Why IBM + Box?

IBM and Box offer innovative solutions targeted across industries and professions ranging from medical teams working on complex cases to individuals negotiating consumer loans by mobile phone to engineers and researchers identifying patterns in patents, reports and academic journals. This strategic alliance gives you simple, secure collaboration solutions that tap into your data and have global reach. Transform work in your organization, across all of your external partners with Box’s industry-leading, cloud-content collaboration platform and IBM Analytics and collaboration solutions, IBM Security technologies, and the global footprint of the IBM Cloud.

Watson Solutions for Box

Integrate Watson machine learning with Box cloud to automatically structure your content, unlock hidden value, and automate workflows in the cloud. Unstructured data in your enterprise will continue to grow. Your images, videos, audio and text documents all contain valuable information that takes hours to process, structure and make sense of. Watson Solutions for Box leverages state-of-the-art machine learning tools to automatically structure your content and address your unique business needs.

Box Relay

Build, track and manage repeatable tasks and make your processes seamless.  Box Relay is a tool that allows anyone to build, track and manage everyday workflows to drive productivity and standardize processes across your entire organization—all with the benefits of Box.

Repeatable tasks are time-consuming and difficult to manage. Box Relay—the joint solution from IBM and Box—allows anyone to easily create a custom workflow and provides real-time visibility to help you and your team get work done faster.

Our customers today expect their experiences to be customer-centric, frictionless and delightful. Our work with Box and IBM will help us nurture these relationships by enabling every team member to deliver upon those expectations.

—Wellington Holbrook, Chief Transformation Officer, ATB Financial

Guided tour with Box

Transform the way you work with IBM and Box. Box streamlines collaboration, file sharing, brainstorming, content creation and review - from anywhere, on any device - so everyone is always on the same page. See how Box helps you boost efficiency of your digital workspace.