Payments that serve and protect your customers

Whether commercial or retail, payments are moments of openness and vulnerability. To sustain unbreakable bonds between customer and business, those moments must be perfect. Protect yourself and your customers by sending and receiving payments with greater security, transparency, efficiency and compliance. Invest in building trusted relationships and your customers will reward your customer-oriented business.

A cashier swiping a credit card

“I want real-time transactions for commercial payments.”

IBM solutions for commercial payments integrate, orchestrate and monitor financial transactions through a single platform. The platform delivers consistent processing across multiple payment types, enabling banks and financial institutions to accelerate the delivery of improved financial products and services to customers.

“With commercial payments, I want to...”

Process, monitor, track and report on financial transactions

Add check processing capability to IBM Financial Transaction Manager

Develop banking applications once and deploy on multiple platforms

Manage financial transactions for the Single Euro Payment Area

Process SWIFT messages on a consolidated payments platform

Support UK payments with IBM Financial Transaction Manager

Process ACH payments in real time

Test my payment applications in a cloud-based financial transaction solution

A man at a laptop holding his credit card

“I want superior payment experiences for customers quickly and easily.”

IBM Payments Management on Cloud simplifies payment acceptance and management with prebuilt, ready-to-deploy global payments solutions and services on the cloud.

“With retail payments, I want to...”

Accept any payment through any method from anywhere in the world

Easily manage complex multi-bank payment reconciliation