Focus on what matters most

Watson intelligently annotates and groups your team's conversations, so you can pick up easily where you left off. Instead of sifting through notifications, you see a summary of key actions and questions — organized and prioritized for you.

Turn conversation into actions.

Watson Workspace understands natural language — even the nuances of various industries—helping you quickly take action and make informed decisions from the conversation. Plus, it learns from your teams’ interactions over time, growing its knowledge of your unique business context and providing insight when you need it most.

Move from text to video, with one click.

Watson Workspace partnered with Zoom to give you a powerful tool for smooth and effective collaboration. Launch Zoom video conferencing — easily, reliably, seamlessly — from within Watson Workspace, making meetings smarter and more productive.

Watson Workspace makes collaboration smarter for every type of team.

Spend more time building—and less time tracking down lost communications.

Watson Workspace makes it easy for developers and engineers to collaborate seamlessly together across time zones and around the world. You can create spaces to facilitate scrums and swats, or to communicate with design, ops, and product management from any device. You can even build your own custom integrations to track bug notifications, change requests, or system outages. Need to focus on your code? Catch up easily on what you missed using moments.

Spend more time with your customers—and less time hunting down email chains.

Create cross-team spaces to improve transparency and communication between sales, marketing, product development, and support. Use customer spaces to converse in real time with external clients and partners. Easily find the details of previous deals, decisions, and documents with search that finds what you need, no matter what space.

Spend more time on mission-critical business needs, and less time on cleanup and maintenance.

Watson Workspace blends a cognitive team chat platform and rich APIs with 3rd party solutions for complex incident management capabilities to alert, identify, diagnose, and resolve issues or opportunities. Create cross-organization spaces to gather and organize individuals, connect with solutions such as Zoom and PagerDuty for conferencing and alerting, and receive important events and diagnostic information from New Relic, Jira, and home-grown solutions.

Spend more time solving process breakdowns—and less time tracking down the "right" person to help.

Reduce disruption mitigation time from days to minutes with this AI-powered, online collaboration tool. Resolution Rooms recommend experts and access knowledge from prior event resolution. See how Watson can help your team predict and mitigate supply chain risks and disruptions. The cognitive capabilities of Watson give you the transparency you need to turn supply chain data into insight, and recommendations into action—helping you avoid disruptions, save time, and reduce costs.

See what companies have to say about Watson Workspace:

"We wanted an enterprise-class collaboration solution that could support anywhere from ten users to 10,000 users, and IBM offered the straightforward scalability we were looking for."

— Nadeem Noordin, Co-chief Executive Officer, CloudHop

“By partnering with IBM, we’re building a next-generation, AI-driven collaboration offering that will set us apart from our competitors and drive our long-term growth.”

— Dele Nedd, Co-Founder and CEO, Descasio

"We wanted to help our highly talented engineers work more productively, so we set out to find a better way to help them share knowledge within their global community.”

— Bernd Gewehr, Head of IT at Vössing

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