Revised availability: Select IBM Storage Networking b-type Gen5 licensed features have been reinstated

IBM United States Hardware Announcement 121-092
October 26, 2021

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Effective immediately, the following IBM® Storage Networking b-type Gen5 licensed features have been reinstated and are available for ordering:

Description Machine type Model Feature number
Extended Fabric 2498 B24 7203
Extended Fabric 2498 X24 7203
Advanced Performance Monitor 2498 B24 7204
Trunking Activation 2498 B24 7205
Trunking Activation 2498 X24 7205
Fabric Vision 2498 B24 7219
Fabric Vision 2498 X24 7219
Extended Fabric 2498 F48 7403
Advanced Performance Monitor 2498 F48 7404
Trunking Activation 2498 F48 7405
Integrated Routing 2498 F48 7407
Integrated Routing 2498 R42 7407
Integrated Routing 8960 F64 7407
Integrated Routing 8960 F65 7407
Integrated Routing 8960 N64 7407
Integrated Routing 8960 N65 7407
FICON® w/ CUP Activation 2498 F48 7409
FICON w/ CUP Activation 2498 R42 7409
Extended Fabric 2498 F96 7803
Extended Fabric 2498 N96 7803
Trunking Activation 2498 F96 7805
Trunking Activation 2498 N96 7805
Integrated Routing 2498 F96 7807
Integrated Routing 2498 N96 7807

These features were previously withdrawn in Hardware Withdrawal 921-104, dated August 10, 2021.

For complete information about these features, see the announcement listed in the Reference information section.

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Effective date

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October 26, 2021

Availability within a country is subject to local legal requirements.

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Reference information

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For more information about IBM Storage Networking b-type Gen5 licensed features, see the following Hardware Announcements:

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Regional availability

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American Samoa, Guam, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Puerto Rico, United States, and US Virgin Islands


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