What's new in IBM Cloud® Paks

WebSphere Hybrid Edition

The newest member of the WebSphere Application Server family of solutions: WebSphere Hybrid Edition, provides the same ratio-based licensing capability as *IBM Cloud Pak for Applications, giving clients the choice to right-size and modernize across the entire family of WebSphere and Liberty application servers.

*Cloud Pak for Applications will no longer be sold, but will be supported until 2030.

Cloud Pak Certifications

More Cloud Pak digital badges are now available including: 

  • Sales Foundational (Beginner)
  • Administrator (Intermediate)
  • Architect (Intermediate)
  • Wizard (Advanced)

An open, faster, more secure way to move core business applications to any cloud

  • Cloud Paks — enterprise ready-to-use solutions run on Red Hat®, OpenShift®,
  • Container software, pre-packaged in production-ready configurations
  • Built with security in mind, from image build through to deployment and runtime
  • Quick and easy deployment to Kubernetes-based container orchestration platforms
  • In your data center or in the cloud of your choice
  • Built-in expertise based on IBM’s best practices

IBM Cloud Paks run on Red Hat OpenShift

Cloud Paks 

Open, faster and more secure way to move applications to any cloud 

Cloud Pak for Business Automation

Digitize and automate more types of work at scale

Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps

Build intelligent IT Operations

Cloud Pak for Network Automation

Evolve to zero touch operations

Cloud Pak for Security

Integrate security tools to gain insights into threats across hybrid, multicloud environments

Pre-packaged with hardware into two systems to deploy in less than one day

Cloud Pak System

IBM Cloud Pak System is a full stack, converged infrastructure, pre-integrated with IBM Cloud Paks, Vmware and Red Hat Openshift.

Cloud Pak for Data System

An all-in-one cloud-native platform in a box, that helps you accelerate private cloud deployment to a matter of hours and easily and elastically scales to suit your changing data and AI needs.