Welcome to the Cognitive Era

A new era of business.
A new era of technology.
A new era of thinking


outthink challenges

Welcome to the cognitive era. Explore how industries and individuals are discovering breakthroughs and transforming the way business gets done working with IBM Watson™.


outthink the ordinary

Marchesa + IBM WatsonTM created the cognitive dress. See how businesses across industries are becoming smarter, faster and more innovative with Watson.


outthink science-fiction

Move over sci-fi, IBM WatsonTM is sci-fact. See how Watson works with humans to help them outthink challenges.


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IBM Watson

Ginni Rometty on the cognitive era.

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When your business thinks, you can outthink. IBM CEO Ginni Rometty discusses IBM Watson and cognitive technology’s rapid pace of development. The cognitive era will change the way companies operate and innovate.

“This era will redefine the relationship between man and machine.”

- Ginni Rometty - IBM CEO

Cognitive businesses are creating new customer experiences, reinventing operations and transforming industries.

Ready to transform your business? Learn how.

Cognitive business

How to make your business a cognitive business.

Create new customer experiences.

Companies have always had sales numbers to try to understand their customers. Now, with IBM Watson, cognitive businesses can instantly analyse virtually everything from news articles to social sentiment to offer more intuitive customer interactions. They’re also developing cognitive products and services that build differentiation and value over time.

Reinvent operations.

In today’s global economy, every business is a complex business. Cognitive businesses can quickly examine the data from billions of connected pieces to streamline their operations, increase employee expertise and accelerate business growth.

Transform industries.

Change can come slowly to entrenched industries, but cognitive businesses hope to find insights from patterns in mere minutes, not months or years. Cognitive businesses can operate smarter, speeding innovation and getting to market quicker.

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IBM Watson

Simon Gault and the ultimate sous-chef: ‘Chef Watson’. Watch the video.

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See how Simon Gault and IBM Watson created a NZ culinary first in 2015, collaborating on a menu that introduced flavour combinations never conceived of before. Learn how cognitive computing was able to enhance Simon’s creativity, and what it means for businesses and organisations everywhere.

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Cognitive health

IBM Watson is the platform for cognitive health

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Watson is helping hospitals personalise treatments using billions of data points. He’s working with Medtronic to predict the highs and lows of diabetes, hours in advance. He’s also helping Orreco use biomarker data to optimise the performance of athletes.