Announcement Letter Number 188-120 dated July 19, 1988
US - Last Revised on July 19, 1988

Brief Description of Announcement, Charges, and Availability

       The IBM RT system family has been expanded to include three
new high-performance models of RT systems:  Models 130, 135 and B35.
These models feature increased processor cycle speed and include an
enhanced CMOS RISC processor card, an enhanced level of the Advanced
Floating Point Accelerator and 114Mb of fixed disk storage.  All new
models come standard with 16Mb memory on the new processor card.
These models offer increased performance over the previously
available IBM RT systems in the AIX (TM) workstation family of
products.  They are particularly attractive for the demanding
engineering/scientific and technical/professional application
environment.  The new models support the majority of features
announced for the 100 series of RT models.  (Refer to Product
Announcements 186-006, dated January 21, 1986, and 187-021, dated
February 17, 1987.)
       Purchase Prices:
IBM 6151 RT System Model 130                   $23,220
IBM 6150 RT System Model 135                    30,595
IBM 6150 RT System Model B35                    32,165
       Planned Availability Date:  July 29, 1988
 (TM) Trademarks of the International Business Machines Corporation.

Customer Letter Section

o   Three models featuring a CMOS RISC processor and memory chips
o   Enhanced level of the IBM Advanced Floating Point Accelerator as
o   Standard 16Mb of fast memory on Models 130/135/B35
o   Standard 114Mb Extended ESDI Fixed Disk and Adapter
o   Selectable option to upgrade to a 310Mb fixed disk installed in
    first drive position (additional charge)
o   Two additional drives may be installed on Models 135/B35 for a
    total of 930Mb of internal storage
       The IBM RT family of products is being expanded with the
addition of Models 130/135 and B35.  These new models come equipped
with a CMOS RISC processor on the advanced processor card.  The new
Models 130/135/B35 have 16Mb of memory in their base configuration.
Also included as standard features are an enhanced level of the
Advanced Floating Point Accelerator (designed to operate with the
enhanced processor card), an Extended ESDI Magnetic Media Adapter,
114Mb Extended ESDI Fixed Disk Drive, and 1.2Mb diskette drive.
Models 135 and B35 are floor standing system units and can
accommodate two additional fixed disk drives (70, 114, or 310Mb) as
well as a second 1.2Mb diskette drive.  Model 130 is a desktop system
similar to the Model 115.
       The three new models are functionally compatible with the
existing 6150/51 Models 115/125, and B25.  Compatibility is also
provided (at the level of the virtual machine interface and above)
with the other models of the RT system.  Performance is substantially
improved when running the same IBM programming and  configured with
the same IBM feature and peripherals.
NOTE:  Recompiling of programs may be necessary to achieve maximum
performance of the new models.
The RT Models 130/135 and B35 belong to the new series of RT system
products announced February 17, 1987.  Technology and architecture
are similar to the Models 115, 125, and B25, but differ in that
processor cycle speed has been increased.  In addition, logic and
architecture have been modified to synchronize the faster processor
with other system components (for example, Advanced Floating Point
Accelerator) in order to maximize overall performance.  (Refer to the
Technology, Performance and Configuration sections of Product
Announcement 187-021, dated February 17, 1987, for a more complete
Today's announcement focuses on greater performance.  The
improvements include a faster processor and faster floating point
performance.  The new RT models being announced bring the RT system
to a measurably higher performance level.
       The RT advanced processor has a reduced cycle time and
executes up to 5.6 million instructions per second (MIPS), depending
upon the actual instruction mix.  Specifically, a configuration
consisting of an IBM RT System Model 135 (which includes the Enhanced
Advanced Processor Card, the Enhanced Version of the the Advanced
Floating Point Adapter) and AIX/RT Operating System Version 2.2,
produced the results indicated below on the industry standard
Whetstone and LINPACK FORTRAN benchmarks.  No other jobs were
processing while the performance benchmarks were running.
o   Floating-Point FORTRAN benchmarks
    -   Whetstones (double precision) -- 2020 KWIPS
    -   Linpack (double precision) --  410/780* KFLOPS
* NOTE:  AIX/RT Version 2.2 supports improved performance in solving
a system of linear equations.  The LINPACK benchmark in double
precision using Coded Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms (coded BLAS)
and the FORTRAN 77 compiler, was executed on an RT System Model
135/B35 with Enhanced Advanced Processor and Enhanced Version of the
Advanced Floating-Point accelerator card installed, performs at .780
million floating-point operations per second (MFLOPS).  This increase
in performance is accomplished through enhancements to AIX/RT
Operating System Version 2.2, consisting of Assembler language
subroutines that execute via Advanced Floating Point microcode.
       Floating point microcode enhancements contribute to some of
the performance improvements.  Although the microcode enhancements
are not licensed programming, for customer convenience they are
shipped with the VRM portion of the AIX/RT Operating System Version
2.2.  The Floating Point assembler language subroutines are shipped
with the AIX/RT 2.2 operating system.  User programming is required
to achieve the maximum performance improvement.  Documented
instructions and examples of how to use the Assembler routines are
provided in the RT PC Hardware Technical Reference Manual, Advanced
Floating Point section.
       Performance in fixed point operations has also been improved.
An IBM RT configuration consisting of an IBM RT Model 135, or B35,
AIX/RT Operating System Version 2.2 and Advanced C Compiler produced
the results indicated on the industry standard Dhrystone Version 1.1
fixed point benchmark.  No other jobs were being processed while the
performance benchmarks were running.
o   Fixed-Point benchmark -- using the Advanced C Compiler
    -   Dhrystones 10400
NOTE:  These benchmarks are sensitive to the types of compiler
optimizations performed.  For the results shown, these optimizations
o   In-line subroutine expansion
o   Code motioning
o   Constant folding
o   Straightening
o   Commutation
o   Short circuiting.
       Overall system and programming performance are subject to a
number of other variables, and accordingly, the foregoing parameters
are not necessarily representative of either overall system or
programming performance.
The following chart is designed to show the evolution of the RT from
its initial announcement in January 1986 through July 1988.  These
are relative numbers that represent RT general capabilities as
announced and supported by IBM.
                              Announcement Date
RT System:          January        February                July
Capability            1986           1987                  1988
Performance            1780           6500                  8300  (1)
 (Dhrystones)                                              10400  (2)
    (dbl prec)
   Standard             20K           810K                 2020K
   Optional            200K          1600K                    --
 (dbl prec)
   Standard              --            80K                  410K
   Optional             37K           300K                780K *
 Capacity             210Mb         5810Mb                7460Mb
 Data Rate
 (Mbytes/sec)           .26           1.08                  1.08  (3)
 (RAM)                  4Mb           16Mb                  16Mb
Number of Users           8             16                    32
Display Size/
 Pels                15in./.75mil   19in./1mil            19in./1mil
LAN Offerings        PC NET         PC NET                PC NET
                                    Ethernet              Ethernet
                                    Token-Ring            Token-Ring
Data                 Entry 3270     Expanded              Expanded
 Communi-            Async            3270                  3270
 cations                            SNA LU                SNA LU
                                     1,2,3, 6.2            1,2,3, 6.2
                                    TCP/IP                 TCP/IP
                                    BSC (3270             BSC (3270
                                     & RJE)                & RJE)
                                    ASYNC                 ASYNC
                                     SDLC                  SDLC
                              Announcement Date
RT System:          January        February                July
Capability            1986           1987                  1988
Network              ASCII          Distributed           Distributed

Applications          Applications   Services              Services
                     UNIX           TCP/IP                TCP/IP
                     Applications    Applications          Applica-
                                    ASCII/UNIX (4)        ASCII/UNIX
                                                          AIX/RT DOS
Application          Limited        Extensive             Expanded
 Programs                            Catalog               Applica-
Compiler             AIX C Comp.    Advanced C            Advanced C
 Optimization                        RT PC VS              RT PC VS
                                    FORTRAN               FORTRAN
                                    VS Pascal             VS Pascal
Windowing            --             X-Windows             X-Windows
Data Base            --             DMS                   DMS
                                    SQL/RT                SQL/RT
*  Using customer coded basic linear algebra subprograms.
 (1) Benchmark was run on an RT System Model 125.
 (2) Benchmark was run on an RT System Model 135.
 (3) 310Mb fixed disk has 928Kbps data rate.
 (4) Registered trademark of AT&T.
       Benchmarks were achieved by running the Dhrystone benchmark
program Version 1.1 with IBM AIX/RT Operating System Version 2.2
after being compiled with the June 1988 version of the Advanced C
The Models 130/135 and B35 share the configurability of the Models
115/125 and B25 (Refer to Product Announcement 187-021, dated
February 17, 1987) with the following exceptions:
o   Models 130/135/B35 include a 114Mb Extended ESDI Fixed Disk Drive
    in the base configuration.
o   Models 130/135/B35 come standard with an enhanced level of the
    IBM Advanced Floating Point Accelerator.
o   Models 130/135/B35 include an enhanced version of the Advanced
    Processor Card.
o   Models 130/135/B35 have a standard memory size of 16Mb, installed
    on the Enhanced Advanced Processor Card.  Announced memory
    expansion features do not apply to these models.
The following adapters/features are supported:
Feature                                                  Part
Number   Description                                     Number
0203     Personal Computer AT (R) 512Kb
         Memory Expansion                                6450203
0206     Personal Computer AT High Capacity
         Diskette Drive (1)                              6450365
0207     Personal Computer AT Dual-Sided
         Diskette Drive (1)                              6450366
0211     Personal Computer AT Math
         Co-processor                                    6450211
0213     PC Network Adapter                              6450213
0215     Personal Computer AT Serial/
         Parallel Adapter                                6450215
0217     Personal Computer AT
         Communications Cable                            6450217
0242     Personal Computer AT Serial
         Adapter Connectivity Cable 9-pin                6450242
1200     PC Enhanced Graphics Adapter                    1501200
1201     PC Graphics Memory Expansion Card               1501201
1203     PC Graphics Memory Module Kit                   1501203
1356     RT PC (TM) Four-Port Asynchronous
         RS-232-C Adapter                                92X1356
1357     RT PC Four-Port Asynchronous
         RS-422-A Adapter                                92X1357
2400     Personal Pageprinter Adapter
         RT PC Edition                                   --
3156     4Mb Memory Expansion (2)                        61X6156
3157     RT PC 8-Port RS-232-C Cable
         Assembly                                        08F3157
3158     RT PC 8-Port RS-422-A Cable
         Assembly                                        08F3158
3165     RT PC 8-Port Asynchronous RS-232-C
         Adapter                                         08F3165
3169     RT PC 8-Port Asynchronous MIL-STD
         188 Adapter                                     08F3169
3171     RT PC 8-Port Asynchronous RS-422-A
         Adapter                                         08F3171
3272     RT PC 114Mb Extended ESDI Fixed
         Disk Drive (3)                                  00F2272
3310     RT PC 310Mb Extended ESDI Fixed
         Disk Drive (4)                                  08F3357
3390     Token-Ring Network Attachment
         Cable                                           6339098
3428     Personal Computer AT Fixed Disk
         and Diskette Drive Adapter (1)                  6080428
3468     RT PC Small Computer System
         Interface Adapter Cable                         79X3468
3470     RT PC Small Computer System
         Interface Device-to-Device Cable                79X3470
3506     RT PC Portable Disk Drive Adapter (8)           08F3506
3540     RT PC Expansion Unit Adapter                    08F3540
3797     Token-Ring Network RT PC Adapter                67X0432
3913     RT PC ASCII Terminal Cable-RS-232-C
         (10/25M-Pin)                                    79X3913
3988     RT PC 70Mb Extended ESDI Fixed
         Disk Drive (3)                                  79X3988
4100     114Mb Fixed Disk (factory upgrade on
         115/125/B25) (10)
4300     310Mb Fixed Disk (factory upgrade on
         115/125/B25) (10)
4704     Modem Cable -- RS-232-C (10-Pin)                6294704
4710     Lighted Program Function Keyboard               6246799
4735     IBM RT PC 40Mb Fixed Disk Drive (6)             6294735
4739     2Mb Memory Expansion (2)                        6294739
4756     Personal Computer AT Co-processor
         Card                                            6294756
4758     Floating-Point Accelerator (2)                  6294758
4762     RT PC Multi-Protocol Communications
         Adapter                                         6294762
4765     Advanced Monochrome Graphics
         Display Adapter                                 00F2395
4766     Advanced Color Graphics
         Display Adapter                                 00F2347
4768     Extended Monochrome Graphics
         Display Adapter                                 6294768
4797     Streaming Tape Drive Adapter                    6294797
4802     ASCII Terminal Cable -- RS-422-A
         (6-pin) 20 Meter                                6294802
4803     Serial Printer Cable (10-Pin)                   6294803
4812     Modem Cable -- RS-232-C (16-Pin)                6294812
4814     Autocall Unit Cable                             6294814
4816     Modem Cable X.21                                6294816
4900     Monochrome Display and Printer
         Adapter                                         1504900
5050     Personal Computer 3278/79
         Emulation Adapter                               83X9670
5300     310Mb Fixed Disk (factory upgrade
         on 130/135/B35) (10)
5612     PC Printer Cable                                1525612
6341     RT PC ESDI Magnetic Media Adapter (6)           61X6341
6810     RT PC Baseband Adapter                          61X6810
6815     RT PC Advanced Floating-Point
         Accelerator (9)                                 61X6815
6941     RT PC 70Mb ESDI Fixed Disk Drive (6)            61X6941
7000     RT PC Small Computer System
         Interface Adapter                               61X7000
7004     RT PC 4Mb Fast Memory Expansion (5)             61X7004
7008     RT PC 8Mb Fast Memory Expansion (5)             61X7008
7010     RT PC 4Mb Incremental Fast Memory (5)           08F3684

7011     RT PC 8Mb Substitute Fast Memory (5)            08F3685
7561     5080 Peripheral Adapter                         6487561
7564     5080 Peripheral Cable Kit                       6487564
7586     5083 Tablet Cable Kit                           6487586
7641     ASCII Terminal Cable-RS-422-A
         (6-Pin) 3 Meter                                 6487641
7658     Megapel Display Adapter                         6247658
7860     5080 Attachment Adapter (7)                     6247860
7893     System/370 Host Interface
          Adapter                                        6247893
8186     ASCII Terminal Cable-RS-232-C (10 Pin)          6298186
8222     1Mb Memory Expansion (2)                        6848222
8245     ASCII Terminal Cable-RS-232-C (9 Pin)           6848245
8426     Mouse                                           00F2383
8541     Fixed Disk Attach Cable (1)                     6298541
8710     Dials                                           6248436
8993     PC Serial Printer Cable (9 Pin)                 6298993
 (1) 6150 models only
 (2) Models 010/015/020/025/A25 only
 (3) Models 115/125/135/B25/B35 only
 (4) Models 115/130/125/135/B25/B35 only
 (5) Models 115/125/B25 only
 (6) Models 020/025/A25 only
 (7) Models 020/025/125/135 only
 (8) Models 115/130/125/135/B25/B35 only
 (9) Models 130/135/B35 contain an Enhanced Version of the Advanced
     Floating Point Accelerator as a standard feature.
 (10) These features are only available on new machine orders for
     factory installation.  For field upgrade or additional drives
     use feature numbers 3272 for 114Mb or 3310 for 310Mb.
 (TM) Trademark of the International Business Machines Corporation.
 (R) Registered trademark of the International Business Machines
       The following publications are shipped with the IBM 6150/51
Models 130/135 and B35:
Title                                                 Number
   Problem Determination Guide                        SBOF-1825
   6150 Hardware Maintenance and
      Service Manual                                  SBOF-1826
   6151 Hardware Maintenance and
      Service Manual                                  SBOF-1827
   Guide to Operations                                SBOF-1828
   Setup and Options Installation
      Guide                                           SBOF-1829
       The following publications will be available July 29, 1988.
To order, contact your IBM representative.
Title                                                 Number
   General Information Manual                         GC23-0783
   Planning Guide                                     GC23-0782
   Hardware Technical Reference
      Manual                                          SBOF-1830
   Problem Determination Guide                        SBOF-1825
   6150 Hardware Maintenance and
      Service Manual                                  SBOF-1826
   6151 Hardware Maintenance and
      Service Manual                                  SBOF-1827
   Guide to Operations                                SBOF-1828
   Setup and Options Installation
      Guide                                           SBOF-1829
       SLSS is not available.
       Planned availability is July 29, 1988.
o   BTU Output:
    -   6151 -- 2150 BTU/hour
    -   6150 -- 2400 BTU/hour
o   Power Supply
    -   6151 System Unit (285 watts maximum)
    -   6150 System Unit (435 watts peak, 368 watts steady state)
IBM 6150 MODEL 135/B35:
o   Width -- 210mm (8.3 inches)
o   Depth -- 614mm (24.2 inches)
o   Height -- 635mm (25.0 inches)
o   Weight -- 41kg (91 lbs)
IBM 6151 MODEL 130:
o   Width -- 540mm (21.3 inches)
o   Depth -- 424mm (16.7 inches)
o   Height -- 160mm (6.3 inches)
o   Weight -- 23kg (50 lbs)
o   Low Voltage Range -- 90-137 VAC, 60 HZ
o   Temperature
    -   System On -- 15.6 to 32.3 (degs) C (60 to 90 (degs) F)
    -   System Off -- 10.0 to 43.0 (degs) C (50 to 110 (degs) F)
o   Relative Humidity
    -   System On -- 8 to 80 % (noncondensing)
    -   System Off -- 8 to 80 % (noncondensing)
    -   Wet Bulb -- 22.8 (degs) C (73 (degs) F)
o   Noise Level -- 46 DBA average at one meter
MACHINE REQUIREMENTS:  The IBM 6150/6151 Models 130/135 require
attachment of an RT system-supported display and associated adapter
as a minimum configuration.  The 6150 Model B35 requires attachment
to an IBM 5080 Graphics System.
PROGRAMMING REQUIREMENTS:  The IBM 6150/51 Models 130/135/B35 require
IBM AIX/RT Operating System Version 2.2, or equivalent.
INSTALLABILITY:  Detailed setup instructions are provided as required
with the product.  The customer is responsible for following the
setup instructions and system checkout in the setup guide.
PROBLEM DETERMINATION:  The IBM RT Personal Computer Problem
Determination Guide contains self-test and diagnostic procedures to
assist the customer in isolating a defective machine element.
PACKAGING:  The IBM 6150/51 system unit, keyboard, publications, and
accessories are packaged in individual cartons with all necessary
documentation and instructions.
       The system unit has keylock to prevent unauthorized use and
       User management is responsible for evaluation, selection, and
implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and
appropriate controls in application systems and communications
VOLUME DISCOUNT:  Volume purchasing is available under the Volume
Procurement Amendment (VPA) to the Agreement for Purchase of IBM
Machines.  The announced product is included in Category G, Discount
Group 2 of the Intermediate Systems and related I/O Exhibit
(Z125-3993) and Category D of the IBM Personal Computer/Systems
exhibit for Qualified Educational Institution/Hospitals (Z125-3999).
       For further information regarding volume orders, contact your
IBM marketing representative.
IBM CREDIT CORPORATION FINANCING:  Term leases and installment
payment plans are available for commercial and state and local
government customers.
WARRANTY:  IBM On-Site Repair (IOR).
       IBM warranty service, maintenance service or IBM hourly
service may be obtained by calling the IBM Service/Exchange
Communications Center, 800-428-2569.  IBM hourly service is available
at the applicable rate and terms, including element exchange price if
MID-RANGE SYSTEM AMENDMENT:  The IBM 6150/51 is an eligible machine
for the Mid-Range System Amendment to the IBM Maintenance Agreement.
                      Discount Percent
Option       Three Year                 Five Year
6150            15%                        20%
6151            15%                        20%
CORPORATE SERVICE AMENDMENT:  The IBM 6150/51 is an eligible machine
for the Corporate Service Amendment to the IBM Maintenance Agreement.
                      Discount Percent
Option        One Year   Three Year     Five Year
Network         10%         20%            25%
PRODUCT AVAILABILITY STATUS:  New product available.
CUSTOMER SETUP:  Yes, CSU allowance is one day.  IBM setup is
available at the applicable IBM hourly service rates and terms.
EDUCATIONAL ALLOWANCE:  A 20% educational allowance is available to

qualifying institutions in accordance with the Educational Allowance
Amendment.  The educational allowance may not be added to any other
discount or allowance.
                 Machine   Model     Purchase     Maintenance
Description      Type      Number    Price        Charge
IBM RT System    6151      130      $23,220       $  895
IBM RT System    6150      135       30,595        1,095
IBM RT System    6150      B35       32,165        1,095