
CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITY:  The customer is responsible for unpacking
and installing system components and options for the Personal
Computer AT Models 319 and 339, per the installation instructions
INSTALLABILITY:  The keyboard is plugged directly into the system
unit.  The display and printer are connected via adapters installed
in the system expansion slots.  Once turned on, the system unit
automatically runs a power-on self test to verify system readiness.
If a failure is found, an instruction will appear on the screen.
       If the test is successfully completed, the system attempts to
load an operating system (such as DOS) from the first diskette drive.
Should an operating system not be found, the system attempts to load
from the first fixed disk.  If this operation is not completed, the
BASIC interpreter is made ready, identified on the screen, and the
system is available for use.
PACKAGING:  The system unit and keyboard for Model 339 is packaged in
two separate cartons.  The keyboard package also contains the
o   IBM Personal Computer AT Guide to Operations
    -   Exploring the IBM Personal Computer AT Diskette
    -   Customer Diagnostic Diskette
    -   Setup and Installation Included in Guide to Operations
o   System unit power cord
o   Welcome package
o   Keyboard template kit.
       For Model 319, the system unit and keyboard are packaged in
two separate cartons.  A third carton contains the Guide to
Operations, the system unit power cord and the welcome package.
       The system unit part number for Models 319 and 339 is
TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE:  Eligible customers may obtain technical
assistance from the IBM Personal Computer Assistance Center (PCAC).
A new ASKINFO library retrieval keyword, PCFLASH, may be used to
retrieve supplementary information on this product.
       User management is responsible for evaluation, selection, and
implementation of security features, for administrative procedures,
and for appropriate controls in application systems.
       If sensitive data is sent over external communication
facilities, user management may wish to pursue the application of
PURCHASE TERMS AND CONDITIONS VPA: Volume purchasing is available
under the Volume Procurement Amendment (VPA) to Agreement for
Purchase of IBM Machines.  The IBM 5170 models are included in
Category A, Discount Group 1, of the VPA Exhibit for Workstations
(32WS-1) and Category A of the VPA Exhibit for Qualified Educational
Institutions/Hospitals.  Features are eligible for discount on
existing VPAs when shipped within the contract period.
term leases and installment payment plans is available.
VOLUME MAINTENANCE AMENDMENT: The IBM 5170 Personal Computer AT is an
eligible machine and a qualifying machine under Volume Maintenance
Amendment to the IBM Maintenance Agreement.
WARRANTY SERVICE:  Customer Carry-in Repair (CCR) service is provided
during the warranty period.  Customer Carry-in Repair is described
under the terms and conditions of the Agreement for Purchase of IBM
Machines (Z120-2892).
IBM MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT SERVICE: Maintenance service is available
under the IBM Maintenance Agreement (Z125-3275).:  The following
types of service are available:
o   IBM On-site Repair (IOR)
o   Customer Carry-in Repair (CCR).
HOURLY SERVICE: IBM Hourly Service may be obtained by calling the IBM
Service/Exchange Communication Center's (S/ECC) toll-free number 1
800 428-2569.
PRODUCT AVAILABILITY STATUS:  New product available.
CUSTOMER SETUP:  The Personal Computer AT and its features are
Customer Setup (CSU).  Detailed setup instructions are included with
each machine and feature.  Setup service is available from the IBM
National Service Division at IBM Hourly Rates and Minimums.
EDUCATIONAL ALLOWANCE:  A 20% educational allowance is available to
qualifying institutions.  The educational allowance is not additive
to any other discount or allowance.
                              MACHINE       MODEL          PURCHASE
DESCRIPTION                     TYPE        NUMBER          PRICE
System Unit/Keyboard           5170         319         $5,295.00
System Unit/Keyboard           5170         339          5,295.00
                                           FEATURE         PURCHASE
FEATURE                                      CODE           PRICE
128/640K bytes Memory Expansion Option      3338          $475.00
512K bytes/2Mb Memory Expansion Option      3343           475.00
512K bytes Memory Module Kit                3339           165.00
                                    PART       FEATURE       COPY
DOCUMENTATION                      NUMBER        CODE       PRICE
Guide to Operations               6280102        3102      $80.00
Basic Reference Manual            6280075        0075       45.00
Hardware Maintenance Service (HMS)6280087        3087      195.00
HMS Update                        6280139        3100        9.95
Hardware Maintenance Reference    6280088        3088      150.00
HMR Update                        6280138        3110        5.95
Technical Reference Manual (TRM)  6280070        0070      105.00
TRM Update                        6280099        3099       49.75
TRM Options/Adapters              6322509        2509      125.00
128/640K bytes Memory Expansion   1502544        3544        5.95
512K bytes/2Mb Memory Expansion   6183075        3075        5.95
Key6279940emplates                               4.95
                                         IBM ON-SITE    CARRY-IN
                                         REPAIR (IOR)   REPAIR (CCR)
MACHINE                        MODEL     (#9798)        (#9821)
5170                           319        $546.00      $375.00
5170                           339         546.00       375.00
MACHINE                        MODEL        IBM ON-SITE REPAIR
5170                           319        $218.00
5170                           339         218.00
                                        PART          PURCHASE
                                        NUMBER        PRICE
Clear Keycaps (60) with paper inserts   6341707      $50.00
Blank Light Keycaps                     1351710       25.00
Blank Dark Keycaps                      1351728       25.00
Paper Inserts (300)                     6341704       30.00
Keycap Removal Tools (6)                1351717       11.00
       Accessories can be ordered through the National Distribution
Division (NDD), Dayton, NJ, using the appropriate part numbers, or by
calling IBM Direct on 1 800 426-2468.

                                                         ATTACHMENT A
                       SOFTWARE COMPATIBILITY
       The   following   software   products  have  been  tested  for
compatibility on IBM Personal Computer AT Models 319 and 339 with DOS
3.1 and 3.2, and determined to operate substantially as described  in
their program documentation.
                                    VERSION      PART NUMBER
Operating Systems:
DOS/BASICA/BASIC                    3.10             6024211
DOS/BASICA/BASIC                    3.20             6280057
XENIX                               2.00             59X9932
APL                                 1.00             6024077
BASIC Compiler/Runtime              1.00             6024003
BASIC Compiler/Runtime              2.00             6024216
COBOL Compiler/Runtime              1.00             6024011
FORTRAN                             1.00             6024012
FORTRAN                             2.00             6024127
Macro Assembler                     1.00             6024002
Macro Assembler                     2.00             6024193
PASCAL Compiler                     1.00             6024010
PASCAL Compiler                     2.01             6024128
Professional FORTRAN                1.00             6024200
'C" Compiler                        1.00             6280072
'C" Compiler                        1.00             6280072
3101 Emulation(1)                   1.00             6024042
Asynchronous Communications(1)      2.00             6024032
Bisync 3270 Emulation(1)            1.01             6024037
PC LAN                              1.10             6280083
PC Network SNA/3270 Emulation(1)    2.00             59X9951
PC Network Analysis(1)              1.00             6489762
PC 3270 Emulation PGM Entry Level   1.00             59X9904
SNA/3270 Emulation/RJE(1)           1.01             6024036
PC Displaycom BSC                   1.10             6024210
Mainframe Comm Assistant(1)         1.05             6024451
Voice/Phone Assistant               1.00             6280741
Voice-activated Keyboard Utility    1.00             6280742
APPC/PC Program to Program(1)                        6467038
Token-Ring Interconnect Program(1)                   6467036
Token-Ring Network NETBIOS(1)                        6467037
Personal Telephone Manager                           6429190
ASC Comm Server/Token and PC Net(1)                  1642003
Local Area Network Print Mgr(1)                      6317042
VM/PC(2)                            1.10             6024175
VM/PC                               2.00             6467040
PC/VM Bond                          2.00             5664298
Remote 5250 Emulation((2),(3))      1.00             6403685
Enhanced PC Keyboard Appendix                        6386348
Enhanced 5250 Emulation             2.10             6386354
Series/1 PC Connect                 1.00            5719-CN1
Telephone Access to Office System   1.10             6467039
PC Support/36                       4.00       5727-WS1, WS6
PC Support/38 (4)                   7.00            5714-PC1
3278 Emulation via IBM PC (5360/62)                 5727-SS1
3278 Emulation via ICM PC (S/36 PC)                 5727-SS6
PROFS PC Support(5)                                 5664-309
Business Productivity:
EZ-VU Runtime Facility              2.00             6317025
EZ-VU Development Facility          2.00             6317026
EZ-VU (ISPF/PDF) Editor             1.10             6466974
                                    VERSION      PART NUMBER
Cross System Product/Application
   Execution (EZ-RUN)               1.00             6217010
Cross System Product/Application
   Generation (EZ-PREP)             1.00             6317011
Doctor's Office Manager             2.00             6467035
BMS Series                          1.00
   General Ledger                                    6410950
   Accts Receivable                                  6410952
   Accts Payable                                     6410951
   Inventory Acctg                                   6410955
   Order Entry & Invoicing                           6410954
   Payroll                                           6410953
   Financial Extensions                              6410957
   Accounting Extensions                             6410958
LAN Access Edition                                   6410965
PDS Series                          1.00
   Data Edition                                      6410936
   Reports+ Edition                                  6410937
   Words Edition                                     6410940
   Plans Edition                                     6410939
   Plans+ Edition                                    6410972
Business Advisor
   General Accounting Edition                        6466988
   Accts Payable Edition                             6466989
   Accts Receivable Edition                          6466990
   Payroll Edition                                   6466991
   Network Extension Edition                         6466992
   Inventory Control Edition                         6466993
   Order Entry Edition                               6466994
   Information Management Edition                    6466995
PC/Videotex                         B1.00            6410985
VTX/GRAF                            1.00             6317012
PC/Colorview                        1.00             6410982
IBM PC Pilot(1)                     1.00             6316973
PC Storyboard                       1.10             6316998
RS/1                                1.00             6317003
IBM Accounting Assistant            1.00
   Accounts Payable                                  6317050
   Billing/Accounts Receivable
   General Accounting                                6317049
   Inventory Control/Purchasing
   Job Cost                                          6317054
   Payroll                                           6317052
IBM Filing Assistant                1.00             6024145
IBM Graphing Assistant              1.01             6024147
IBM Reporting Assistant             1.00             6024146
IBM Writing Assistant               1.01             6024144
IBM Planning Assistant              1.00             6024148
IBM Drawing Assistant               1.00             6024089
Document Retrieval Assistant        1.00             6024306
IBM Accounting Solutions            1.00             6024152
IBM Executive Solutions             1.0              6024151
IBM Home Solutions                  1.00             6024150
IBM Planning Solutions              1.00             6024135
PC DisplayWrite 1                   1.00             6024188
PC DisplayWrite 3                   1.10             6024177
TopView (TM)(2)                     1.01             6024131
TopView ToolKit(2)                  1.01             6024133
TopView(1)                          1.10             6024455
TopView ToolKit(1)                  1.10             6024454
XENIX Software Dev System           2.00             59X9939
XENIX Text Formatting System        2.00             59X9941
XENIX Op Sys Extensions             2.00             59X9943
                                    VERSION      PART NUMBER
Graphics Kernal System              1.00             6024203
Graphics Plotting System            1.00             6024204
Graphics File System                1.00             6024205
IEEE 488 S-R (GPIB)                 1.00             6024201
DACS S-R/Distribution               1.00             6024202
Graphics Development ToolKit        1.00             6024196
Graphics Development ToolKit        1.10             6280076
Earth Sciences Series               1.00
   Hydrologic Cycle                                  6024121
   Ground Water                                      6024122
   Surface Water                                     6024123
   Moisture in the Atmosphere                        6024124
   Earthquakes                                       6024322

   Volcanos                                          6024323
   Landslides                                        6024324
Biology Series                      1.00
   Cell Functions-Growth+Mitosis                     6024316
   Chemicals of Life I                               6024317
   Chemicals of Life II                              6024344
   Chemicals of Life III                             6024409
   Leaf Structure & Function                         6024318
   Lights, Plants & Photosyn.                        6024319
   Passive Transport                                 6024320
   Plant Growth                                      6024321
   Pathology                                         6024343
   Modern Genetics                                   6024345
   Human Life Processes I                            6024346
   Human Life Processes II                           6024411
   Human Life Processes III                          6024414
   Cytology & Histology                              6024407
   Mendelian Genetics                                6024408
   Regulation & Homeostasis                          6024410
   The Environment I                                 6024412
   The Environment II                                6024413
   Pollination and Fertilization                     6024415
   Taxonomy                                          6024416
Physics Series                      1.00
   Investigating Acceleration                        6024403
   Investigating Grav Force                          6024404
   Investigating Thermal Energy                      6024405
   Investigating Cons. of Energy                     6024406
   Investigating Wave Interference                   6024466
   Investigating Electric Fields                     6024464
   Investigating Models of Light                     6024465
Karel the Robot                     1.00             6024066
Comma Cat                           1.00             6024093
Dictionary Dog                      1.00             6024067
Typing Tutor                        1.00             6024013
Bumble Games                        1.00             6024094
Electric Poet                       1.00             6024172
LOGO                                1.00             6024076
LOGO Learner                        1.00             6024136
Listen to Learn                     1.00             6024165
Monster Math                        1.00             6024072
Private Tutor                       2.00             6024113
Teacher's Quiz Designer             1.00             6024075
Turtle Power                        1.00             6024109
Adventures in Math                  1.00             6024112
Primary Editor                      1.00             6024294
Missing Letters                     1.00             6024104
I Can be Anything                   1.00             6024304
Rocky's Boots                       1.00             6024099
                                    VERSION      PART NUMBER
Private Tutor Courses               1.00
   Learning DOS                                      6024080
   Learning to Program in BASIC                      6024081
   Computers and Communications                      6024069
   Reading Comprehension Skills                      6024325
   Vocabulary Building Skills                        6024326
   Word Knowledge Skills                             6024327
   Language Skills                                   6024084
   Capitalization Skills                             6024085
   Spelling Skills                                   6024086
   Punctuation Skills                                6024083
   Math Computation Skills                           6024305
   Basic Number Concepts                             6024297
   Solving Math Word Problems                        6024308
   Preparing for Geometry and Algebra                6024307
Bumble Plot                         1.00             6024096
Gertrude's Secrets                  1.00             6024097
Gertrude's Puzzles                  1.00             6024098
Juggle's Butterfly                  1.00             6024095
Bouncy Bee Learns Letters           1.00             6024137
Bouncy Bee Learns Words             1.00             6024139
Get Set for Writing to Read         1.00             6024468
Scientific Reasoning Series         1.00
   Theory Formation:  Reflections and Patterns       6024471
   Measurement Process:  Distance and Area           6024470
Reading for Meaning:  Level I       1.00             6024330
Reading for Meaning:  Level II      1.00             6024336
Reading for Meaning:  Level III     1.00             6024337
Reading for Meaning:  LEVEL IV      1.00             6024338
Reading for Information:  Level II  1.00             6024358
Reading for Information:  Level III 1.00             6024359
Reading for Information:  Level IV  1.00             6024360
Vocabulary:  Level II               1.00             6024350
Vocabulary:  Level III              1.00             6024351
Vocabulary:  Level IV               1.00             6024352
Spelling:  Level I                  1.00             6024347
Spelling:  Level II                 1.00             6024348
Spelling:  Level III                1.00             6024349
Parts of Speech:  Level II          1.00             6024333
Parts of Speech:  Level III         1.00             6024334
Touch Typing for Beginners          1.00             6024339
Math Concepts P                     1.00             6024356
Math Concepts:  Level I             1.00             6024355
Math Concepts:  Level II            1.00             6024357
Math Concepts:  Level III           1.00             6024427
Math Concepts:  Level IV            1.00             6024429
Math Practice:  Level I             1.00             6024353
Math Practice:  Level II            1.00             6024354
Math Practice:  Level III           1.00             6024431
Math Practice:  Level IV            1.00             6024432
Vendor Logo Programs:
1-2-3 (R) (Lotus)                   2.00
Symphony (R) (Lotus)                1.10
Framework II (TM) (Ashton-Tate)(2)  1.10
WordStar 2000+ (R) (MicroPro)       2.00
MS Word (R) (Microsoft)             2.00
MS Project (R) (Microsoft)          2.00
Crosstalk XVI (TM) (Microstuf)      3.60
R:BASE 5000 (R) (Microrim)          1.01
CLOUT (R) (Microrim)                2.00
(1)Not tested with DOS 3.1.
(2)Supported on 5170 Model 319 only.
(3)Requires patch 434CH on HONE or EQUAL Database.
(4)Does not support Remote 5250 Emulation (6403685).
(5)Requires PC 3270 Emulation Program Entry Level 1.0 (59X9904).