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Insurance is a shield against the unexpected—protecting lives, families and futures from financial catastrophe. Whether celebrating major life events or mitigating tragedy, insurers connect with policyholders on deeply personal levels. But, today’s high churn rates reveal a satisfaction gap. IBM Commerce solutions help insurers understand each policyholder’s unique journey, so they can create personalized insurance solutions that build unbreakable bonds.

Octagon Insurance

“With IBM Tealeaf CEM solutions, we now have full visibility on exactly what our customers experience and we are able offer the best online experience for our customers.”

See how Octagon Insurance increased conversion rates by 22 percent within six months, and realized an overall return of 330 percent on their IBM Tealeaf CEM investment.

IBM Commerce solutions portfolio for insurance


Digital Marketing

I want to quickly design and automate consistent digital customer experiences.

Lead management

I want to capture, qualify and nurture leads.

Customer experience analytics

I want to understand the what, why and how of my customers’ behaviors.

Journey design

I want to collaborate across my team to design and improve customer experiences.

Omni-channel marketing

I want to acquire and grow customer relationships online and offline.

Real-time personalization

I want to dynamically serve up relevant content, offers and recommendations.

Customer analytics

Customer experience analytics

I want to understand the what, why and how of my customers’ behaviors.

Social analytics

I want to capture and analyze social media opinions and trends about my business.

Predictive analytics

I want to anticipate customer needs and prepare in advance to meet them.

E-Commerce & Merchandising

B2C Commerce

I want to engage seamlessly across all channels for a better customer experience.

B2B Commerce

I want to deliver a unique brand experience that makes selling effortless.

Omni-channel merchandising

I want better customer insights to maximize sales, profits and loyalty.


Enterprise source to pay

I want to optimize the value chain to reduce costs and drive revenue growth.

Enterprise contract management

I want to ensure compliance, control risk and maximize financial performance.


Commercial payments

I want real-time transactions for commercial payments.

Retail payments

I want superior payment experiences for customers quickly and easily.

B2B Integration

B2B integration

I want to securely execute B2B processes with my global business community.

Managed file transfer

I want to make sure my data exchanges are fast, reliable and secure.