Customer analytics means being a good listener

A customer-oriented business listens to what the customer is saying, especially what customer data is saying. Hidden in data, your customers are telling you what they are doing, why they buy, and even how they feel. With an array of analytics from behavioral and digital to predictive and cognitive, IBM can help you understand and deliver what your customers want—sometimes before they know it themselves.

A pensive man at his laptop

“I want to understand the what, why and how of my customers’ behaviors.”

Customer analytics can tell you who your customers are, what they are doing, what they want and how and when to reach them. With these insights, you can create personalized experiences that win more business and drive loyalty.

“With customer experience analytics, I want to...”

See what my customers are doing across digital and mobile channels

Understand my customers’ journeys, across channels and touch points

Identify trends on my digital properties and in my digital marketing

A woman smiling while reading her tablet

“I want to capture and analyze social media opinions and trends about my business.”

Consumers are increasingly active on social media. Social Media Analytics harnesses this rich data source and turns it into insights about consumer sentiment that can help you improve customer experiences and grow the bottom line.

“With social analytics, I want to...”

Capture and analyze social media opinions and trends about my business

A man interacting with his tablet

“I want to anticipate customer needs and prepare in advance to meet them.”

Customer attention span is dwindling and each interaction must count. With IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence, you can personalize the customer experience with the recommendations that are most relevant to each unique customer based on their buying behavior, web activity, social media presence and more.

“With predictive analytics, I want to...”

Anticipate customer needs and prepare in advance to meet them