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IBM® Passport Advantage is the comprehensive software licensing and Software Subscription and Support program from IBM. It is the most flexible and cost-effective way for organizations to reap the benefits of volume pricing for new software, new releases of the latest technology, and technical support to keep businesses up and running.

The IBM Passport Advantage program consists of a general acquisition program for specific software products and their supporting Software Subscription and Support services. It also offers a Complete Enterprise Option (CEO) to acquire groups of products to be deployed across an enterprise on a per user basis.

With CEO bundles (called product categories), you pay a per user charge for the total number of employees in your company who have been assigned a computer capable of running the software. A minimum of 100 or 400 users applies, depending on the specific bundle, for the initial acquisition of licenses in each product category. As your organization grows, subsequent per user license acquisitions can be made in any quantity. With CEO pricing, you are entitled to use as many IBM Domino® Messaging or IBM Domino Enterprise servers within your enterprise as you want, and your organization's employees are licensed for any of the software products listed in the bundle.

The table below lists the included products and the minimum initial user requirement for each of the following bundles that include IBM Lotus Notes® and Lotus Domino software.

  • IBM Lotus Communications CEO bundle

For full details about CEO terms and conditions and a complete list of CEO bundles, refer to the CEO product categories page on the IBM Passport Advantage Web site.

Lotus Communications

  Software products Minimum users
Lotus Communications

IBM Domino Enterprise Server 

IBM Domino Enterprise Client Access License



Frequently Asked Questions - Passport Complete Enterprise Option

Q. What is a Passport Advantage CEO product category?

A. A CEO product category (bundle) is a collection of associated software products that, together, constitute an enterprise infrastructure solution.

Q. Do any of the CEO bundles include IBM Domino Designer software?

A. No. The CEO bundles are based on a per user pricing model, while IBM Domino Utility Server software is based on processor value unit pricing.

Q. What are the differences between CEO licensing and the per user IBM Domino Express offerings?

A. The per user IBM Domino Express offerings (IBM Domino Messaging Express and IBM Domino Collaboration Express) are designed for, and available only to, companies with 1000 authorized users or fewer. License restrictions remove select IBM Domino elements and attributes that are appropriate primarily to larger enterprises. There is no initial minimum license quantity, and you are not required to have a license for every user in the company. You pay for the number of people who will specifically be using the software included in the offering.

CEO licensing is designed for larger organizations. A minimum initial license quantity applies (100 or 400 users depending on the specific bundle), and you are required to acquire licenses for the total number of employees in the organization who have been assigned a computer capable of running the software.

Q. My primary supplier is a IBM Domino shop, and his employees have the IBM Domino Enterprise...

A. No. Access to servers acquired through the per user licensing model is limited to the users for whom you have paid the per user charge. No additional access is allowed. Your supplier's employees are not entitled to access your CEO servers. If you would like to extend access to users outside the organization, you can add IBM Domino Utility Server licenses.