Announcement Letter Number 186-011 dated January 21, 1986
US - Last Revised on January 21, 1986

Brief Description of Announcement, Charges, and Availability

     The 5085 Graphics Processor model 1A has more standard features
and function than the present 5085 models 1 and S01 at a lower price.
Architecturally compatible with the 5085 models 1 and S01, it offers
5080 Graphics System users a more cost effective entry level graphics
processor than the current base 5085 models 1 and S01.
       Effective today, the 5085 models 1 and S01 are withdrawn from

Customer Letter Section

o   A lower price than an equivalently configured 5085 model 1.
    Approximately 35% less (for a quantity of one) than the
    equivalently configured model 1 price prior to today's
o   More standard features, including transformation and clipping,
    sixteen colors or gray shades, and a larger base system memory
o   Functionally enhanced to be capable of attaching to an IBM RT
    Personal Computer which includes the capability to switch the
    keyboard and 5083 Tablet between the 5085 and the standalone RT
    Personal Computer processor.  The new Graphics keyboard has a
    built-in numeric keypad (with plus, minus, multiply, and divide
    operations for ease of use) and a thin flexible cable for easier
    placement and movement.
       The 5085 model 1A is in a physical cabinet with the same
compact dimensions as the 5085 model 1. With its additional systems
memory, standard transformation and clipping feature, minimum of 16
colors or gray shades, and its doubled diskette drive capacity
combined with a significant price reduction, the 5085 model 1A
provides a very attractive entry level graphics processor.
       Following are the specific differences between the 5085 model
1A and the 5085 model 1:
       Performance is approximately equal to the current 5085 model
1.  Specific changes in performance are:
o   Serial Link Enhancement: Effective transmission rates from a 5088
    Graphics Channel Controller to a 5085 model 1A have been improved
    for transmission of large blocks of display list data.  This
    improvement will particularly benefit TP configurations.
o   An optional Graphics Processing Enhancement (#3715) enhances
    graphics order processing performance in the model 1A beyond that
    available in the model 1. Note: This feature is also available
    for the 5085 model 1 and S01 (field install only).
o   512Kb base system memory: A base memory of 512Kb (compared to
    128Kb in the 5085 model 1). The base display list storage
    available for application use is increased to 320Kb in the 5085
    model 1A, providing  over five times the display list storage
    available in the 5085 model 1.
o   Transformation and clipping, an optional feature on the 5085
    model 1, is a standard feature of the model 1A.
o   Sixteen displayed colors or gray shades is standard. Up to 256
    colors or gray shades are optionally available.
o   Ability to attach to the new IBM RT Personal Computer.
       New functions in the 5085 model 1A are:
o   A Graphics Keyboard (#4651) (graphics, 3270, personal computer
    functions keyboard). Includes a numeric keypad and 16 dual
    function keys (providing 32 possible program functions).  When
    the 5085 model 1A is connected to the RT Personal Computer, the
    keyboard and the 5083 Tablet can be switched  between either the
    5085 or the RT Personal Computer.
o   A new diskette drive using 3-1/2 inch diskettes with twice the
    capacity (720Kb, formatted) of the diskettes used on the model 1.
o   A new round and more flexible cable has been provided for
    attaching the 5085 model 1A to the connector assembly used to
    connect peripheral I/O devices.
ADDITIONAL SYSTEM MEMORY (#3991): An additional increment of 1
megabyte of system memory may be added to the 5085 model 1A  for a
total of 1.5 megabytes of system memory.  (The base 5085 model 1A
contains 512Kb of system memory).  Field Installation: Yes
GRAPHICS PROCESSING ENHANCEMENT (#3715): Enhances the graphics order
processing performance of the 5085 model 1A above that currently
available in the 5085 model 1 or S01.  The performance will be
significantly improved over the model 1 or S01, but will be less than
that of the new 5085 model 2.  For example, pixel write times will be
equivalent to the model 1 or S01.  However, the transformation
pipeline speed will be much improved over the model 1 or S01.
Additional information on this feature will be available
approximately thirty days prior to its general availability.  Field
Installation: Yes. Note: This feature is also available for 5085
model 1s and S01s...see below.
EXPANSION PIXEL MEMORY (#3621): Two more increments are available to
increase the number of displayable colors or gray shades to 64 or
256, respectively.  (Sixteen colors or gray shades are included in
the entry level unit.)  Maximum: Two. Field Installation: Yes.
3270/RS-232C ATTACHMENT FEATURE (#5510): Supports the Mode Shared
Attachment(MSA) 3270 operation only. The separate interface or cable
supplied for the attachment of an external modem for 3270 TP
operations is no longer offered.  Also provides two 25-pin RS-232C
attachment ports to support devices that:
o   Conform to electrical interface specifications, EIA RS-232C and
    CCITT V24.
o   Have a transmission protocol that can be supported using the
    generalized 5085 RS-232C attachment interface architecture.  This
    allows attachment to the IBM color plotters.
       Field Installation: Yes
V.35 ATTACHMENT FEATURE (#4805, 4807): This feature replaces the coax
connections used for attachment to an IBM 5088 Graphics Channel
Controller with a V.35 interface, permitting use of the 5085 model 1A
in teleprocessing configurations as a remote workstation.  Without
the feature, 5085 models 1As can be used in remote clusters when
attached to an IBM 5088 Remote Controller model 1R. Limitation:  When
this feature is installed, the 5085 model 1A cannot be connected to
an RT Personal Computer. For a detailed description of this feature
see Product Announcements 184-121 (October 2, 1984) and 184-159
(December 4, 1984).  Field Installation: Yes.
Function Keyboard (LPFK) is optionally available. This new LPFK is a
separate assembly with 32 keytops. The indicator imbedded in each
keytop is brighter and more easily viewed from the side.  They are
turned on or off under application program control to indicate which
keys may be selected at a given moment. A unique signal is returned
to the application for any key depressed. A user may interact, in
this way, with an application. The new LPFK is more stable, more
compact, and has an adjustable surface inclination.  Note: The
existing LPFK will be shipped with the 5085 model 1A until general
availability of the new LPFK. Field Installation: Yes.
DIALS (#8710): A compact, low profile, desk top unit with eight
cone-like dials. The dials may be turned continuously in either
direction. When the dials are rotated a range of scalar values
indicating the extent and direction of the rotation are signalled to
the 5085 model 1A. An application can read and interpret this input
for any suitable purpose, such as panning, zooming, and rotating two
or three dimensional images. Field Installation: Yes.
GRAPHICS KEYBOARD (#4651): A low-profile, flexible cable attached
keyboard which can be adjusted easily to either of two surface
inclinations to match the user's preferred hand position. Has 101
keys which may be operated with or without audible feedback.  The
keyboard is arranged in four clusters of keys. Three of them are side
by side (left to right) with the fourth located at the left rear.
The clusters are:
o   58 keys including special standard keys for engineering graphics.
           This keyboard supports Caps Lock. Caps Lock applies only
    to the alphabetic keys in this cluster and Shift Lock applies to
    all keys in this cluster, but only in this cluster rather than
    the total keyboard.
o   10 keys for cursor control, and special functions, such as cancel
    and switch keyboard.
o   17 keys in a keypad arrangement for easy entry of numerics.
o   16 Program Function (PF) Keys arranged in a horizontal row at the
    top of the keyboard.
           In 5080 graphics mode where lighted tops are not required,
    use of upper and lower case shift in conjunction with these 16 PF

    keys allows the PF keys to emulate all 32 keys of the Lighted
    Program Function Keyboard (#4710).  However, nomenclature on this
    keyboard (#4651) does not map identically to the nomenclature
    used on the Alphameric (#4631) and the APL (#4641) keyboards. For
    example PF2 on the new keyboard corresponds to PF3 on the
    Alphameric and APL Keyboards.  Normal PF key function is
    supported in 3270 mode.
       Three indicators on the keyboard provide the following status:
o   Keyboard association status (association with the 5085 or RT
    Personal Computer)
o   Numeric Lock status
o   Caps/Shift Lock status (see note under first key cluster
       The cable required to attach the keyboard to the 5085 is
flexible and permanently attached to the keyboard.
       Note: #4651 is the only keyboard available for the 5081 model
GRAPHICS PROCESSING ENHANCEMENT (#3715): For field installation only
on model 1 and S01. This feature enhances graphics order processing
performance as described for #3715 above. Prerequisites: RT Personal
Computer Attachment (#6150)* and a Graphics Keyboard (#4651)*. Note:
System memory requirements for each application to be run must be
checked to ensure that the 5085 model 1/S01 has adequate system
memory to meet application and control program requirements.
       Note: All other field installable features for the 5085 models
1 and S01 are still available.
*  See Product Announcement 186-009 for details of these new features
   for the model 1 and S01.
       Available February 1986
o   IBM 5080 Graphics System Site Planning and Preparation (New)
o   IBM 5080 Graphics System Planning and Installation (New)
       Available March 1986
o   IBM 5080 Graphics System Setup Instructions (New) GA23-2007
o   IBM 5080 Graphics System Operation (New) GA23-2010
o   IBM 5080 Graphics System Problem Determination (Update) GA23-0132
o   IBM 5080 Graphics System Problem Determination Card (No change)
       General availability for the 5085 model 1A, #4710*, and #9150
on the 5088 is planned for March 1986 and for #3715, third quarter
*  The current LPFK will be shipped until the new LPFK is available.
       The 5085 model 1A will be used in 5080 Graphics Systems
configurations in the same way the current 5085 model 1 is used,
since it is designed to replace the 5085 model 1. It provides control
of the 5080 workstation's display list buffers, concurrent graphics
and 3270 data mode sessions, peripheral device attachments (Lighted
Program Function Keyboard, Dials, 5083 Tablet), RS-232C attachments,
display functions, and transmission of graphics or 3270 data over a
TP or cable link to a 5088 Graphics Channel Controller. It will be
used in a main frame interactive mode for the wide range of CAD/CAM
applications currently available, and planned, for the IBM 5080
Graphics System. It is also  attachable to the IBM RT Personal
Computer, in which case it provides the normal 5085 model 1A
functions except those involving the 3270 data and sessions. Note:
For RT Personal Computer attachment a 5080 Attachment Adapter (#7860)
is required on the RT Personal Computer.
       In order to operate in the standalone environment, the 5085
model 1A must be attached to an RT Personal Computer model A25, or an
RT Personal Computer model 20 or 25 equipped with the 5080 Attachment
Adapter (#7860).
       When attached to the RT Personal Computer the 5085 model 1A
does not preserve application status (display buffer lists, color
look-up table, memory management control, etc.) when switching
between host interactive mode or host applications using 3270 MSA or
RS-232C attached devices (such as the IBM color plotters) and
standalone mode. It is the responsibility of the host or RT Personal
Computer application to reinitialize the 5085 before restarting
application execution.
       It is recommended that 5085 model 1As and 2s not be intermixed
with 5085 model 1s or S01s on 5088 model 1s, 2s, or 1Rs in order for
the serial link enhancement of 5085 models 1As and 2s to be utilized.
If 5085 1As or 2s are intermixed with 5085 model 1s or S01s all 5085s
will operate at the lower 5085 serial link efficiency of the current
5085 model 1 or S01.  It should be noted that the 5081 model 1 and
the 2, with the 50 Hz screen refresh rate, will not operate when
attached to the 5085 model 1A.
SOFTWARE SUPPORT: When the 5085 model 1A is connected to a
System/370, 43XX, or 30XX Processor:
       All functions of the IBM 5080 Graphics System, including a
subset which supports the IBM 3250 Graphics Display System, operate
under Release 2 of the IBM Graphics Access Method System Product
(GAM/SP2) at the latest PTF level.
o   MVS/SP
           MVS/SP-JES2 Version 1 Release 3(5740-XYS) or a later
    release, or MVS/SP-JES3 Version 1 Release 3(5740-XYN) or a later
    release, each with MVS/370 Data Facility Product (5665-295).
o   MVS/XA
           MVS/SP-JES2 Version 2 Release 1.2 (5740-XC6) or a later
    release, or MVS/SP-JES3 Version 2 Release 1.2 (5665-291) or a
    later release.
o   VM/SP
           VM/SP Release 3 (5664-167) and later releases with or
    without HPO Release 3.2 or later (Release 3.6 or later for the
    IBM 3090).
       When connected to a RT Personal Computer, all functions of the
5080 Graphics System operate under the control of the Advanced
Interactive Executive (AIX(TM)) Operating System.
       The 5085 model 1A, as part of the IBM 5080 Graphics System,
uses the security and auditability features of the system control
programs under which it operates. User management is responsible for
evaluation, selection, and implementation of the security features,
for administrative procedures, and for appropriate controls in
application systems.
CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES: The customer is responsible for:
o   Physical planning and site preparation, including required
    electrical service and facilities.  See 'IBM 5080 Graphics System
    electrical service and facilities.  See 'IBM 5080 Graphics System
    Site Planning and Preparation Guide' (GA23-2008) and "System
    Site Planning and Preparation Guide' (GA23-2008) and "System
    Planning and Installation' (GA23-2009) for details on these
    Planning and Installation' (GA23-2009) for details on these
o   Setup and installation of the 5085 model 1A and peripheral
    features (Lighted Program Function Keyboard, Graphics Keyboard,
    and Dials).
o   Education of 5085 model 1A users.
o   Ordering and installing appropriate cables
    -   Cables to the 5088 Graphics Controller
    -   Cables from the 5085 model 1A to the 5081 Display are
        supplied with the 5085 mode1 1A.
PREREQUISITES: The following are required for proper operation of the
5085 model 1A, or 5085 model 1 or S01 equipped with feature #6150 or
       On the 5085 model 1A, or 5085 model 1 or S01:  A Graphics
Keyboard (#4651).
       On the 5088 Graphics Channel Controller model 1 or 2:
       Serial Link Enhancement (#9150): A no charge field
installation specify required on all 5088 model 1s and 2s below
Serial No. 4000.  It contains functional improvements to support more
efficient link utilization and, also, for attachment to the 5080
Attachment Adapter (#7860) on the RT Personal Computer in a main
frame interactive environment.
       On the 5088 Remote Controller model 1R:
       Serial Link Enhancement (#9150): A no charge field
installation specify required on all 5088 model 1Rs attached to 5088
model 1s or 2s equipped with #9150, or 5088 model 1s or 2s with
Serial No. 4000 or above.
CUSTOMER SET-UP: The 5085 model 1A is a Customer Set-up (CSU) unit.
The CSU allowance is one day. Set-up service is available from the
IBM National Service Division at IBM hourly rates and minimums.

EDUCATIONAL ALLOWANCE: 15% for qualifying institutions. The
educational allowance is not additive to any other allowance or
PURCHASE OPTION: 65%. Maximum accrual period is six months.
VOLUME PROCUREMENT AMENDMENT (VPA): The 5085 is available under
Category B of the IBM 5080 Graphics System/IBM 3250 Graphics Display
System VPA Exhibit. See your IBM marketing representative for
FINANCING: IBM Credit Corporation term leases and installment payment
plans are available.
                            Model/      Rental     Purchase   Monthly
                            Feature     Charge     Price      MMC
5085 Graphics Processor       01A       $ 750     13,300      $ 140
Expd Pixel Memory (1)       #3621         115      2,000         25
Graphics Processing          3715         200      3,500         15
 Enhancement (1)
Additional System            3991         135      2,400         40
 Memory (1)
Graphics Keyboard (1)        4651          13        225          3
Lighted Program Function     4710          30        550          8
 Kybd (1)
V.35 Attachment
 plant installation          4805          56      1,000         14
 field installation          4807          56      3,500         14
V.35 to Local                4806         -        3,500        -
 Attachment (2)
3270/RS-232C                 5510         125      2,200         15
 Attachment (1)
Dials (1)                    8710          64        950         10
On 5085 model 1 or S01
Graphics Processing          3715         200      3,500         15
 Enhancement (2)
(1)  Plant or field installation
(2)  Field installation only