Services withdrawal: Declaration of plan to discontinue lease, rental, and maintenance services for selected machines

IBM United States Withdrawal Announcement 919-170
October 1, 2019

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Periodically, IBM® provides notice to clients of plans to withdraw services for IBM and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) machines under an IBM Agreement. At this time, we are providing notice that selected machine types, models, and features will be discontinued from standard maintenance services. IBM will send no further correspondence of this nature for these machine types, models, features, or RPQs.

After the effective date, IBM will no longer offer full hardware maintenance service for the listed machine types. If available, clients will continue to receive limited hardware maintenance service as described in the "Withdrawal" section of your terms with IBM, without lapse in coverage, for select machine types. For a list of affected products and effective dates, refer to the Description section.

For assistance in transition planning for products being announced to go End of Service (EOS), see the IBM IT Infrastructure website.

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IBM will withdraw from its maintenance agreements the IBM machine types and models for the products listed below, effective on the End of Service (EOS) date listed:

Machine Type Model Product Name EOS Date
8202 E4D IBM Power® 720 Express® Server December 31, 2020
8205 E6D IBM Power 740 Express Server December 31, 2020
8231 E1D IBM Power 710 Express Server December 31, 2020
8231 E2D IBM Power 730 Express Server December 31, 2020
8246 L1D IBM PowerLinux 7R1 Server December 31, 2020
8246 L1T IBM PowerLinux 7R1 Server December 31, 2020
8246 L2D IBM PowerLinux 7R2 Server December 31, 2020
8246 L2T IBM PowerLinux 7R2 Server December 31, 2020
8248 L4T BM PowerLinux 7R4 Server December 31, 2020
8268 E1D IBM Power 710 Express Server December 31, 2020
8408 E8D IBM Power 750 Express Server December 31, 2020
8412 EAD IBM Power ESE Server December 31, 2020
9109 RMD IBM Power 760 Server December 31, 2020
9117 MMD IBM Power 770 Server December 31, 2020
9119 FHB IBM Power 795 Server December 31, 2020
9179 MHD IBM Power 780 Server December 31, 2020

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