IBM Notes and Domino licensing

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Server options IBM Domino Express offerings priced per user IBM Domino Utility Server Express
Client options CEO bundle IBM Domino Utility Server
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IBM Domino

If you prefer per user licensing, you pay a per user charge based on the size of your environment, and have the flexibility to deploy any combination of specified types of IBM® Domino® server and client access options. Access to IBM Domino servers deployed with per user licensing is limited to users for which you have paid the per user charge. No access from outside the designated user community is allowed.

Selected IBM Domino Express offerings and IBM Passport Advantage complete Enterprise Option (CEO) bundles are available for licensing in this manner. Each offering or bundle includes a specific set of products with associated terms and conditions for quantity of per user licenses.

IBM Domino Express offerings

  • IBM Domino Messaging Express (messaging function only)
  • IBM Domino Collaboration Express (full messaging and collaboration support)

IBM Domino Express offerings are designed for, and only available to, companies that have 1,000 or fewer employees. License restrictions remove selected IBM Notes and Domino elements and attributes that are appropriate primarily to larger enterprises. With the IBM Domino Messaging Express and Collaboration Express offerings, the per user charge applies to the number of IBM Notes and Domino users.

IBM Passport Advantage CEO bundles that include IBM Notes, IBM iNotes, IBM Notes Traveler, and IBM Domino

  • IBM Communications CEO bundle

With a CEO bundle, you pay for the total number of employees in your company who have been assigned a computer capable of running the software. A minimum of 100 or 400 users applies, depending on the specific bundle. You are then licensed to use as many IBM Domino Messaging or IBM Domino Enterprise servers within your enterprise as you want, and your organization's employees are licensed for any of the software products listed in the bundle.