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Create a dynamic digital workplace with the flexibility and security of IBM Cloud. Access features anywhere, via desktop and mobile devices. Build apps to access files, contacts, and collaborate through Communities, Blogs and Wikis, while securing your intellectual property and data in the IBM Cloud.

IBM Connections Engagement Center (ICEC)

Fully engage your teams and partners with the right content at the right time.
Offer employees one personalized place to access their productivity tools and get tailored organizational updates.

Facilitate rich interactions and learning opportunities between leadership, management and employees

Built-in features allow for two-way communication, giving employees a voice and managers real insight.

Count on enterprise-grade security and control, whether in the cloud or on-premises.

Control levels of access to all files, for internal and external users—even in the cloud. We help with migration, data transfer, and maintenance, and privacy features ensure effective compliance.

Take advantage of AI capabilities to help orient people around the content that matters most.

With intelligence layered into the experience, information is prioritized, surfacing the most important, timely information on an individual level.

Connections Orient Me dashboard
Connections communities dashboard

Tailor online communities around projects, topics or teams — without calling IT.

A robust intranet environment helps you organize and easily distribute content, information, and documentation.

Analyst reports

Forrester Total Economic Impact

According to Forrester, IBM® Connections™ can help you:

  • Realize 250% ROI over 3 years with payback in 8 months.
  • Increase employee productivity by 20%.

Improve HR efficiency by 25% and reduce IT hardware and operating costs.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace

In this rigorous and wide-ranging industry evaluation, Gartner assesses 14 social software vendors, providing key to help IT leaders find the right one for their needs, naming IBM Connections, “#1 enterprise social network for 8 consecutive years.“

Our ability to respond quickly to business opportunities around the world is a key enabler of our growth—and with digital collaboration in IBM Connections Cloud, we’re supporting the nimble operations that keep us competitive.

Daniel Ramelet, Team Head eCollaboration, Sika


IBM Connections Helps Companies Achieve Digital Transformation

Today, digital disruption is affecting industries of every kind, all over the world. In fact, 69% of all businesses lack the flexibility and agility to successfully undergo a digital transformation—and the resulting unproductive meetings, interruptions, and knowledge silos are costing the U.S. economy over $588 billion every year. Find out how IBM Connections offers an antidote to this reality, with a comprehensive suite of tools and technologies that support employee engagement and productivity.

IBM Connections Helps with Enterprise Transformation

Unnecessary meetings are a waste of time and money—up to $2.1 billion are wasted at Fortune 500 companies every year. Add to this, disjointed workflows, distractions and interruptions cost the US economy almost $600 billion. The companies that are innovative and the leaders of the future are trying to digitize their ecosystems, transform their workflows to be digital first, and replace their enterprise software technology. See concrete examples of how IBM Connections can help organizations enable collaboration, streamline workflows and achieve complete enterprise transformation.

Understanding the ROI of IBM Connections

How do you measure the ROI of a collaboration solution? A step-by-step guide to getting most out of IBM Connections for your organization and teams. Learn how to increase adoption, use, and return on investment by engaging internal champions and sponsors to leverage the network effect. IBM Connections helps organizations dramatically increase end user productivity through knowledge sharing, decision-making, and innovation, along with reduced IT operating costs and complexity, by consolidating disparate systems onto one platform.

See IBM Connections in Action

See how IBM Connections customers are using different features to boost productivity and drive employee engagement. Capabilities such as communities, rich profiles, meetings, chat, collaborative document editing, file sharing, and much more, support your entire collaboration environment to help people engage with networks of experts and harness the power of collective intelligence. In addition, IBM Connections provides native mobile applications that support a broad range of mobile devices and operating platforms, giving users access to the trusted expertise of their professional networks and communities virtually anywhere, anytime.

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