Cognitive fashion is here.

See how Marchesa + Watson created a fashion first for the 2016 Met Gala, and explore how businesses around the world are putting cognitive to work.

Cognitive Cooking with Chef Watson

See how Watson is helping to create new seasonal recipes and explore how you can apply Watson to your work

Parties with Watson

See how Watson powered the Daybreaker Dance party

Personalised work-outs, food and a colour changing dancefloor. The Daybreaker Dance party powered by the personality of the attendees.

Fashion with Watson

A beautiful collaboration: Marchesa + Watson

A dress that responds to fans in real time, designed and powered by Watson especially for the 2016 Met Gala.


A collaboration by Alex Da Kid + IBM Watson

Grammy award-winning, UK music producer Alex Da Kid paired up with Watson to create a song together. Watson’s ability to turn millions of unstructured data points into emotional insights would help create a new kind of music that for the first time ever, listened to the audience.

Healthcare / Quest Diagnostics

Precision medicine for patients

Working with IBM Watson, Quest Diagnostics is able to compare data from a patient’s tumour DNA with millions of relevant pages of medical and clinical data. This information can support doctors’ efforts to help deliver personalised therapeutic options for more patients.

Healthcare / Alder Hey

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital set to become UK’s first ‘Cognitive’ hospital

Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust have announced a ground-breaking multi-year collaborative programme with the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s (STFC) Hartree Centre, supported by IBM. An app will allow children to ask questions about their visit, helping to calm hospital anxieties and make their visit much more comfortable.

Healthcare / Arthritis UK

Arthritis answers at your fingertips

Using Watson, Arthritis UK is giving people the ability to easily access the huge amount of information available online about their condition. From personal questions about the impact on their daily lives, to symptoms and treatments for arthritis.

IBM Watson on Health

What’s Watson working on today? He’s helping hospitals personalise treatments using billions of data points. He’s working with Medtronic to predict the highs and lows of diabetes, hours in advance. And helping Orreco use biomarker data to optimise the performance of athletes.

A Doctor's Digital Assistant

Find out why IBM Watson may be the key to helping millions live longer, fuller and healthier lives.

Watson on Personalisation

What’s Watson working on today? He’s working with 1-800-Flowers to help find the perfect bouquet out of trillions of combinations. He’s working with the New York Genome Center to help doctors find treatments as personal as DNA. And he’s working with Sesame Street to make education as unique as every child.

Cognitive Cooking

Chocolate Cake

Cognitive systems can think and even learn the way people do. But can they be creative? Discover how Chef Watson is taking seasonal inspirations to create new, exciting and creative recipes such as this Strawberry & Chocolate Cake.

Chef Watson EATS

Edam Crostini

Cognitive systems are helping chefs combine existing ingredients to create brand new recipes. See how Chef Watson has created this Edam Crostini and try it for yourself.

There's a new chef in town

Seafood Salad

Chef Watson is a metaphor for how cognitive computing can help people in any industry make discoveries. Looking for a healthy recipe? Look no further than this Watson take on a Seafood Salad.

Watson at Work: Security

Watson for Cyber Security is here

Security has never been more important than it is today, and that's why IBM is training Watson to take on cybercriminals - an adviser that can assist security analysts to effectively spot, recognise and address threats.

Wired | IBM Partnership

Discover how IBM Watson is learning how to take on cybercriminals

Over 10 million cyber attacks happen a day. IBM Security is helping IT experts monitor over 400,000 security events a second to keep systems safer than ever.

Watson on Cyber Threats

What if there was no news?

Over 10 million cyber attacks happen a day. IBM Security is helping IT experts monitor over 400,000 security events a second to keep systems safer than ever.

Watson at Work: Engineering

KONE with Watson

Working with Watson IoT, KONE is able to analyse data from millions of elevators and other equipment to keep a billion people a day moving safely, smoothly and efficiently.

Watson at Work: Aviation

Korean Air with Watson

Working with Watson, Korean Air is able to search vast amounts of data to improve operational efficiency and on-time performance.

The Cognitive Cockpit

How can a plane and pilot think their way to smooth air?

Working with IBM Watson, carriers are developing an intelligent detection system, combining IoT sensor data, billions of data points from The Weather Company and real-time updates from nearby pilots.