How IBM Control Center works

Improve management of a distributed infrastructure

Central monitoring and configuration management provide visibility into file transfers and B2B processes across a supported infrastructure within the network. You can align server views with operational logic. Define schedules, processes, file names and other metadata through a simplified graphical user interface (GUI)—and defines user roles and security capabilities.

Increase customer satisfaction with transparency

You can provide LOB contacts proactive visibility into events that impact service level agreements (SLAs), including: web browser access with detailed dashboards, alerts and notifications about process failures and issues, single-click problem interrogation and the ability to create a rule based on current query.

Improve governance and compliance by monitoring

You can take advantage of continuous controls monitoring with near real-time notifications. Manage IBM Sterling Connect:Direct and IBM Control Center configurations, including change controls. Consolidate and normalize file transfer and process data from managed servers into a single SQL database. Capabilities also include embedded reporting for operational audits and proof of transactions.

Common unified interface

Enables you to create and delete configuration objects, and update multiple servers across different platforms. Also provides syntax checking and full text searches.

Reduced errors and downtime with verson control

Maintains distinct versions of objects that can be retained for auditing or restored, and provides an audit log that includes changes to configuration objects, showing changes and who made them.

Security policy tools improve compliance

Lets you assign user authorities and proxies for servers, and offers protected templates for configuration objects to compare across servers and platforms for improved compliance.


IBM Connect:Direct

克服对不可靠 FTP 的依赖性,并减少耗费的 IT 资源


IBM File Gateway



IBM Secure Proxy

基于 DMZ 的应用代理可保护互联网上传输的文件


IBM File Transfer Service



IBM B2B Integrator

易于扩展、高度安全的一站式 B2B 集成平台