Activate the digital economy with cloud and AI

Learn how you can develop innovative apps and services that move at the speed of your customers. See how you can do this affordably, in a way that strengthens security and supports compliance.

Take the first step towards activating the digital economy with cloud and AI. In the first webcast of our Think Digital Series, you’ll hear from Forrester, IBM, and the founder of a unique startup that uses AI. We will detail the journey to cloud and AI, sharing success stories from businesses around the world.


Revisit Your Cloud Strategy

Today's digital devices are redefining the landscape of what we're building, how we're building it, and the infrastructure required to support these needs. What are the drivers behind this change and what do digital leaders need to do to address this evolving landscape?

Mike Facemire VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester

Your Cloud for Smarter Business: Accelerating Your Digital Transformation Journey

What sets customer experience leaders apart from other enterprises? The ability to glean insight on clients rapidly, and the ability to reinvent experiences using the latest cloud technologies. These leading organizations build for maximum flexibility and are outmaneuvering competitors in the process. Hear how they have achieved a faster, more secure journey to cloud and AI with the IBM Cloud – the cloud for smarter business. 

Steve Smith GM, IBM Cloud

Client Story: How Cloud and AI Provide a Competitive Advantage in Real Time

In this "real world" example, the CEO of startup RoadLaunch shares how the company is integrating blockchain and hyperledger technology to create an innovative, intelligent transportation management system.

Cory Skinner Founder and CEO, RoadLaunch

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Learn from the leaders who make change happen.  Watch the webinar: Your cloud for smarter business.