Architectural transformation

Do more with cloud and AI together

Today’s enterprises need agility, scale, and the ability to innovate. This requires an IT architecture that can take full advantage of applications and data no matter where they reside. Learn how an integrated cloud and AI strategy can create more intelligent workflows, accelerate outcomes and propel business transformation.

The role of IBM and Red Hat

A hybrid multicloud platform from IBM and Red Hat® can help develop and deploy applications across clouds, integrate security, and automate operations with management visibility.

The role of Red Hat in a hybrid multicloud environment (01:46)

The role of Red Hat in a hybrid multicloud environment (01:46)

Focus on outcomes: AI and cloud

Embrace an architecture that’s based on open standards

Build and modernize applications

Deploy on an open, secure public cloud

Securely optimize your IT with velocity

Accelerate your journey to AI

IBM's hybrid multicloud approach

Faster apps, faster dev

Modernize and cloud-enable your applications in a phased approach that best fits your goals and architecture.

Build cloud native

The “build cloud native” approach delivers more flexibility over legacy systems while it boosts development, speed and performance.

Cloud app planner

Discover the best way for your team to get started with cloud-native development.

How to approach AI

In a hybrid multicloud world, you can modernize and embrace AI with a prescriptive approach that helps create competitive advantage.

Tech sets the speed of business

High-performing organizations are more than twice as likely to have fully integrated their clouds. Now is the time to optimize your IT.

Manage your multicloud world

IT management has never been more crucial. Learn the requirements for a smooth-running, integrated IT infrastructure.