IBM Employee Assessments features

Accurate performance predictions

Combine personality, previous experience, thinking ability, problem solving and organizational cultural fit. You can also measure distinct skill sets such as typing speed and accuracy or accounting knowledge.

Validated results and tests

Gained from a content, construct and concurrent perspective to predict performance and potential for executive, professional, managerial or hourly roles. Tests include basic, intermediate and advanced-level items.

Multiple-choice formats

Plus Microsoft interactive tests that can test individual knowledge of software products, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft PowerPoint—and offers newer formats of simulation and computer-adaptive testing.

Capacity and capability assessments

Include natural talent in a specific area, work style preferences, acquired experience and a combination of cognition and knowledge; organizational fit assessments that measure fit in terms of company culture, values and job preference characteristics; and onboarding assessments to accelerate time-to-productivity of new hires.

Detailed candidate profiles

Reveal strengths and developmental needs as compared to the job evaluation.


  • Jaguar Land Rover 改进顶尖人才的发现

    NHS Leadership Academy
  • 英国国防部 Harry Porteous 少校

  • McDonald’s 使用评估来提升客户体验



IBM Employee Assessments on Cloud 也称为 IBM Kenexa Assess on Cloud,它是当今市场上现有业内最大且最强大的全球内容解决方案之一,可以为您提供行业领先的工具。

IBM Employee Assessments on Cloud 易于配置,使您能够快速轻松地创建定制评估以衡量自身企业最重要的特质。


  • 访问 IBM Employee Assessments 需要网络连接和浏览器。


IBM Employee Assessments 无硬件需求。