The Cognitive Cockpit

With Watson, airlines are developing a detection system to help pilots avoid rough air and save carriers $100 million a year.

The IBM Cloud: designed for cognitive business

See how companies everywhere are getting more from their data on the IBM Cloud.

IBM is changing the game

Cognitive technology, data and cloud is impacting how we experience sport

The invisible made visible

IBM 5 in 5: Five innovations that will change our lives in the next five years

Cognitive Voices

Discussions on the world of AI & cognitive computing

The Future of AI

IBM Research is continually developing new AI use cases

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How does Watson work?

For Developers & IT

Build innovative cognitive apps with Watson on IBM Cloud:

Watson Products

Watson products and apps can help illuminate insights and bring the power of cognitive computing to your organisation.

Wired | IBM Partnership

IBM’s Cognitive Computing revolution is changing how doctors, financial experts, and many other professions find and investigate key issues in their work

Ginni Rometty on the cognitive era.

“This era will redefine the relationship between man and machine.” - Ginni Rometty - IBM CEO

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty discusses IBM Watson and cognitive technology’s rapid pace of development at a number of event keynotes.

Cognitive APIs

Discover how fast and simple it is to build cognitive capabilities right into your solution.

Solutions for Cloud, Cognitive, Mobile and more

The right products and solutions to meet your needs.

Wired | IBM Partnership

Connecting the Cognitive World

Explore how a truly global cognitive computer needs to be able to understand – and speak – the world’s many languages.

Today with Watson

What is Watson working on today? Across the world, IBM Watson is transforming industries. What will you do with Watson?