The only team collaboration solution with the built-in power of Watson.

Watson understands your conversations, even your specific business dialect, and can help you take action and make informed decisions right in context of where you are working.

Watson learns from your interactions and is able to streamline everyday tasks and prioritize your conversations - cutting through the noise and increasing your productivity.

Work moves fast and it can be hard to stay in the know. Watson summarizes everything that's happening and highlights what's most important, so you can catch up quickly and stay aligned with your team.

Persistent group and direct messages, on all devices

Create unlimited spaces to talk to your team, work with customers, or coordinate an event. Send direct messages and chat privately one-on-one. No matter who you're working with, Watson Workspace supports seamless communication.

Easily find and share information

Work entails much more than just messaging. Use Watson Workspace to share anything—whether that's a presentation, a screen capture or your favorite animated GIF.  Then, use search to find any message or file across your conversations—no matter who sent it.

 Easily find and share information

Watson helps you catch up

With Moments, Watson summarizes the conversation and highlights what matters—key actions, questions,  topics, and people—making it easy to catch up and know where to

Turn conversation into actions with Watson

Easily take action in the other tools you use, right from a conversation in Workspace.  Build custom apps that leverage Watson to identify important language in your business conversations and recommend quick actions. Get more done without leaving the conversation.

Frictionless video conferencing

Launch Zoom video conferencing—the industry-leading favorite—from within Watson Workspace, to bring the best in productivity and communications to enterprise teams everywhere.

Build with Watson.

With Watson Workspace, you can build apps to meet the specific needs of your business. Easy-to-use APIs allow you to extend collaborative capabilities, and develop AI-infused solutions.  

Collaborate with confidence.

Watson Workspace and the Watson Work Services carry the enterprise-level security IBM has long been known for—around-the-clock monitoring and aligned to industry standards. Your data is yours and protected by IBM.

For teams of 10 or 10,000.

No team is the same, and Watson knows this. From global sales organizations, to a remote dev-ops or agile supply-chain division—Watson works for you.