Announcement Letter Number 183-002 dated February 4, 1983
US - Last Revised on February 4, 1983

Brief Description of Announcement, Charges, and Availability

Customer Letter Section

       Today, IBM is announcing a new IBM Color Display, the IBM
5153 Model 1 for the IBM Personal Computer, providing an excellent
presentation of business data and graphics displays. It can also be
used for word processing and other text displays (use of the
Color/Graphics Adapter provides lower resolution than with the
Monochrome Display).
       The IBM Color Display is:
.  a high resolution, all points addressable, direct drive display
.  connected to the system unit with the IBM Color/Graphics Monitor
       Adapter and a five-foot cable that is provided
.  a 13' (diagonal) monitor capable of displaying sixteen colors
.  a 13' (diagonal) monitor capable of displaying sixteen colors
.  easily adjusted with front mounted brightness and contrast
       Planned availability: The planned availability for the IBM
Color Display is March 1983.
       Description: The IBM Color Display has the following
   Screen size: 13' (diagonal) monitor
   Screen size: 13' (diagonal) monitor
   Resolution: 640 x 200 (320 x 200 with IBM Color/Graphics Monitor
   Colors: 16 (red, green, blue, white, yellow, black, cyan,
       magenta, brown, light  gray, dark gray, light blue, light
       green, light cyan, light red, and light magenta)
   All points addressable
   Operating temperature: 60 degrees to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (16
       degrees to 32 degrees Celsius ambient)
   Storage temperature: 50 degrees to 110 degrees Fahrenheit (10
                   degrees to 43 degrees Celsius )
   Relative humidity: 8% to 80% (non-condensing) when on; 20% to
       80% (non-condensing) when off
   Size:   Width 15 1/2' (394mm)
   Size:   Width 15 1/2' (394mm)
   Depth   17' (432mm)
   Depth   17' (432mm)
       Height  11 1/2' (292mm)
       Height  11 1/2' (292mm)
       Weight: approximately 26 pounds (12 kg)
   Electrical: 60 Hz, 120V AC, 1 amp, 240 BTU/hour
       Prerequisites: The IBM Color/Graphics Monitor Adapter
       The IBM Color Display is supported by the IBM Personal
Computer DOS (Version 1.0 and 1.1), CP/M-86*, and the UCSD
p-System**, Version IV.
*  Trademark of Digital Research, Inc.
** Trademark of the Regents of the University of California
       Customer responsibilities: An IBM Color Display is packaged
with the necessary installation and operational instructions. The
customer is responsible for unpacking the IBM Color Display,
attaching it to the IBM Color/Graphics Monitor Adapter, and
obtaining an operating system version (DOS, UCSD p-System, or
CP/M-86) that supports the IBM Color Display.
       Customer setup: The IBM Color Display is a customer set-up
(CSU) machine. Detailed set-up instructions are included with each
       Data security: The IBM Color Display can be used with the
IBM Personal Computer and managed so as to limit the risk of
unintended modification, destruction, or disclosure of sensitive
data. The customer is responsible for the selection,
implementation, and adequacy of appropriate measures. The customer
is also responsible for the accuracy and integrity of results.
       Warranty period: Three months.
       Warranty service: Warranty service for the IBM Color Display
may be obtained by delivering the malfunctioning machine to an IBM
product/service center, an IBM Customer Service Division designated
service location, or to an authorized IBM Personal Computer dealer.
Warranty service is also available by mailing the malfunctioning
unit to the IBM National Support Center, Oakbrook, Illinois.
       Maintenance service: Maintenance service is offered by IBM
and is available under the terms and conditions of the IBM Personal
Computer Service Agreement.
       Time and materials service: Time and materials service is
only available via mail-in to the IBM National Support Center,
Oakbrook, Illinois.
       Self service: In addition to the IBM service offerings, the
customer may purchase the Hardware Maintenance and Service package
which will enable the customer to isolate a problem to an
under-the-cover field replaceable unit (FRU).
       Terms and conditions: A customer may order up to five
systems for pilot or more under the volume procurement plan (VPA).
All pilot systems will be shipped at the same time. The customer
will be charged the unit price for these pilot systems. The
customer will have four months from shipment of the pilot systems
to sign a volume procurement amendment for any additional quantity.
If the customer elects to do this, the pilot system quantity will
be included in the additional quantities to determine the volume
procurement discount percent to be applied to the additional
quantities, but no reduction in price will apply to the pilot
systems quantity.
       Discount schedule
   Quantity of Eligible
   Machines for each Category      Discount Percent
   20-49                               5%
   50-149                              10%
   150 or more                         15%
       Customers whose requirements will not result in volume
quantities should purchase from a product center or an authorized
dealer (if not in a product center trading area).
       Each IBM product center will accept and process orders
within its trading area. Major credit cards are accepted by the IBM
product centers.
       Testing allowance: None.
       Educational allowance: There is a 15% educational allowance
to qualifying institutions for orders of VPA quantity (the VPA and
educational allowance are not available at the product centers).
The standard educational allowance will be applied when it is
greater than the volume procurement discount percent. The
educational allowance will not be applied to the pilot system
quantity included in the VPA quantity.
       For more information on the IBM Personal Computer or the
location of an IBM product center, contact your IBM marketing
representative or call or write the IBM National Marketing Center
(NMC). You may use the following toll-free numbers to call the NMC:
   In New York State                           (800) 942-1918
   In Continental United States, but           (800) 431-2670
       outside of New York State
   In Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico          (914) 696-6840
           (call collect)
       The address of the NMC is IBM Corporation, National
Marketing Center, Department 86R, 1133 Westchester Avenue, White
Plains, New York 10604.
       See hard copy for chart.