I can help 275,000 people settle parking tickets

With Watson and IBM Cloud, a 20-year-old developer built a chatbot that’s already helped motorists save over $4 million. This is coding to the power of IBM.

Designed for Innovation

Discover how Whirpool Corporation are analysing IOT sensor data on the IBM Cloud to make great products even better for its customers.

Designed for Start - Ups

Find out how start ups, like RunKeeper, are using IBM Cloud to help run their business & to avoid the complexities of growth.

It's your data. Handle it your way.

IBM opens four new data centres in the UK.

Watson at Work: Wine

E&J Gallo with Watson

A family-owned winery teams up with Watson to develop an advanced irrigation system to improve their vineyard.

Watson at Work: Energy

Woodside Energy with Watson

Woodside Energy is working with Watson so every engineer can instantly access 30 years of experience.

Watson at Work: Insurance

Insurance with Watson

Working with Watson, insurance companies are assessing millions of claims 25% faster.

IBM Cloud + the NHS

Coordinating a complex chain of events to save lives

The IBM Cloud is powering the NHS Blood & Transplant service.

Built for athletes

IBM Cloud helps Runkeeper process 120,000 global data requests every second.

The Runkeeper app helps people—like blind ultramarathoner Simon Wheatcroft—get out the door and stick with running forever.

Guiding Eyes with Watson

Matching the right dogs to the right people.

Guide dogs are often the eyes of the blind. By working with IBM Watson, Guiding Eyes for the Blind can increase dog graduation rates—and help match the right dogs to the right people.

Built for developers

30 IBM Watson APIs (with more on the way) give developers tools to build cognitive apps.

The IBM Cloud’s open Watson platform now includes more than 30 Watson APIs and SDKs and is available through the IBM Watson Developer Cloud on Bluemix. With these Watson APIs, developers can gain insights from text, analyse images, identify sentiment and more. They’ll have everything they need to build cognitive right into their apps.

Built for data

Social sentiment data from hundreds of millions of people gives businesses insights to act upon.

When it’s time to feed your business the information it needs, the IBM Cloud has the social data and the cognitive tools you need to understand it. And thanks to IBM’s global partnership with a leading social media platform, companies can combine their own data sets with deep insights from social media in order to help predict trends and leap ahead of the competition.

Built for Security

The IBM Cloud uses X-Force, a 700TB database of threat intelligence to fight cybercrime.

You’re not alone. Since 2015, X-Force Exchange, a 700TB database of threat intelligence, has been open and available on the IBM Cloud. In addition, the IBM Security App Exchange enables clients and developers to build security app extensions and enhancements to IBM Security products.

The IBM Cloud: Designed for Start-ups

The IBM Cloud was built to let tech start-ups focus on what it is that makes them great, so they can easily navigate through the complexities of growth.

The IBM Cloud: Designed for Innovation

On the IBM Cloud, Whirlpool Corporation is able to help harness and make sense of IoT sensor data from connected appliances out in the real world using advanced analytics. Helping them make great products even better.

It's your data. Handle it your way.

IBM opens four new data centres in the UK.